David Millikan – The Omission of the TRUTH

by Heather Pope, NSW, Australia

On Friday 12th October 2012 I chose to attend a presentation where I could hear someone in our society speak about how I can be responsible for my own wellbeing, and how I can live with integrity and honesty in what can often be a world with none of that.

When the presenter came on stage we were told that before the presentation would begin there was a man who would like to ask those in the audience some questions. His name was David Millikan and he introduced himself as a Minister of the Uniting Church and an expert in “cults”. He then proceeded to tell us he had been studying Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (the organisation who had arranged the evening), and that he wanted to tell us whether or not we were in a cult. Many of us laughed, given the ridiculousness of this statement. I am an intelligent, affluent, healthy and happy woman – and I know full well what a cult is, and Universal Medicine is definitely NOT a cult

The laughter however soon faded and the shock and horror of what was unfolding became apparent. David Millikan started making statements that seemed ridiculous, he stood on the stage saying we had all been pulled into “a family” (not in a good way, but that we had somehow fallen into some sort of mind control trap that showed we had no thoughts of our own), that we had made great sacrifices (I have not made any – on the contrary, I have an extraordinary life), and that we were indeed in a cult. David Millikan has a right to his opinion, as I have a right to mine, but within moments it all became clear what he was actually doing and the utter deceit with which he was doing it.

This person who calls himself a Minister had brought a well-known Television Station camera crew into the Lennox Head Community hall. He had purposefully planted young women with hidden hand-held cameras in various locations within the hall. The women brought their cameras out and started filming him and it became very clear – nothing that he was saying was true, not a single word of it – it was a performance to make money for himself and get ratings for the TV station.

When the women were asked to stop filming they acted like they were robots who had not heard anything: they continued to abuse our rights as human beings and treat us like animals in a zoo. When he was asked if he was making money from this demeaning, aggressive attack on all of us, he admitted he was. He carried on despite the fact that there were children present who were clearly distressed by his behaviour and that of those robot-like women who strode around the hall sticking cameras in people’s faces.

But the ugliness of what was happening then got even worse when a TV camera man tried to enter the room with a huge portable camera and studio lights. All of a sudden the depth of the deceit and dishonesty was clear: David Millikan had no intention of listening to anything Serge Benhayon or any of us had to say. He was not interested in truth. He was not interested in human decency. All he wanted was to make a TV show, regardless of the pain he caused or the lies he had to tell. In fact, it appeared that he wanted to cause emotional disturbance so that he had a story to tell.

What sort of a person thinks this is acceptable behaviour? Shame on you David Millikan, and all those who pay you to create sensational TV at any cost, including the omission of the truth.

This is not over by a long shot. What has happened to our society in Australia when a person who wants to attend a conference about how to live a healthy life is attacked by the media? Don’t the media have better stories to tell – perhaps about the teenage suicides caused by bullying, or that every 10 hours a woman in Australia dies from ovarian cancer?

What happened in that hall that night is worthy of a story – but not the lie that was so carefully planned and crafted… instead the story we need is the true one; the one about the media’s continued abuse of power and the bullying tactics used on children and adults alike in their search for a so-called “story”. Enough is enough.

There is a story to be told here – one of everyday people, who go to work, pay their mortgages, love their friends and families and at the same time are making personal choices to change their lives after being inspired by what Universal Medicine presents. But it is certain that this story has no connection to the beat-up concocted by David Millikan.

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  1. It’s something we need to point out how we fall under ideals of protecting certain behaviours of others. There is no growth in this. Having the lack of responsible systems gives account to people that they can do what they want. No one expands and we go around and around .. .. where as, please provide the evidence that a system is doing us all well? …

  2. Could it be that we have become so accustomed to the abusive ways that the level of excitement is seemingly normal and we go looking for it instead of feeling the truth from our bodies and the Stillness it brings?

  3. This is an incident worthy of a report to the police for harassment and assault. The level of abuse should be unacceptable within our society, people should be able to make choices and learn from them and not be imposed upon, indoctrinated or told off like 5 year-olds – simply to fulfill one’s own agenda.

