My First Impression of Serge Benhayon

My first impression of Serge Benhayon has never changed since I met him about ten years ago. I felt the great love and care he had for me and everyone around him, equally so.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

At that time, I was really struggling in life. I had almost given up on therapy – I’d tried Primal Scream Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and general counselling. I remember a psychiatrist assessing me at one point and asking why was I being assessed: was it to determine if I was crazy or not? At one point I even had my own Community Psychiatric Nurse assigned to me. I didn’t know what other avenues to pursue to overcome a general feeling of daily depression and futility.

I was still trying to achieve what I felt the world was telling me would deliver me happiness: a career, a loving relationship, a family, and the perfect body and to be really fit. A personal ambition of mine was to be a really impressive surfer.

Deep down, I knew that achieving any number of these things wouldn’t fulfil me, but I still clung to the possibility that achieving them would. I’d already discovered living in the most beautiful place in the world hadn’t brought me any happiness as I just cried for days on end. I’d also completed my degree but this also didn’t give me a well-paid job, as I was told it would. I was in a desperate state but didn’t want to admit it.

I kept on distracting myself with trying to achieve perfection in myself and my life and anytime I came close, I put a spanner in the works to start all over again.

I was very lost, really struggling, but trying at all costs to cover up this fact. I was still going out drinking, smoking weed, but had given up other drugs. I was super skinny and had an eating disorder that was all consuming – I thought about little else but food. I couldn’t string a sentence together and was really jumbled in what I said. I was dyslexic and awkward with people because I felt a great sense of worthlessness, at the same time as feeling very arrogant in that I knew better than other people.

I struggled to connect with people and kept myself hidden. I took on jobs that involved lots of time alone. Although very conscientious to never put a foot wrong and to prove myself an excellent worker, I didn’t like working alongside managers because I had issues with authority. I had a few friends but was aware of how needy I was, so I wasn’t very sociable as I didn’t want to expose how desperate I was for company. I was very lonely even though I was in a relationship – which wasn’t the most loving, albeit very conventional.

Meeting Serge Benhayon for the First Time

When I met Serge Benhayon for the first time, I was a mess… incredibly insecure and defensive. I was in a constant state of frustration, knowing there was more to me than this protective facade I was living, but unable to unlock and express who I was.

When I met Serge I felt instantly that he knew who I truly was. I felt he saw my true worth and that all the walls I’d put around myself were paper-thin. I felt I was loved and accepted unconditionally without having to do a thing.

All the crazy things I berated myself for each day didn’t matter… I was seen and met for the first time ever. I could feel he knew my true worth way more than I ever did.

I remember wearing a white dove and him saying something about it being a symbol of coming home and that’s what this meeting felt like – I was coming home to me and to what I always knew was true. Over the years I have dragged my heels in coming home. I’ve not wanted to admit the extent of the harm of the activities I’ve put a lot of energy into that had harmed me or others. I’ve kept a belief that I was beyond redemption and this was accompanied by an immense guilt.

Knowing Serge Benhayon has Changed my Life

Serge Benhayon has been a constant reflection of my worth, regardless of how I have lived. The love and respect he has shown me has never, ever faltered over the years I have known him, no matter how much I myself have. Seeing how he is deeply caring and loving with everyone he meets has helped me to trust in love again and begin to trust and love myself.

I have made major changes in my life. I know I’ll never drink or take any drugs again, I don’t drink caffeine because I feel its effects and I don’t over-exercise or do things I feel ill after, like surfing in heavy seas.

I no longer feel the world owes me, but that I actually have a quality I can give back to humanity by sharing and expressing. This is amazing in itself as I used to steal anything I could from department stores as a late teen… yes, I am still working on accepting this but can understand how angry and addicted to excitement I was at the time. I was desperate to feel alive.

Feeling my beauty reflected back to me from my interactions with Serge, and being totally honoured and respected, has allowed me to consider and experience my beauty as being on the inside and not on being what is deemed physically attractive. I’ve been able to re-connect to being a woman and respecting that for myself. I’ve understood relationships between men and woman can be deeply honouring of each other so I’ve said ‘No’ to abusive relationships.

I am starting to build a relationship with myself that isn’t wholly self-critical and judgemental. I’ve started to be more tender with how I am with myself and treat myself lovingly.

