Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within

by Lee Green, Business Manager, Perth

I stood this morning in the shower, gently washing myself, feeling my feet supporting me as I stood in balance… totally balanced and steady with me. As I felt my feet, my fingertips were feeling all that they touched and gently washed. My hair and my scalp were right underneath them as they massaged my head. This simple feeling of me, being with me as I do something, has been brought about over time by the steady commitment to be with me always. I have supported myself to develop this connection through the regular study of esoteric yoga.

I have had the fortune of being an attendee in esoteric yoga classes run by Victoria Carter for some time now, and I feel the blessing of what this brings to me in this simplest of techniques. Initially this deepening of the connection with me was uncomfortable, itchy, even fidgety – and yet underneath this is an absolute knowing that the place I longed for, to assist in my living with the everyday stresses and strains of my life, was literally at my fingertips.

The results are profound, in that the body through these classes is made very loud, as if the technique of esoteric yoga that Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon originally shared is like an amplifier for the wondrous sounds and indications within. My body has a way of speaking to me now – developed over time with dedication and the amazing gentle assistance of my esoteric yoga practitioner – that allows me to truly feel and act on what is felt. This early warning system is much more gentle a way to live in the world and I have much appreciation for esoteric yoga and the amazing love that I can now feel as my foundation. Thank you Universal Medicine, for sharing this wonderful modality.

228 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga Classes: An Amplifier for Within

  1. Lee, I love how you have so simply captured the profound effects that Esoteric Yoga has on our way of life. When we take into our daily life, the learnings and revelations from these yoga sessions, our whole way of living changes and we commence a journey of connecting more deeply with who we truly are, which in turn affects all whom we come into contact with.

  2. The technique of Esoteric Yoga is as simple and profound as its effect on body and being. The mind may not like or grasp it but without doubt, the body loves it as it is fully honoured and finally listened to the constant and insightful communication that supports us in developing and sustaining a way of living in union with oneself.

  3. I agree Lee, Esoteric Yoga really amplifies our bodies conversations loud and clear and it feels amazing to move from our connection to stillness. A very beautiful healing modality for all.

  4. A great way to describe it Lee. In connecting to the stillness we hold within, everything that is not in the quality of that stands out.

  5. I also felt like this when I stated to connect to my body. “Initially this deepening of the connection with me was uncomfortable, itchy, even fidgety – and yet underneath this is an absolute knowing that the place I longed for, to assist in my living with the everyday stresses and strains of my life, was literally at my fingertips”. Thanks for the presentation by Serge Benhayon, which has shared how important connection is.

  6. It took me awhile to appreciate and understand Esoteric Yoga. I felt I wasn’t doing enough and there didn’t seem to be enough going on. Then everything changed. As with most esoteric things, I have found that I feel it is true and I persevere until I understand. Esoteric Yoga is that connection with the body. It brings me to that stillness that is me. It brings me the truth of how I am living and how connected to me I am.

  7. It is crazy and almost unbelievable that we consider and accept that it is ‘normal’ to forgo living in connection to who we are and with our bodies, when all the while everything thing we need to guide us to live the greatest love possible is, as you say, at our fingertips, literally. The power of Esoteric Yoga is a Godsend, as we are offered to opportunity to reconnect to our stillness within, and in union with our bodies we discover how this natural way of moving is our natural way of being.

  8. Thank you Lee for sharing your experience of Esoteric yoga, it is such a simple yet profound modality offering us the opportunity to go deeper within the body to feel and connect to the stillness within. Much can come up as a way to show us how we have been living in our bodies.

  9. Well said and very true Lee, Esoteric Yoga offers the body the space to truly surrender and to connect to the stillness within, this modality is so powerful and deeply healing for the body.

  10. If you live one step ahead of yourself, clamouring for the next great experience, then the truth is you will always be found lacking, or at least forever looking for the next high point in between the mundane reality of life. There is, alternatively, a simplicity and beauty in just the movement of being.

