Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for over 3 years now and have recently had some ‘aha’ moments. We know that Einstein proved the fact that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine elaborated on this teaching by saying, “If everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.

Since this was brought to my awareness I have been really paying attention to energy and feeling into what is happening around me – seeing the effect of one thing on the next.

What I’ve found is that we use energy to run our bodies. We can also choose a form of energy to run our bodies that is loving. And like a good quality fuel that you use for your car – you get great results from it.

On the other hand, you can choose to run your body on another form of fuel and not get the best results. If I am not present with myself, and I am not aware of which energy I am running on, I have found myself eating food that I know is not good for me, but I eat it anyway. In hindsight I can see clearly that the energy I was running on was unloving and therefore allowed me to make unloving choices for me. The other stop sign for me is if I catch myself thinking thoughts of not being beautiful, not being good enough or not clever enough, then I realise that I have once again lost my awareness and am running on a energy or fuel, so to speak, which is very un-loving and not true at all.

Your body runs either way, it’s just the quality of life you end up living is totally different.

Through the teachings from Universal Medicine, I’ve discovered you can also look at it this way – you are either connected with your body and feel it clearly or you are disconnected from it, not feeling truly how it is and therefore just running on autopilot. But if this is true, then who really is the pilot, if it is not you?

For me, I know I am connected when I am aware of how my body feels; I can actually feel each footstep I take instead of just stomping around without awareness of how hard my feet are hitting the ground. If I find myself in another part of the house, or worse, at the destination of a drive somewhere, and I do not know how I got there, it is clear that I have been disconnected and I was not with me for the journey.

Another way for me to see if I am connected to my body or not is to check where I am. If I can feel my body and am aware of my hips or can feel how I am holding my arms or even if I am aware of a little pain in my lower back, then I am with me – connected.

If on the other hand I have a million thoughts going through my mind, busy thinking about what’s for dinner, what I have to do tomorrow, and perhaps also going over that argument in my head, then I am definitely not with me in my body. I am lost in a whirlwind of my mind.

So I am in mind but not in body!

One of the ways I’ve used to work out which type of fuel or energy I am using is to become aware of how I am communicating and expressing.

If I am thinking about what to say next, rushing my sentences, not taking moments to pause; if what I am talking about seems complicated or overwhelming, or there is a need, drive or goal I can feel, I know then that I have at some point chosen the wrong form of energy for me. I have allowed another pilot to run my ship!

If on the other hand, I find myself communicating with ease, with moments of silence that do not feel awkward, that allow me to reconnect and feel my body, then it is clear to me that I am the pilot of my ship and I am steering the course that I choose.

If what I am talking about seems simple and I have no need to pre-plan what I am going to say next, then I know that I have chosen an energy that is loving and supports me to connect back to me. It means I am the captain of my own ship.

This for me is a great little red flag or stop light because now when I catch myself in a feeling of ‘it’s too much’, or I feel like I am running around and there are 6 million things to do, I can stop, take a breath and make a choice in that moment to either reconnect to me and my body, or continue in the uncomfortable rush of energy that is not really me or my rhythm. With the support and teachings from Universal Medicine, I have now found I can take the helm and steer my own ship or I can just check out, take no responsibility and let the autopilot take over. Either way, I get to choose which fuel or energy is running the ship.

656 thoughts on “Connection, Choice & Energy: Are You the Pilot or is Autopilot Running You?

  1. It’s very easy to get stuck on the end choices we made, the food we eat, how we move but in fact the first choice is the energy we choose as our fuel and really our end choices are a siren call to show which energy it is, one that is loving or one that is abusive.

  2. In connection we are given access to the wisdom of the universe, there is an absolutely solidness that is felt within and meeting life from this place is a constant flow and joy for all.

  3. Rosie this is so simple, you have given such practical examples that everyone on the planet can relate to that clearly shows that we are responsible and can choose at any moment what energy is running our bodies. I had that light bulb moment this week, if I entertain any negative thoughts about my self then I am just opening my body up to abuse because love does not cut us down or anyone else ever!

    1. I love those moments when you catch a thought and go, hang on a moment, there is no way my loving self could think that, so somehow I have changed which energy I am to choosing to run on. It is simple.

