Religion is my Everyday

Most of my younger years I could never sit still. I had an irritating energy of restlessness within me which always kept me super busy. I constantly rushed around doing things, sometimes a few things at once; and there was an underlying tension and stress that I was living with daily. I would continually fidget or scratch and I could never really get a feeling of stillness within my own body. My mind and body invariably felt quite racy. Starting a few things at once and not finishing anything left my body, my house, and my life in disharmony.

With this momentum of feeling busy and stressed, I found it hard to wind down and sleep, and for years I took medication to numb my body so I could just go to sleep and rest.

It wasn’t until I discovered Esoteric Yoga that I was able to feel the space to truly stop and to choose the quality of my movements. Then I was able to feel how exhausted and drained I was.

Esoteric Yoga has been an evolving practice where I have been able to feel my relationship with my body and choose movements that are more gentle and tender and to feel how this choice can affect my body. It has allowed me to return to a quality of stillness as opposed to feeling anxious or racy. What I have discovered is that this stillness is always there within me, and that through the stresses, tensions and emotional reactions in life, I can choose to lessen this quality within – or even choose to disconnect from it.

It is in this deep stillness that I re-connect to what is within me. The spaciousness, the warmth and harmony that I connect to are reflected to me in nature and within the universe and stars. There is nothing in this world that I would rather be than the beauty of stillness within me.

In no way is there perfection, but returning to this quality of stillness in my body has helped me to deal with life and everything around me. Living from this quality, from the inside, is now my religion and my commitment to looking after myself to help my body heal from the exhaustion created by the constant busy-ness and raciness.

“When you rush the body, it checks out – it is designed to move in moments. Understand this and you will heal anxiousness and exhaustion.” ~ Serge Benhayon (Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Book 1, p. 303)

So my Everyday Religion is my connection to my body and how present I can be with my body in every movement or physical activity that I do throughout the day. Committing to choosing gentle movements with everything that I do and to remain as present with what I am doing as much as I can is a discipline for me.

  • I get out of bed in the morning and make my bed; and it is the way I make my bed, the quality I am in as I make my bed ­– which is done religiously every day – that supports me to return to sleep.
  • I start my day with a warm drink, feeling into whether it is to be a cup of warm herbs or just a cup of decaffeinated tea. This is done religiously every day and it is the quality I do this in that confirms that I am amazing. Nourishing and hydrating myself – my body loves this daily ritual.
  • I shower religiously every morning, and it is the quality in which I wash my body and my hair and moisturise my body every day that supports me to look after myself and deepen self-love in my body.
  • It is how I walk from room to room, tidying up and placing objects and things in a certain order that creates harmony in my life and within my body. The way I clean my house or hang up the washing, to how I cook a nourishing meal for myself or my family, are all done in a quality that returns me back to Stillness.
  • It is how I organise my desk and my office at work, and the systems that I have in place, that can bring me back to myself when I lose my presence.

These are some simple examples of the various choices I make to support my body and it is with this connection to my body that I get to feel that everything is religion. That everything means everything equally. That everything I do, whether it be my work, my housework, shopping, driving or interacting with people – everything is of equal importance.

I am aware that the quality of my movements can allow others to come back to themselves. I now understand that choosing to live with Stillness, Harmony and Truth in my body is our natural way of being. Through this connection with my body, I know what is true for me or not.

“The magic of stillness is in motion – the goal is to bring stillness in motion in everything we do.” ~ Serge Benhayon. (Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Book 1, p. 91)

Choosing to live with awareness and energetic integrity has enabled me to read and appreciate situations and people. I know I will make mistakes sometimes, but this is my daily religion, the religion of connecting to my body in a certain quality. This quality is the Stillness of God and the Stillness of God in motion.

By Leah Pash

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748 thoughts on “Religion is my Everyday

  1. Living the way you have shared Leah, is incredible and so simple as we can all relate to what you have shared, and thus be able to open a personal relationship with God and then work on our own movements through the journey of return that works for us.

