What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

I decided it was time to write a blog about swag.

But first let’s define swag… There are many definitions of swag, but as a slang word commonly used in the Australian language in our current society, swag is defined as something or someone that is stylish or styling. But does this mean that swag is just about fitting in, being cool or being sophisticated?

Is that it? Is it about where we buy our clothes from or what brand we get? Is it about the colour we choose or a style? Or is swag something deeper than this? Is it all of that and more?

So many I know have ‘swag’. Here are a few of many examples…

Michael Benhayon
Michael Benhayon

For starters, Michael Benhayon has swag – this emanates from the way he dresses, to the care he takes with dressing, the shoes he chooses to wear, to the way he walks, to the way he looks you in the eye and how he holds you with such warmth and joy. Even his eyes hold ‘swag’. If you have not already met him, wait till you do and you will know what swag means. He might wear green trainers that light up as he walks; he plays his musical instruments with his hands sliding on the guitar strings or on the piano with such grace and swag that it leaves you feeling your own beauty and joy. Swag could be his middle name. 


Ray Karam
Raymond Karam

Another man I know has swag too – Raymond Karam. Raymond’s swag also comes through his choice of clothing, as well as famous haircuts (alternating between the short crew to the curly 60’s style etc), but Ray’s swag also comes exhibited in choice of cars he drives. From vintage black Valiant with red leather seats, to more modern cars with powerful engines, his car swag is endless, as is his appreciation for cars. His eyes also hold swag, which comes from the warmth and the sparkle of someone who loves life and loves people and loves community.


Marshall Chang
Marshall Chang

And then there is another man who also has swag, and I swear I am not biased about this one (!) – Marshall Chang, my husband. Marshall’s swag is also revealed from the way he dresses, his choice of clothes and style, from the way he walks to the way he sits with you and looks you in the eye, the understanding he brings and his ability to connect with who you are, and see well beyond the imperfections. As a teacher, his students can feel his swag. The students often ask if they can walk with him, or next to him, and then they copy his walk. They ask him where he shops for his clothes, and ask him where he gets his shoes. They even call him “Lord of Swag.” Recently they gave him a mug with “Lord of Swag” written on it!

Ray Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon standing next to each other showing their 'swag'
Raymond Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon – A trio of Swag

So now that we know what swag means, and had some examples… could it be that swag comes from allowing ourselves to express in full who we truly are, with spunk, and whilst having fun?

And… could it be that swag is not just limited to a few people or ‘swag role models’? Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.

By Henrietta Chang

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468 thoughts on “What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

  1. I have noticed the more I am consistent in how much of myself I give throughout my day, the more swag I have and the more of a man I become.

  2. When we don’t express who we are it can be very obvious in the way we dress, act and move. When I look back and see how I have been in my life and clock the way I was I can totally see where I have not had any swag and then when I have been on track with my swag-ness. I still feel I hold back and that I can claim more of this swag within and reading this just inspires me even more. Thanks Henrietta.

  3. I love, love, love reading this and taking this out in my life. It’s me giving myself permission to not hold back on appreciating the qualities of others which goes hand in hand with appreciating, accepting and claiming my swag too. And yes, there have been times when it’s been a little painful like appreciating a sexy playfulness in another and realising I’d been so serious much of my life trying to be right I’d missed out on my playful lightness of being. But what a beautiful way to bring love and understanding to myself, why I choose to be this way and letting it go as it wasn’t needed any more and that I have never been less!

    1. Agree Katerina this bog is so inspiring and I love re-visiting it and seeing the photos of these gorgeous men who inspire us all to be more spunk and swag.

  4. Great source of inspiration. We indeed all have swag, it about connecting to it.. Wouldn’t this world be – with all the problems we have to tackle – also be a much lighter place to be when we would all live with swag?

  5. I see the swag coming out in my style of clothing as well. Where I used to dress more from a role or only what was expected of me, now I dress more from my inside and what I feel to wear, and as the connection to my inner beauty grows, the feeling to dress beautifully grows as well. My clothing starts to resemble the beautiful and swag way I feel from the inside more and more.

  6. You can so tell the difference from a person that ‘thinks’ they have swag or if swag comes from a true and natural confidence with their body. The two are completely different, the latter is they are not trying to be something or fit in, they are just being who they are.

  7. Dear Henrietta, this morning while doing some research about Shakespeare’s language I ‘accidentally’ came across the fact that he ‘invented’ the word ‘swag’ : ‘What hempen home-spins have we swaggering here, so near the cradle of the fairy queen?’ Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream. Very cool word! Leading up to the English Renaissance English was the language of the street, of the oral culture, not that of literature (Latin was used, also French used in the law courts). Shakespeare played an enormous role with his lively enriching of English and becoming the accepted language for all classes.

