‘It Was Meant to Be’ and ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’

I recall as a young adult wondering if there could be a cause and effect going on in life and if I would ever understand ‘why things happen’. This question seemed to immediately bring a realisation that it was possible that things didn’t just happen randomly; that there may be a reason for the sudden bad mood or lost school report and there may even be something behind the seemingly random illness or accident… Since then I have discovered that life can be understood and as a result I no longer feel like a passenger on a runaway train – allowing things to happen to me without taking initiative to choose the quality of my path to be one that feels true for me. 

At first glance one may casually think the sayings in this title mean the same thing, but I have just realised that I know and understand them as representing two different philosophies or approaches to life, which are as different as water and vodka. They may look alike but with a closer ‘smell’ you know they won’t go down with the same effect. I find one way to be nourishing and to leave me in the totality of my interconnectedness where the other way feels un-natural and toxic to my being, leaving me checked out, not feeling myself and cut off from the intricate support that is available to us all.

“It was meant to be” represents a given-up attitude where I am not taking responsibility for understanding my part in what happens.

I used to visit the ‘meant-to-be’ camp quite often, back when I had given up in so many little ways on being the whole true ‘me’ in the world – I had accepted being much less than I am. I was hiding; I did not feel deserving, I felt empty and was settling for much less than love in all areas of my life. I was unaware of how much I had compromised and how irresponsible I had become by softening what I felt and knew to be true by not claiming myself. During these years I was depressed, I felt very lost, needy, alone, unguided and unsupported and I made many reckless and harmful choices.

However, once I started to realise that it was my own choices and reactions which got me into the unhappy situations I was in and that it would be my choices and responses to life that would get me out I realised that everything does happen ‘for a reason’. This was a turning point for me where my choices and my experience of life started to truly change and I knew that the “it was meant to be” mentality wasn’t supporting me at all.

“Everything happens for a reason” represents an understanding that comes with responsibility and a deep commitment to life.

With the teachings of The Ancient Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon, and with consistent support from Simple Living Global, I have been inspired to re-develop and deepen my self-honesty and commitment to myself and to life. I have been learning to observe and feel my own body and things around me and as a result I have been gaining more and more understanding and awareness about why things happen and how I have a part in it all.

I have never heard anyone express such deep common sense as Serge Benhayon on the vast subjects of who we are, why we’re here and what is going on in humanity. While we have had a scattering of true world teachers throughout history, none of our world’s current, recent or well-known so-called religious, spiritual or social leaders have offered us such a deeply honest, in-depth and compassionate understanding of what is going on as Serge Benhayon has so tangibly done. It is with immense love and commitment to humanity that Serge presents the full energetic Truth; un-compromised, un-bastardised and not held back in fear of rocking our rotting boat. Because of his courage we now have immense support in seeing our own way out of our mess.

The absolute responsibility and utter common sense this man lives and presents has woken me up to what I already knew but have been pushing aside for far too long…

I no longer buy into the “it’s meant to happen” or “things just happen” consciousness because I can see that so much has led up to each situation. I understand that I have played a big part in the set up and repetition of all of my issues, so it follows that I hold a responsibility to learn from my choices… I am realising that I have far more support and guidance to do this than I have taken advantage of. I see how intricate life lessons naturally formulate to support us in coming back to balance; in coming back to ourselves and to each other. I feel there is a greater Understanding or Consciousness, a True Love or Unity in which we are all held; in other words, I feel God. I am seeing that essentially every thing that happens offers me a chance to choose more awareness and understanding, and when I don’t then I am creating/forming another similar (often stronger) lesson.

When I commit to deepening my self-honesty and listening to the gentle nudges, messages and signs, I then move into truthfulness which allows me to be more-of-me instead of investing deeper in my avoidance techniques (which take me further away from being who I am) and then needing the painful and/or dramatic ‘wake-up calls’.

There is a reason that everything ultimately offers us a chance to correct ourselves out of a disharmonious way of being and back to a more loving and natural Way.

With more awareness has come a huge understanding of responsibility; the very thing I have been avoiding for a very long time… but what comes with this is also a sense of true support consistently offered to every one of us to learn about exactly what we need help with from where we are. ‘Help’ often does not come in the way we want it but in the way we need it. For example, I used to go-and-go despite recurring dreams that my cars had no brakes… I had to develop exhaustion before I got serious about changing my reckless behaviour by learning to take care of myself and being more present and self-honouring.

Looking back on my life I can see that my big illnesses came when my life had become very toxic to me. When I have taken on or run too much emotion through my body for too long, it reaches a point where my soul lovingly accumulates the poison/unloving energy to push it out with an illness. This offers me an opportunity to heal and/or choose differently so I can live this life (or if I go too far, start my next life) in a body with less of the poison and more of the true love/energy I am meant to run on.

If we don’t correct our out-of-harmony-way-of-being, eventually we run into the greater rhythm of the Universe. And then a correction may occur in the same way as our body physiology is continuously correcting, discharging and healing little parts for the integrity of the whole.

