I Am That I Am

by Paul Moses, Newrybar

I am that, I am… I slowly awake once more, I await another day.

Outside is dark and windy and I can feel the cold air of the beginning of winter on my face. Thoughts start to invade my space, bringing an anxiousness of what lies ahead; I know this all too well. In this knowing comes a surrender, an awareness – not to the invasive thoughts but to a stillness.

I feel a beautiful supportive energising state – an allowing, an openness for the day and all it offers to come to me. The day ceases to be a chore; it is not a battle, hard work, a constant trying to control what’s next, a game of chess, to achieve and be recognised for what I have done.

The day is now a blessing; a bringer of awareness and the feeling of being loved.

In that love there is a call that I hear, feel and see from the One that Loves: it is the Father of all, my Father, God, that ignites the very same in me, that reaches out from my innermost, through my body and meets all there is, God, in the joy of meeting more of me and knowing I am that, I am.

On moving my body full of love, and walking in the loving body of God, is my rhythm that constellates with all there is. Through my body I connect: I touch the physical world, and in that warmth I am there in full expression, knowing I am that, I am a living Son of God.

215 thoughts on “I Am That I Am

  1. Paul your expression is really beautiful to read, a moment of your reflection of what it is to live with God and the love and purpose in each day as you return to your soul.

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