Thinking about Thinking

Reading a blog about a friend’s experience of cooking something she thought to be original, only to find the exact same dish was simultaneously being ‘discovered’ by a colleague, got me thinking about thinking and the origin of ideas and information.

The example of a ‘new’ recipe being thought of, ‘discovered’ and created by two foodies at the same time, invites the notion that maybe we tune into ideas rather than create them, with more than one of us sometimes catching onto or receiving the same thought.

When we watch a movie, images and sounds come to us and it is interesting to ponder that this could be true on a wider scale that allows for the possibility that, like TV or radio waves, thoughts come ‘to’ us, not ‘from’ us, as we like to think.

We know this for sure about our radios and TVs, our computers and smart devices: that is, that they are receivers of information via waves that we can’t see but that they nonetheless constantly receive and then output in the form of a song, a movie, an ad, data and voice transmissions and so on. We understand that the device does not originate the data, it receives it, stores it and displays or expresses it at the push of a button, the flick of a switch or the swipe or tap of a finger.

Just like a TV, radio or telephone, we don’t originate any of our thoughts or ideas but receive and then output them.

It is like we are all radio towers designed to tune into and receive outer frequencies and waves, but the thinking we’ve been tuned into for the past few thousand years has us believing (as an unquestionable fact) that we are the originators and individual owners of all our thoughts and ideas.

The idea of being a mere receptor, not a creator of thoughts, is somehow insulting to our intelligence, rudely suggesting that we are not special, nor different, nor brilliant, but somehow passive, mute and dumb.

Far from it, as the recipe experience shows – we may pick up the same frequency as another ‘tower’ but the way we receive and then act on the information picked up is dependant on our individual makeup and the quality of our tower (each radio tower stands in its own place and comes with its own background and level of maintenance and care), and this flavours our expression of the information tuned into.

Just entertaining this possibility is a bit of mind bender, but if we play along for a moment and call it a given that we are radio towers receiving all our thoughts, then our focus shifts away from the question of are we or are we not receptors of thoughts, to something much more interesting. If we are receptors not originators of ideas, information and thoughts in general, then:

  • What level of thinking, data and information are we tuned into and receiving?
  • What determines the frequency we are tuned into?
  • Are we ‘stuck’ on or limited to one frequency?
  • How do we alter the frequency we receive?
  • Is there a way of knowing the type of frequency we are tuned into?
  • What relevance is the condition of the tower to the quality or type of frequency of thoughts it receives?

Einstein wondered these things – or should we say tuned into these thoughts – and talked about there being different levels of thinking available to us, memorably saying: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

But what if the other part to Einstein’s understanding is that we don’t actually create our level of thinking, we receive it, that is: we only think we think.

This is a game changer that explains so much of our behaviours, choices and everything from our crazy thoughts to our profoundly amazing ones.

Children are great examples of tuning into and receiving thoughts and ideas and so often from the mouths of babes, wisdom beyond their age and experience flows. There are many occasions where scientists separated by continents and culture end up ‘discovering’ the same thing simultaneously, without ever having access to the same physical data, yet find themselves to be sharing a convergence of the same thought or idea.

Starting to observe this phenomenon playing out in ourselves and others is a grand experiment in exploring our inner workings and our unseen connection with each other and the universe at large.

If our thoughts don’t come from us and we can’t see them coming, then to choose the quality of thought we’d like to have leaves us to feel our way, noticing how different thoughts make us feel when we receive them: heavy, worried, anxious, mean, jealous, self-doubting – or light, open, willing, joyful, focussed, definite and playful. Choosing not so much by content as by quality.

Once we take up a thought and express it in word or deed, its effects can clearly be seen and felt as they play out in ways that leave us or another feeling less, or deepens the responsibility and care we bring to ourselves and others.

We begin to know our physical selves – our body – as radio towers, that if broken or damaged with the hits and hurts of life, tune into frequencies that deliver a quality of thought very different to the quality of thoughts available to a tower cared for, maintained, tall and not only ready to receive thoughts, but aware of itself as a receiver of thoughts not by default but by design. Divine design in fact!

When we loosen our grip on thinking that we originate anything and start realising instead that as receivers of thoughts or consciousness, our only job is to care for the tower we embody so it can discern and choose to tune into and express thoughts from an intelligence that leaves us feeling not cold, confused or controlling, arrogant or dominating, but warm, wise, responsible, honouring appreciative, honest, humble and joyful in its brilliant simplicity and beauty. This way we begin to forever open ourselves to thinking about thinking that maybe we don’t really think. Now that’s worth thinking about!