If I am very out of whack, that ‘correction’ can be a big slam, but the more I take steps toward myself and the more I take responsibility the more I am met with support all around. I have felt this as a tangible ‘cause and effect’ over the past few years. As I have been developing a foundation of self-care I have found that supportive elements I have previously struggled for (but been unable to acquire or maintain) now come along without effort. In this I see that I hold the keys to my life and I feel held by God.

When I am out of whack I feel that Love, without a speck of judgment, lets me know when I am behaving in a way that is dis-harmonious, like when I am working in a less-than-loving way and the vacuum cleaner cord gets hung up in unbelievable ways to show me that I need to stop and re-set myself by breathing or moving more gently. I can lie to myself and deny this message by cursing (blaming) God, the vacuum or the world for ‘making things hard for me’, or I can be open to learning by stopping to get honest and ask, “OK, why is this happening?”. When I don’t feel quite myself it is as if my natural flow is disturbed and this is also disturbing to all around me, and I know it is my responsibility to correct myself.

Gaining a clear understanding that there are two thoroughly different ways of living (two different consciousnesses, which Serge Benhayon has illuminated for us all) has inspired me to come back to a position of self-empowerment, understanding and a place of greater responsibility; the responsibility to simply commit to myself and to life so I can get out of the “it was meant to be” camp and get on with living my truth and to living life more lovingly and joyfully by bringing out who I really am to share with the world.

More and more I am making choices based on the wisdom that comes from my body; these are always loving and supportive decisions and through this experience I know that what I need truly is inside me.

This ‘common sense’ is the Universal Love that Serge Benhayon lives and consistently shares as an inspiration for all.

By Jo Elmer, Magic Rags Cleaning & Organising, Concord, CA, USA

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610 thoughts on “‘It Was Meant to Be’ and ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’

  1. We moan and complain about life events but so often it turns out when you look deeper that it’s us who have said yes to them in the first place and actually created it. Being honest about our true intent is step one of changing things.

  2. Thank you for the links here. I had not visited Simply Living Global before and found it very interesting, there is an article about ‘spice’ there that is very informative and could help many get clearer about this substance.

  3. I love how you use the phrase “deep common sense” in describing Serge Benhayon. He talks about many aspects of life that we have made so complex and complicated in a way that is not only easy to understand but also simple. He has such a deep understanding of what makes everything the way it is.

  4. Whenever I get too close to letting go and just allowing life to be rather than trying to control it, I cut myself of from the intricate support that is available to us all by sabotaging myself. This choice keeps me as the individual only thinking of myself and not about the plight that humanity is in.

  5. ‘It was meant to be’ statement makes you feel that it is all out of your control and in this takes all responsibility away, however when we consider ‘everything is energy and everything happens because of energy’ responsibility then is given its rightful place.

  6. ‘like when I am working in a less-than-loving way and the vacuum cleaner cord gets hung up in unbelievable ways to show me that I need to stop and re-set myself by breathing or moving more gently.’ The magic of God is everywhere to get us back to our true nature, and in a very playful way if we open our eyes and follow what we innately know and feel.

  7. I definitely used to be more in the ‘It was meant to be camp’, although I also always felt that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ The kicker was that when I was responsible for something bad happening or creating some problem I would tend to say “It was meant to happen” in a way that absolved me of any responsibility as if I had to learn the hard way in order to work through the issue and like there was no other option than for those chain of events to occur (which is obviously nonsense). Then, if somebody else was at fault for the same kind of accident or negative occurrence, I would go with the “Everything happens for a reason”, in a way that asked them to ponder on what choices they made that lead to that thing happening and take responsibility for it. Quite crafty of me, but no evolution or true learning ever came of that approach, and I appreciate what Jo has said here about the true difference between those statements, which I agree with and live by whole-heartedly now.

  8. Life has a flow to it and within that flow, things happen as they are meant to. For example, we may have set ourselves a time we want to be somewhere and have allowed that time to get there. But along the way we get stuck behind a slow car. We can either take this as something that has got in our way as we want to control how life flows, or we can see it as everything happening as it is meant to so that we arrive at our destination exactly when we are meant so that everything that is constellated to happen can happen.

  9. There is always a reason why certain things happen, and it is when we actually start taking responsibility for the events that lead to the consequences, that we realise that we have a choice, and an opportunity to choose differently in future.

  10. Oh, I felt like you were writing a ‘love letter of truth’ to me today, thank you. I needed to hear what you shared, i picked this blog for a reason today. To be reminded to let go of my avoidance techniques and to return to love and responsibility. This was a standout for me – “When I commit to deepening my self-honesty and listening to the gentle nudges, messages and signs, I then move into truthfulness which allows me to be more-of-me instead of investing deeper in my avoidance techniques (which take me further away from being who I am) and then needing the painful and/or dramatic ‘wake-up calls’.”

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