Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for over 3 years now and have recently had some ‘aha’ moments. We know that Einstein proved the fact that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine elaborated on this teaching by saying, “If everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.

Since this was brought to my awareness I have been really paying attention to energy and feeling into what is happening around me – seeing the effect of one thing on the next.

What I’ve found is that we use energy to run our bodies. We can also choose a form of energy to run our bodies that is loving. And like a good quality fuel that you use for your car – you get great results from it.

On the other hand, you can choose to run your body on another form of fuel and not get the best results. If I am not present with myself, and I am not aware of which energy I am running on, I have found myself eating food that I know is not good for me, but I eat it anyway. In hindsight I can see clearly that the energy I was running on was unloving and therefore allowed me to make unloving choices for me. The other stop sign for me is if I catch myself thinking thoughts of not being beautiful, not being good enough or not clever enough, then I realise that I have once again lost my awareness and am running on a energy or fuel, so to speak, which is very un-loving and not true at all.

Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.

Through the teachings from Universal Medicine, I’ve discovered you can also look at it this way – you are either connected with your body and feel it clearly or you are disconnected from it, not feeling truly how it is and therefore just running on autopilot. But if this is true, then who really is the pilot, if it is not you?

For me, I know I am connected when I am aware of how my body feels; I can actually feel each footstep I take instead of just stomping around without awareness of how hard my feet are hitting the ground. If I find myself in another part of the house, or worse, at the destination of a drive somewhere, and I do not know how I got there, it is clear that I have been disconnected and I was not with me for the journey.

Another way for me to see if I am connected to my body or not is to check where I am. If I can feel my body and am aware of my hips or can feel how I am holding my arms or even if I am aware of a little pain in my lower back, then I am with me – connected.

If on the other hand I have a million thoughts going through my mind, busy thinking about what’s for dinner, what I have to do tomorrow, and perhaps also going over that argument in my head, then I am definitely not with me in my body. I am lost in a whirlwind of my mind.

So I am in mind but not in body!

One of the ways I’ve used to work out which type of fuel or energy I am using is to become aware of how I am communicating and expressing.

If I am thinking about what to say next, rushing my sentences, not taking moments to pause; if what I am talking about seems complicated or overwhelming, or there is a need, drive or goal I can feel, I know then that I have at some point chosen the wrong form of energy for me. I have allowed another pilot to run my ship!

If on the other hand, I find myself communicating with ease, with moments of silence that do not feel awkward, that allow me to reconnect and feel my body, then it is clear to me that I am the pilot of my ship and I am steering the course that I choose.

If what I am talking about seems simple and I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next, then I know that I have chosen an energy that is loving and supports me to connect back to me. It means I am the captain of my own ship.

This for me is a great little red flag or stop light because now when I catch myself in a feeling of ‘it’s too much’, or I feel like I am running around and there are 6 million things to do, I can stop, take a breath and make a choice in that moment to either reconnect to me and my body, or continue in the uncomfortable rush of energy that is not really me or my rhythm. With the support and teachings from Universal Medicine, I have now found I can take the helm and steer my own ship or I can just check out, take no responsibility and let the autopilot take over. Either way, I get to choose which fuel or energy is running the ship.

754 thoughts on “Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

  1. Energy is ever present whether we know it or not, so through the work of Universal Medicine, we have an opportunity to understand energy, and reawaken our senses to feel it. This has been possibly the greatest blessing of my life – feeling again.

  2. This is a fantastic blog and well written and easy to understand. It invites you to stop, take stock, check in with self, and from that space you can feel if you are present in your body, feeling everything, OR are we rushing through our day with tick list completed but not bringing any quality?

  3. Great analogy Rosie, we choose the fuel and the body runs either way, but the quality is very different and how we are is very different … there’s simple ways for us to check in with us and I recognise that mind racing one, for it’s one of my defaults and for sure when I’m in it, I’m not fully aware or present with my body … isn’t it great that we have our bodies to support us in feeling the energy running us?

  4. This is so true from my own experience
    “Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine elaborated on this teaching by saying, “If everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.”
    I can now absolutely feel the difference in the two energies that are available to us which is fire or prana and I can feel when I have allowed myself to be affected by prana my insides become infected and the negative thoughts start to pour in and poison my body. This is a completely different sensation to when I allow fire into my body this brings a settlement and a joy to every aspect of my life. And what I am beginning to hate is that the Pranic energy is always seeking an entry point into our bodies to infect us with negative thoughts and actions. It seems to me we are playing out a constant battle to stay in the fiery energy.

    1. It is great to feel the difference in the two energies that run our body depending which energy we align to, which are like night and day. I am finding that the more I commit to work (I had been in comfort lately), the more responsible I become and have more focus, structure and energy. I get more done without the drive. I also have observed lately, nothing phases me, things change all the time which I embrace and go with the flow. The more fiery energy we choose, the more can flow through us.

  5. Since attending workshops and courses by Universal Medicine, I have a deeper understanding of life, and that all that happens is because of energy. I have learned many things including self-care and self-nurture, and the biggie for me was to learn not to react, which allows me to read situations and respond – makes such a big difference.