Inspired by the inspiring work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Adrienne Hutchins, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

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1,033 thoughts on “Thinking about Thinking

  1. If we agree or even just consider that our thoughts don’t originate within us as such, but are something we receive according the the vibration we’ve tuned into, it opens up contemplating how we are with our body and in all areas of our life, reflecting on how that might affect the kind of vibration we align with…

  2. No use in trying to train the mind then, rather build the quality of presence in the body and bring the mind in line with the body.

  3. My posture and the way I move is pretty much the defining factor in what type and quality of thoughts I’ll receive. If I’m moving around closed, tight, slouchy, given up, angry, driven, emotional……then I am inviting in a quality of thought that will further intensify and magnify this. If I move will tenderness, Love, understanding, grace, honesty, delicateness, sacredness……. this is the quality I will then be magnifying. It’s simple and logical really.

  4. Reading this blog got me thinking again!….Before I used to think thoughts would just pop up. It is only since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have I realised that this is not the case. The quality I live in has an impact on everything in and around me. The more quality I bring, the more quality is in my thoughts and everything I do – and this is a game changer for all.

  5. I love this Adrienne ! What a corker of an explanation of what thinking is! It is something I have really fought – I want my thoughts to be MINE ALL MINE waahaha ! But there isn’t any divine designs about that!

  6. It’s an interesting question to ponder on…where do our thoughts come from? To consider that we are receivers and that we do not generate our own thoughts is quite out there and potentially opposite to what we currently think. But that rises the question…Do we actually think? That’s enough for any scientist to ponder on for a life time!

  7. I love this, it is very humbling in that we cannot own anything, including our thoughts and there is nothing that is original. This may take a while for people to get their head round!

  8. Realising we don’t own any original thought reveals that there is no ‘I’ as an individual and we all equally receive the energy of the Universe and the collective consciousness that is passing through everyone all the time.

    1. It is actually a beautiful teaching when I feel what is being presented. Gorgeous brotherhood and absolute equality.

  9. The radio tower is a brilliant analogy for our body and our thoughts, I love the idea of every movement changing or tweaking the stream of what we are receiving. How often do we try and address our thoughts by thinking about them – and so we never actually change the station or the stream. But what if instead, we go straight to the radio tower or to our body and change our movements and see if what we receive is different?

  10. ‘our only job is to care for the tower we embody’ It makes total sense that if our receiver is up to par then we will be able to discern more readily the information at hand and as the quality of our tower or body improves then so does the resonance of higher quality energy.

  11. Once you are ready to open up to the possibility of not thinking our own thoughts, it is a fascinating process to more and more realize that thoughts are given and received, not produced by oneself. The more it is experienced and understood, the more we learn to play our part in the communication, i.e. to tune our radio station.

    1. I agree – it’s a fascinating process because we identify so much with our thoughts, and they are part of what we think makes us who we are, it opens up the possibility of being part of something grander and shows us our thoughts are not “IT” but simply a result of our choices, movements and alignment.

  12. I find this one of the hardest things to accept. I know the knowledge that I don’t think and that thoughts are fed to me constantly from a consciousness, yet all my experience has told me that I think and that they are my thoughts. This is a big one for all of us, but we need to grasp that we don’t think and also that intelligence is not in the head nor is it based on recall as we “think” our human intelligence to be.

  13. Thank you Adrienne, it’s a huge leap to understand and grasp the fact we don’t own anything, but instead are vessels for all that comes through us. And it’s a great support to be reminded about the care of the body being what determines the quality of what we receive, including how much care we take in how we move our body.

  14. It would be fascinating to have a brain timer or barometer that shows us exactly how long we think of one thing. I love the idea of tuning into thoughts from my experience I tune my body, or I build a certain quality in my body and that gives me the bandwidth for my thoughts. For example when my body feels clear my thoughts feel clear, and when I’m super caring with my body my thoughts are also super caring, or if I am disregarding or harm my body then my thoughts also echo that harm.

  15. The TV or radio example is a great way to understand thoughts. We know that what we see and hear from the TV is not from within us. I always imagine my body to be like an antenna. How aligned and open my body is will determine which channels or frequencies can flow through me. This affects which ‘station’ I can tune into, thus affecting which thoughts I get at that moment.

