The Reality of Entities and Spirits

The first time I attended a Universal Medicine workshop by Serge Benhayon, presentations included a discussion on entities (spirits). The way Serge spoke about them was completely on par with my experiences.

Up until this point I realised I had never been part of a public group discussion on this topic: I realised there was something in me that felt it was simply socially not acceptable to talk about spirits and that people may think I was crazy if I did. Even with all the experiences I had as a child, some of these I shared with others and some I didn’t. My relationship with spirits/entities was something I had kept mostly to myself.

So as Serge presented, I reflected on all my experiences of entities to date:

  • In primary school one of my best friends was of Islander descent. Whenever a family relative died they would all sleep with their windows open, as an invitation for the deceased spirit to enter their room to say goodbye.
  • My best friend passed away when I was 8 from an asthma attack, another friend witnessed the whole thing. She told me once that she saw his spirit (what she called a green light) leave his body at the time, and at this point she knew he was dead. After my friend’s death there were times when I could feel him. The world also felt the same; I knew I would never see him again as the gorgeous friend he was and this I was sad about, but it didn’t feel as though he had ‘left’ the world.
  • As a young girl I used to see entities playing with my parents – stepping in and out of their bodies – when they got drunk.
  • Mum took us to a New Age festival once where we had our aura photographs taken. A spirit appeared in my sister’s photo, as explained to us at the time.
  • As a teenager, many of my friends had experiences with ghosts, which we would often share with each other during sleepovers.
  • I learned from local aboriginals that all the land in Australia is deemed either female or male. There were three strong female landmarks in the area I grew up in, and because of this some local aboriginal males wouldn’t walk around of a night time without being accompanied by a female: this was a gesture of respect to the spirit world.
  • My ex-boyfriend was of Maori descent; in his family and culture it was common to recognise and talk about the spirit world.
  • I lived in an abusive relationship once and saw how other energies would play with my partner whilst he was intoxicated. It would get to a point where he was simply not himself. One time he beat me up in this state, the whole time calling me someone else’s name. Sometimes I would feel energies in the room and watch him conversing with them. The fact that the next day he could never remember, always confirmed to me that what I had felt was true. On a deeper level he did know what was going on (the behaviour he allowed) when he drank. I would explain to him what had happened; he would say “my demons are in the bottle.”

Looking around the room at the Universal Medicine workshop, not one person was flinching; all were very naturally open to the discussion. In this moment I realised we all have had a relationship with what we feel, yet cannot tangibly see. So why would we even consider it a taboo topic to discuss?

The more we can naturally discuss something the more we are able to understand, and recognise it as another part of life for us to deal with.

It is damaging to discount what we innately feel, just because we cannot see it. We cannot see our feelings, yet they form an essential part of who we are, our ability to understand and process life in full.

In Western culture we remain in the minority when it comes to cultures around the world that openly acknowledge this unseen aspect of life involving spirits and entities. The more we allow ourselves to have conversations about this topic the more we can learn about each others’ experiences. Universal Medicine is leading the way in practically and sensibly supporting people to more deeply acknowledge and understand what they feel, even when it remains unseen or so called ‘taboo’.


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575 thoughts on “The Reality of Entities and Spirits

  1. A small child I knew a few years back moved into an old terraced house with her parents and told them that she could sense a presence in the rooms upstairs and thankfully they were able to support her to talk about what she had sensed so that it wasn’t something she was frightened by. This is the support that every child needs as entities target young children to scare and frighten them so that they shut down their natural awareness.

    1. Children do need to be able to talk, without fear of being judged or ridiculed. A friend’s son once started to talk to me about why he did not like to go into the roof area of his house, he could feel, sense different energies which he didn’t like; his Mum heard and started to say something resulting in him never continuing the conversation.

  2. I grew up with unseen forces or entities all round me and they scared me, so I pretended they were not there which is quite hard to do. So as a child I ate huge amounts of sugar to make my body racy so that it was difficult to feel what was going on, then as an adult I dulled my body with food and alcohol, so I sort of managed. But now I want to see them because I want to see the other world that lives side by side with us, because they have been controlling me for most of my life, but not any more. I can now see when people are out and they have an entity in them and know it’s not them, just something from another plane of life they have allowed into their body because they have not claimed their body in such a way that an entity could not enter.

