Religion is my Everyday

Most of my younger years I could never sit still. I had an irritating energy of restlessness within me which always kept me super busy. I constantly rushed around doing things, sometimes a few things at once; and there was an underlying tension and stress that I was living with daily. I would continually fidget or scratch and I could never really get a feeling of stillness within my own body. My mind and body invariably felt quite racy. Starting a few things at once and not finishing anything left my body, my house, and my life in disharmony.

With this momentum of feeling busy and stressed, I found it hard to wind down and sleep, and for years I took medication to numb my body so I could just go to sleep and rest.

It wasn’t until I discovered Esoteric Yoga that I was able to feel the space to truly stop and to choose the quality of my movements. Then I was able to feel how exhausted and drained I was.

Esoteric Yoga has been an evolving practice where I have been able to feel my relationship with my body and choose movements that are more gentle and tender and to feel how this choice can affect my body. It has allowed me to return to a quality of stillness as opposed to feeling anxious or racy. What I have discovered is that this stillness is always there within me, and that through the stresses, tensions and emotional reactions in life, I can choose to lessen this quality within – or even choose to disconnect from it.

It is in this deep stillness that I re-connect to what is within me. The spaciousness, the warmth and harmony that I connect to are reflected to me in nature and within the universe and stars. There is nothing in this world that I would rather be than the beauty of stillness within me.

In no way is there perfection, but returning to this quality of stillness in my body has helped me to deal with life and everything around me. Living from this quality, from the inside, is now my religion and my commitment to looking after myself to help my body heal from the exhaustion created by the constant busy-ness and raciness.

“When you rush the body, it checks out – it is designed to move in moments. Understand this and you will heal anxiousness and exhaustion.” ~ Serge Benhayon (Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Book 1, p. 303)

So my Everyday Religion is my connection to my body and how present I can be with my body in every movement or physical activity that I do throughout the day. Committing to choosing gentle movements with everything that I do and to remain as present with what I am doing as much as I can is a discipline for me.

  • I get out of bed in the morning and make my bed; and it is the way I make my bed, the quality I am in as I make my bed ­– which is done religiously every day – that supports me to return to sleep.
  • I start my day with a warm drink, feeling into whether it is to be a cup of warm herbs or just a cup of decaffeinated tea. This is done religiously every day and it is the quality I do this in that confirms that I am amazing. Nourishing and hydrating myself – my body loves this daily ritual.
  • I shower religiously every morning, and it is the quality in which I wash my body and my hair and moisturise my body every day that supports me to look after myself and deepen self-love in my body.
  • It is how I walk from room to room, tidying up and placing objects and things in a certain order that creates harmony in my life and within my body. The way I clean my house or hang up the washing, to how I cook a nourishing meal for myself or my family, are all done in a quality that returns me back to Stillness.
  • It is how I organise my desk and my office at work, and the systems that I have in place, that can bring me back to myself when I lose my presence.

These are some simple examples of the various choices I make to support my body and it is with this connection to my body that I get to feel that everything is religion. That everything means everything equally. That everything I do, whether it be my work, my housework, shopping, driving or interacting with people – everything is of equal importance.

I am aware that the quality of my movements can allow others to come back to themselves. I now understand that choosing to live with Stillness, Harmony and Truth in my body is our natural way of being. Through this connection with my body, I know what is true for me or not.

“The magic of stillness is in motion – the goal is to bring stillness in motion in everything we do.” ~ Serge Benhayon. (Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, Book 1, p. 91)

Choosing to live with awareness and energetic integrity has enabled me to read and appreciate situations and people. I know I will make mistakes sometimes, but this is my daily religion, the religion of connecting to my body in a certain quality. This quality is the Stillness of God and the Stillness of God in motion.

By Leah Pash

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604 thoughts on “Religion is my Everyday

  1. I was the last week in an online Esoteric Yoga class which is great as I have once a week a group session and we deepen our connection with our body. Today was the last class of the 6. I could notice how easy I drift away in thoughts about people. Then focussing much more to deepen the connection within me it feels so true and beautiful and I can feel how I built love for myself this way and how my life gets very simple.

  2. The thing is that I thought always that I was very connected with my body. I did indian dance, many other ways of dancing, had a strong physical body etc.
    But in truth i was not at all. I did figure that out when I learned the gentle Breath Meditation. I noticed that I even couldn’t breathe my own gentle breath towards my inner heart. I could not really be with me. I was used to living life from my head. I was not aware that I was not present from within in how I moved through my day.
    What a gift to find the way back into our hearts. On you find the Gentle Breath Meditation. Give it a go it is so much worth it and it is a free download 🙂

  3. It is important to build appreciation of the little things in the life we live to truly support ourselves, as they provide a greater foundation than we possibly know.

  4. What a beautiful blog Leah. I have to agree that the beauty is found in the simple things… not just the simple things though as it is in the quality of how we move from place to place, the quality of how we drink, eat, sip our tea or eat each bite of food that supports us to confirm the connection we already have within with our Soul and God. If the quality is not made the focus then the doing alone will not achieve this.

  5. What I come to understand is that we are in alignment to whatever we choose. Hence, our creations are with us wherever we go… It is the awareness (which is an equal alignment) that can strip down the ill thoughts and beliefs we have created our way to be. If we strip them down correctly – all we will feel is a greater space to observe more of our ill ways – and that which truly is… and make our world to be that.

  6. “This quality is the Stillness of God and the Stillness of God in motion.” It is funny though that we collectively have walked away from that quality within, that quality of stillness that resides equally in all of us but, as been mentioned in this blog, can be overridden by rushing the body or to abide in the busy mind. Why have we chosen for this way of being instead of that natural stillness we all have inside? Do we have an investment in this way of being, or what does it serve us to choose for this business? To me it is just a trick of the mind that likes to have its rule over the body and in that relentlessly persuades and manipulates it to rush and being busy minded instead.of be that natural stillness in which it instantly connects to that place we belong to and reconnect with the source of our being, with God. our father.

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