Talking His Walk

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘walking your talk.’

We usually take it to mean that what we talk, the principles we tell other people about, the way of living we endorse, the philosophies we hold and believe to be true and worthy, should be the way that we walk, i.e. the way that we live our life.

‘Walking your talk’ is very frequently used in areas of life such as business, sports, spirituality, health (particularly in the areas of weight loss, fitness and addiction), self-development, parenting, religion, education, and in fact any area of life where there is a perceived scale of goodness or worthiness against which we measure ourselves.

However I have seen most people, including myself, struggle with ‘walking their talk’ in practice. I once had a discussion with a group who were doing a lifestyle development process that focussed on remaining continuously mindful about how they were presenting themselves to the world. This covered posture, movement, style of speech, suppression of emotions, and general demeanour. They were very committed to this and paid a lot of money to do the course, promoting it to all their friends as well. But, and this is a big but, I could feel in those people an incredible tension of trying to constantly impose their philosophy onto their bodies according to their belief in what they thought was the right way. The effect was stilted speech, guarded demeanour, unresponsiveness to the energy or feeling of another person, second-guessing their own every word and move, and in effect living in a self-imposed ‘straitjacket’.

When it comes to gurus in many areas of life, I’ve noticed that the walking of the talk seems to be more difficult and more often unfulfilled for the guru than what is seen among the general mass of their followers (who usually reduce themselves and believe they are not good enough). An example is discovering that a spiritual guru who promotes a drug-free, ascetic, celibate life of mastery over desire, and constant presence and meditation, turns out to be indulgent, emotional, attention seeking, promiscuous, and revelling in power. I’ve noticed that the so-called advanced students of this guru (and it could apply to many gurus) are into drugs, all-night parties, pedophilia, multiple sexual partners and material opulence, while the face they present to the world, to their clients [in the case of practitioners] and to their communities, is one of serene, self-mastered enlightenment. Total hypocrisy!

I’ve noticed that many people who are great advocates of sport, fitness, physical body development, health and beauty, while presenting the face of their held beliefs to the world (‘talk’), behind the scenes live (‘walk’) the opposite. They eat lots of junk food, indulge in drugs, stay up late, party hard, overtrain, dishonour their relationships and compensate for the damage with health products, plastic surgery, top brand clothing and cars, psychotherapy, photoshopped images, etc. Again, hypocrisy.

And haven’t we all either experienced ourselves, or noticed others go through, the rollercoaster process of trying to lose weight and stay slim? Or get fit? Or be less angry? Or meet our ‘new year’s resolutions’?

What about churchgoing people? How often do we, or the ones we know, fail to live up to the ideal of living and worshipping according to our beliefs and then feel guilty and lesser for having failed to meet our own expectations and the expectations of our church?

Have you ever observed business leaders, lifestyle coaches, politicians, teachers, etc., who stand up and present (‘talk’) about ‘the best way to do it’ from the superior position of being a model of what they are talking, only to discover that in the day-to-day truth (‘walk’) of their private lives off stage, they do not live up to what they speak?

To be fair to people, we all have an inner sense of the true higher life, a feeling for what we could be if we were to live to the level of love, detachment, integrity, quality, commitment, compassion, service, and self-care that we believe to be a true path and worthy of walking. There is no doubt this is a true impulse toward our soul and our future life on earth. However, there is a big problem with the whole ‘walking your talk’ situation, and that is that we attempt to impose it upon ourselves from our thoughts based on a system of adopted beliefs in whatever arena of life we are considering.

The mind can take on any thoughts or system of belief and attempt to impose it on the body. Our minds can decide how we are to move, eat, speak, write, relate to others, etc. But if this is coming from outside of our bodies [and thoughts do indeed come from outside of our bodies, despite a deeply held belief among the majority of modern reductionist scientists], then what those thoughts are asking our body to do may be in contradiction to where our bodies are at and what they are capable of doing in their present state.