  3. As a child I had many experiences with entities, but I had no one who I felt I could share this with, so keeping this and the fear that often came with their presence to myself. It resulted in me being terrified of the dark, as well as having regular nightmares, until my early 20’s. How different life would have been for me, and many others like me, if we had been able to share what was happening, knowing that we would not be ridiculed but supported to understand that what we had experienced was actually the truth.

    1. I was frightened in my bedroom in the dark, I would have to regularly check in the wardrobe, under the bed, behind the curtains etcetera as I could sense energies in my room that I didn’t like. This ritual went on right into my 30’s when I was married, and had children, though by then it was checking the spare room.

  4. I have seen some ghosts in my time .. the most memorable was not seeing a ghost but was feeling my mum with me after her passing. This was a moment I know I was completely with myself and trusted what I was feeling, because it was after an esoteric healing. It was ‘mind-blowing’ and so very holding and warm, that I am so at ease with my mum’s sudden horrific death. How I felt my mum feeling this way rather than the deep devastation she was in when she was in a body, was so very healing.

  5. It is interesting how we are open to accept certain things do exist even if we cannot see them with our eyes, and accept as part of our reality as if it would be crazy not to, whereas with other things we use the fact that we cannot see them as a proof that they do not exist. A rather flaky argument, I would say.

    1. It is indeed interesting that when we can not see something plus some scientist says that we can not measure it, this can be taken as evidence of it not existing! The absurdity of it all is magnified for me when I observe that we are in an age where virtual reality has been seeping into daily life. Most of our finance as far as I can see is based on such manufactured fictional ‘reality’.

      So how come we choose to say entities and spirits do not exist when almost every single one of us has had some form of experience of them in one form or another, at least when we were children? It smacks of a simple choice to pretend something does not exist because it is more comfortable to avoid the greater responsibility we would have on the table.

    2. I agree Fumiyo as we cannot see the radio waves that we use to operate televisions, radios and all the other gadgets we have in our lives. Many of us do not even understand how a television or say radio works we just want to watch or listen. And yet we do not seem to want to believe that unseen forces such as ghosts or entities exist just because we can’t see them. This doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

    3. Part of the five element acupuncture training course was to check patients for entities. As practitioners checking to see if there was possession with a patient was a regular part of the consultation, though never discussed with the patient.

  6. This is an incredible article to have published out in the world, especially now when scepticism is trying so hard to rule out the free expression of the human experience which is, for some, to be fully aware of the other dimensions that we exist with.

  7. When Serge Benhayon presents about entities and spirits it is so matter-of-fact, down-to-earth and that they are just part of the reality of our world, it is just that we cannot in general see them. As it is acknowledged in many cultures around the world, just because we cannot see them does not mean they do not exist – so the more they are spoken about publicly the better it is.

    1. I agree that this is a conversation that needs to be opened up, especially in the societies which do not support the fact of entities and spirits. By denying the existence of something that is actually real we are sending a message to those, especially our children, that they are just figments of their imagination, and with it the planting of the seed of mistrust in what they feel to be true. As you say so wisely ;”just because we can’t see them, does not mean they do not exist” – we can’t see radio waves either but we can still hear the music!

      1. So true Ingrid, that when we dismiss children when they see and feel something, the seed of doubt in themselves is fostered.

  8. “I realised we all have had a relationship with what we feel, yet cannot tangibly see.” It is the same with God in that there is no physical presence of Him but we can feel and be aware of His presence in the Universe and in nature all around us.

    1. We all continually feel so much, ‘It is damaging to discount what we innately feel, just because we cannot see it. We cannot see our feelings, yet they form an essential part of who we are, our ability to understand and process life in full.’

  9. So true, the world of spirits is explored in so many cultures yet we choose to make it weird and mystical – perhaps that exactly what the spirits want us to do so that they can continue to cause havoc and not be held accountable.

  10. Unfortunately the world of spirits has been hugely glamourised and sensationalised. It supports us all to talk about these things in a matter of fact way and begin to observe the energy at play in everyday life. Entities and spirits abound everywhere and when we allow our awareness to develop and our sensitivity to be fine tuned we notice them so much more. It does not behove us to fear them or try and avoid them, when we are strong and steady in our relationship with ourselves we can call them out, they do not have any power over us unless we give it to them.

