My Friend the Truth

From an early age I learned that it was worth staying with the truth. The truth was always easy to write, say and remember because it was something that really happened as I experienced it and it was locked away forever in the make up of my body.

If I wrote or said something that wasn’t the truth my body would let me know because if I didn’t honour that truth, what came after was a mess and it took so much energy and time to clean it up. Not siding with the truth was like watching a movie that kept you in suspense for the rest of your life, or until it was made true.

I worked for 13 years in law enforcement in a highly stressed environment, participating in many investigations from domestic situations and drug matters to high end vehicle theft. I worked as part of a team and individually, providing evidence at the local, district and coroner’s courts. Among the many things that have stayed constant is the truth and how important it is.

I spoke to people in many situations, including victims, offenders (in interviews), colleagues or members of the public, always having a sense or feeling of where the truth was in what was being said. For me it was just whether I followed that sense or feeling or overrode it for something else.

I spent sleepless nights worrying about situations I was involved in with my body being in a heightened state – I was anxious and my heart was beating really fast. The only thing that would settle me was knowing the facts of what had been done or seen. I would replay the situation and this would confirm to me, through the feeling in my body, that I was operating on the facts and hadn’t added anything or left anything out. It was like I was saying to myself, “yes, this is the truth, this is what you saw or heard and you are only writing about it so you can’t be wrong.” My body would soon confirm to me if I was right in my replay of the event and I would sleep feeling the truth, or my body would continue to race.

I came to learn that the truth is the only thing I could stand on and step from. Anything else would eventually fall away and leave me with nothing. It was the best friend I ever had; I loved how it made me feel.

My friend Serge Benhayon has confirmed to me the feeling I always had about the truth. I always knew the truth was my friend but at times I was too scared to hold onto it. Now I will never walk away from it again – not out of honor, but because of how it feels. Thank you Serge and Universal Medicine; I know you are the truth, not because of what you say but because after all my life experiences my body always tells me so.

By Raymond Karam, Goonellabah

1,357 thoughts on “My Friend the Truth

  1. When we use truth as our foundation, our body always thanks us for it and not only that humanity will also thank us for it. Truth is always our friend and one of our best guides to life.

  2. The ease of sleeping knowing the truth is very true tossing and turning is the way of a body having to get rid of excess anxiety only caused by not living the truth of life.

  3. We can introduce great change when it comes from the way we live. Great change occurs when we connect to the principles of connecting to our body and living in a way that honors our body’s rhythm. The more we allow our ways to be gentle and supportive, the greater love we can receive.

  4. Serge Benhayon has always said ‘the body is the marker of truth’. We can feel the lies in our body it is just are we honest with this and do we express it or do we deny, bury, ignore or enable the lies (which is probably worst than the lie itself!).

  5. Our body is a great marker for truth, as in what it shows us from our own choices and the consequences of those and also what we can sense going on around us, rather than just purely mentally trying to analyse something.

  6. The truth brings simplicity and an expansive feeling to the body, living without this we feel miserable and disconnected from our true source.

  7. I so agree – any drop of un-truth unsettles the body greatly and sometimes it feels like the stench is impossible to remove.

    1. The willingness to see evil in those around us and in us and to know it is not of us, I don’t live this I only know of this way of living. It seems to me to be one of the keys to life.

    1. So true Viktoria, not only is it difficult to write about truth, it would be difficult to recognise as well if we haven’t lived it and also we could easily dismiss it or ignore it.

  8. ‘Now I will never walk away from it again – not out of honor, but because of how it feels.’ Truth is something so solid in ones body it is hard to walk away from it. This said I had a simple revelation yesterday which was I realised I often feel the truth about something – that it’s not loving. But rather than be honest and just acknowledge it for what it is I try to sugar-coat to to myself, What a lot of effort this is and I usually eat sweet things to try to make what isn’t sweet palatable. Why not just feel what I feel and be ok with this?!

