Breaking up with Organised Religion 

Weekly church, regular confession, fasting at lent, praying for forgiveness and generally trying to be a good person dominated my religious life from when I was old enough to understand it until organised religion and I broke up when I was 35. The break-up wasn’t long and drawn out; in fact it was short, fast and relatively painless for me.

If you had asked me when I was in the thick of my regular organised religious practices if I would let it go, I wouldn’t have believed you, as I have always known there was God and I was taught throughout my childhood that God equated to religion and church. 


It just seemed normal to me that, if I understood there was a God, this automatically meant I needed to belong to a religion as it gave me a sense of a belonging to something where everyone was on the same page; and without attending church, I could not consider myself religious. Interestingly during this period, I often felt not good enough, seeking God’s forgiveness or praying to him to make life better. My sense of God and religion was always approached as something outside of myself that I needed to have in order to be considered a good person, and to confirm to others that I cared about people and life, so although I didn’t agree with every aspect of it, religion was something I felt I needed.

As it turned out, it was my care for people that was at the root of my sudden and unexpected break-up with religion as I’d known it to be. In the early nineties, the media was reporting on the religious clergy who had been involved with the church’s long history of paedophilia and how chosen and trusted religious leaders had covered it up. This shocked me to the core but at the same time, I was willing to be open to hearing what the head of my church had to say about it, hoping they would admit their error or show that the media was engaging in the usual sensationalism.

The final straw came while attending my usual weekly church service. I heard a sermon from my clergy, who was also a solicitor, stating the importance of people who may have experienced paedophilia, to not go to the police, but to keep it in the confines of the church for the church to manage. This was the very position that the media were reporting had resulted in such wide scale, epidemic abuse of children across generations and classes.

From that moment, I knew I could no longer be part of something that was willing to be so dishonest as to continue to hide the truth of the systematic abuse of children, fostered through a stance of silent neglect that left many, many lives broken. So after 35 years I left the church with no regret. It did take me some time to recover from all the teachings I had so blindly aligned to, so much so I used to say I was recovering from organised religion, but I am delighted to report I have recovered and I have actually found my true religion.

From my deep, inner knowing that there was God and from what I was reminded of via the Ageless Wisdom presented by Universal Medicine, I discovered that the love of God was already within me and all I needed to do to live my true religion was to:

  • Know this deep, inner knowing as truth
  • Choose to re-connect to this truth
  • Live in a way that confirmed it – by making self-loving choices
  • Share the love I now felt from within, with everyone I connected to – not by preaching or knocking on doors, but by being myself.


Living in this way – that is, re-connected to the love within me – has completely changed my life.  And like many break-ups that happen in life, my break-up with organised religion had the best silver lining in that it allowed me space to find True Religion, – The Way of The Livingness, – that mirrors how I feel inside, with no promises or dodgy aspects, but an invitation to unfold myself from within via ritual, rhythm and people, without a church, clergy or rule book in sight.

By Sharon Gavioli, Brisbane, Registered Nurse, Adult Educator, Counsellor, Age 56

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472 thoughts on “Breaking up with Organised Religion 

  1. “The Way of The Livingness, – that mirrors how I feel inside” is exactly how I sense my religion with God is. It is from a livingness impulsed form the inner fire that lives in my heart and when allow that fire to infuse in my body, the way i move and go along with life will change accordingly and will express at any moment that love of God we al know so well.

  2. Hearing Serge speak from the very beginning brought home to me the truth, that I knew deep down, the joy of having found it again, the dismay of realising that I knew all along but had been denying it, and the call to responsibility that I had been dancing around the edges of. Starting the journey back through all that I had created to avoid living the truth has been not easy, but absolutely worth it – the great joy of reuniting with the truth that my Soul had been offering all along and now learning to live its purpose, is beyond anything this world has to offer.

  3. Once we remember who we are and where we are from, we realise that everyone is from that same equal light, and our time here is to relearn and live that light together in brotherhood until we all remember who we are.

  4. I feel that the organised religion that has impacted and imposed on me most is not so much that going on around us, but that which I have taken on inside my body, over aeons. It is such a freeing journey to be seeing and letting go of these imprints, and coming home to true religion, re-connection to God, within my heart.

