Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom: Bringing the Difference the World Needs

There are not many people who can say they have positively touched thousands of people’s lives around the world, but Serge Benhayon definitely has a right to make that claim. He has presented an absolute depth of wisdom to people worldwide over the past 20 years that, even when put to every test imaginable, can’t be faulted.

Personally, I can unreservedly say that this man has had a phenomenal impact on my life and I am in constant appreciation of him. Over the years I have read his ‘Purple’ books, listened to his presentations and attended healing workshops and each time I have left with a sense of my life being much more multidimensional than I had previously imagined. Serge is a man who relates to people everywhere, regardless of their background, gender or age. Some people are intrigued by him and just observe from the sidelines; others react in a very hostile, aggressive fashion, but the majority who meet him simply find him inspirational.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

The word ‘inspirational’ can conjure up images of giving someone guru status in people’s lives and enslaving themselves to the guru’s every word and action. But this is not the case with Serge Benhayon: the inspiration that comes through him is for us all to not follow anyone, but instead discern carefully the true energetic quality of everything in and around us and then let that be our daily living guide.

This way of living is quite the opposite of how most of us live. It is asking every human being to take responsibility for undertaking a stocktake of their lives on a regular basis and observe what is going on, rather than floating along believing something is OK just because that is the way it always has been.

One such area where I, and almost every person around me, had not stopped to consider more deeply was in terms of world history. Sure, I realised each country had their different stories and biases, but I assumed that the basic version of what I had been taught was correct. Yet with all the peacekeeping efforts, charity/aid programs, research, meetings between world leaders, agreements reached etc, nothing much has changed over time. In fact, life on earth has gotten worse in many ways for large numbers of people due to war, starvation, human trafficking, greed and corruption being as rife as ever. The problems that beset humans today are much the same as they ever were, despite having new technologies and advances in medicine, science, agriculture etc. Have we missed learning something along the way through history for us to be spinning around in the same circles we have for centuries?

Why can’t we, supposedly the most elite, intelligent species on earth, find solutions to all these problems?

The answer came to me in a most unexpected way when I heard Serge speak about something called ‘The Lineage.’ It turns out that we have had many people over thousands of years who have passed down an Ageless Wisdom (i.e. basically a blueprint for living life with love, truth and harmony), through what is known as the Golden Thread. This Ageless Wisdom has always served as teachings to support us all to understand an esoteric way of life: that we are made from love and that at our core is a majesty that when appreciated and brought into daily living is more powerful than anything that exists externally.

Before people dismiss the Ageless Wisdom content as idealistic and unsustainable in the real world, it is worth knowing that life was not easy for any of these Ageless Wisdom Masters. In each era they were regularly held up for ridicule and abuse, but they held strong to what they knew was the truth and lived it accordingly in their everyday lives. They have shown us that we are all capable of connecting to an inner wisdom that gives rise to an awareness that is multidimensional. When we understand ourselves and others in such a broad, yet all-encompassing way, we carry a potential for self-healing of our past hurts and a blueprint for a much more purposeful life.

It’s impossible to separate out these Ageless Wisdom teachings from religion and this is another subject that I have opened up to since meeting Serge Benhayon. Years ago, I had turned my back on the whole concept of religion as I felt it had much to answer for in terms of being responsible for many of the problems in the world. It intrigued me when Serge spoke about religion in a completely different way.

Far from touting that people needed to obey man-made laws and doctrines relating to a particular God whose followers believe is the ‘right’ or only God, Serge spoke about each person considering the way they live as religion in and of itself. He explained that this religion, called The Way of The Livingness, is a religion that we can all equally live. No secret codes, ceremonies, self-flagellation or learnings are required, just a willingness to start with a commitment to self-love – to live ‘you’ to the fullest extent possible. Then from there, the natural progression is to live in harmony with all around you.