I may well be slow on the uptake in this regard, but I was horrid to myself – a constant torrent of ‘should be better’ and ‘not good enough’ – now I’m letting go of these beliefs, knowing I am lovely just for being me. I’m learning how to express in the world and be responsible, and not a victim or subservient. I’m finally tackling how I self-sabotaged myself with food and checking-out from the world. I am beginning to trust what I feel and put it into loving action where required.

I never feel lonely now, which is amazing. I have a completely different attitude to work; I’m there to do all that I can to support people, even if this means saying things I know they may not want to hear. I love meeting new people and am very at ease with people – I often chat and joke in supermarket queues etc. I also like my own company and going for walks by myself, but not to escape the world.

All this because I met a man called Serge Benhayon who reflected back to me how amazing I am.  All this because I saw him reflect back to everyone how amazing we all are and in that I learned we are all equal – I am no less and no more than another, I do not need to do anything to gain favour, and I know that we all bring something uniquely golden to the table that no other can.

Competition is pointless, and appreciation of oneself and others is key if we are to come together to make living joyful, meaningful and fun. My first impression of Serge Benhayon has never changed, but my life certainly has!

By K.B. (UK)

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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919 thoughts on “My First Impression of Serge Benhayon

  1. Serge Benhayon does love us all, equally, ‘I saw him reflect back to everyone how amazing we all are and in that I learned we are all equal’.

  2. I met Serge’s voice first before I met him in person. I rejected his words and then 2 years later I heard him again and there was nowhere to hide. It was about three years later that I met him in person and when he walked onto the stage to present the truth, I was amazed at how expansive and magnificent he felt when my eyes were seeing this slight figure of a man. And then I met him and he looked at me as no one had ever looked at me – I felt truth hit me in my chest and it absolutely did feel like coming home. Thank you for sharing K.B.

  3. One of the many tools I have in my ‘kit bag’ Thanks to Serge Benhayon is understanding humanity, that we are very wayward but this waywardness has an endpoint. A bit like an elastic band it can only stretch so far before it pings back again to its original size. How far we want to stretch that ‘elastic band’ is up to us and I feel we have not quite got to the end of our stretch. I can, however, feel the change happening as our awareness increases as we come out of the stupor we have been living in, so our reactions are skyrocketing and out of control. It’s interesting to observe how some people’s reactions are to try and numb themselves down again by whatever means is open to them.

  4. Appreciation is in the understanding of our and others divinity and thus it is appreciative to live in the understanding that before we can appreciate who we are our life has to be one of Joy.

  5. We are all in a mess until we wake up and start walking differently. Many people, including yourself K.B. have shared how crazy their lives were before coming across Universal Medicine. That’s not because you, everybody else & myself included were crazy people, out of the ordinary, I can vouch for myself and tell you that I was and still am a very ordinary person, with a big group of friends, family, a job & so on. However, these feelings of depression/ lack of worth and so on prevail in the lives of the majority of us, the thought of “what the hell is the purpose of this life” has crossed all of our minds at some point, and I take my hat off to the people who are brave enough to write about the things we all go through but are unwilling to talk about.

    1. Viktoriastoykova you have raised a very interesting topic of conversation
      “However, these feelings of depression/ lack of worth and so on prevail in the lives of the majority of us, the thought of “what the hell is the purpose of this life” has crossed all of our minds at some point, and I take my hat off to the people who are brave enough to write about the things we all go through but are unwilling to talk about.”
      Why are we so unwilling to talk about the feelings of depression and lack of self worth that we all seem to have, I’m sure that if we did openly discuss the subject we would find that there was more that unites us than divides us.

    2. Yes, K.B. has been very transparent in how their life was pre Universal Medicine, reminding some of us of areas of our life that were unsettled in earlier years.

    1. And letting people in is so important, I am allowing myself to drop protective energetic barriers more and more, although most have gone I have still felt residues to be there. So letting the love from within out and also letting love in ✨❤️

  6. I agree that Serge Benhayon reflects back to the world how amazing we all are and genuinely means it. All the presentations and workshops are based on an absolute knowing that we are not from this plane of existence, that we have descended into a dense form of life that is not our natural way of being. And to me this makes complete sense because I cannot believe that this life is all there is and then we die and there’s nothing. I have the utmost pleasure to speak to the elderly and the majority all say they feel there is more to life than the one life they have lived, and again the majority wish they had made different choices and seem keen to come back and give life another go.