So if we are addicted to anything, be it drugs, sex, recognition, fame, work, victimhood, relationships, depression, wealth, being upbeat, looking cool, or whatever, then our bodies are energetically and physically configured to remain in that status quo and will have great difficulty rising above it – except in an occasional glorious moment of mastery and truly feeling the principle we strive to live constantly. But most of the time we struggle, not meeting our own expectations in the way we eat, sleep, exercise, walk, work, teach, parent, or relate.

What if by saying ‘walking our talk’ we have got it completely back to front? What if the truth is that the path to the higher life opens before us when we recognise that we are actually ‘talking our walk’ instead? That everything we say – our posture, our actions, all our expressions – are coming from the actual current state of our bodies?

This moves energy in the opposite direction from what we have been believing to be the way. What if the talking [i.e. our every expression] is coming from our bodies first, not our minds? What if we are in fact talking our walk in almost every moment of life? Another way to say this is that whatever state our body is really in, whatever the energy determining our choices, is what will govern what we say, how we look and how we behave.

That would certainly explain the difficulty we all have in ‘walking our talk’ – we are pushing against a great natural force with the inadequate counterforce of thoughts derived from somewhere else! And what if the difficulty of this leads to our applying an even greater counterforce of thought to try to overcome the momentum in our bodies? An example would be telling ourselves very sternly: “I absolutely will give up chocolate, I will not buy it, I will not even think about it,” only to find ourselves dreaming about it, obsessing over it, and pretty soon devouring it and feeling like a failure, which even spoils the indulgent saviour of comfort we were seeking? It doesn’t work because the thoughts are imposed onto the body in denial of where the body is at, the momentum the body is in. Moreover our bodies know this! Thus we feel the struggle.

While we go about ‘in love with’ our own thoughts, making plans, philosophising about how we will be, our body is sitting there being a part of the one universe and knowing in its every particle how to be in that universe. In effect, we are fighting against the flow when we try to walk our talk from a body that is in a momentum out of sync with the true flow of the all.

It has been a great revolution in my life to meet, come to know, observe and emulate as a great role model, a man who talks his walk. A man who expresses every word, thought, and action from the truth of his body. A man who continually commits to listening to his body and being guided by the truth it is expressing. So that if the body communicates (from universal knowing) that a food, a word, an action, or a movement feels to be out of alignment with the universe, he uses that awareness to make the next movement in the direction of alignment with the universe. Moment by moment, this builds a foundation from which the next thoughts and actions will come from the body, of a quality increasingly true. And what is the result of this commitment to awareness and being truthful about what is observed, with humility and yet with authority? The result is a man named Serge Benhayon.

This is not about worshipping an individual who has done something really cool that is difficult to impossible for most of us. This is about accepting and appreciating that someone, a fellow human, a brother, is talking his walk for all of us to see and to know that it is possible for all of us to do too. All we need do is open to the possibility that we have had it back to front all our lives, and that with this simple heartfelt commitment to listen to our bodies, to listen to our hearts, and to move in accordance with their communications (which come from the universe via our souls), then we too can walk and talk the joy-full life of grace, wisdom, harmony, brotherhood and unlimited love that we know is our true living way.

By Dianne Trussell, dedicated student of myself and humanity, scientist (BSc Hons), Goonellabah, Australia

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547 thoughts on “Talking His Walk

  1. Beautiful Dianne, I’ve been getting recently how the words that we say (like these ones I’m typing here) are almost irrelevant when you consider them next to the quality we live. It’s from our choices, our alignment to truth, to what we do, that our words carry their true wisdom. If there is something I am struggling with inside, so too will my movements, actions and expression carry this confusion. What a great thing it is then when we choose Love and become clear in ourselves.

  2. I have struggled to action the words that I speak and from this blog I think its a pretty common for people to feel this way. Making life about the body before the mental thought process, is actually a fascinating science that I believe will one day be proven on a practical level. It is quite beautiful and simple when you consider it, we just commit to moving in a way that will actually guarantee the way we speak/talk and be with others, our breathe is included in these movements.