  2. Esoteric Yoga confirms via our body that there is a way to live life from the core of our being which is stillness, and when we move in stillness there is a grace and flow to our bodies that is naturally in harmony with the universe. Living outside of this we have the exhaustion and raciness we encounter every day. If we go to bed in nervous tension or raciness there is no regeneration of our bodies which is why we wake up as tired in the mornings as when we went to bed, because the body is still living the nervous tension of the previous day. Multiply that a few times and it is easy to see why people struggle with sleep.

  3. I love hearing what religion is to you and how this looks practically on a day to day level. I love how it is deep stillness that you re-connect to within yourself. I can relate to this also, as in some of the ways what religion means to me.

  4. A beautiful reminder; ‘The spaciousness, the warmth and harmony that I connect to are reflected to me in nature and within the universe and stars.’

  5. Our rituals that take care of our bodies provide a supportive rhythm that can lift the quality of all that we do.

  6. To heal the busyness and raciness running through my body is to allow myself to feel and sense it and the impact it has on my body. I cannot heal this momentum unless I am absolutely honest and recognise in full the abuse I am creating towards my body by living in this way.

  7. This was pretty cool to read “When you rush the body, it checks out – it is designed to move in moments. Understand this and you will heal anxiousness and exhaustion.” ~ Serge Benhayon (Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Book 1, p. 303)’ it makes sense too.

  8. Religion is more than it appears to our naked eye, it is in everything we do or be. Who would have thought that religion, or being religious was to do with how you rise in the morning, to the drink we drink to the food we prepare and eat, the list is endless.

    For me the thing that stands out the most is that in everything there is a level of responsibility, and within this, the integrity that goes hand in hand with it. Religion is never ending, and in this we will see the divinity of all.

  9. “When you rush the body, it checks out – it is designed to move in moments” – this is so profound.

  10. Leah how great to see the power of true religion and appreciate just how this is your every day and can be everyone everyday but often not in the way we think of it. I note that around the world different people have different views of religion but it is core to so much of society. The question we have to ask is how great is society doing in each place and therefore what is the full and complete quality of the religion that we choose.

  11. Wow, Leah, I get a clear sense that it is so important to move our body in connection and in a quality of stillness. This is what will truly support us in our day to day life. 

  12. “When you rush the body, it checks out – it is designed to move in moments. Understand this and you will heal anxiousness and exhaustion.” These words are so profound. Instead of chasing after coffee or energy drinks to pep us up we can begin to savour every moment of our waking day really fully embracing it and appreciating it and whats more appreciating what we bring to it.

  13. I love that, by doing everything that you do, you get to feel that everything is religion and I will now approach the day I am about to start in a different way. What a beautiful imprint you must leave wherever you go!

  14. Really gorgeous reading this Leah, it must have been quite a leap going from being fidgeting to stillness, worth the shift though!

  15. I love the way this brings being religious into the everyday, using these points and tasks in the day to focus or refocus on your connection to yourself.

    1. Yes so do I, those everyday activities are what really can transform our lives, moving with a real loving quality can change everything.

    2. The simplicity of what religion truly is, from the movements we make each day as part of the day shows how we are all deeply religious in our own ways,

    1. Just appreciating here how we can build more loving ways into our lives when we use the moments for connection and loving adjustment with the body.

  16. It is lovely to read the word religion used in its practical application in life. It is about going about everyday activities but with that connection and knowing that there is more than just a physical life to live. I sometimes have people tell me how they don’t like religion, but they are talking about the religions with man-made rules. This living a religious life is not about rules, just a dedication to the stillness inside.

  17. Getting to feel how tired and exhausted you are may not sound very appealing. But this honesty is the wakeup call that says, ‘enough’ to the constant busyness and trying. You get to feel how the way you have been living is harming your health and wellbeing and is a catalyst for change. Until you feel consequences you keep doing the same things.

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