Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for over 3 years now and have recently had some ‘aha’ moments. We know that Einstein proved the fact that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine elaborated on this teaching by saying, “If everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.

Since this was brought to my awareness I have been really paying attention to energy and feeling into what is happening around me – seeing the effect of one thing on the next.

What I’ve found is that we use energy to run our bodies. We can also choose a form of energy to run our bodies that is loving. And like a good quality fuel that you use for your car – you get great results from it.

On the other hand, you can choose to run your body on another form of fuel and not get the best results. If I am not present with myself, and I am not aware of which energy I am running on, I have found myself eating food that I know is not good for me, but I eat it anyway. In hindsight I can see clearly that the energy I was running on was unloving and therefore allowed me to make unloving choices for me. The other stop sign for me is if I catch myself thinking thoughts of not being beautiful, not being good enough or not clever enough, then I realise that I have once again lost my awareness and am running on a energy or fuel, so to speak, which is very un-loving and not true at all.

Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.

Through the teachings from Universal Medicine, I’ve discovered you can also look at it this way – you are either connected with your body and feel it clearly or you are disconnected from it, not feeling truly how it is and therefore just running on autopilot. But if this is true, then who really is the pilot, if it is not you?

For me, I know I am connected when I am aware of how my body feels; I can actually feel each footstep I take instead of just stomping around without awareness of how hard my feet are hitting the ground. If I find myself in another part of the house, or worse, at the destination of a drive somewhere, and I do not know how I got there, it is clear that I have been disconnected and I was not with me for the journey.

Another way for me to see if I am connected to my body or not is to check where I am. If I can feel my body and am aware of my hips or can feel how I am holding my arms or even if I am aware of a little pain in my lower back, then I am with me – connected.

If on the other hand I have a million thoughts going through my mind, busy thinking about what’s for dinner, what I have to do tomorrow, and perhaps also going over that argument in my head, then I am definitely not with me in my body. I am lost in a whirlwind of my mind.

So I am in mind but not in body!

One of the ways I’ve used to work out which type of fuel or energy I am using is to become aware of how I am communicating and expressing.

If I am thinking about what to say next, rushing my sentences, not taking moments to pause; if what I am talking about seems complicated or overwhelming, or there is a need, drive or goal I can feel, I know then that I have at some point chosen the wrong form of energy for me. I have allowed another pilot to run my ship!

If on the other hand, I find myself communicating with ease, with moments of silence that do not feel awkward, that allow me to reconnect and feel my body, then it is clear to me that I am the pilot of my ship and I am steering the course that I choose.

If what I am talking about seems simple and I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next, then I know that I have chosen an energy that is loving and supports me to connect back to me. It means I am the captain of my own ship.

This for me is a great little red flag or stop light because now when I catch myself in a feeling of ‘it’s too much’, or I feel like I am running around and there are 6 million things to do, I can stop, take a breath and make a choice in that moment to either reconnect to me and my body, or continue in the uncomfortable rush of energy that is not really me or my rhythm. With the support and teachings from Universal Medicine, I have now found I can take the helm and steer my own ship or I can just check out, take no responsibility and let the autopilot take over. Either way, I get to choose which fuel or energy is running the ship.

605 thoughts on “Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

  1. There is a world of difference between being in our head or in our body. When my life was full of struggle and complication, I was mostly in my head, always trying to control and plan ahead…. Making the shift to be in my body by simply making loving choices that truly supported it, my life has become so much more simpler and effortless in that there is no planning, trying or pushing, there is only just being myself and expressing all the love that I am without perfection.

  2. It is a lot easier to know which energy I am in, when there is a sense of flow and ease, not rushing in my movement or conversations I am connected to my body, when I am rushing around, more things on my mind, trying to do lots and when having a conversation I am usually in my mind and not connected to my body. Its actually very quick to recognise now than it use to be.

  3. There is such simplicity in what is shared here and yet we make life so very complex at times. This is as Rosie shares, another reflection that we are choosing a less than loving energy as our ‘pilot’. Today this simplicity is reminding me about the joy of just being me and that this is what I am here to be – and that being me is more than enough.