  9. I am finding the more I appreciate who I am and that I do know truth, the more I am able to hold myself around situations where before I would have given up on. Being able to stand back and observe and stay with what I know to be true has been a revelation, and the feeling of completeness in my body when this happens is super confirming.

    1. Yes I feel this too Alison and thank you for the reminder because there are certain areas where I tend to avoid appreciation of myself. Since I have been embracing these I have become a lot steadier and feel fuller in myself however there is still plenty of work to be done here.

  10. I remember as a kid feeling that the truth was so much simpler than a lie. When I would get an impulse to exaggerate something or embellish something I would get a yucky feeling in my body, a message that my body didn’t like what my mind was choosing to do.

    1. Definitely the truth is always simple and straight forward – we may not like it but it cuts to the chase. Whereas a lie will entertain and provide great diversions and great dis-ease in the body.

  11. I have thought that coming from truth can be a very lonely place, but this is an illusion, for when we walk in truth we walk with God. If we ever feel lonely, then we have let go of the truth.

  12. The truth is simple. If we allow it to be simple and we listen, then we can respond to it. Our bodies know what the truth is and these examples are so lovely to read – that you experienced complication when you did not choose it – how often do we override this! It shows how we dishonour the truth to get our way.

  13. What you have shared here shows just how anxiety can take hold of us and rule our lives, rather than the settlement and knowing that comes naturally when we live or are open to embracing the truth. Also how our body really can never ever lie to us about what is true and what is not, we just have to be open to listening and be guided by it, as it is this quality that supports us to live who we naturally are.

  14. “Thank you Serge and Universal Medicine; I know you are the truth, not because of what you say but because after all my life experiences my body always tells me so.” One’s body is the greatest lie detector ever made.

  15. I know the uncomfortable feeling when telling a lie when I was a child and even later on in life when a half truth was told I would spend so much time in my head trying to justify and make right what had been said, so much complication, so different to when truth is expressed, it is so simple and clear, leaving the body feeling settled in its knowing.

  16. For many of us, our relationship with truth growing up was at best, long lost pen-pals, receiving the odd post card. But the sweetest thing is truth doesn’t hold a grudge or seem to mind, the closer we get the more we find truth is as you say Raymond, our greatest friend. So why continue the cold shoulder then?

  17. I agree, it’s an awful feeling to walk away from the truth, there is something missing inside ourselves and it is the loss of part of who we are.

    1. As do I Melinda. There is absolutely no substitute for living in connection to truth, as ultimately this is the quality that is the unifying pulse of life, of which every part of our body and being is inescapably part of.

  18. Truth is the only thing I have found that not only truly unites us but also leaves my body feeling content, settled and complete. Anything less than speaking truth always has repercussions and what might start with a small deviation from truth usually escalates into trying to cover ones tracks and a feeling of unease within my body. I am only fooling myself when I think I can get away with not being absolute with the truth with myself.

  19. When we speak even the tiniest deviation from the truth, a veil comes down and obscures all else, suddenly making everything jittery and uncomfortable.

  20. Truth is simple easy and complete and is felt as so in the body. Lies create complications and continually need to be backed up and justified and creates a tension in the body, and if we are willing to stop can also be felt.

  21. “The truth was always easy to write, say and remember because it was something that really happened as I experienced it and it was locked away forever in the make up of my body.” This is so true, it is when we start to lie and complicate things that it is harder to remember them because our body does not have the experience of what happened because it is made up.

    1. Great observation, Lieke, that it is difficult to remember lies because the body does not have the experience of them, which I had not realised before. It also explains why it is possible to become so entrenched in believing a falsehood is true no matter how unrealistic it is, if we have embodied the lie.

  22. From a young age I could feel the truth but it was over ridden by beliefs, cultural or fear that I would be punished for speaking up opposite to others. And when I expressed it, it wasn’t expressed from love, it came across laced with frustration so I wasn’t heard.

    Since attending Universal Medicine workshops, I’ve re-learned to bring forth what my body communicates to me and present it in a more loving tender way, a contrast to before.
    I am heard more now. I really appreciate reading this blog. It’s a real confirmation of not only how I used to feel, but how others must be feeling or experiencing.