  6. So when we feel a victim of life or life is too hard or difficult, we can stop and ask ourselves what energy have I chosen, have I chosen auto pilot mode and from that question, we can stop, breathe and feel our bodies so that our next movements are with our bodies.

  7. A great point to ponder on Rosie, the realisation that it is the quality of energy we align to that influences our whole quality of living and our lifestyles choices thereafter and understanding we always have a choice to choose differently.

  8. How do you feel? Did you live connected to your heart today? If not this may explain the stresses and strains you feel. No solution is needed, no review just connect and move forward and you can make a new start with you.

  9. It is such a great point to come to, or even just to acknowledge, that there is or even that there can be different energetic sources for the movements of our bodies. Because this starts a whole new world of discussion and investigation in to the possibilities of: if this is the case, then what is really going on here?

  10. Thank you for the detail here Rosie. Bringing this level of observation to ourselves calls one to live with a much deeper level of self honesty, which can be a huge adjustment in itself.

  11. It’s such a great question ‘Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?’. We are vessels of energy and so which energy are we choosing to run us? We can either choose love or whats not love will choose us – its always one or the other, we can think we can sit on the fence but thats pure illusion!

  12. We can use the other fuel and do very well for a long time. Drive and stress can be very effective but our bodies show the consequences over time.

  13. I love this and what is asked of us to consider. If the quality of connection to our essence is not moving us then what quality is, what is the momentum that we are in and what quality of energy or vibration is behind it? Bringing this awareness to how my body is feeling, honestly feeling, has been life changing to say the least as I have realised how the body just never ever lies about the quality of energy we have chosen to be moved by. The truth walks with us with our every step we only need to be willing to be open to it and be guided by it.

  14. Living everyday being aware of the fact that we are the creators of our own lives, puts a whole new way of living before us. It brings forth how powerful we are, we are all Gods and that’s a lot to accept, allow and live, but my goodness what glory lies before us if we choose to live this fact.

  15. I think a lot of the time we think we are the pilot when we are not, have you ever found yourself feeling slightly off or that something isn’t quite right or you do something and after you are like – what was that? Could it be then that in those moments someone else is piloting our vehicle?

  16. Rosie I appreciate the wealth of wisdom you have shared with us through your blog. It is indeed very important for us to be aware of which energy we are using to fuel and run our body with, as this will determine whether we are or not in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.

  17. Maybe more of us have ‘out of body experiences’ than we realise! And whichever energy we choose to utilise, we cannot escape responsibility for our choice.

  18. either way the ship keeps running…. totally we will be moved, it is just what is it that is moving us, love or a force. Simple. I love your very practical examples of how to support yourself to stay present and choosing.

  19. Yes whatever is happening outside of us or inside of us as in our thoughts and feelings, we always can choose to come back to ourselves, have a moment of feeling what we are actually feeling, feeling ourselves and then keep going with what we were doing in a different way – with ourselves that is.

  20. It’s key to recognise the thoughts and call them out for what they are; as in love or not love. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to get swept away in thoughts and lose ourselves.

    1. I really don’t do that enough, I am still caught up in they are my thoughts and identify with them and play them out. It really is irresponsible and the choice to be more aware is always available.

  21. “Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.” love this line. It makes me sit up and pay attention. The fact that we are ‘functioning’ is one thing, living our true potential is another. There is no way we can be all of who we are if we are running on autopilot.

    1. When you look around at our communities and friends and family, it is sad but obvious to see how many of us are just functioning rather than really living it up.

  22. We as humans like to think that we have control, control over our movements, thoughts, the things we say and how things in life play out. And to an extent that is true, we can choose which source of energy we align to. But, when running on autopilot, we are not in the drivers seat. Our vehicles get run by a force that can make us so very human, things that could lead to a complete destruction of our being.

    1. It is a pure illusion to think that we have control when in autopilot for the reality is we are being controlled and in that, given the thoughts to think we are in control.

  23. That there are two different energies of life is a great science, and that these two have very different effects or outcomes on not only life itself but within the human frame itself that they are running is very incredible even just to consider.

    1. I agree Shami there is a whole other level of awareness that we can and are designed to be living with, as Rosie has shared here. When we are open and willing to feeling the difference between living with the quality of love and all that is not love and the effect this has on our body and being, the way we live is then attuned to a whole new level of greater harmony.

  24. It’s a very clear distinction isn’t it, that the rushing, anxiousness or feeling checked out is the mind led human being, versus the calm, steady way of being with the whole body and the grace and beauty of being connected to ones soul.

  25. Just because life ‘just happens’ does not mean it is you. We are scared of being controlled and told what to do but the irony is often there’s an energy that’s running us that’s not true.

  26. ‘If I am not present with myself, and I am not aware of which energy I am running on, I have found myself eating food that I know is not good for me, but I eat it anyway.’ Yes, I have done this a lot recently and it stops me from feeling just how far I have separated from my inner connection, and I can no longer read what is going on around me, which means that I avoid dealing with situations that really need my attention.

    1. Yes, I know this all too well. So now when I find myself eating certain foods, I stop to question… what changed, what did I react to, what didn’t I want to feel and get to the cause rather then stay in the effect and over eat. Still a work in progress.

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