    1. I’ve heard Shakespeare was a pretty cool guy himself, with what he offered through the language and message of his plays. Is it possible Shakespeare also had swag?

  8. Swag could definately be Michael Benhayon’s middle name. He is one gorgeous, sensitive, tender, caring, stylish, fun young man…did someone say music? His music is sent from Heaven.

  9. Such a de-light to read and feel. It inspires me to start walking in all my fullness and share it with all. For who knows who might be inspired to do the same for them selves if they feel it – just like Marshall’s students.

  10. Swag describes Ray Karam. He is classically handsome, stylish in his dress, has a warmth and depth to him that is felt when he talks with you, and his ageless wisdom shines from his bright eyes.

  11. I love this blog, appreciating those who walk this earth with a sparkle and a shine for all the world to notice.

  12. So love this Henrietta – appreciation and inspiration all in one. We all have something equally great and unique to share with the world and that something is who we are within. The more we allow ourselves to simply express what we feel within, the more naturally we share the true quality and magic of who we all are in essence.

  13. We are sold the notion that swag comes from the clothes we wear, our hairstyle, makeup or shoes – and we invest in buying these things in the hope we will ‘have it’… Yet swag is not for sale – it’s already in us – and brought out through expressing who we are.

  14. I haven’t really known of this word “Swag” but when your sharing grouped these lovely guys together I see what you mean. They all come across with an attractive façade but are so much deeper and what draws us in is their sense of knowing who they are in the scheme of things and lack of judgement

  15. Henrietta, this is a great article, I love the examples you gave of people with swag and I can feel how swag is so much more than what we wear and look like as this alone can feel empty, having a sparkle in our eyes and a love for people and a joy of life seem like important elements. It is also beautiful that we all naturally have swag, and have different expressions of this; ‘Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.’

  16. I had never really heard this term swag until reading this blog, but I will now be on the look out for it in myself and others. It seems you have chosen some fine examples of it that go far deeper than just clothes, cars and hair styles.

  17. That is the best advice I could get at the start of this excellent beautiful day. I will let all of me, with al my beauty come out today! We all have it, have it, just takes a bit of dusting off, without any role playing. It was always there. Great reminder, Thanks Henrietta.

  18. Henrietta, what I love about this blog is just how deeply you have connected with the men that you are describing and how much you see and appreciate them. It is hugely healing to appreciate the people in our lives.

  19. True swag comes from a lived depth of quality, which without no amount of clothes or accessories can make up for.

  20. Men are naturally gorgeous gentle beings but they hide this and create a hardened shell to protect themselves. The men you show here Henrietta are not afraid to show their gentle-manly qualities, and remain true to themselves and this is the swag I can see in them.

  21. Beautiful – there is that certain something that makes you stop and look and feel amazing about yourself at the same time.

  22. Thank you Henrietta – you got swag, as you know it, observe it, sense it, you must know it and can life it absolutely too. It is very gorgeous that we got swag just redefined, or I should say – called for what it is and expose the layers of false meanings around the word swag. Swag is just swag, you can feel it , you can see it – on the photo’s and we are simply reminded to know it within ourselves, our own style of swag.

  23. Thank you Henrietta for writing about swag. This is a new kind of dictionary, where words are explained as to what they truly mean.

  24. True swag is almost the complete opposite of cool. I observe in teenagers the obsession with cool and how this manipulates and shapes them into something they are not. Whereas swag that comes from a body rather than the mind is free from the pulls of needing recognition, approval or being considered special

  25. I love this, it is not just about the clothes they wear, or the cars they own, it is not about being better than another, it is quite simply men enjoying who they are.

  26. I love this line Henrietta – “Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.” – simple and true!

  27. It is great to define exactly what swag is, because then I can appreciate it so much more in those who I see each day. Confirming another person’s swag has to be one life’s sweetest gifts.

  28. I have never heard of this word “swag” , Henrietta. Very interesting to learn more about it and to know that the three men in my life all have and exude swag in who they are and what they do!

  29. Swag is definitely being able to flaunt what you’ve got – and if you have the universe inside you why not flaunt it??

  30. These three men are exemplary not only in their swag aspects but in their warmth and love that they bring to the community all around.

  31. I look at these three guys and love the sense of their ‘harmlessness’. They would to contemplate harming another man or a woman.

  32. What a gorgeous blog to come back to. There is a joy in the reading of it and the most exquisite loveliness to feel when connecting to the ‘swag’ of Michael, Marshall and Raymond. A reminder that we each have the same qualities expressed in different ways should we claim the fullness of ourselves.

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