Weight Loss

Anonymous,  NSW, Australia

Since regularly attending Universal Medicine events my body has gone through the following changes:

My weight has gone from 91.5kg to 69.5kg, or from a BMI of 27 to 21. The first 10kg through dieting (I was in a hurry and decided off my own bat to do something), the next 12kg happened by themselves.

I drank almost daily until five years ago and have never had any alcohol since. The interesting thing is that I don’t miss alcohol at all.

I drank my last decaf coffee two years ago because drinking a cup was like being kicked and I was unpleasantly racy for two hours afterwards. I love the taste of coffee but even decaf (let alone caffeinated) coffee is no fun.

The upside is that I have no problem working eight hours a day, six days a week, sometimes longer, and I don’t fade at all after lunch and am only pleasantly tired in the evening.

My blood pressure has gone from 125 to 109 and sometimes as low as 98, which is pretty good for a male aged 53. I had elevated cholesterol 10 years ago and my cholesterol is now deep in the healthy zone.

I regularly took multi vitamin pills in the past but gradually reduced it to one a week, one a fortnight, one a month and now no pills at all. When I took a vitamin pill during a very stressful time two years ago my urine turned a very bright orange which in the past only happened when I took too many vitamin pills, so I didn’t take any more.

240 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. Shame this one is anonymous because of the significant changes that have occurred. I was never a big fan of diets or health programs. I did eat my version of healthy but it was very inconsistent and had a lot of moving pieces. A few years ago now I was over the taste and the feeling alcohol gave me and so I stopped and with that decision I lost some weight by default. Around the same time dairy milk was making me feel very unwell and the smell almost made me throw up and so I stopped drinking or eating dairy. This was easy because of how the smell was for me and by default I lost some more weight. There are other points as well but in the past 7 years I’ve dropped about 27 kgs and now my weight has been very consistently the same for about 2 years. I didn’t diet or changed anything deliberately to achieve a goal. I just stopped doing things that I no longer liked or felt good to me and by default other things changed.

  2. Thank you Anno, and defenitely the benefits are endless when we say no to that which is not from truth and therefore harmful to our bodies and yes to more of the love that we are.

  3. Since starting to do the work as being a student of the Ageless Wisdom is called, my health has improved in ways that most would struggle to believe was possible with no medication to the point that at 67 I would say that my health is the best it has been since I was 17.

  4. What a living miracle you are, this is a great example of how loving choices bring true healing to the body – well done for your commitment to yourself.

  5. 10 years ago I was around 74kg, today I am 54kg. I am not sure what my BMI is but apparently the medical profession labels me borderline anorexic, yet I have never felt so healthy and I love my food. Is what we consider normal with weight really normal or just where we have all sunk to?

  6. I know my health and definitely improved since attending Universal Medicine .. it is a shame I didn’t have a record of before and after statistics as you did to see exactly what has changed and by how much.

  7. It is such a joy to read again and again that the truth I have found for myself about food choices is actually not a truth of my own because as so many come to the same truth of what our food choices can do to the body and our overall wellbeing, you can say it is a universal truth many and I have connected to.

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