My Friend the Truth

From an early age I learned that it was worth staying with the truth. The truth was always easy to write, say and remember because it was something that really happened as I experienced it and it was locked away forever in the make up of my body.

If I wrote or said something that wasn’t the truth my body would let me know because if I didn’t honour that truth, what came after was a mess and it took so much energy and time to clean it up. Not siding with the truth was like watching a movie that kept you in suspense for the rest of your life, or until it was made true.

I worked for 13 years in law enforcement in a highly stressed environment, participating in many investigations from domestic situations and drug matters to high end vehicle theft. I worked as part of a team and individually, providing evidence at the local, district and coroner’s courts. Among the many things that have stayed constant is the truth and how important it is.

I spoke to people in many situations, including victims, offenders (in interviews), colleagues or members of the public, always having a sense or feeling of where the truth was in what was being said. For me it was just whether I followed that sense or feeling or overrode it for something else.

I spent sleepless nights worrying about situations I was involved in with my body being in a heightened state – I was anxious and my heart was beating really fast. The only thing that would settle me was knowing the facts of what had been done or seen. I would replay the situation and this would confirm to me, through the feeling in my body, that I was operating on the facts and hadn’t added anything or left anything out. It was like I was saying to myself, “yes, this is the truth, this is what you saw or heard and you are only writing about it so you can’t be wrong.” My body would soon confirm to me if I was right in my replay of the event and I would sleep feeling the truth, or my body would continue to race.

I came to learn that the truth is the only thing I could stand on and step from. Anything else would eventually fall away and leave me with nothing. It was the best friend I ever had; I loved how it made me feel.

My friend Serge Benhayon has confirmed to me the feeling I always had about the truth. I always knew the truth was my friend but at times I was too scared to hold onto it. Now I will never walk away from it again – not out of honor, but because of how it feels. Thank you Serge and Universal Medicine; I know you are the truth, not because of what you say but because after all my life experiences my body always tells me so.

By Raymond Karam, Goonellabah

1,292 thoughts on “My Friend the Truth

  1. Raymond, I can very much relate to what you are sharing, when I met Serge Benhayon I knew in my body that what was being presented was the truth; I felt a knowing and an ease with my body, in the past when listening to presentations before I met Serge Benhayon I often felt a tension and unease in my body, my body didn’t feel settled, something didn’t feel true. It is amazing how my body always lets me know if something is true or not, all I need to do is listen.

  2. It’s so interesting that we KNOW how easy it is to just be honest, there’s no need to tangle ourselves up in lies, excuses, etc. However, we often choose to turn a blind eye, or plain and obvious – lie. I have a friend who is the truth machete, and so often I get angry with them because they’ve said something that is true but I’m trying to avoid. Boy oh boy is that person my best friend!

  3. Our inner knowing is constantly revealing to us what is truth and what is not truth. To be in connection with this knowing requires us to be present in our body in order to feel and read what it is that is being shared with us.

    1. Great point Elizabeth to really feel truth we need to be present in our body and stay connected to everything that is going on around us. If we bring in our own ideals or beliefs of how we may see a situation, we loose the connection and sully the waters with our own version of truth.

  4. Ray your blog is reminding me how often and how easy it is to take our work home with us and go over and over it – so much so that what remains unresolved within us imposes on and shadows our whole life. Without doubt this lays the foundations for burnout, how can it not.

  5. When I hear True Truth spoken I feel Love and Joy in my body. This is what I experience when I hear Serge Benhayon speak.

  6. What a beautiful and powerful lesson, thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom Ray;
    “I came to learn that the truth is the only thing I could stand on and step from”.

  7. I love this, those moments in life when you can get race or caught up in a situation, however when you allow yourself to feel what is true there can be a deep settlement as this can give you a greater perspective.

  8. What a beautiful blog this is and man you are Raymond. So often in my life I have thought that the truth is ‘hard’ and better off tucked away. Your words here remind me that’s just a great big lie. That when I return to the truth, there’s simplicity, easiness and a surrender in me. Who wouldn’t want this feeling? So it seems it’s just a matter of how long we want to carry on in the opposite direction in this world. I for one wish to permanently arrest this lying, deceptive part.