  4. Concocted for sure, and that’s where our media is at. It’s all about a performance to make money and get ratings, and truth be damned. How far have we sunk that this is considered ‘normal’, that to be treated with decency is not an automatic right … this is not on for anybody, anywhere.

  5. I think as a society we’ve lost the plot to the point where these sort of situations can happen and the people behind it can stand totally free of charge. What that David Millikan did he should be jailed for and all his crew but since this is what is asked for by the viewers and readers of news this is what we’ll get. And personally I would have liked to have these totally disrespectful people thrown out butt first but I guess that wouldn’t b the most politically correct thing to do… Imagine this happening at someone’s wedding for example, they would either be thrown out by the attendees or escorted away by the police.

  6. This exposes just how much we as a society have accepted a level of abuse that is considered OK, so much so that we deem it OK and worse even find it entertaining to watch or read about how we abuse one another. In truth what was there to explore and share with the world was the precise antidote for how we can counter the abuse and lovelessness that is clearly rife in our world today. It does however require that one is open to being honest about how we ourselves are living and the impact our choices have on us, our bodies and those around us. The power of self-responsibility – this is a story that is still very much alive through the lives of many that have said ‘yes’ to truth, as such choosing to say ‘no’ to standardizing abuse.

  7. We tend assume that experts know and tend to respect what they tell us. Yet, often times, ‘experts’ have no clue and yet act as if they know what they are talking about.

  8. Our media has sold out to the highest bidder and the question then becomes, how do we support it? for it would not exist without our acquiescence, and it’s long past time to hold it to account.

    1. Well said Monica – the fact that this quality of media is operating today as it is, is only because it is allowed to, and we need to begin to question and take a look at our responsibility is all of this.

  9. It seems everywhere that the media is no longer interested in truth but they would do anything to manufacture a story to keep us distracted and numbed, and it is true humanity at large is asking to be distracted and numbed, but that does not mean that the media has the license to lie and abuse whoever they want.

  10. Some years on, the essence of people who choose to live in a self-loving caring way responsibly, with a willingness to reflect truth and integrity in their everyday, are contributing not only to personal well-being but the well-being of communities, and so much more. By far a very different way of life than the three minutes of sensationalised media wanted to manipulate and portray.

  11. It is a shame that David Millikan had a hidden agenda, to create his own story, while under the pretence of being objective, by doing this he set himself up to be untrustworthy, which means his allegations hold no credence.

  12. We have to admit that the energy of the inquisition is not a matter of the past. It is well and alive.
    The so-called anti-cult movement is very much aligned to it.

  13. I was there that day, it was the day I discovered how cheap TV works, it was the day I realised how lost some of us can become, how sold out, that making money and producing a sensational story can trump children’s safety. It was a public talk on Medicine, on Well Being, at a Community Centre, hardly cause for alarm? There was a room full of everyday people coming and going as they please -is this a cult? No wonder they had to run around shoving cameras in people’s faces -if they had just asked if they could film it, it would have been an interesting talk on our own responsibility and how everything in life can either harm or heal us.

  14. Bullying and aggressive tactics to impose an idea on another and to suppress and demean another’s right to choose how they live has all the hallmarks of dominating dictatorship, intimidation and censorship.

  15. It’s ironic how the story the media have sought to create in this situation is in truth the real story we all need to hear. What happens when the depth of deceit of the media is exposed for the utter abuse and corruption it truly is? Is the world ready and willing to admit just how much of a manipulative greedy business the modern media has become no matter how factual and true the stories presented appear?

  16. Very true what you have written Heather – many points to be highlighted and call to action not only the representatives of the media, but the many pillars of society that have a hand in fostering the structure of how we all live – are the outcomes benefiting us all? And to all of us … a man, woman or child not in their power in this world is fostering this ill-behaviour.
    There is no other man who supports this all-important development of being in your ‘power’ than Serge Benhayon.

  17. Reading about the horrific events of this night it is unfortunate that there were no local journalists there reporting on this aggressive attack on a group of people who came to listen to a talk on health and well being that was hijacked by a TV show desperate for a sensationalist story. Now that is a story that should be printed in newspapers everywhere so people are aware of the manipulative tactics used to produce some of these shows.

