Claiming Back My Body

I have been a master of lending my body in the service of others – of allowing others to do what they need to do with it to survive. I have seen my body as something that is not just for me, but also for everyone – in a way that has been at the great expense of me.

I would never knowingly abuse another person, or allow another to be abused, but I have willingly accepted abuse from others, and have certainly abused myself.

I have done this in many ways: in my role as the ‘good daughter’, ‘always available lover’, ‘do-anything-for-you friend’, ‘24/7 mother’, ‘caring doctor’ and ‘devoted wife’.

Well, all that is about to change.

My body is not just a vessel for myself or others to use as they will and discard when they are done.

My body is not just flesh, blood and bone that will die with me.

My body is made of particles of the Universe – particles that have been here since the beginning of time. These particles came from the stars, and have made up many bodies before mine, and will be in many bodies hereafter.

I am the custodian of these particles, and the space they occupy in the universe. I am responsible for this space, and for what happens on it, around it, and within it.

Knowing this, changes everything. It makes life far less personal, and far more lovely and grand. It makes it easier to see the big picture, and the part that I play in it. It makes me stop and think before I do anything that may harm – me or anyone or anything else.

What sort of food will support this space in the universe?

What type of drink will I let flow through its vessels and into its every cell?

What kind of thoughts will I allow in here?

How will I move these particles that make me up?

Am I truly appreciating what I have been given here?

When I see myself in this way, I see myself as God. Not in a mad or grandiose way, but as a matter of fact. These particles come from God and are God. So I am God too. And so are you.

Inspired by a healing session with Michael Benhayon – Master of delivering the ‘throwaway’ line that takes you into a deep process of healing and greater awareness.

by AM

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885 thoughts on “Claiming Back My Body

  1. Seeing and knowing that our body, and all its particles are divine, and belong to the universe changes our perspective on how to treat our bodies. Our bodies are our connection to know and feel God.

  2. A powerful reminder of the love we can return to ourselves at any given moment – by acknowledging our physical body as the divine vessel that it is. Abuse in the world today as it plays out in its myriad of grotesque forms is the mere final result of the original seed of abuse we plant in ourselves – to ignore, dis-regard and disrespect the body we enhouse during this incarnation, a body that has been given to us by God.

  3. In the awareness and realisation of the bigger picture within the universe, life takes on an entirely different focus and purpose knowing the responsibility we all have, to commit to fulfilling our part within it.

  4. How beautiful that one line became change our lives… Just imagine if we all lived in a way that the quality of our expression became so powerful that this happens all around us all the time… This is not a pipe dream but an absolute possibility if we so choose.

  5. One of the most profound and beautiful experiences that we can have is to feel this deep and abiding connection with every part of this… This amazing body, and this really is an experience of the particles of God

  6. There is nothing like reading text and pondering on the grandness that we are. Who would believe we have the same make up as God. It is in fact the science of the universe that evolution is about expanding space – expanding the space in our bodies. How do we do that? Through healing and not harming ourselves …

  7. Such an expansive way to look at ourselves, AM – the fact that we are so much more than flesh and bone and that we are made up of particles that belong to the universe.

  8. We have given our body away for aeons! We have given them away to be trashed and used by forces that have nothing to do with Love – simply because the human spirit wants its way. Time to say ‘no’ to all this abuse and lead the way back home.

  9. To connect with the feeling of our particles… This is such a wonderful experience… it sounds so ephemeral, and yet it is clear and concise, profound and connecting… A feeling of the wonder of the connection with God

  10. “I am the custodian of these particles, and the space they occupy in the universe.” A beautiful understanding of our responsibility as part and particle of the Universe.

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