    1. At some level we all know that there is more to life than just one life, inspite of the lies we have been fed, ‘I cannot believe that this life is all there is and then we die and there’s nothing.’

  7. It’s interesting that when people meet Serge Benhayon for the first time they have that feeling of coming home, being met and they feel loved unconditionally with no imposition. So many people have had this experience there must be something to this. Is it possible that we are tapping into something that is not of this world, that Serge Benhayon has offered his body as a portal to heaven and that is actually what we are all connecting to; heaven not Serge Benhayon the man?

  8. The lives of so many people have been touched and changed by this wise man, Serge Benhayon. It only goes to show how every single one of us has the potential to inspire another in our everyday life – in the way we talk to people, sometimes one interaction can lead to a life change for somebody and we may not even know it.

    1. I agree Viktoria that it is like a domino effect and this to me is how the world will change by the inspiration from one to another it is very simple.

  9. It is a truly amazing turnaround, and one of many lives changed by the inspiration of Serge Benhayon. “I’ve not wanted to admit the extent of the harm of the activities I’ve put a lot of energy into that had harmed me or others.”, this line exposes so much about human behaviour and society in general, we just do not have loving role models, we know our parents do the best they can but on a generational level the coping mechanisms we learn are generally quite harmful.

  10. Reading the first part of this amazing journey makes me realize how many people in this world are completely lost in such a way. And how many are diagnosed with having a psychological problem, when in fact what in many cases is taking place, is the inability to cope with the intensity of daily life. I could have ended up having a psychological health problem as well, like anxiousness or depression, but thankfully one day I made the choice to come across Universal Medicine. Today I feel deeply supported to approach my life in a very different way than in the past. I’m feeling more equipped to live joyfully and very open to whatever challenges comes my way. Living from a place of stillness and connecting with this quality daily, is allowing me to accept life as it is and enjoy more than ever before.

    1. I can totally agree with you Inma Lorente, I had a psychological health problem, depression, anxiousness, stress, nervous tension. To the outside world I was coping, but internally I was a mess. Meeting Serge Benhayon was the catalyst to change that way of being. Today I am full of vitality, and over the years I have watched how so many people have turned their lives around by introducing self care and self loving ways into their lives. It is quite remarkable.

      1. Many people present to the outside world that they are fine, but if truth be told then nearly everyone in my experience has challenges in different ways, they are far from joyful, and far from living their truly amazing selves.

    2. Valid point, how crazy (for a lack of a better word) are our lives if the majority of us are not coping well? You look on the streets of busy London where I live & see so many bodies rushing to get to one place from another.

  11. This is not a utopia story with a happy ending, but a real experience from a woman who has taken the courage to connect deeper with herself. K.B by reading your words I can feel the enormous support you received from Serge Benhayon just by being met for who you really are. This reminds me how important it is to meet others without expectations or judgment, but from the equality of the heart. It has been life-changing for us and can be the same for others.

    1. Inma that’s a great sharing if we can get ourselves out of the way so that we can, ‘meet others without expectations or judgment, but from the equality of the heart.’ When people feel met and understood it can completely change their view of life, it’s as though space has opened up and they feel less pressured by the world they live in.

  12. My experience has shown you need to hear things first hand, so when I first met Serge I had first-hand experience with what he was sharing and it all made total sense. Today with much misinformation online that key principle still stands, if we are open to have a true conversation then have this first hand. Serge is my role model, in that he stands and lives a way of life that I am inspired by.

    1. Serge is a role model, that for me, can only be one of deep inspiration. I have been making changes to the way that I live so that I too can be more vital and joyful in myself and more loving towards others.

    2. I agree with you David we live in a world of misinformation that currently is out of control. Serge Benhayon stands as a rock presenting a true way of living and it is then our choice if we listen or not. Too me it would make sense to listen as our current way of living clearly has not worked and will never work because it is devoid of love.

  13. My first impression of serge Benhayon was that he was a man of integrity and that feeling has never changed over the years.

    1. I agree with you Elizabeth, my love for Serge Benhayon has deepened over the years as I deepen within myself which naturally deepens my understanding of the true love and wisdom he brings to earth to share with us all. Thanks to Serge and his entire family I am starting to reconnect back to my soul. I lost this connection while growing up and to return to this innermost quality I feel has saved my life.