  16. We are attached to being something we’re not, identified with these false thoughts that come through but what an amazing thing then to stop and drop what we think. Then we can start to get to know who we truly are underneath. As you present Adrienne entertaining these thoughts as us is a big comfort.

  17. “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – this is a wisdom we cannot remind ourselves often enough. Whenever we seek to change, understand, improve, solve something etc, we should make use of that wise insight into the human ‘thinking’.

  18. As presented by Universal Medicine it is the body who aligns to and receives the energy that then gives us the sort of thoughts we mentally are aware of. Everyone can test that for themselves simply by changing one´s posture and or movements (just changing the way of breathing has an effect) and observing the kind and quality of thoughts that are generated. Key is to bring awareness to the body, get a sense for its presence first so that one has a marker from where the accompanying way of thinking can be identified. This way we learn from and through our body to influence our mind.

    1. It really turns everything on its head (pun intended 🙂 ) that not only do we not think, but that the body is what determines the quality of intelligence we bring through.

  19. If we only think we think and do not really think at all, then who or what exactly is doing the ‘thinking’ on our behalf? That is, to which source of energy are we attuning ourselves to in order to be fed thoughts that say we think when we do not? Truth does not move in this way and when we align whole body and being with what is true, we immediately know that we are simple receivers and transmitters (vehicles of expression) for the source of energy we are aligned to – this being either all that is love OR all that opposes this love. Nothing in-between.

  20. Speaking of “thoughts available to a tower cared for, maintained, tall and not only ready to receive thoughts, but aware of itself as a receiver of thoughts not by default but by design.”, through a recent renewed focus on my body posture and particularly in keeping my spine straight, and my chest and shoulders open, I have noticed just how profoundly this effects my general state of well being. When I have noticed myself slouching and gone to this straighter and more open posture I instantly feel more open, confident, have a better self-image, and it changes the nature of my thoughts to ones that are more positive and aware of what is going on for me and others.

  21. There have been many times when a family member or friend and myself have had the exact same thought at the exact same time and even began saying what it was simultaneously. What Adrienne describes here as us being receptors of thoughts seems like the only logical reason or basis for something like that happening with such regularity that it does for many people. It also explains how many people at work, including myself may have the feeling that it is actually a different day in the week or time of day than it really was at that particular time, or that the day seems to be going slower or faster.

  22. If our current form of thinking has not realised that war causes so much harm and damage and does not truly solve anything and continues to choose war not just once more but for many thousands of years more, then it shows we have to be open to a different form of thinking from a different source.

  23. When we take ownership of an idea or thought are we looking for something more? Do we want the identity or recognition when sharing the idea or sharing the idea to be liked? Allowing ourselves the opportunity to feel our bodies and move from our natural rhythm we then open up to a great depth of learning but also an ease as we are not looking for an outcome and life can keep unfolding as it needs to and we can see the world in a completely new way.

  24. When we think that we think, it is already a proof that we do not think but that thoughts are fed to us. We do not think, but connect to a volume of thoughts that are available to us. And when we connect to a volume of thoughts that does not want us to see the truth of life, then we will think that we think, otherwise we would get thoughts from the ageless Wisdom the universe is. In short the quality of our thoughts is actually a matter of choice.

  25. I always was a little confused about my thoughts. I have had periods in my life where I championed my thinking mind because of all the wonderful ideas I came up with. But now in looking back, they were not that wonderful or smart at all, as none of these thoughts have ever served me or or others, but showed just the waywardness of my thinking. In allowing these thoughts I, kept myself busy in my mind leaving my body in anxiousness and actually not making any advancement, but just going around in circles over and over again.

  26. Thinking that we think suits those who do not want to take any responsibility for the way they live. As soon as the truth of the fact that we do not think, but receive thoughts based on the quality of our choices lived, then it naturally asks us to be more responsible for all we choose, not necessarily by choice of action but by choice of quality of movement

    1. Sure Joshua, the concept that we are the originators of our thinking is championed by many and by doing so no responsibility is taken for their own lives and the societies they live in. Instead they are trapped in their thinking mind, actually going nowhere while they think they are advancing and are moving forward.

  27. We see a similar thing happening for example in the industrial area where a multitude of technical inventions was made, often several people at different locations in the world ‘coming up’ with the same idea and working on similar projects without knowing each other, until some publication or communication by letters were happening.

