My Friend the Truth

From an early age I learned that it was worth staying with the truth. The truth was always easy to write, say and remember because it was something that really happened as I experienced it and it was locked away forever in the make up of my body.

If I wrote or said something that wasn’t the truth my body would let me know because if I didn’t honour that truth, what came after was a mess and it took so much energy and time to clean it up. Not siding with the truth was like watching a movie that kept you in suspense for the rest of your life, or until it was made true.

I worked for 13 years in law enforcement in a highly stressed environment, participating in many investigations from domestic situations and drug matters to high end vehicle theft. I worked as part of a team and individually, providing evidence at the local, district and coroner’s courts. Among the many things that have stayed constant is the truth and how important it is.

I spoke to people in many situations, including victims, offenders (in interviews), colleagues or members of the public, always having a sense or feeling of where the truth was in what was being said. For me it was just whether I followed that sense or feeling or overrode it for something else.

I spent sleepless nights worrying about situations I was involved in with my body being in a heightened state – I was anxious and my heart was beating really fast. The only thing that would settle me was knowing the facts of what had been done or seen. I would replay the situation and this would confirm to me, through the feeling in my body, that I was operating on the facts and hadn’t added anything or left anything out. It was like I was saying to myself, “yes, this is the truth, this is what you saw or heard and you are only writing about it so you can’t be wrong.” My body would soon confirm to me if I was right in my replay of the event and I would sleep feeling the truth, or my body would continue to race.

I came to learn that the truth is the only thing I could stand on and step from. Anything else would eventually fall away and leave me with nothing. It was the best friend I ever had; I loved how it made me feel.

My friend Serge Benhayon has confirmed to me the feeling I always had about the truth. I always knew the truth was my friend but at times I was too scared to hold onto it. Now I will never walk away from it again – not out of honor, but because of how it feels. Thank you Serge and Universal Medicine; I know you are the truth, not because of what you say but because after all my life experiences my body always tells me so.

By Raymond Karam, Goonellabah

1,378 thoughts on “My Friend the Truth

  1. I love how you talk about the body through all you have written here as it is something we live very attuned to as babies and learn quickly to override this as we grow up. And in this overriding, we lose our connection to our greatest guide in life – truth. The beautiful thing is that as soon as we begin to reconnect to our bodies we re-establish an honoring relationship with the truth, that which is always communicating to us in every moment we live.

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