  4. I really enjoyed the simplicity and practicality of how you presented the two sources or fuels of energy we can run on Rosie. They are distinctly different and knowing this is what provides the stop moment. It’s so important to check in with ourselves because autopilot, negativity, rushing etc can feel quite normal, so checking in gives us that opportunity to come back to love. Your focus on how this plays out in expression was also very helpful, thank you.

    1. Thanks Melinda. I wrote this a long time ago, and I use it all the time. Learning to be aware is not something we just get and that is it, move on…. rather it is something that we use every day. It is wonderful to be able to figure out which energy you are using.

  5. When we take responsibility for the energy we choose to fuel our vehicle then we know we are on the way home to where we came from. When we allow another to be at the wheel then we become further separated from our true way.

    1. But even when we think we know where we are going or what energy we are using, we can still be fooled. Its a tricky thing at times, and I find that if I am thinking too much then I am most likely already fooled!

  6. Running on autopilot might seem a comfortable way to live life but maybe not if we consider who or what the autopilot actually is and where it brings us at the end of our day or life.

    1. Comfortable for some maybe, but for me personally, I have absolutely loved every moment of being my own pilot, choosing my own fuel and realising that I had been taken for a ride for a long long time!

  7. Rosie what I love is not being on autopilot. In fact when I catch myself in autopilot it feels like I’ve ‘abandoned’ myself, its quite amazing really whereas before building a depth of connection with myself and seeing the critical responsibility of energy and the quality of energy I would happily checkout whilst driving, watching TV and many other activities.

    1. I was asked if I wanted to watch a movie the other night, and in the past I would have said yes, but what I realised last night is that in front of the screen, it is way too easy for me to check out and before I know it, someone else is running the show as I am on auto pilot and I don’t want that anymore, I don’t enjoy it at all…. perhaps for a moment or two, but I don’t like how it leaves me feeling afterwards. So instead of a movie, I did a Chakra-Puncture session and really enjoyed our time together. A much better way to spend the evening!

  8. Loving the practicality of what you share Rosie. The either/or examples really support and confirm that there are only 2 energies we can choose – love and ‘not love’. And if we think we’re sitting on the fence by not choosing we need to think again because if we’re not choosing Love we are choosing ‘not Love’

    1. Yes, there is no “not choosing”, cause if you are not choosing you are still actually choosing just to settle for whatever rather than choose what is love.

  9. Wow Rosie just reading this makes me appreciate what I often choose when I am at work. I just reflected on a behaviour I have recently taken and reading this blog confirms to me the energy I choose to go to and I can just see it laughing and having a whale of a time as I resort to this behaviour. All to stop me from feeling what is truely going on and leaving me smashed afterwards. Then we don’t have that sense and wonder where the day has gone when we haven’t been with ourselves on the first place.

    That connection with ones body is so important – I’d rather be the pilot of my own body.

  10. I keep coming back to this blog and the brilliant metaphor you use Rosie never fails to touch me. If I am truly honest about how present I am with my body I can see that a lot of the time, I’m not really with me. Whilst I might think I’m moving about, making choices, cooking food etc it’s just another variation of the autopilot program. Because it makes you think you are in control it’s easy to go along and think everything is right with the world but our movements, quality and reactions illustrate the truth of what kind of pilot is actually in the driving seat.

  11. I used to think I was free of this ‘auto pilot’ program you describe Rosie because I had a plan, a scheme and a design for how the day should go. After a, b would take place and this would be followed by c which I had carefully scheduled in. Yet weirdly no matter how hard I tried these plans didn’t work out. Inevitably they would over-run and unexpected obstacles would come up. It’s only in recent times that I have started to realise, that the simple key is the energy in which I move. When I am present this is assured, space opens up and I get looked after by God – the ultimate project manager. Sure I still have to put the practical steps in place, but ultimately I know the plan I am following is not mine but a divine one instead.

    1. I love what you’ve shared Joseph, ‘God – the ultimate project manager’. It is so simple isn’t it, to be aware of what energy we move in because it affects everything. Also, the amazing thing is, we are all working under God’s supervision. We may not see him at work but his presence is always with us.

  12. When I am running on auto pilot, I know I am not taking responsibility for my choice of energy and the quality of my movements. Your blog Rosie, brings my awareness to how much I am running on auto pilot throughout my day.

  13. When we live our lives from an open heart, there is no need to plan ahead or worry about possible outcomes as there is a certain level of simplicity and clarity that dispels any complications and complexities of the mind.

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