    1. Well said and we at times don’t look beyond ourselves and yet “how others must be feeling or experiencing.” is all a part of the same thing. There is a saying that is similar to “what you do to yourself is what you do to others” and in this way how we are with ourselves immediately translates into how we are with the world, it’s all connected and our hands are in it.

  23. I loved reading that Raymond, truth is the only thing that settles in the body and allows it to surrender to all it is part of.

  24. Actually I can say that I knew that always too, that when my body was at ease with a given situation or question I had, then I knew it was true. But actually this way of thinking, feeling was not encouraged in my upbringing and later in my working life but rather that other way of reasoning, the reasoning from the mind that never gave me the surrendered feeling in the body but instead a feeling of unrest, a disconnection with that stillness within.

  25. Your blog reminded me of when I learnt to lie as a child, my face would go bright red and I would feel so uncomfortable in my body I felt like I was going to explode. I would say that every single part of us knows the truth and going against that has catastrophic effects.

    1. It is funny Meg you mention the learning to lie as a child and I remember too that I experienced that for everybody obvious to see response of my body. But the most interesting question is why do we learn to lie, what is the purpose of it? As it is actually so obvious for everybody to feel and see that you are lying, why do we do it?

    2. It’s not difficult to see through the lie in a child and yet as we grow we become more versed at it and at times it can appear more difficult, but is it truly more difficult? Or is it possible we have also ingrained the same pattern as the person we are looking at who is lying? That way same doesn’t expose same or like meets like. In this if we see the child in the lie it’s easy while if we truly see what the adult is doing this would mean we also are needing to see the same in us. We can only cover the truth, delay it or bury it under behaviours because as you see you can never change it or make it different, it just is.

      1. Yeh super interesting points – could it be possible that we not expose lies because then we would have to end all the lies we live ourselves?

      2. Alternatively, what you have shared here Ray actually reminded me of how after a young teenager would do something really abusive or harming and be at the point of needing a serious consequence for that behaviour, people will say; “They’re just a kid”, as if that excuses the abusive action somehow. But if we realise how that ‘kid’ is actually an ancient spirit in a smaller human body and using all the tactics of lying and manipulation to get their way that have worked for them in past lives, we might consider how important it is to maintain a consistency in treating situation with understanding, but with a firm consequence. Otherwise, they will continue the behaviour as if it is OK, because we have made an excuse for them. I know for a fact that my parents made excuses for me all the time when I did something that actually really needed a consequence in order for me to learn and grow.

    3. Great sharing Meg, I agree, our body knows the truth inside out and whenever we deviate from it we could feel the awful tension and the harmful effects. If we do this for long enough, we could become numb to the truth and no longer recognise truth when we are face to face with it.

  26. Most of us are feeling our disconnection from Truth, and have no appreciation of what it can bring to our life, so thank you Ray. Could it be that Truth should become the new standard for us all, after we have learned to be at-least honest?

    1. It would be a “new standard” that is in fact old. As you can see from this article and the comments like yours we know it and so while it maybe ‘new’ in title we are in fact returning to something we know and have known forever and it’s true through appreciation, even when you only feel this in a small way,it is part of this ‘new’ return.

  27. ‘I came to learn that the truth is the only thing I could stand on and step from.’ What an inspiring line this is – a reminder that the only true foundation, the only real rock we can have in life is the truth that we know. We try to compensate with physical security, money, the house etc etc. If truth is not at the core, what we are living is but a lie…. and eventually this catches up with us in very painful ways.

  28. Truth is always simple, perhaps we are not appreciating the beauty in simplicity and rather like the complication and appearances that there is something happening which is really just distracting us from the ease of being.

    1. This is great as through simple appreciation all is revealed. There is no need to go to the rest but simply truly appreciate all that you see. Put this on your daily dedication list and watch the world change, more importantly how you are in the world will change before your eyes.

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