  9. The truth is indeed like an old friend. Sure it can bring up things and feel a bit awkward and even at times challenging to feel but it is always on our side at the end of the day.

  10. The truth is that which is always there to support us, it is indeed like a good old friend that supports us all the way, letting us know through our bodies that what we know is the real deal.

  11. First we have to reconnect to truth ourselves first before truth can be felt and seen in all aspects of life. So actually there is a movement that keeps us from connecting to this truth and in turn will keep us in the endless thinking and worrying and there is a movement that is in direct connection with truth which we call feeling or sensing and is our best guide in life to choose for.

  12. This is deeply poignant and beautiful Raymond. Most particularly with your words at the end, I can feel the difference between knowing the truth from the core of one’s heart and being, as opposed to a mental construct… This shows that we have a capacity far deeper than the mind alone, to both recognise and honour what is of truth, and what is not, in our everyday lives and experience. Very powerful, thank-you.

    1. We have the thought and the belief that we are here in life for a whole different meaning and yet it would seem more and more we are here to live truth. It’s not about getting by or making it better but about dedicating to honour your feeling of truth in everyday life, in your everyday step. That way this step is pulling you to more of the same, an expanded truth you can say. We are here to expand the truth and not allow ourselves to be dictated to by ‘how things look’, it’s the true feeling we are needing to see and honour more and more and from there allow life to flow to us.

  13. So so beautiful Raymond – simply because it is truth. I do love truth and can not stand without – simply because without nothing makes any sense. And so when we deviate away from it – there is only complexity to rise. There is nothing more loveless than lies (lack of truth). Hence, I was deeply touched to see this exact truth being lived by a person called Serge Benhayon, who equally touched on that exact feeling and knowing of truth. One feeling I have never stepped away from – yet, I can now feel can way more stronger life – as is shown in example by Serge Benhayon. I would not be able to be where I am now without the reflection and support from Universal Medicine.

  14. “I always knew the truth was my friend but at times I was too scared to hold onto it. Now I will never walk away from it again – not out of honor, but because of how it feels. Thank you Serge and Universal Medicine; I know you are the truth, not because of what you say but because after all my life experiences my body always tells me so.” In this present world there is very little that is true and based on truth. When one does encounter truth one either runs away from it because it is too confrontational or one embraces it. Once embraced it is a foundation that is forever there.

    1. Very true – and how is it that it has seemingly become far easier (more common) to live a lie than it is to live what is truly true?

      1. There is the truth or what is “truly true” and then everything else. We think there are many versions of truth but that’s not how it works, truth is felt and not dictated or idealised. When there is a dedication to truly feeling life at every point from this we sense the truth of things. When we don’t make life a dedication to feeling we are left with trying to work out the truth of things which is what has been dictated to us or become an ideal in life.

  15. What I love is how you have absolutely embodied truth and you know how it feels. That’s huge – it makes it real and something we have a marker for.

  16. I can vouch for the fact that the truth is still your best buddy after all these years, in fact, you are so loyal to your friend the truth, you will place it above all else at times, this is not cruel, in fact it shows a dedication to your body and your ability to hold integrity over need.

  17. I agree – lies feel very unsettling to our body. Unlike truth, which we can just revisit any time and find it the same consistently, lies cannot be left as is even just to be, they need to be kept being fed constantly.

  18. Once we can establish a clear sense of what truth feels like within the body, navigating our way in life becomes far simpler. It is when we try navigating from our heads that we get into complication and struggle.

  19. This reminds and confirms to me the fact that our truest friends and greatest inspirations are those who live by the complete and utter truth without twisting it with lies or distortions that suit them or incite emotion.

