Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for over 3 years now and have recently had some ‘aha’ moments. We know that Einstein proved the fact that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine elaborated on this teaching by saying, “If everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.

Since this was brought to my awareness I have been really paying attention to energy and feeling into what is happening around me – seeing the effect of one thing on the next.

What I’ve found is that we use energy to run our bodies. We can also choose a form of energy to run our bodies that is loving. And like a good quality fuel that you use for your car – you get great results from it.

On the other hand, you can choose to run your body on another form of fuel and not get the best results. If I am not present with myself, and I am not aware of which energy I am running on, I have found myself eating food that I know is not good for me, but I eat it anyway. In hindsight I can see clearly that the energy I was running on was unloving and therefore allowed me to make unloving choices for me. The other stop sign for me is if I catch myself thinking thoughts of not being beautiful, not being good enough or not clever enough, then I realise that I have once again lost my awareness and am running on a energy or fuel, so to speak, which is very un-loving and not true at all.

Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.

Through the teachings from Universal Medicine, I’ve discovered you can also look at it this way – you are either connected with your body and feel it clearly or you are disconnected from it, not feeling truly how it is and therefore just running on autopilot. But if this is true, then who really is the pilot, if it is not you?

For me, I know I am connected when I am aware of how my body feels; I can actually feel each footstep I take instead of just stomping around without awareness of how hard my feet are hitting the ground. If I find myself in another part of the house, or worse, at the destination of a drive somewhere, and I do not know how I got there, it is clear that I have been disconnected and I was not with me for the journey.

Another way for me to see if I am connected to my body or not is to check where I am. If I can feel my body and am aware of my hips or can feel how I am holding my arms or even if I am aware of a little pain in my lower back, then I am with me – connected.

If on the other hand I have a million thoughts going through my mind, busy thinking about what’s for dinner, what I have to do tomorrow, and perhaps also going over that argument in my head, then I am definitely not with me in my body. I am lost in a whirlwind of my mind.

So I am in mind but not in body!

One of the ways I’ve used to work out which type of fuel or energy I am using is to become aware of how I am communicating and expressing.

If I am thinking about what to say next, rushing my sentences, not taking moments to pause; if what I am talking about seems complicated or overwhelming, or there is a need, drive or goal I can feel, I know then that I have at some point chosen the wrong form of energy for me. I have allowed another pilot to run my ship!

If on the other hand, I find myself communicating with ease, with moments of silence that do not feel awkward, that allow me to reconnect and feel my body, then it is clear to me that I am the pilot of my ship and I am steering the course that I choose.

If what I am talking about seems simple and I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next, then I know that I have chosen an energy that is loving and supports me to connect back to me. It means I am the captain of my own ship.

This for me is a great little red flag or stop light because now when I catch myself in a feeling of ‘it’s too much’, or I feel like I am running around and there are 6 million things to do, I can stop, take a breath and make a choice in that moment to either reconnect to me and my body, or continue in the uncomfortable rush of energy that is not really me or my rhythm. With the support and teachings from Universal Medicine, I have now found I can take the helm and steer my own ship or I can just check out, take no responsibility and let the autopilot take over. Either way, I get to choose which fuel or energy is running the ship.

809 thoughts on “Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

  1. I too have learnt to differentiate between the two sources of energy that can power life and all my movements. One is very clearly true and the other is not, so now what I am finding is that I still dip into that energy that isn’t true at times. I feel it’s the life and the changes that occur within the true energy that need more exploring and embracing. Because when I do this, I don’t want the other energy, there’s no need for it.

  2. At no time in my life was I told that there are only two energies to choose from, one connects you to your soul and the other keeps you in the disconnection. In the disconnection you will do and say things that are abusive and unloving and will eat food that will keep you deep in the disconnection.
    Universal Medicine teaches the difference between spirit and soul and for many this has been a huge catalyst for personal change.

  3. To be in autopilot is so easy to do, however when I am with my body, the autopilot ceases to exist. So the question I ask myself is which one would I prefer, and the choice is always with the body, so why would I want to be elsewhere when my body is the fountain of all wisdom and understanding.

  4. I’ve just started a 4 week Esoteric Yoga program and it’s been so supportive to see where I am at with how connected I am to my body. Body awareness is not something we hold as a normal practice in life, so I find I can easily lose it and go back into a focus of the mind and lose awareness of my body and how it feels. Esoteric Yoga for me helps me to reconnect and bring that union with my body back into everyday life again. I feel much calmer and more able to go about my day with that body connection, it really reduces the fluctuating thoughts and getting stressed and racy, it’s a lovely solid feeling being with the body.

  5. It can be a bit of a riddle: what energy do we choose to make the choice of which energy we run our vehicle on?

  6. I love this simplicity – if we can feel our body, we are with ourselves. This is actually amazing wisdom that exposes the fickleness of our mind that likes to think it thinks but that is not even how it is designed.