  11. I find with Esoteric Yoga that my body gets the opportunity to share its wisdom with me as this modality allows me the time to be with me rather than being distracted by the busyness of everyday life. And what I find particularly beautiful is that the inner stillness I feel during the classes starts to permeate how I am and feel daily in between my classes.

  12. Lee, I like the way you have described Esoteric Yoga as being an “amplifier for the wondrous sounds and indications within”, indeed it allows us to get to know ourselves for the true quality of movement within ourselves.

  13. I agree that esoteric yoga allows you to feel all that is going on that you may have been moving in a way to not feel.

  14. I love the modality that is Esoteric Yoga. It so supports my understanding of how I am living life and highlights the awareness I have of my body and how I can allow my mind to overrule this. My body shows me so so much and I deeply appreciate this modality for the awareness it has brought me.

  15. I love this blog and the way you describe your feelings here Lee. It makes is so clear that Esoteric Yoga is not an end in itself but is just the start of seeing that everything we do, in every day, has the potential for this beauty, depth, and grace too. I’ve just spent the afternoon hurriedly tidying and cleaning my house, so am extremely grateful for the timely reminder that the quality of each move I make carries great weight.

  16. It is through our commitment to deepen our relationship with our bodies that we get access to higher levels of awareness perfectly constellated to evolve and Esoteric Yoga allows this in the most gentle and unimposing way we can ever imagine.

  17. Esoteric Yoga offers true union, the union with ourselves through the connection with our body in conscious presence.

  18. The more we listen to our body and bring understanding to the world around us, the more wisdom we have access too.

  19. I agree Lee, Esoteric Yoga definitely gives us an opportunity to feel an increase in our connection within and at the same time it also amplifies where we are holding back our connection in certain areas too.

  20. It is amazing how much we can run our day totally unaware of how our bodies are feeling. Then when doing an esoteric yoga session it brings you totally into yourself and you start to feel much more.

  21. This beautifully captures Esoteric Yoga Lee, “…is like an amplifier for the wondrous sounds and indications within.” It gives voice to all those messages our bodies continually offer us in every moment of every day of how to move, walk, work, sit, eat, bend, talk, stand etc. In the safety and holding of an Esoteric Yoga session we give ourselves space to hear it and respond.

  22. I had an Esoteric Yoga session this week and I am already noticing more in my body than ever before. One tiny adjustment can make such a difference to the flow of energy in the body – it is really amazing – and it is amazing also just how much I would contort my body without recognising it before.

  23. It is very clear to see that we all have a body that loves to be connected to, to be touched, to be nurtured and to be loved, but how many of us live this way? I know that I didn’t for a very long time but in finding my way to Universal Medicine and the wonderful modality of Esoteric Yoga I have finally reconnected to a very appreciative body. The changes in my life have been nothing short of spectacular; the way I move has changed, the way I care for my body has changed and the quality of my life has changed immeasurably as well. To put it simply; I love Esoteric Yoga!

  24. Lee, thank you for sharing your experience. Even though I may not right now be having a relationship with my body where its voice is clearly heard and responded as you are, I can feel the truth in what you say and it is beautiful to feel my body rejoicing that.

  25. Esoteric Yoga is profound and life changing through its simplicity and deeply connecting purpose to developing a true and steady presence with ourselves and to our inner wisdom that communicates so much to us to be able to align and live from our natural and harmonious way of being.

  26. I use to do this yoga years ago before I was so busy, I loved it. Did you do your sessions in person or online? I have been reading all these blogs about esoteric yoga lately and I am really wanting to try it out as apart of my week but my family and work life cannot fit in, me actually driving to a session somewhere, I always wondered if it would be as powerful if you did it from a computer at home or if some of the magic would be lost?

