What is My True Religion?

When I came to the works of Serge Benhayon, I was invited to look at my relationship with religion. At first, all I could do was worry – worry about what would be said about religion and the effect this would be having on the people around me, including myself. I seemed to carry an inner-tension I had built up since I was young that would result in an increasing heartbeat the moment religion was spoken about.

For years it would activate all my past experiences of when religion was being heatedly discussed and fought over. Many of the conversations I would hear from my family members and people around would differ so much. I would be feeling quite uncomfortable as people would be sharing different thoughts, different ideals, which would often bring disharmony and destruction into the group.

When Serge first presented on religion, all I could feel and see were those images, those beliefs, those frightening moments, the feeling of war and absolute separation this subject or ‘word’ is causing currently and has caused in the past. My body shook in reaction to these images I had taken on around this word ‘religion.’ I remember it as clearly as yesterday.

So the moment when Serge introduced the word religion, I was bracing in my chair, my automatic response, waiting for the disharmonious conversations to happen. Yet this time it was not the case at all: instead of disharmony, there was a stillness, a love, a holding that held us together, a union, a space and place where there was understanding of each other and courage to trust.

At first I thought it was the word religion that was the negative one, but in this presentation I made a commitment to truly feel what was going on for me. I could see people around me equally react to this subject/word quite strongly. I was intrigued by the offering now given to us all to ponder on.

What does the word religion mean to us? And does it actually represent the religion that is in truth dear to us? And so, is the word religion used and lived in its true meaning?

I felt a little uncomfortable as those questions popped into my mind. I took the time to just sit still and observe whatever I was feeling around this subject. Even though I felt like running away like I always would do when this subject is raised, this discussion somehow felt true and was one that I wanted and was ready to face.

The presentation continued and I knew we were on a path of true and open discussion.

Having the feeling that all the people around me were quite shaken up through the questions being posed and discussing what religion meant to them, I was feeling truly safe, simply because I felt inside that for the first time in my life, the matter of religion was truly being asked without any demand whatsoever. We were being offered a space to truly ponder with no right or wrong scenario – one I had never been offered before. The nervous tension I had been carrying, including the quickened heartbeat, had eased. The feeling of truth and the purpose of what religion truly meant seemed to rise as my heart expanded.

The thing is, all I can say from my ponderings over what occurred this time is that the questions presented by Serge Benhayon offered me so much to consider. It wasn’t just simply the questions themselves, but the way they were discussed that actually inspired me to be more open again to my relationship with the word religion. Instantly, the false images and ideals I had been running with seemed to stand out naturally, as simply a deception and distraction away from the truth.

What I had found was that I had been living on the interpretations, opinions, judgements and expressions about this word, but never truly made it my own. I did not allow myself to have a relationship with the word religion on my own, nor discern how I felt about it. I became aware of what I felt, and at the same time looked at all these images, beliefs, and thoughts I had about religion. I could feel how many of them weren’t actually true to me. Yet I had lived by them, thinking they were true. No longer did these concepts fit as I became more aware of the truth in my heart.

I could feel how it was easier to go with the ideals, emotions, beliefs and expectations of those around me, or even blame others if it suited. But I always had felt that there was more. I could feel that if I were to stand up to feel my own truth about my personal relationship with religion, I would stand out and have more chance of being disliked. So I continued my reflection and simply observed my ways. I observed the way I looked at religion, and if there was anything to ‘living religiously.’ I can remember finding it almost scary to go there. It made me feel more real, vulnerable and tangible and at the same time I felt visible to people from the outside, as if they could see through me like looking through a glass door.

Was I in any way, shape or form religious? And if I was, was this then a bad thing? Instantly I could feel the flavour of hiding again. As I was being more observant with my own behaviours and old patterns around religion, I started to taste the false beliefs I had been walking in. I started to feel how many of these thoughts and questions pulled me away from the actual religion I was feeling on the inside of my heart’s truth. Oh wait, what did I just say? Could it be that what I had thought, believed, and acted on, even though I made myself a non-Christian, non-Islamic, non-Jew, non-Buddhist, non-Hindu etc, besides the bits of truth I carried from them, was so very different to what I felt religion meant within me?

Yes… it did. And at the same time I could feel how everyone had their own space to choose what it meant to them. All the converting and imposition that I once thought religion was about simply faded away.

Honesty and my observations brought me back closer to the truth I know. And so I allowed my power to come out and stand in the fact that I am a deeply religious person. Even though this means the absolute opposite of what is going on in all the religions in the world today, it is okay.

Even though I was not choosing to conform to the norm, I felt an inner joy and deep inner-strength back again, at the same time feeling One and the same with everyone I was choosing the truth I felt in my heart. Even though there were some parts in life that did reflect the truth of my heart, it was in that very moment that I felt more universal, more expanded and closer to the All. I brought myself back, my religion back, which was not at all anything outside of me, but an activated connection and confirmation from within me. I felt a love that had no words, simply a connection to God. In this space all I found was what I now call my religion.

It was a moment of realisation. I could no longer put aside the truth I was feeling inside and I had to claim it for myself – as it is who I am. I knew that I would no longer fit into a certain box I had held myself in for so, so long. I was willing to take that step, even though I knew I had to leave behind my old behaviours – being nice to people, giving myself away for recognition or approval and wanting to be liked by people around me.

I also let go of certain needs – needing people to fulfil me, to make me feel good or better about myself. I accepted that people all of a sudden might see me as different, as an outsider. This also meant no longer holding on to relationships that naturally no longer worked and/or felt true or respectful.