  18. What a set up this evening was. Calculated and planned with precision. Sneaking in to discover a story. But really none of this was needed at all. No sneaking was needed if what they were looking for was a the true story – not the story concocted for media attention and personal fame.

  19. What blogs like this one have done for me is to open my eyes to our media and to see beyond the surface into the need for glamour, sensationalism and performance. We appear to have a media industry that creates the news as much as reports facts – serving the demand in society for ever more stimulation. Surely the time will come when we tire of being over stimulated and see that it is not reality and switch off our TV’s in favour of something more true and real. Then perhaps our media will respond to a new call to bring truth to its customers.

  20. Abuse of power at any level leaves a ripple effect that is felt by everyone. And deceit, bias and not listening to nor being open to disseminating the truth is foundational to this abuse.

  21. This is a great account of the abuse of power employed by those without the integrity to wield it. We have a long way to go if this is a reflection of how we treat everyday people attempting to live an honest and loving life.

  22. I was there on that evening and that is exactly what it felt like to me as well Heather, that David Millikan was trying to set us (the audience) up, to get us to react to his accusations so that he could “make a TV show regardless of the pain he caused or the lies he had to tell. In fact it appeared that he wanted to cause emotional disturbance so that he had a story to tell”. It became very clear there was no willingness to know the truth of what this presentation we had all come together to hear was about on David Millikans agenda at all, it was just to get another beat up sensationalised story for the media to deliberately misguide and sell to an uninformed TV audience.

  23. Well said Heather, there was a beautiful and amazing story to be told that night about the truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. David Millikan chose a sensationalist story filled with lies to fulfil his own agenda and did this in such a deceptive way one wonders how this man is allowed to be on National TV spreading such outrageous lies.

  24. “David Millikan had no intention of listening to anything Serge Benhayon or any of us had to say. He was not interested in truth. He was not interested in human decency. All he wanted was to make a TV show, regardless of the pain he caused or the lies he had to tell. In fact, it appeared that he wanted to cause emotional disturbance so that he had a story to tell.” This is so shocking to read – in a country and an age where democracy is valued. There was no integrity there that evening.

  25. Thank you Heather this was a worthy read to remain very clear about the antics that certain media personalities are prepared to get up to in order to sell their product, not matter how deceitful and harming it is – including in this case without care or regard to the young children present.

  26. Well said, Heather. The true story here is one of a media set-up to get a story from intimidation tactics coupled with thin air. It is a despicable way to fill media space and should be subject to a much more stringent set of regulations and code of conduct.

  27. Thank you for setting the record straight Heather Pope. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer extraordinary work and do NOT under any circumstances deserve to be ridiculed and lied about. Every time a lie is told about this man and this organisation, the world doesn’t get to hear and see the absolute life changing transformations that are possible for everyone regardless of your social status, background, race, gender, religion, or wherever you live in the world.

  28. Deception, intimidation, pushing your own agenda, insighting fear and distress and basically ignoring common decency, not to mentions peoples right to meet and learn without fear of attack….what kind of religious person involves themselves in these activities? It reminds me of studying the period of the inquisition.

  29. This is absolute horror, reading this for the maybe fourth time , I actually start to understand and see things more clearly. There might not have been anyone who died or got physically injured, but I actually feel that this harm is in the same degree plus it could have been physically felt as hurt. Second , this act has hurt and traumatised people. If I compare this situation to the Paris Attack I can actually see similairities, in both situations people were:
    – looking or listening to a person talk or play
    – betrayed and were taken hostage (in some degree).
    – humiliated in front of a big group of people
    – groupforce of hatred was acted towards them
    – innocent people were hurt
    – the harm and trauma in both events were inevitabel
    The question this than raises: Do people need to die, before it really concerns us or get’s our emergent attention? I feel this question is worth pondering.

  30. We are responsible for the existence of such a TV channel. It’s worth to sit down for a moment and feel what I have contributed in my life for this to happen and where I may compromise truth.

  31. Great points you raise here Heather. This story absolutely exposes the corruption within media at the heart of which is that the truth is no longer reported; truth has been sacrificed for profit generated by sensationalism which creates increased readership, sales and clicks.