  27. I love the details you share here Lee, it’s very tangible how you connect with your body and how through that connection you are more you with you in all you do. That is the magic of us, and to have a modality like Esoteric Yoga which amplifies what our bodies communicate is such a gift. Thanks indeed Universal Medicine.

  28. I love the simplicity found in the movements of Esoteric Yoga and how from these movements we can see the real honesty of our bodies and how we can learn and explore the intricate detail of our days and what choices we can make to bring a greater understanding to how we move and why we choose to do certain things too. Esoteric Yoga is amazing.

  29. So beautifully and simply shared Lee, the wonders of what the body can share with us through the power of Esoteric Yoga, the deeper our loving care for our body the deeper the wisdom.

  30. ‘What if I attended a course? What if I complete a degree? Perhaps if I undertook a rigorous exam and developed an extensive knowledge of X?’. We like to think of true joy and vitality being something we win, or earn through gritted teeth and an ardous struggle. But what if none of this was true? What if all we ever needed to do is connect, live and move in a way the deeply honours the truth? What if that is possible right here, right now, just in the way I choose to type these words? Thank you Lee for this beautiful blog honouring the super power we all have in the quality we choose.

    1. It sometimes feels as though we don’t favour simplicity and prefer complication, struggle, arduous pursuits and hardship instead. Esoteric Yoga offers this simplicity and never ceases to inspire as we connect more deeply within.

  31. Esoteric Yoga amplifies what we already are and have within is a great point to make because it takes the focus away from trying to or having to get anywhere to saying just surrender to that which you already are, it turns the way of thinking we need to attain something on its head.

  32. I love how you describe Esoteric Yoga as an amplifier for Within – it’s like it supports us to have a space where we are totally focussed on tuning in with our whole body and hearing what it is communicating with us!

  33. Thankyou Lee, I liked your description of Esoteric Yoga being an amplifier for the body and it’s communication, this is very true for me also. Esoteric Yoga is so much more than just a class, it’s a life changing modality.

  34. Esoteric Yoga helps us practise a way of being through connection to our body that supports with everything we do in our daily life.

  35. It’s incredible to hear how loud our bodies communication actually is. You can then feel to what extent we have crushed it out.

  36. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you describe Lee, of actually feeling your own body with your own fingertips. I remember when it first happened to me – years ago, when I was undertaking somatic (body-centred) psychotherapy sessions – I was actually not only amazed at the loveliness of the sensation, but quite shocked too: I realised I hadn’t had a conscious awareness of how my body felt for years. Esoteric Yoga is fabulous for re-establishing that link.

  37. I have recently begun an Esoteric Yoga Program online and it is such a beautiful way to begin my day and the connection and stillness built in the class supports me throughout the day with all my movements.

  38. I love Esoteric Yoga, it allows me to feel such a great depth within, takes me back to the simplicity of being me in my body, and that there is a vast well of love and wisdom within ready to be lived and expressed. Esoteric Yoga is now part of my life and I could not imagine it any other way.

  39. I love how Esoteric Yoga as presented by Universal Medicine gives us the space or opportunity to really tune in with our body and deepen our awareness of all that we feel, giving us a marker that we can then take back into our daily living with us.

  40. I never think of being in the shower when I am at my desk so I find it important not to think of work in the shower which is something I used to do. It is so lovely to simply be in the shower and present with myself and the moment as you have described.

  41. Sometimes my body speaks loud and clear… there is no doubt and I respond. What’s interesting is in those moments because of the absolute knowingness I do not go into doubt or give my power away to external forces which in the past has been a big behaviour of mine. The more I listen to the messages and impulses from the body the more confident in myself I am getting.

  42. I’ve been pulled to the esoteric yoga blogs so I’m getting the feeling my body is ready and yearning more of this stillness. And to support this, 3 Esoteric practitioners are offering classes and my body already knows which practitioner it wants to support it. I just love how my body is responding more and more to support that increasing awareness and as beautifully expressed – ‘an amplifier within’.

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