All of this brought an enormous strength back in my body. With that there came trust and all I could feel was GOD, Love, People and Brotherhood in action. My true personal relationship with religion became bright and alive again.

All of this was inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon: not only on that specific day, but at all the courses, presentations and sessions thereafter. Serge presents a livingness known as The Way of The Livingness, which is based on true religion in our every way –every day.

I came to feel that there is no such thing as having no religion or not being religious, but that we all have a deep knowing of what religion is. It is just a matter of connecting to it again. We are ALL part of it. We know we are all the same and religion binds us All.

Let us all re-awaken to the simple ways of what true religion is. It is within us all.

By Danna Elmalah

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448 thoughts on “What is My True Religion?

  1. Thank you Danna, True religion has allowed all those ideals, beliefs and comparison to drop away and as you have shared so much about what we all have felt at times is now a past memory thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

  2. We react to religion and the word religion because of what we have come to see the word and practice of religion to be, yet it is also amazing to detach from what we have experienced and re-consider the truth of words and make the practice an internal rather than an external one.

  3. Thank you Danna. I remember myself when Serge introduced the topic of religion and how many people reacted and I was also one. Reading your blog today, what struck me was how we do innately know what religion truly is, otherwise why would we feel so reactive to what is being expressed as religion in this world? I have also completely changed my relationship to religion knowing it was my own innate connection to God and to myself as part of God.

  4. Being absolutely honest about how we feel when the game of human life plays out around us is integral to our development as human beings. Great blog Danna.

  5. I am really loving how you share this process of coming to the truth through being allowed to feel and express whatever is there for each of us, no right or wrong, no judgment or a goal we need to arrive at, but just keep unfolding.

  6. There are no beliefs, no images, no worshipping in The Way of The Livingness. The simplicity of a religion that brings you back to you, the truth.

  7. Many of us know there is more to religion than what has been taught or bought up around. Growing up in the Hindu religion, I recalled men and women being separated from each other and knowing this was wrong, it didn’t feel true. So I would do the opposite. I would go over and speak to the men, not necessarily sitting but visit them to have a chat. I have to add I wasn’t popular at first but sooner or later the younger generation would be doing something similar.

    I don’t know what it is like to be in a temple as I don’t feel to visit them any more, and I don’t condone those who chose to visit them either.

    True religion is within us all, there is no worshipping of anything or that God is external or he/she resides within a certain building. God resides within us all, its a matter of whether this feels true for you or not, I know what feels true for me now since being inspired by Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness.

  8. It is so clear to see how having different and separate religious ideals has created a global tension between people which has ultimately lead to war. But the personal impact of this tension is perhaps far less obvious and clear to see. So what is described here in this article is very important because it starts the conversation about how religious hatred and violence affects us all on a deeply personal level – even if we have never personally experienced it – which is a vitally important subject for the bigger picture of global relations.

    1. That is so true, the more obvious is so much easier to see and react to yet we rarely question the less obvious reactions to what we see and the reaction and detachment from a source of constant support and wisdom.

  9. True religion is in the way we move and live everyday, people can sniff it out a mile away when we are speaking from knowledge, or repeating another’s words, that’s why the Livingness is so important and powerful as it speaks far louder than our words.

  10. The question to be posed is how come a topic that was an issue and caused all kind of physical reactions ceases to be an issue and turns into something just natural. What is this telling us regarding what we understand religion to be and the way to connecting to it that does not cause any physical reaction and is totally at ease with us. This is a miracle produced by The Way of The Livingness.

  11. What if we simply define religion as our relationship to life – then we can’t help but have a religion – it’s then up to us to define the quality of our religious experience.

  12. If we allow others to live and be in their religion we also allow ourselves to do the same. And vice versa.

  13. You are discussing religion here but could we transpose this to discussions in general, do we not, as a general rule, find ourselves in a state of tension when we discuss topics? Do we allow our children to talk freely, to consider, to question, to share what they have experienced, without needing to shape the understanding and the conversation into a nice neat box. I suspect we learn over time to avoid the tension and acquiesce to the most dominant voice to keep the peace.

  14. ” The presentation continued and I knew we were on a path of true and open discussion ”
    Its amazing what can be discussed and brought out once the purpose of the discussion is to get to the source and this then brings one to truth without any drama.

  15. We often get caught up in the different beliefs around religion, for me my religion has comes from my own connection to God, my inner connection with my soul that asks for nothing, but to be the love I naturally am and return to my true essence.

  16. Just reading my comment above, how insane that the word God, which is packed with such divinity, expansiveness and inspiration, could have been so twisted so we feel precisely the opposite.

  17. I suspect the rest of the room was bracing in the same as you were Danna, and likewise spent the rest of the discussion slowly unpacking that so we could all get a clearer sense of what a relationship with God might actually look like if we dropped all our misconceptions from the past.

    1. A great and deeply inspiring reflection of what true religion is all about, not what we say or read but how we choose to live and move.

  18. Just like you Danna I loved how Serge offered me getting awareness on all the false ways the world religion has been used and the effect it had on me. So when in my job interview to become a celebrant for the local council of the town I live in they asked me if I have a religion I said yes. A beautiful discussion followed when they asked me to not bring in my religion during a wedding ceremony. I shared I don’t need to talk about God or my connection to the universe in a speech, but the way I live and move every day is religious and I wouldn’t hold back my love for people, not for the couple getting married nor for their guests.

    1. Monika you have really highlighted a key point here, that religion is not necessarily about words or beliefs, but very simply about love – something that we can live everyday.

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