The Way of The Livingness

We all have the choice as to whether we want to feel this self-connection and if so, the depth to which we want to take that connection. The extremely empowering part is that there is no waiting on anyone else; it is up to each person what they choose to do. How we each choose to develop a self-connection can vary according to each person’s circumstances and it is never ending. In addition to paying much closer attention to my exercise and sleep routines and diet, the following are a few examples of things I have found beneficial along the way:

  • Using The Gentle Breath Meditation™
  • Using the ‘Our Cycles’ App
  • Giving myself permission to self-care and self-nurture
  • Learning to speak up, say ‘no’ and set limits and boundaries with both myself and others (constantly playing the ‘reliable one,’ the ‘martyr’ etc. is thankless, exhausting and never ending!)
  • Complementing health and wellbeing with esoteric healing sessions and esoteric yoga provided by Universal Medicine practitioners
  • Browsing blogs and articles written by others to learn of and from their experiences.

The above may all sound simplistic, but the implicit message underlying learning to live with greater self-awareness is that ultimately, we each have total responsibility for our own lives, therefore each and every decision we make counts towards the final result. Just stop for a moment and consider what a huge correction for the irresponsibility of humans worldwide it would be if people all agreed to delve under their hurts and live life from a basis of true love! It would certainly be an inexpensive antidote for all the problems in the world if life was lived this way as the current plagues of jealousy, comparison, competition, greed and corruption would no longer have a foothold, and ideals and beliefs associated with nationality, culture, ethnicity, religion, medicine and science etc. would be blown away.

The question we need to be asking is why such a beautiful heritage – i.e. the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us? Is it not the birthright of all human beings to know about it? People may choose to dismiss or ignore it, but they at least deserve to have the information given to them for their consideration.

Speaking on behalf of thousands of people worldwide, thank you Serge Benhayon for bringing this golden wisdom (and more) to our awareness. The inspiration stemming from your love, decency and the philosophies of what you have presented can be felt and seen worldwide. Your contribution to the world goes well beyond the surface and the groundswell continues with more and more people paying attention to what you are presenting, responding to the truth within and imbedding it into their daily lives. Now that is what I call a true world teacher!

By Helen Giles, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, MMH (Family Therapy), Post Grad Cert Family Therapy & Counselling, M. EPA., Townsville, Queensland

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538 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom: Bringing the Difference the World Needs

  1. What you have written is true Helen
    “He has presented an absolute depth of wisdom to people worldwide over the past 20 years that, even when put to every test imaginable, can’t be faulted.”
    We can all read energy. It’s something we just do like breathing I guess, however most of us chose to ignore what we feel, or feel it and try to be nice and pretend we didn’t feel it and so ignore what we feel.
    So we know when someone is angry, sad, frustrated, bitter etc., So we can feel if Serge Benhayon is everything that people say he is. For myself I have noticed he has always encouraged everyone to feel if what he presents is true for them, if it’s not then just walk away. The reason thousands of people attend the workshops and presentations, and read his many books is that they can all feel that he is real. There are no sides to this man, he is what he says he is and we can all feel the truth of that…simple.

  2. This is a great blog to keep coming back to as there is so much content to discuss.
    This sentence jumped out at me this morning
    “When we understand ourselves and others in such a broad, yet all-encompassing way, we carry a potential for self-healing of our past hurts and a blueprint for a much more purposeful life.”
    If we all healed our past hurts it would make such a difference to how we interacted with each other. There would be no need for defense or protection, there would be no attachment to outcomes, no trying to control or dominate another. The world would indeed be on a completely different footing.

  3. ‘The question we need to be asking is why such a beautiful heritage – i.e. the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us? ‘ Great question that reveals there is much more at play than is ever admitted usually but we need to ask this to know what is going on all the time in life that we may choose to be unaware of.

  4. I have known Serge Benhayon now for many years and I can say that his love, dedication, commitment, integrity, decency is unbelievable and inspirational. There are very few people I have met who posses such qualities as this man. But what is deeply touching is that he does not consider himself as special in any way, but supports and encourages everyone to reach their full potential and that is very interesting because I have come to the realisation that not many people reach their full potential as we are living a lesser life without knowing it.