  4. I completely agree with you Rosie when you say
    “Through the teachings from Universal Medicine, I’ve discovered you can also look at it this way – you are either connected with your body and feel it clearly or you are disconnected from it, not feeling truly how it is and therefore just running on autopilot. But if this is true, then who really is the pilot, if it is not you?”
    I have lived most of my life in auto pilot, it was not me running my body another energy was because I did not wanting to take responsibility for myself or the choices I was making I dulled myself down. It wasn’t from the want of trying but it was as though I was hitting a brick wall most of the time, I would feel I was taking steps forward only to be pulled back again, I felt like an elastic band and it has been so frustrating. However with the help of the Universal Medicine practitioners I have broken the consciousness that was holding me back, I know this to be true because suddenly I can really appreciate myself and the love that is naturally in my body but was held back is flowing through me and it is such a pleasure to be me. All the hard work has been so worth it.

  5. So simple and one of the key factors for all of us in the way we go about our days is the fact we do not realise that we are being ‘flown’ by another pilot or more honestly we choose not to know as it suits us to stay in flow with something that asks us not to be loving, gentle, connected. It is really as simple as you say and requires moment by moment vigilance and loving discipline.

  6. How simple life is when I realise it’s simply a choice between which fuel I choose to run my body. I love how practical and useful it is to catch the signs of when it’s a harmful fuel that I’ve let run my body – my thoughts clearly show me.

    A simple ok change what’s running me, no point going into it until I’ve returned to love because what’s harmful is invested in keeping itself running and will distort the truth to do so.

  7. Great practical examples of how we can choose an energy to run our bodies with and how they can feel when we do that. A good reminder for me today to connect back to my body and to feel how it feels. And that it is always a choice.

  8. “if I catch myself thinking thoughts of not being beautiful, not being good enough or not clever enough, then I realise that I have once again lost my awareness and am running on an energy or fuel, so to speak, which is very un-loving and not true at all.” I love this as it is so so easy to think our thoughts are ours and that we are this way. When you make it about that we choose and energy that then runs our body either in a loving or not loving way life gets a whole other dimension to it which makes it easier to understand our behaviours and feelings. It also makes it easier to change them from the one to the other.

  9. One of the greatest gifts Universal Medicine has given me, is the absolute truth that I am the one steering my own ship. When this is know and lived every choice becomes our responsibility.

  10. When we nourish ourselves with quality fuel it energizes us with the same quality. In turn this lays the foundation for quality results. Simple.

    1. Yes, very simple yet why do we not always choose that? I have found that I know it, but once I am already running on another energy, it at times can be quite easy to just keep putting in the wrong fuel and being quite un-caring towards myself. Not always, but it does happen!

  11. I agree the kind of thoughts we have can be a very good indication of what energy is running us. Funnily enough the most insidious thoughts are often not what we normally called bad thoughts because at least with “bad thoughts” we know we are not doing so well and there is an honesty, but the ones to watch for are the good and righteous ones that are void of true love – these can be very harmful.

    1. That is a very good point Nicola, I know exactly what you mean, and it can be tricky if we are not paying attention or being aware…. lights on, no body home syndrome.

      1. ha ha yes good point Rosie – it really is no body home syndrome as in not being connected to our body because our body is the one to listen to.

  12. We take a lot of care to make sure we put the correct fuel in our cars but often seem to take a lot less care when it comes to our body!

    1. Yes, and we make sure we don’t run out of fuel in our cars… yet don’t check our own levels or bring the same level of care to our body. Also, I just thought how we can spend quite a lot of time maintaining our cars, yet struggle at the thought of getting a massage or seeing a naturopath for healthy living advice and supplements. It is important to support and maintain the body, not just fix it if it is broken.

  13. I love it when “I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next”, as that way of being does not bring any stress to my body but a sense of speciousness and joy compared to the other way of being with the pre-planning and in that, controlling mind that brings tension and makes me feel contracted instead.

    1. I was recently at a business networking group where everyone has 60 seconds to speak and I started to panic, oh my what am I going to say as I noticed that everyone had a piece of paper or their phone with prompts or full text for them to read from and in that moment, I remembered that I don’t need to pre think and that when it is my time to speak, whatever is needed for the group will be there and voila…. I gave a great quick talk and even amazed myself. If I had tried to plan it I would of missed the awesome wisdom that came to me in that moment when I let go.