    1. Simply because everything we create comes from the source that created us. For example: we have the internet because as souls we know how to instantly connect with each other across the globe, we have great means of transportation because as spirits and souls we can travel where we need to go etc. Everything in our physical plane is a direct copy of the divine, we simply tune in and deliver this into our 3rd dimensional physical reality because ever since we drifted from God, we got caught up ‘playing God’ (constantly creating in physical form that which already exists in formlessness) and deep down we all miss the Oneness we are from.

  28. Love this article, what we tune into is what we will express outward, it is very simple when you see it like this. We are energetic beings and if the output is disharmonious we know we need a tune up.

  29. I love the concept that we tune into different frequencies. It makes sense. We know we tend to have different thoughts depending on where we are at emotionally, and we know that we get taken down a garden path at times by thoughts that really don’t serve us. So, really, it feels very possible indeed that our thoughts are not ours, but something we have somehow taken on.

  30. ‘Thinking about thinking’ – whoa, that is a sure way of catapulting down into the labyrinth, or into the dark wood of obscurity and illusion.

  31. It is a very humbling moment when we come to the realisation that we are not the originators of our thoughts but are receiver of them. When this came to my awareness, which was through the presentations by Serge Benhayon, I embarked on a whole new way of caring for my body, for I then realised that the quality of my wellbeing would determine the quality of the source of thoughts available for me to tune into.

    1. Sure Sara, it is the quality of movement we move our bodies with that determines the quality of our thoughts and when we are in true movement, we will never think that we think again, as that thought belongs not to that package.

  32. I love the analogy you are presenting here with the tower Adrienne is brilliant! It makes it simple and accessible for everyone, even someone who reads about energy for the first time. I love it – simple, bridging, absolute. Lets tune our tower to the right song 🙂

  33. When two people discover or invent exactly the same independently from each other it proofs for me that we are all connected to the same source. There is nothing new, just people accessing what is there on offer. Although I would distinguish between a source that supports us as mankind and a source that helps us to indulge and ingrain further behaviours. To which one you align is your choice.

  34. This makes sense when at times we can get thoughts that seem totally out of the blue and unrelated to anything we have experienced in our own lives, so it does leave me questioning the origins of the thoughts originally and how these thoughts are generated over and over again. It feels like there is so much more we do not understand about energy and how it is circulated, and how we receive it.

  35. Given our current form of intelligence has not resolved the poverty, the high illness and disease, the violence and bloodshed, the ongoing corruption in corporations and industries, the general discontentment with life etc. perhaps it is for us to reconsider what true intelligence is, and how to connect to it. The question is, are we humble enough to admit that we currently do not have all the answers and that our current method of trying to find the answers has not worked and never has worked, therefore an entirely new approach is needed?

  36. It just makes sense, the whole article and yet we can have or live a life and never discuss these facts. We take things like radio, TV, electricity etc for granted and don’t apply how they work to everything. We can say they work on different wave lengths and then we can even go to colour and how it’s also not truly physical but again different frequencies of energy and then we turn to ourselves and think, physical. We are out of tune with what is all around us and as the article so brilliantly spells out, tune in and it’s all there, tune out and you are left trying to understand what’s going on and you are on a different channel.

  37. All this writing makes sense to me, as there have been times when I have had a thought and wondered where it came from, as it was something I had absolutely no connection with. Being a receiver of the energy of thought makes sense to me.

  38. Letting go of the ownership of ideas and or thoughts allows us to expand our understanding of energetic responsibility and how our bodies move, which makes life much more simple and we can see just how fundamental it is to listen to how our bodies feel to move and move accordingly. The expansion and learning that is on offer from our movements is truly incredible, when we let go of thinking and allow our bodies to move from their own rhythm.

  39. Fantastic analogy Adrienne and truly reflects where our responsibility lies. We can affect the quality of our thoughts by the way we care for our vehicle (body) and accepting that if we are an open channel we will be given the answers takes a lot of pressure off to figure things out whilst puncturing our beliefs that we have original thoughts despite so much evidence to the contrary.

  40. To consider and to actually accept that we are not the creators of own thoughts but a vehicle to express thoughts and ideas given to us is revolutionary and very challenging to believe. However, to be able to completely surrender to this is knowing is incredibly liberating. It is not as a giving up of responsibility to become a mere slave to something but actually it requires more responsibility to ensure that one is choosing to align to the source of thoughts and ideas that are loving and enhancing rather than those that result in harm and suffering for oneself and others.

  41. This is a powerful blog Adrienne, to consider we don’t think and our thoughts are not ours is a game changer, this brings a responsibility and care with all our movements and the quality in how we live, as it will always determine the quality of our thoughts.

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