  14. “I’ve not wanted to admit the extent of the harm of the activities I’ve put a lot of energy into that had harmed me or others.” I found exactly that the not wanting to admit and feel how harming things have been, keeps us away from truly healing why we chose what we chose. It’s like when we admit it, it’s super easy to let go, as when we do so from a point of understanding why we did things, we get to feel it was not the true us and that we were not ourselves. So it becomes about being who we are now instead of avoiding our past choices.

    1. Lieke you make this comment
      “we get to feel it was not the true us and that we were not ourselves,”
      It’s an almost throw away comment but actually it’s a stop moment. If it is not us and we are not ourselves then who or what is propelling us not to be ourselves? Is there more going on behind the scenes of life than we care to admit to?

      1. There has to be more to life than what we see, there is so much we as yet are to realise, ‘If it is not us and we are not ourselves then who or what is propelling us not to be ourselves?’

  15. “I no longer feel the world owes me, but that I actually have a quality I can give back to humanity by sharing and expressing.” this is pure gold, having this as your foundation in life is so unique and yet is there for all of us. Lovely to read and be inspired by.

  16. “I never feel lonely now, which is amazing.” When we reconnect to our inner being and to God we know we are never alone.

  17. Serge Benhayon is an incredible stupendous and wonderful person, for more reasons and ways than I could ever list on this page. There are not enough words, not enough moments in the day that could give an accurate description of what this man has given to the world. He is precious, and deserves to be treated so.

    1. Serge Benhayon is the living representative of Heaven on earth. Unfortunately the words God, heaven have been so badly warped, corrupted and maligned by so called ‘Religion’ even the word religion does not represent the true meaning of the word any more. We do not in any way shape or form understand that words are very powerful more so than say nuclear weapons. Because words have lost their true meaning it is possible to dismiss Serge Benhayon as a living representative of heaven on earth. This has been achieved deliberately so, to try and off set the true office he represents. Corrupt words sow the seeds of disinformation so the truth is shrouded. One day the full truth of Serge Benhayon and all that he represents will be known to the world, we will come to know that more has been achieved this time round than at any time in the history of the earth which is phenomenal.

  18. My first impression of Serge Benhayon was that he was a very loving and caring man and that has never changed. In fact my first impression has been confirmed over and over again.

  19. When we are connected to the love that we are and is all around us we never feel lonely. When we are disconnected to ourselves and thus others it is devastating.

  20. It is quite a turnaround from thinking the world owes us to being in true service, coming from an overflowing and giving back to society.

  21. It is quite the thing, to write in such plain and simple words, that you were ‘horrid’ to yourself. And this touches me deeply, your honesty, and I find it inspiring too.

  22. Yes, Serge Benhayon simply reminds us how amazing we are. We have created a world where we constantly have to prove ourselves but never are in truth allowed to simply be ourselves. When we start to be ourselves and learn to look after ourselves with love and care we begin to blossom and our true and real potential unfolds.

    1. Esther Andreas I agree with what you have written, I work for a company where we are all constantly having to prove ourselves by bringing in the sales. There is so much pressure to do this that we are failures if we are not bringing in new business everyday. If we just focus on how much we are worth by the amount of money we can bring in for the company then we are lost because again we are looking outside of ourselves and not resourcing from within. There is a constant unseen battle to keep us always looking outside of ourselves by our spirit that is separated from the one soul and in that separation has deliberately made a false world that we all buy into.

  23. Meeting Serge Benhayon has changed many people’s life, and there are billions more others who could do so well with meeting him, he definitely is the one, but so are all of us. If we are saying yes to what is being presented by Serge, then let’s make that yes be a full one and take it all the way.

    1. Fumiyo you make a very good point that Serge Benhayon is the one meaning that the transmission of the Ageless Wisdom comes through him, but we are also the one because we also have the same flow of energy coming through us. The difference between Serge Benhayon and the rest of the world is that he lives in a way that allows that multidimensional flow easily through him whereas we have chosen a different negative energy to flow through us. We are able to clearly see and feel the difference between the two energies being chosen. It then becomes a choice of what energy we are choosing to flow through us.

  24. What we invest in is key and when we come to realise what we have been choosing has been harming us and others it can be challenging to admit it. We can pride ourselves on what we have invested in and don’t want to truly admit how harmful it really has been. When we let go of those investments it becomes a lot clearer how much of a hold they had you in.

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