  3. ‘our bodies are energetically and physically configured to remain in that status quo and will have great difficulty rising above it’, I relate to this with a specific issue that has popped up for me to look at. But it feels like I cap myself in some way not able to break free of the trap/belief I am carrying.

  4. It’s so simple to bring our awareness back to our whole body, to the quality that we move and breath with and at the same time very profound in supporting us to re-connect with our innate source of wisdom.

  5. I love it Dianne, definitely Serge Benhayon is the epitome of someone who lives in full communion with his body, his every move is performed with such a grace and holding of the all, a true blessing for all.

  6. Walking your talk at least means to be authentic in acting on what you consider to be true or right. Talking your walk means to live it and thus 1. know what you are talking about from lived experience and 2. you don´t shy back from speaking your truth. In the end of course, walking and talking are a circle, being one expression.

  7. Would healthcare systems change if the professionals working within them fully talked their walk, and we supported doctors, nurses and staff to look after themselves to the hilt so that medicine/healthcare was a profession of pure inspiration and standard setting and not one we associate with exhaustion.

    1. Great point, Susie. How amazing would it be if an integral part of a young doctor’s training was to set the standard of what true health and wellbeing is, as a lived example for all their future patients?

  8. ‘The mind can take on any thoughts or system of belief and attempt to impose it on the body.’ This is where we can set ourselves up to fail for our bodies are designed to live harmoniously, each part supporting the others and not in parts with the mind leading the way.

  9. I love this article. It is revelatory. I’ve struggled with giving up addictions (and what amazing examples given that go beyond the usually accepted examples – showing how ingrained and accepted addictions are in society and how far from living our amazingness we live). I cannot deny trying to impose a mentally driven thought based solution does not work! So becoming aware of what I am actually living in my body and expressing, and having the harmony of the universe, that my body always can feel, as my reference point (and not these mental aspirations/ideals), is such a wonderful starting point to healing the addictions or behaviours being used to keep me from my Soul.

  10. The power of the Walk is beyond what we all presently comprehend yet, but it is sinking in and becoming a reality. The whole modelling industry will be transformed along with all our lives. I am loving walking with the son of God shining in me!

  11. How many of us proport to live a life of love yet a simple scratch of the surface finds quite often the opposite being lived. There is only a handful of people who live where the more you look the more love you find there, they just happen to live in the same family! Thank God I have been witness to lived love not just talked love.

    1. I agree rachelmurtagh1. I have never met any-one else like Serge Benhayon who walks their talk in every single aspect of their life. All life, no matter what he is doing is as important, nothing is menial, all is equal.

  12. Talking our walk comes not from the mind but from the body who knows truth, as the body is felt and listened to the walk naturally follows, living your truth, as we see and feel inspired by Serge as he talks his walk, and walk his talk.

  13. Great blog Dianne when we impose our thoughts onto our body nothing changes, and this shows why so many addicts go back to their old behaviours or eventually find something else that can seem less harming but does not change the energy that created the addiction in the first place. Your example of chocolate is so true and I did exactly what you describe imposed my thoughts onto body that I mustn’t eat chocolate and this worked for 3 or 4 years and it looked like I had quit chocolate, until one day it kept being presented to me and I ate some over a few days It wasn’t until the after affects showed up in my body and I was ill for about 2 months with flu and a really bad continuous cough that I knew I would never eat chocolate again, My body showed me in no uncertain terms that it would not tolerate chocolate and there is no way I would want to now. I got to feel the irresponsibility to myself and those around me. The knowing of the harm that chocolate (especially dairy chocolate) did was no long my mind using knowledge it was my body talking it’s walk.

  14. When we talk about something that we don’t actually live the words feel empty and it feels like we are trying to convince people but also ourselves. I know that when I talk about something that I already live there is no sense of trying to convince. There is simply a stating of the facts and the reality of what I know and live. It feels very different.

  15. Even though we cannot see what is going on behind closed doors in people’s lives, we can feel the quality in which they live through their bodies. The moment I met Serge Benhayon, I could feel that I was in front of someone who had the deepest level of integrity and loving respect for all of humanity.