  5. A great reminder Sharon, that sometimes it takes something very extreme for us to leave the comfort of what we know. But if we stop and feel where we stand, and honour what we feel is true, what to do and how to act will actually become super clear. For with every move and thought we allow, we actively support and subscribe to a source of energy that produces the life we see. It’s this relationship with choosing truth that is the very essence of Religion to me. So ironically in your story, breaking up with the church to choose Love is an awesome and truly religious act.

  6. In what realm of life can anyone ever say we should protect a person who has committed an act as vile as pedophilia. Anyone who would preach such an approach is not someone who would receive my attention for even a moment.

  7. My perception was also that I would never be good enough to have direct access to God, Sharon, I was always going to be a sinner no matter what. This gives us a guilt to carry like a burden on our backs because of the image that there needs to be some perfection. Now I know there is divinity within me and through this I can access God whenever and wherever I am from within me.

  8. ‘Share the love I now felt from within, with everyone I connected to – not by preaching or knocking on doors, but by being myself.’ This is so beautiful Sharon, it is natural to be loving. simple.

  9. The ownership held by modern religions over our relationship with god and then the evils perpetrated in that name beggar belief. Thanks Sharon for affirming the two can be mutually exclusive and there is another way to be religious

  10. I have met many different types of devout religious individuals. Most, are driven by their beliefs like a horse pulling a cart and wearing blinders. Some are just in a groove moving on, and others try to impose their beliefs. The ones that always stand out are those who cherry pick and practice the do as I say not as I do, religious rhetoric. Once we know that God lives within us all equally, all the time, and fully embody it, anything that is not truth, is a red flag.

  11. Amazing when we honour our deep inner feelings rather than keep trying to override them with justifications…

  12. Thank you Sharon, I am starting to see there has been a religious way I’ve lived in my life that has not been the real deal at all. I’ve settled for words, actions and disciplines but fogotten the most crucial ingredient of all – Love. How can a religion based on God be mean and hard? How can it hate and judge? How can it react and denegrate? It truly makes no sense at all. No amount of rules or dogma can hide the fact the Love is the hallmark of what is great. Make your day Loving and you can’t help but keep returning to the truth, and know a religious life.

  13. To have a solicitor who is responsible for upholding justice and the law telling members of his church not to go to police if they have experience paedophilia in the past shows the lack of love and integrity that this man and his religion has for not only the congregation but humanity at large.

  14. I couldn’t wait to break up with organised religion, it was shoved down my throat from the day I was born and it never seemed to sit well with me my break up was swift too and I was in a bit of a religious wilderness until coming across The Way of The Livingness which for me felt right immediately.

  15. There is a comment you make about not preaching and banging on doors, but representing your religion in the simplest way possible, just through the medium of how you live. Its so, so simple, and if we are being ourselves, effortless and gorgeous. A true way that does not impose on others but warms them from the inside out as well!

  16. Powerful stuff Sharon! I love that you trusted yourself and walked away from something once you could confirm it no longer felt true. Your new religion feels a lot more real.

  17. Religion or being religious is not defined by such things as a name, a building or an appointed position. Hence when there is a lack of integrity there is no religion irrespective of any other factor.

  18. The heart and the body only know truth. Allowing us to feel tells the truth about everything in the world. Whether it is the truth of religion or the truth of what to eat for lunch, every honest answer is within us.

  19. For me religion was always true it was how people wanted to live made it untrue. Truely there is no path back to God ,for we are of God in our essence , the want to live from this truth allows one to be religious. I am very religious this is the way I live ” The Way of The Livingness”

  20. In this life I have never been part of an organised religion, I never felt the authenticity in them, I have been intrigued by them some times and talked to friends about it, but could not bring myself to go along with what is so blatantly hypocritical…and the I encountered The Way of The Livingness and then I saw people walking their talk and I knew I had found religion lived, a rebinding to divinity through a relationship with the body.

  21. I love what you say about ‘sharing the love with, with everyone’; this is a connection with God, not to choose to be loving or favour a few or certain people but to meet everyone equally, this is largely missed in the world today, lots talk about it, but very few live it.