  11. ‘we all have had a relationship with what we feel, yet cannot tangibly see’ … yes we do but until I came to Universal Medicine I never found a forum where we could honestly and clearly discuss this in a real and practical way without fuss and rah rah, it was just normal and it’s so clearly helped me and many others to understand that what we see play out in life doesn’t make sense on a human level unless we take spirits and energies into account. It gives a much broader and deeper understanding to life and in fact de-personalises things when we see and understand it’s the energies at play and we can call that out without condemning another, but understanding that each of us has a responsibility in what we choose and how we live.

  12. There are subjects such as entities and spirits that are considered taboo mainly as people do not understand or are afraid, but the more we express our experiences with spirits and entities we begin to awaken others to this truth so they can understand and feel empowered in becoming aware of this fact.

  13. I was really curious to read this blog as I have always felt there is more to human life. All cultures have their belief systems about the spiritual world and entities.
    I didn’t grow up around many of these discussions, but we would perform ceremonies after a family member passed away after the 13th day to invite them to the home for the last time so they could move onto their next life.

    Its only since I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I see more and more of entities playing around people. On one occasion I saw an entity playing out on a person I was offering healing to. I wasn’t scared by it but more taken a back that this person would allow her body to be used by it.

  14. The point is not whether entities exist, because they do, but to what extent we are open to see how is it that they have a grip on some (many) humans. We open the door to them to invade us.

  15. “We cannot see our feelings, yet they form an essential part of who we are,” Our awareness of all that we feel is the most powerful sense that we have to understand all that we are.

  16. Opening up to entities is opening up to our multi-dimensionality. It’s excepting we are far more then the temporal body.

  17. There is clearly an innate wisdom that we hold, and we are able to observe many people living parts of their life that is not truly them.

    1. We certainly are able to witness many people living their lives that are not truly them. Some people can sense when another person has had an entity enter that person.

  18. I grew up hearing about ghosts and spirits as quite normal but it was a ‘pretty’ version of the truth. We would go to see clairvoyants and the messages from the spirits would be treated as gospel, rather than the opinion of a dead person, possibly no wiser than any of us.

  19. Just imagine if it came to the point where everyone was able to see the interactions with these now unseen dimensions… This would certainly redefine people’s awareness and open up a very intense can of worms so to speak.

  20. “It is damaging to discount what we innately feel, just because we cannot see it”. This is very true. Denying what we feel makes life very 2D and leaves us feeling empty. This is one of the games we play to keep ourselves ignorant to what is actually going on. Perhaps if we openly admitted the spirit world exists, we would have to admit that we have sprits within us, which are often running the show.

    1. Spirits can run the show, and do so with different choices than we in our essence would make, and not always very wise choices for ourselves and those around us.

  21. It is only until we accept the fact that everything is energy, that we can start to consider that we don’t think or make choices as those are made for us depending on the source of energy we have aligned to through our movements. So discerning that which we can not see is our responsibility to the truth within ourselves.

  22. It is clear that the unseen and often untalked of forces behind this world influence our reality far more than we often care to admit. Talking more about them is definitely needed.

  23. I too can recall when entities where being so openly and clearly talked about during one of my first Universal Medicine courses and I actually felt relief in my body like ‘oh god someone is actually talking about this in a completely normal and natural way’. I experienced many things growing up as a child and could always feel entities around me. This is great also as reflecting on this I get to ask myself the question how clear and open am I with others talking about things like this when I feel it is needed? … and the answer is I still hold back.

  24. “It is damaging to discount what we innately feel, just because we cannot see it.” So true AMH. As you say we cannot see our feelings yet we accept them as being valid. Yet many people have real experiences with spirits and don’t talk about it for fear of being thought crackers.

  25. Halloween is approaching soon and it made me think about how it’s odd in a way that we have this big event in the year all about spirits/ ghosts etc but that it’s not something we tend to genuinely have conversations about – just keeping it on a superficial level of being spooked/ scared or dismissive about it…

    1. I saw all the halloween ‘bits’ in the shops yesterday, it is becoming a much bigger commercial event here; so surely what initiated and is behind this event does get talked about.

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