  32. Thank you Heather for relating the evening. I know Universal Medicine is not a cult. Its teaching has empowered me to live a gentle caring life.

  33. All these drama’s and games are really not needed, and what I have learnt and continue to learn from Universal Medicine is the damage that creating and holding onto issues brings. What I have also re-discovered is that there is a part of me, the real me, that is not accepting of these drama-full ways, is more real and willing to get over any of these issues we may be holding or creating. This is not a cult, this is supporting all of us to be in life rather than just exist or survive through it.

  34. It appears David Milikan is the real loser out of this, he was given an opportunity to feel truth and love which is what Uni Med represent but chose not only to walk away but also to false report.

  35. One ugly aspect of this whole despicable scenario, apart from the obvious trauma caused to people who were present, is that so many people were complicit in helping David Millikan arrange this ambush. What shape is the integrity of the media in that would encourage such unethical behaviour?

  36. It seems that what David Milikan was attempting here was initiated with his own agenda and has nothing to do with presenting truth of Universal Medicine. It seems obvious it was a set up to create emotional chaos to give an impression of something unorthodox happening. Deliberate sensationalized television planning that disregarded people. Thank you Heather Pope for describing the events of that evening, this exposes the true events of that evening and the low level behavior some will go to, to create a story.

  37. Heather a great response to the disgusting and can I say dehumanizing behaviour of David Millikan. As you have shared there is a great or even incredible story to share to a world where people are suffering with health, emotional and relationships issues around a group of people who are embracing a way of life that has completely changed how they live to one of improved health, emotional steadiness and loving relationships.

  38. Thank you for sharing this story. What incredible arrogance of David Millikan and the blind following he must have had to pull off a story about Universal Medicine like this. It seems like a very calculated, manipulative and deceptive piece of planning. Shame on anyone who calls themselves religious (Minister of the Uniting Church) who carries on in this way.

  39. I’m happy to claim that being a student and part of Universal Medicine is no sacrifice for me – quite the opposite – it brings me enormous joy and support talking with other students, listening to various presenters and generally finding that my life is becoming better and better each day. Am I brain washed? Well, my non Universal Medicine friends, colleagues and family around me don’t hold any concerns for my welfare and neither do I.

  40. Many people live like this, using their power of position, but with a hidden agenda to feather their own nest. This fuels enormous separation. It is time to re-consider these actions and make amends.

  41. I find it astonishing that a supposed man of God is prepared to sacrifice his integrity and common decency to manipulatively incite an emotional disturbance amongst an innocent group of people with different beliefs to his own, just for his personal and well paid agenda. The harm he caused that night has not been forgotten… as is usually the case with religious persecution whatever the motive.

    1. It is horrific to say the least, indeed, that a man who claims to be a man of God can carry out such behaviour…such a lie! And, yes, Samantha, it is indeed persecution, sadly still alive in our society today!

  42. The people who are studying the teachings of Universal medicine are made up of everyday, working, tax paying citizens. Many of whom have a very active involvement with people in society. There are countless accounts of how they have transformed their heath and relationships with others, this is definitely a story worth writing about.

  43. What person in their right mind would consider the actions of David Millikan to be that of God’s representative as he conducts himself as Anglican Church Minister. In my humble opinion it looks more like a thug and a bully.

  44. Heather, why indeed does David Milikan not cover a story on the rates of teenage (or adult) suicides caused by bullying, he is a Minister of the Church after all and surely should be giving more focus to the ‘real’ problems in society rather than fabricated fictitious ones.

  45. Heather – it goes to show that the media always have a choice to spin a story – which is actually not what they are here to bring. It is sad that such an amazing account of Universal Medicine and the hundreds of people who have made changes to their lives is not what is seen. But as we know – if someone like David Millikan did report on the amazingness that Universal Medicine is, he would have to look at his own life. Sometimes it is much easier to turn a blind eye.

  46. Heather, you are spot on – I was there that night too and I agree that there is so much abuse of their power coming from the media and all the tools they use to makeup sensationalist stories and make money at the expense of people. This is the real story: Headline: “The media abuses their power and uses bullying tactics on children and adults alike in their search for a so-called “story” – Enough is enough”.

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