  16. I am a member of our local gym and the hypocrisy that happens consistently is very obvious. What I have noticed is that women will do an hour long work out and then go straight to the little coffee shop attached and have coffee and cake. They chat together as they workout in the gym about their latest big night out. They champion the fact they can lift heavy weights, etc. but ignore their bodies and the harm they are doing from their indulgences in food, coffee, alcohol, excess sugar etc. but as well the hardness they go into when exercising their bodies.

  17. The word shallow comes to me, concerning people who do a lot off speaking, writing etc but are not living what they preach…we can all feel it when it is shallow, often it is a matter of when we want to be honest about what we feel or not that is the issue. I have observed Serge Benhayon for over a decade, he has consistently been inspiring, trustworthy and respectful. I do not doubt him, he has depth.

  18. There is a profound difference in quality when some is talking their walk as with Serge Benhayon, it can felt and heard on such a different level, one that is absolute truth and deeply inspiring.

  19. Walking your talking is easy when a person has grounded it in their every living way and felt the truth of what it means – just holding their body without words speaks loudly of what is there in that moment. One truly does need to walk what they are living before they talk what they are living because with out this they are only repeating empty words. Serge Benhayon walks his talk and this can be felt for the honour and truth that they hold.

  20. “This is not about worshipping an individual who has done something really cool that is difficult to impossible for most of us. This is about accepting and appreciating that someone, a fellow human, a brother, is talking his walk for all of us to see and to know that it is possible for all of us to do too.” It is almost unheard of to come across someone who gives so much to others so that they too can be inspired to do the same, but who expects nothing back. But Serge Benhayon is one such man.

  21. By ‘talking our walk’ we are being honest with ourselves and others. We accept where we are at and are transparent for all to see. It is through this way of being present with ourselves we can choose evolution.

  22. It is wise to just be here in this moment without any pictures of how we want ourselves to be. This allows us to really just walk this moment. When we truly appreciate this moment, it opens up the next moment, without any special excitement to look forward to, but if we look back at ourselves after a certain period of time, we would find this naturalness already being lived, and thus our expression naturally changes. But there is no one point we can look forward to, because it is a process and a deepening. I find this to be deeply inspiring.

  23. This is so true and a brilliant revelation to realise that we can talk our walk – Serge Benhayon talks his walk – he is the real deal and his talk is completely in line with his movements, and his walk is what becomes the quality of his talk. He doesn’t make out he is something he is not, it is straight up truth, not compromise, not for anyone.

  24. It is lovely when we can feel someone who is consistent, that is when the talk and the walk are one and the same. Yet, in truth, this is only the case, when there is a natural flow and nothing of imposition upon the body. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. We see unnatural patterns of consistency (resulting in bodies that feel weirdly) or simply put ups for the others. Both cases reveal the true limits of crediting the talk. We can only credit the talk when it is a natural emanation of a body (the walk). That is why talking the walk makes so much sense. It helps to cut through and to focus on what really matters.

  25. It can be easy to see what we could be doing to be healthy, to be inspirational, to live strong values, but there can also be blocks to achieving this. I guess that is why it is always more powerful to live the values we want to see in others rather than focussing on telling others what to do, and then we offer so much more by way of reflection than we ever could have by sharing an intention that is not lived.

  26. It’s usually the people who brag about walking their talk that are actually pretending where as the ones who are humble in the imperfection of their walking and talking are the ones that live the integrity you speak of.

  27. This blog reveals how important it is to be able to connect with the body and feel its quality, for from this is where the talking comes from. And it is amazing to feel how much authority with beauty can come from one’s body when we allow it. Our body and our movements are governed by energy – and hence the question to ask is what energy is running us and hence determines the quality of our walk and hence our talk!?

  28. This is a brilliant article Diane and full of deep wisdom. Serge Benhayon is such a great example of someone who ‘talks his walk’, he continually offers a powerful reflection that humanity can feel blessed by.

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