  7. ‘…everything is because of energy’ Reading this blog I realise I haven’t fully appreciated this truth. There are no accidents and life is in constant communication. I’m inspired to be more present and observe what is at play.

  8. Over many years my body was telling me to quit dairy, but I persisted and went to goats and sheep produce but they all had the same effect on my body, so what was happening is that dairy was no longer true for me? Then at another time some diesel got into our petrol car and did the engine blow some smoke, which shows me even a car needs a true fuel. So I understand Rosie that we have to consider also what energy we are aligned to as the divine energy of Love when we are connected to our essences has a simple and proven track record of keeping us clean and ready to evolve into the next true cycle of our evolution.

  9. Sometimes if I can’t get off to sleep, I can feel the tension in the body and realise there has been a disconnection because of wanting to get jobs finished before going to bed. I love how the body tells us how we have been on autopilot and brings us back to feeling again.

  10. If I am working at my computer and get caught up in my mind, when I do remember the body it will often feel very uncomfortable, or sometimes feel pain or numbness from not moving, but I haven’t been able to attend to it because I haven’t been aware of my body at all. It’s really a very self caring lifestyle to have body awareness and be connected to the whole body each day.

  11. Where are your answers coming from, how is your sentence structured? Are we answering questions to be seen as the intelligent one, or are we answering to please? All of these are markers of the energy that runs our body. The food we consume is one, but there are so many other pointers in our day that can shine a light on our alignment.

  12. Beautiful Rosie; ‘If on the other hand, I find myself communicating with ease, with moments of silence that do not feel awkward, that allow me to reconnect and feel my body, then it is clear to me that I am the pilot of my ship and I am steering the course that I choose.’ This is a great indicator of what energy we choosing – this is really helpful, thank you.

  13. Rosie this one sentence is so very true from my own experience
    “Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.”
    Having run most of my life using negative energy to now running on positive energy the difference is night and day. I have discovered for myself that bizarrely we live our lives in total opposition to what they are meant to be lived.

  14. We can decide whether we choose to allow the ship to run off course or whether we take the helm, it’s that simple. The observations you describe when you are not with your body, I know too well, but we also know when flow happens too and we choose to stay with the body, so it’s constant learning.

  15. ‘If what I am talking about seems simple and I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next, then I know that I have chosen an energy that is loving and supports me to connect back to me.’ It’s such a joy to communicate like this. Feels super loving and clear.

  16. I love you mentioning stop signs. Now even when this other energy is running me there is still a capacity to clock these signs where I know stop or else I’ll be run into the ground. The energy will be there convincing me to carry on in its energy. It doesn’t care about me and while I let it run, I don’t care about me or anyone else truly. But what I’m noticing is, I know the outcomes because I’ve repeated them so many times, so I know to ask myself is it worth it? A big change at work has been me not running on nervous energy or stress. That one I have answered, no it is not worth it. There is another way to working. There are many other areas of my life I can bring another way to.

  17. This shows how we have drifted away from ourselves. We as a human spices are in general not even aware anymore that we are letting through energies to keep us going which makes our body ill.
    We forgot that we have a choice in this. Thanks to Universal Medicine we are invited to wake up and live our love once again.

  18. How common it is to be busy with many things at a time and in that to completely forget about our inner quality which is the most precious thing we have.

  19. It is so beautiful to express without any investment in the outcome, an expression that can only come from the soul.

  20. Whenever we are feeling awkward, or unsure, it’s a sign that we’ve disconnected from our bodies. When we’re fully aware of and connected to our bodies, there’s no doubt, no uncertainty, just a solid knowing.

  21. Taking control of who is running ‘our ship’ and not simply handing control over an invisible pilot, ensures that we are not going to end up stranded on the ‘rocks of life’. And being our own pilot means that it is totally up to us as to what quality of fuel (energy) we put into it, so it follows that the higher the quality of the fuel the higher quality of our life. Yes, our life and the quality of it is completely our responsibility and no one else’s.

  22. It is so true Rosie the different type of fuel we use is going to determine the different type of lives we are going to live. I have found that when working with the principles of Universal Medicine by registering and choosing a different energy, one that was loving, beholding and confirming of who I am then life became very very different. I Love me and I Love life.

  23. Many people would say their life is good and that autopilot does not have a bad effect on them at all but this is explained because we are disconnected from our body and don’t consciously feel the state it’s truly in. It’s only when we connect and feel our bodies that we know what the way way we live is doing to our bodies.

    1. Yes, and sometimes making that re-connection and feeling all that we’ve let the auto-pilot dump in our bodies, is a necessary part of realising auto-pilot was never worth it.

  24. So much passes us by on autopilot, and then we get completely drained and exhausted, compared to allowing the flow of our movements to leads us effortlessly through the day.

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