  20. When Serge presents I feel an expansion in my body, I can feel the truth of what is being presented, for so long I did not trust what I was feeling in my body but overrode it coming from my mind, which brought complexity and anxiousness,

  21. ‘I always knew the truth was my friend but at times I was too scared to hold onto it’ – it is so simple really but we all complicate relationships, situations, choices because we often have a need that has not been met or want another to accept us. There is honour in the truth not matter how hard it is to speak. ‘Truth’ is a simple word but holds profound outcomes in our lives depending on what we choose and express. Thank you Raymond.

  22. How do we know the truth? Is it in the words that we use, or the things we like to hear? Is it in things that make sense to our mind or our ears? Could it be the result of a scientific experiment or maybe at the end of a bottle of wine? God knows we have tried all these routes and more, but at the end of the day as you beautifully present Ray, our body knows the truth because of how it feels. So what would our life be like if we finally embraced our body as our great friend and honoured and treated it better than the most precious radar, satellite or sapphire ring? Surely if it guides us through all the lies that exist, it only makes sense to respect it in every way.

  23. When I buy a product I usually unwrap it and use it right out of the box. The user manual the company has carefully prepared gets shoved to the back of a cupboard, never to be seen again. That is till the day I have a difficulty and google is not helping me find the right thing to do. Why is it we treat the truth in much the same way? It’s with us, simply accessible if we wish, but we wait till we end up in strife to check what it is. Is this truly human ‘nature’ or a selfish way our spirit has us behave? Thank you Ray for sharing and inspiring me today.

  24. The truth is everything, yet possibly it is one of our most under-valued friends. Yet when you stand with the truth you know exactly who you are and exactly where you are going and what needs to be done – there is no friend like it.

  25. The truth cannot be held back, it always niggles till it finds its way to the surface. We would do so much better, as a humanity to really champion truth and unpeeling our layers of suitable truths as this could so easily change the rising levels of anxiety with live with as normal today.

  26. Truth is our constant ally and when we feel its strength and clarity. We can then move with it or we can ignore it and continue to move in a way that denies this knowing but to note that the truth will come through in the end because it is steadfast and its movements can bring us back to who we are and that truth encompasses us all.

  27. It is interesting how trained we are in twisting things around even if slightly. This is easy to do if there is no other one who knows the true story to say that this did not happen. Yet, sticking to truth is a different way of moving in life; one that has a lot of return value to us.

    1. True Eduardo, if we let our beliefs and ideals affect our thoughts then we can easily reinterpret the facts so they suit the way we think. Our body will always show this to us though so we need not fear our unconscious biases if we are prepared for them to be exposed by our body.

  28. Ray, your description of how truth feels in the body is one I absolutely relate to. The truth just is – no drama, no repercussions, just a simple, beautiful ease which allow and lead us to feel the flow of life.

  29. Truth is a constant we can rely on in life, once we have established a way of knowing from the body when it is that we encounter truth (the universal applies to everyone equally sort that is), there is no more sure way of navigating through life.

  30. The truth is something that lives inside of us ready for us to recall at any moment – a dear friend indeed that consistently supports us and remains solid and steady no matter what challenges comes our way.

  31. A wonderful sharing Ray! I have bent the truth on occasion in the false belief that it may have hurt someone to tell the truth. This I have learnt is very destructive behaviour and causes more harm than good!

  32. When truth is spoken there is an instant knowing that it is true, because it is felt in every cell of the body, what we do with it after that is the question do we stay with it or ignore it or override it?

  33. When we connect to truth, our thoughts cannot run wild and our body is able to feel the stillness and steadiness. Whereas if we hold back from expressing truth, we can feel the tension in our body and it drains us because we are going against what is natural to our body and to the universe.

  34. The truth is so important in every situation in life, from relationships to expressing to those we meet in our daily lives. Thank you for the reminder Raymond.

  35. It is so very true, when life gets complicated, it usually means that we are missing truth in some way. We continue in the complication, this usually entrenches a situation farther from the truth. If we can bring honesty to what we are feeling, the layers can be seen for what they are and discarded – eventually allowing the truth to be felt.

  36. Truth is a forever constant friend, never shying away from the fullness of love it offers. Never walking away from us but holding and waiting for us to walk to it.

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