What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

I decided it was time to write a blog about swag.

But first let’s define swag… There are many definitions of swag, but as a slang word commonly used in the Australian language in our current society, swag is defined as something or someone that is stylish or styling. But does this mean that swag is just about fitting in, being cool or being sophisticated?

Is that it? Is it about where we buy our clothes from or what brand we get? Is it about the colour we choose or a style? Or is swag something deeper than this? Is it all of that and more?

So many I know have ‘swag’. Here are a few of many examples…

Michael Benhayon
Michael Benhayon

For starters, Michael Benhayon has swag – this emanates from the way he dresses, to the care he takes with dressing, the shoes he chooses to wear, to the way he walks, to the way he looks you in the eye and how he holds you with such warmth and joy. Even his eyes hold ‘swag’. If you have not already met him, wait till you do and you will know what swag means. He might wear green trainers that light up as he walks; he plays his musical instruments with his hands sliding on the guitar strings or on the piano with such grace and swag that it leaves you feeling your own beauty and joy. Swag could be his middle name. 


Ray Karam
Raymond Karam

Another man I know has swag too – Raymond Karam. Raymond’s swag also comes through his choice of clothing, as well as famous haircuts (alternating between the short crew to the curly 60’s style etc), but Ray’s swag also comes exhibited in choice of cars he drives. From vintage black Valiant with red leather seats, to more modern cars with powerful engines, his car swag is endless, as is his appreciation for cars. His eyes also hold swag, which comes from the warmth and the sparkle of someone who loves life and loves people and loves community.


Marshall Chang
Marshall Chang

And then there is another man who also has swag, and I swear I am not biased about this one (!) – Marshall Chang, my husband. Marshall’s swag is also revealed from the way he dresses, his choice of clothes and style, from the way he walks to the way he sits with you and looks you in the eye, the understanding he brings and his ability to connect with who you are, and see well beyond the imperfections. As a teacher, his students can feel his swag. The students often ask if they can walk with him, or next to him, and then they copy his walk. They ask him where he shops for his clothes, and ask him where he gets his shoes. They even call him “Lord of Swag.” Recently they gave him a mug with “Lord of Swag” written on it!

Ray Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon standing next to each other showing their 'swag'
Raymond Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon – A trio of Swag

So now that we know what swag means, and had some examples… could it be that swag comes from allowing ourselves to express in full who we truly are, with spunk, and whilst having fun?

And… could it be that swag is not just limited to a few people or ‘swag role models’? Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.

By Henrietta Chang

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525 thoughts on “What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

  1. Wonderful to know the true meaning of swag. Its clear to see what i means just from the pictures of these three men.

  2. I have not heard of swag in this context before but what I know and can feel from these men is that they are loving caring gentle men that know exactly who they are and are not afraid to show their gorgeousness from the inside out, and are a beautiful reflection for us all to appreciate.

  3. Love this – so true Henrietta, of course this is swag! And it makes so much sense to feel and see it, to not walk in the image of swag but actually allow it to be seen and felt by others. Brilliant!

  4. People who have swag is the way they move in the clothes they are wearing with a confidence of knowing who they are.

    1. Spot on Mary, and I would take it one step further and say it is the way they move in their SKIN that emanates a confidence of knowing who they are! For our skin in a way is our first ‘set of clothes’ or as I call it sometimes, our ‘leather PJs’ 😉

  5. It’s a real joy reading this. Swag is a real knowing of who we are and totally claiming this. Often those considered to have swag do so as an arrogance or at least a non-inclusivity, that they are trying to prove something. These men don’t hold back celebrating themselves and everyone at the same time. It is a real joy!

  6. I love the “swag” and yes when someone wears their clothes with swag there is an inner confidence and total grace that comes with it too.

  7. There’s a very delicious confidence that’s described as you illustrate ‘swag’ with these 3 men, and it comes from that inner connection – truly knowing who you are and not being afraid to let the world see it all.

  8. For me, and using the examples of Michael Benhayon, Ray Karam, and Marshall Chang, their ‘swag’ comes from their playfulness and incredible sense of presence when you see them, where their eyes are so welcoming and accepting. The super stylish clothes help out as well!

    1. ‘Michael Benhayon, Ray Karam, and Marshall Chang, their ‘swag’ comes from their playfulness and incredible sense of presence when you see them, where their eyes are so welcoming and accepting.” And swag they all have by the bucket load. The joy of seeing the light in their eyes is pure de-light.

  9. What three gorgeous men Henrietta, elevating the resonance of living vitality, confidence in the body, cheekiness in humour now available in reflection in the world. Love it. The young man who has just done a bit of renovating for me has swag – I could really feel it – yes it is overlaid by some nervous energy but it is there ready to burst forth. Just a joy to be a woman in the presence of a man with swag.

  10. Just being ourselves brings such a beauty, grace and glow and the word swag is very apt to describe what is seen.

  11. Swag – what naturally happens when you simply be who you are and unreservedly, unashamedly let it out – with no compromise what-so-ever.

  12. Oh, your blog just made me fall in love with being ‘swag’, the swag in everyone, the swag we all have when we just let it out.

  13. “could it be that swag comes from allowing ourselves to express in full who we truly are, with spunk, and whilst having fun?” A big YES from me, and I feel it is that what people around us feel inspired by, our ease to be ourselves in life, fully enjoying it with a coolness about it that is very well captured in the word ‘Swag’.

    1. That’s a great way to put it Lieke – there’s an ease and a total comfort-ability and acceptance of who they are – and that’s cool (and inspiring).

  14. Indeed true swag is so much more than simply being confident and showing it for all to see, it comes from sharing ourselves from our inner hearts with no apologies or holding back.

  15. I love how this sense of ‘swag’ is allowing men to celebrate who they are, to be confident without being arrogant and to be role models to other men. It is important to have that innate sense of confidence in oneself – if not love of oneself – not at the expense of others, but to inspire them.

  16. I love this blog. It feels crazy that the swag we have as children is seen as cocky! Yet when it doesn’t have arrogance and is actually your fullness lived without apology, with play-full-ness and consistency it is truly inspiring for others to see.

  17. I love style and I can say out of my experience that you could have called me swag in the past from young age on, unquestionable. But my look was empty, as I dressed not being connected with me. Having a sense for a great style stays empty if it is not lived and “filled” with the essence. Now my look emanates and communicates something total different. Before it was a kind of protection now it is there to inspire other people to bring out their light and beauty in full also.

  18. What a lovely tribute to these men, I love that they express their outwardly style, through their qualities they hold and appreciate in themselves.

  19. My husband so has this swag you talk about, he oozes it, the love and attention to detail he puts in the clothes he wears, the way he holds everyone with deep understanding and love, the way he is not afraid to show his delicate and tender side… I could go on and on …. When guys come from their heart we cannot help but melt.

  20. It is refreshing to feel men moving with delicate, sexiness and assured strength that comes from their natural tender essence. A complete contrast to the otherwise tough exterior most present themselves with.

  21. I hadn’t heard the term swag in the context you describe Henrietta, but from your description I certainly understand it now and feel the beautiful quality (of swag) in the men you mention in your post.

  22. Each and every one of us are beholders of swag, and as you have shared, this quality (our swag) naturally radiates out through all we do whenever we live in connection to our essence and inner-spunk, and freely express who we are.

  23. I have seen swag in a different way now .. that is the quality in which we are and not in how we look. The true beauty and openness that emanates from these 3 men here is very tangible and I can understand why you would want to appreciate them and who they are 💕

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