      1. Indeed Rosie, if we can allow that wisdom to come through we are not only blessing ourselves but everybody we are with too. I had something similar with a group of engineers in which we on turn had to give a small presentation. I had prepared some slides but during the actual presentation it all unfolded for me what and how to present and I actually ended up talking about the trinity of philosophy, science and religion which where for sure not on my slides.

      2. That is great Nico, I love when that happens… what you presented is what was needed not what you mind had planned.

  14. Through Universal Medicine I have come to understand that we have a responsibility to be aware of where our thoughts are, of what we are thinking and that if we do not choose to take responsibility for thoughts then something else will. It is our thoughts that either harm or heal. If we are not feeling all the love we innately are then it is time to choose honesty as we check-in with what we are allowing. Your analogy of the type of fuel we choose for our car is so accurate when reflecting on the fuel (e’g’ thoughts) we choose for our living moments.

  15. I know that too, running around with millions thought making myself feeling busy and with that tension in my body, while when I do return to myself there is a relaxation in my body and no busyness at all, only some things to do which I can easily handle.

    1. We can get things done in both types of energy, but the quality that they are done in and how it feels afterwards can be worlds apart.

  16. Am I in my mind or body I have found to be a great question to keep checking with myself throughout the day to ensure I am using the true fuel of life – love.

  17. I like this statement- ‘I am now at the helm of my own ship’. Often we can let life do us instead of choosing how we will be with life.

  18. The more aware we are in connection to our own body the easier it is to make self-loving choices that support both us and those around us, it is when we separate from ourselves we end up running on auto pilot.

  19. It is true Rosie, once we establish clear markers for which energy we have chosen, it is a matter of then choosing awareness of the fact in any given moment. Life becomes very simple to navigate with this understanding.

    1. It does, and even when you lose your way, its just a matter of coming back, connecting and starting again. No big deal.

      1. Yes super simple… which doesn’t always follow that it’s easy to do especially when you’ve reacted to something and are caught up in it. Always there is a point though I find when a clear choice can be made, to hang onto whatever is getting to me, or to let go and align to something different. The latter is infinitely nicer in the body and in every other respect.

  20. This is a super-great guide to personal mastery Rosie – love it.
    “I am the pilot of my ship” – or not. Simple. To bring awareness to just who or what is piloting us is everything, and opens us up to more learning about ourselves, the world of energy, and just what is governing us, than we could ever have imagined possible.

    1. So well said Victoria – ‘This is a super-great guide to personal mastery Rosie..’ As this is what it is all about. It is only ourselves that are making choices, whether it is the vibration of love that moves us or not. And we even hold in our fingertips, literally, the wisdom to know the difference.

  21. Beautifully expressed Rosie. You make it so easy to see that we are always choosing the energy that will fuel our movements. I am now asking myself if my energy is sourced through my body or my mind. “…who really is the pilot, if it is not you?” When I connect to my body I feel at ease in moments. It is an energy that brings a gorgeous quality to whatever I do and I feel like I am steering my own ship rather than being thrown about the ocean.

  22. Fantastic sharing Rosie, when it is pointed out to you about the two energies or fuels for our vehicles you wonder how this can not be known by every person in the world as we live it daily! Nothing new is being presented, we actually do all know this is how the world works but we like to play ignorant so we can essentially be irresponsible and do what we want. The state of our planet is proof of how ill this way of living is.

  23. One thing is for sure, when we run on autopilot we get very depleted. True vitality comes from being in charge of what energy we align to.

  24. It is very easy to run on auto-pilot, not having any conscious awareness of the multitude of movements that take you from A to B. Operating this way through life is not only very exhausting, but makes for a very scattered and hectic experience of life too, speaking personally of course, with a head full of thoughts that are usually unrelated to what I am doing, all the while doing whatever it is I am. It’s exhausting just to recall how it is to operate that way.

  25. Once again a re-read of your sharing is a great reminder to be consciously aware at all times of the energy I am choosing to live in. Thank you Rosie.