  22. Is it possible that over the centuries we have chosen to change what religion truly is so that it fits in with our irresponsible ways? The irony is that we then end up having an issue with ‘religion’ which we created in the first place.

  23. For many many years I attended the local spiritualist church three times a week, and was heavily involved with the study of the movement. Then one day there was a moment when my eyes were opened with what may seem an everyday meeting – I was talking to one of the other long term members and she was very scathing with her description of one of the other members, and later that night we went into a private meeting and this lady was asked to open with a prayer, and she started to talk about love. From that moment on I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I did not belong there, and this lady helped me enormously to see, for in that split second I could feel the emptiness of the words, and knew without a doubt that this was not love. What really stood out was the severity of the previous words and the now talking innocently about love, the two did not match. Shortly after that I resigned my membership.

  24. I left Religion when I found out what the church did in the dark ages, I was horrified then and found leaving easy. Finding The Way of The Livingness came many many years later and opened me up to the truth that I am love in my very essence as is every single person on this planet, love also. No more them and us as Religions would have it.

  25. it is like a veil of silk has been thrown over humanities eyes… It is time for this veil to be discarded so that we can truly feel our relationship with God that is there in every moment to be felt.

  26. ‘It did take me some time to recover from all the teachings I had so blindly aligned to, so much so I used to say I was recovering from organised religion, but I am delighted to report I have recovered and I have actually found my true religion.’ The insidious and pernicious teachings of organised religion can take a deeply rooted hold. Even though many people would say they are not religious they still manifest the symptoms of organised religion through guilt, shame and not feeling good enough!

  27. It is interesting how we fall for a ‘sense of belonging’ to religion. And, yet, the need to have a sense of belonging to something we naturally belong innately so is ridiculous. It is however a clear sign of the amount of distortion that prevails in matters of religion.

  28. There is so much out there that challenges our relationship with God – misrepresenting him through one organisation or another. The game changer for me is that The Way of The Livingness has always been about asking one to explore our relationship with God, in our bodies, in our way of living. Its personal, its relevant and it makes common sense…. and feels wonderful too.

  29. What I appreciate from The Way of The Livingness is that there are no prescriptions or rules to follow. It’s the inner and personal connection with God that initiates each individual religious experience.

  30. ‘The Way of The Livingness, – that mirrors how I feel inside, with no promises or dodgy aspects, but an invitation to unfold myself from within via ritual, rhythm and people, without a church, clergy or rule book in sight.’ This is a beautiful description of The Way of The Livingness Sharon. It is a shame many religions have strayed away from truth and love, and even though many know this they still hang onto it out of tradition or ideals and beliefs even when they thought it’s not true.

  31. On reflection going to sunday school as a child and later in my teens I felt every time I attended never enough. I always felt disempowered and that I had to go to chapel to make me feel worthy of God’s love. Breaking away from chapel naturally occurred when I got married in my early twenties. Although there was still an attachment I realised as I began to feel my worth that God was inside me and everything and all I needed to do was to connect to my essence within. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine through The Way of The Livingness are supporting me with this empowering me to be and live the truth of who I am, a son of God, the complete opposite to feeling small, needy, pathetic and having to rely on going to chapel to make me feel better.

  32. It is truly disgusting when any kind of organisation closes ranks because it is trying to hide something. Integrity goes out the window and it’s all about how things look from the outside and nothing to do with integrity. We have all seen and felt it, and to do that while also have a ‘religious’ nametag disrespects and demeans God.

  33. “an invitation to unfold myself from within via ritual, rhythm and people” that is certainly not what I would have thought of as religion but it certainly makes me want to know, hear and feel more.

  34. I was not brought up in a religious home, but still felt the restrictions of religion. In this though I also knew God. I came to a point in my life where I was searching for the connection with a knowingness of God that I knew was real. In this search I took myself off to church. What I discovered in this was that there was no equal love for all delivered from the church. In this I knew that it was not the way to connect back to the truth of God as I knew it within. Knowing this also lead me to Serge Benhayon and the Way of the Livingness.

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