    1. ‘…not many people reach their full potential as we are living a lesser life without knowing it.’ This is true, Mary. We assume that if we get that job with that fat salary, or that house, or a partner and family we have somehow made it… yet deep down each one of us knows it does not bring the fulfilment we thought it would. I see this as living a lesser life. Serge Benhayon inspires a reconnection to the inside, to a richness deep within that expresses love, integrity, honesty, wisdom to a level I have not known before… this is what reaching our potential means for me.

      1. I agree Rachel, I have discovered from my personal experience since attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon how shallow my life was. I can now feel that there is a rich vein to life that is all around us waiting to be tapped into. And when we do tap into this richness our lives change everything becomes magical down to the smallest detail. It’s fascinating and never ending because there is always another level to go to.

  5. With every presentation I attend I get to see the depth of Serge Benhayon more and more. There’s a humbleness in what he presents, he’s not arrogant or up himself, but he values what he does and that is easy to see. There’s a care in the way he responds to the audience and the way he presents. He does his best that everybody is on the same page & gives plenty of opportunities to the audience to question and challenge. If somebody doesn’t agree, their opinion is welcomed. There’s a great learning that occurs in his presentations, not just on what he teaches but in how he conducts himself, the way he holds the audience and how we can be with one another.

  6. It’s true that over the years Serge has continually asked that no one follow him but to explore for themselves the way to go. I feel that sometimes when we are seeking we have a tendency to follow and not discern for ourselves what is true or not. Universal Medicine supports us in so many ways to feel what is going on, to read a situation and to discern the energy that is presenting itself. Gradually we return the confidence we lost in our own intuition and wisdom. We may make mistakes but there is always a learning to be had an expansion of awareness offered.

  7. Gorgeous Helen as without a doubt that living life by way of The Way of the Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon, “we understand ourselves and others in such a broad, yet all-encompassing way, we carry a potential for self-healing of our past hurts and a blueprint for a much more purposeful life.”

  8. “Considering the way they live as religion in and of itself” – this is such a profound invitation. We could be checked-out, abusive and dismissive, or we could be committed and appreciative. What is is, life is what we make it to be.

  9. Reading this deepened my appreciation to Serge Benhayon and his service to humanity.
    Many other people I had turned too, searching for that something, never got to the core of what was missing. This ‘Golden Thread’ was what was missing, or shall I say hidden underneath the rubbish.

    Each and everyone one of us has this ‘Golden Thread’ that takes us back to our source, God, so simple. It is up to the individual whether they follow this thread or not, but it will always be there no matter what, God will never leave us, its us that leaves him.

  10. Serge Benhayon lives with his soul, nothing can take that away and nothing can take away the inspiration of seeing a man live with soul. Nothing can take away the choices I have made over the past 14 years to walk towards my soul, not a living body on this earth has that power.

    1. Most of us are currently living with very little connection to our souls which is why life as we know it is a pretty soulless existence. Soul is the injection of life to life, it brings joy, it brings love and it brings purpose. It is the answer to all of our problems all of our fears and all of our conundrums.

  11. People can either inspire us or make us react in fury, more often than not we think it’s their fault, we point the finger, blame and criticise. We think that they’re in the wrong, that they’ve got it all wrong. Yet, sometimes, their behaviour could be stirring up something in us to show us that the way we are living our lives is disharmonious. That our movements and behaviours are out of sync. If we’re not honest we will continue to blame, but if we take responsibility we may actually learn and grow.

  12. The depth and breadth of teachings, presentations and workshops that Serge Benhayon delivers year on year is staggering, and all of it deeply needed by Humanity. We are given so much, a life long learning and study of how to fully embrace our power, wisdom and responsibility, restoring true purpose to a world that has lost its way.

  13. I can relate to this role “constantly playing the ‘reliable one’.., which the more I consider and ponder on, is very much less than being honest with myself and my own needs, and choosing to self love.

    1. Your comment has got me considering roles and what I relate to – like being the one who’ll be able to sort out anything, that I’ll do whatever it takes even if my health is ruined. If who I am is a role then I’m constantly judging myself in relation to it. Other roles or rather judgements are when I say of myself, oh dear here she is late again, or upset again. Great to clock this and drop the roles and be accepting of whatever it is I am at and feeling for that moment.

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