  26. Its great that you have found some clear indicators that warn you that you have stepped away from the wheel, it is a practical down to earth approach that makes heaps of sense.

  27. Always great to return to this blog Rosie, to appreciate just how amazing our bodies are, our personal guide, and all we need to do is be willing to choose to tune in. Our bodies are moved by energy, and we are the ones that choose which energy we align to in every moment. In other words, we are always choosing the vibration of love or that which is loveless, and our bodies reflect the truth of our choices, as such is our marker of truth. It is through our willingness to being honesty with how we are feeling that we can then develop our awareness of how we are moving, the quality of life we are living and understand that there is a direct relationship between the quality of our choices and the quality of energy we are choosing to align to.

  28. Thank you Rosie for sharing about the two kinds of energy that can run our bodies and minds, when I am up in my head over thinking a situation or becoming anxious about a situation I definitely know I am not connected, but when I am with my body and its movements there is a flow to life and a simplicity with what I am doing and a sense of quietness.

  29. It’s always been a ‘thing’ for me – “am I in my mind or in my body?” What you have so clearly pointed out here Rosie, is there thinking involved or just an action in place. The reinterpretation can be that ‘evil thing’. It’s my relationship with time knowing that it is already there or done, it is just for me to be obedient with the space in front of me – I’m the instrument to put into manifestation. Job done!

  30. What fuel runs us? Now thats a great question on so many levels, do we go about life apparently blind when the truth is our eyes are always open or do we embrace the quality of energy we are.

  31. For many this science may sound all too over their heads and asking too much responsibility to live by and accept. But indeed there has not been any other explanation given to why we can have seeming two different and at times starkly differing personalities that can be oscillated between from day to day. Sure we may not all have bi-polar disorder, but how can it be that at one moment we feel one way about something and then the next almost have a completely different perspective and approach to it? Could it be that these are simply us running from two differing sources of energy?

  32. More and more I am finding how truly simple the choice of connection or rather reconnection truly is. Nothing hard or complicated about it, it’s just a choice of responsibility that makes it feel difficult

    1. And when things are so simple, we often dismiss them and take the complicated route which leads us even further away from connection!

  33. Moving around on autopilot is like being a robot that has been cued to execute a certain number of tasks; there is no awareness, no presence and we don’t know how we got from A to B or where we left our keys or wallet. It is a very disembodied and draining way to exist – not truly live.

  34. Einstein opened the door for energy being part of life. It was Serge Benhayon who has brought to our attention that energy is a constant part of our daily lives and what does it mean. Serge has also presented an absolute understanding of how the body relates to it, and its consequences. Thanks to Serge Benhayon we know that we have an intimate relationship with the world of energy, even if we cannot relate to it through our five senses, and how relevant is for us to be aware of it.

  35. Be yourself – or someone else will be it for you.

    By this I mean we have, as Rosie presents, a continual choice to live life in the pilot seat and thus navigate our way through by being true to who we are, or we can check out, put ourselves on ‘auto-pilot’ and simply coast along blindly and thereby run the risk of being ‘pulled under’ by any seeming obstacle we may come across because we have not stayed present with ourselves. It is in the ‘withdrawal’ that we allow an energy that is not us, to run us and we start to develop patterns and behaviours that are not in accordance to the love that we are, thus becoming a vastly reduced version of ourselves.

    1. I love how you shared this Liane, we must be aware of the withdrawal part as that is when we are no longer in the driver’s seat.

  36. No matter what you say – it’s the energy. No matter what you do – it’s the energy. No matter how you look – it’s the energy you live in. We can even say how vital energy is to our every day, but if it still comes from this part of us that wants to resist and ignore the energetic facts of life – we will end up paying the price. What a trickster! So what I hear in your words Rosie is it’s just a matter of time till we see that ignoring true quality does not ever work. For our body is set up to tell us everything about energy. It reports back constantly. It will always bring us back to the truth of how we are designed to be.

  37. I have at times had the experience of being in both these situations, and thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon I have learnt that the responsibility resides with us as to what energy we use in our decision making. Surely we all prefer to Captain our own ship!

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