Our Delicateness

There is power in delicateness, and we feel this when we are moved by the beauty of a flower.

The beauty of a flower lies in its delicateness. The tender petals, often tissue thin, the tiny stamen, and the arrangement of the petals that seem to barely hold together.

There is fragility in something so delicate and beautiful, so we know to handle a flower with care. If we were to try to protect it with some kind of armour we would simply crush the flower. Something that fragile and magical is not meant to be contained or hidden away, it’s meant to be on show.

The beauty of a flower is there when it is fully open. If the flower were to keep itself closed to protect itself from possible harm, the world would be missing out on profound beauty. Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?

We also cannot force the flower to toughen up to protect itself, because all the beauty is in the delicateness. Flowers that are hard, brittle or rigid just would not work.

We, as human beings, are also by nature delicate. As babies we express an exquisite and unadulterated beauty that is the essence of who we are. We live this essence fully until life alters us, but before that time the delicate and gorgeous being we are easily melts the hardest of hearts. We inspire, bring joy, open hearts to love, remind what life is all about, and bring healing to those feeling battered or worn down by the harshness of life. Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to. Like flowers, we handle babies with great care, honouring their sensitivity and never questioning their fragile nature. We accept them as they are – delicate and precious.

As we leave the tender years of babyhood, we may harden our body in an attempt to protect ourselves from the onslaughts of life. Over time this hardening encases the beauty within so that no one can see the delicate person inside. We may even forget that we ourselves are beautiful.

We may toughen ourselves, preferring to meet the world with aggression or defensiveness, portraying a false strength, forgetting that our innocent inner beauty is much more powerful. We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.

And, just as it is with babies, our body communicates a fragility every time we mistreat it, handle it roughly, neglect it, or push and drive it. Like a flower being battered in a storm, there is only so much that it can take before it shows the signs or becomes completely tattered.

We rarely see flowers alone; they grow everywhere in all shades, shapes and colours, ready to share their light-hearted playfulness, their sensual depths, their fragrance and inspiring beauty. There is never one beautiful flower and the rest are average – they are all beautiful.

I have seen whole fields of flowers… an ocean of colour, form, and beauty so moving it completely stopped me. I could not be more with my heart to see such grandeur – so simple and so powerful.

Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? What if we collectively dropped the armour, hardness, toughness and masks, and simply let the true, beautiful and delicate person on the inside, out?

And what if we dropped the self-neglect and nurtured ourselves like precious flowers, always taking great care to support and nurture the beautiful being within, so we were always present and on show? What kind of world would that be?

Imagine an ocean, a global field of human beings glorious in their natural beauty, emanating their innate gorgeousness for all to experience.

What would it be like walking in that field every day?

By Melinda Knights, Self employed in the construction industry

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514 thoughts on “Our Delicateness

  1. Walking in greater awareness of oneself is often offered when we walk in nature. We are constantly reminded of who we are… But we are just choosing to not see.. The more will there is in us of wanting to see and feel – the more we will see. Simple. Grandly so.

  2. ‘We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.’ Hmmm, now there’s a choice. First of course we are to be connected to our beauty and that is really the choice we are making. If we don’t feel it straight away it is for us to allow it to surface and this happens when we are connected to our body and surrendering.

  3. It would be truly beautiful if everyone opened their hearts and allowed their natural tenderness to unfold. What I’m seeing is that when I am open with people that they start to open up too and it happens even without anything being said. It is a natural way we return to, sometimes even without realising.

  4. Yes flowers reflect to us that life doesn’t have to be hard, brutal, stressed, contracted etc. The beauty of a flower can inspire us to connect to our own beauty within.

  5. What if as the flower developed and blooms, and it radiates out its delicate essence or perfume then we also can allow ourselves to be in our delicate essence so we radiate all that we can be, so this is felt as a Loving reflection? Unlike the flower, which is sharing a valuable lesson, as the flower always will return to remind us what is possible from to our essence, we can always stay with our essence. Thus we can always deliver a divine reflect or connection to stay in full-bloom with our Loving reflection.

  6. I am very reminded that delicateness is a strength, we don’t think that it is due to how the world currently operates. But I have found that when I am in my delicateness, those who are not have an opportunity to also feel their own delicateness.

  7. There is a difference when a person walks wanting to attract attention in need to be confirmed by another, than when one walks in their fullness not holding back the power of their true nature as it is then that people can not resist to notice and be inspired by such magical presence in another.

  8. A gorgeous blog Melinda thank you, we are all plants in the field of God, some already in full bloom showing their delicate beauty for all to see, others are at different stages off blooming showing promise of the glory to come, other plants are just at the tiny budding stage with no sign of what it holds within as yet and other plants have no buds or blooms anywhere visible, but within the seed of the plant lies the potential that at some time a glorious bloom will appear.

  9. I look around a city and see the lack of nurturing. Fast food consumed at lunchtime, people in not enough warm clothes, people with their heads down just getting on with it, security chasing away homeless men, a huge us and them divide in the class system, a general lack of awareness, care and exhaustion. It shows that we are living far from who we truly are.

  10. Just imaging this “Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? ” brings joy to the body and a smile on my face. Wow if we just stopped to celebrate our delicateness how amazing would we feel and what beauty would we reflect.

  11. “Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?” – Great point and analogy! And staying closed doesn’t actually protect our delicateness – we are in effect crushing it ourself rather than simply allowing ourselves to be all of who we are…

    1. How delicate we each are, how strongly consistent in our divinity and grace and how harmonious our true flow when we connect to the truth of who we are.

  12. Two things stand out here – how deliberate we are and how we suppress that delicate-ness and one of our tools to do so is self-neglect …. your question brought me pause…. what if I lived without self-neglect? How would my life be different? This I will explore.

  13. I’m only now re-connecting with delicateness, something I’ve not previously associated myself with, but beginning to appreciate it as a quality we all innately have.

    1. Me too kehinde2012 and it is beautiful to feel the delicateness expand within my body as I let go of the hardness and protection exposing that this quality has always been there patiently waiting to be uncovered to come out and reflect to all.

  14. Like a flower, when we allow ourselves to be truly tender and unhindered by our hard ways, than a relationship will truly blossom.

  15. We do appreciate flowers for their delicateness and fragility, and yet we do not associate these qualities with ourselves, and even though they were there as a baby and plain for all to see and feel. And then later on when we are reminded that these qualities are within us and never left us, we find it hard to accept that this is part of our natural nature. This to me shows how far away from ourselves we go when we choose to harden and use protection as a shield.

  16. ‘We may toughen ourselves, preferring to meet the world with aggression or defensiveness, portraying a false strength, forgetting that our innocent inner beauty is much more powerful.’ Its interesting to observe how readily I will leave connection to my delicateness in exchange for toughening up and going into drive. Being aware of this and my movements supports me to stay connected to my inner world.

  17. Sometimes you may find one flower rising up through the cracks in concrete which shows us no matter what is put in its path it still allows itself to be all that it is and reflect this out to others.

    1. And this is such a stark contrast to the world in which we live in, noticeably so – where we are pushed this way and that and incessantly never let be.

  18. Yesterday I felt myself harden and start to be harsh with myself, so I stopped at the flower store and bought myself a bunch of delicate peachy pink roses which are here in my bedroom to remind me of the delicateness that is me.

  19. A world in which we shine our true beauty, in our full gloriousness, without excuse will be a world knowing of joy and true inspiration.

  20. Nature is healing on every level – it is little wonder that we seek natures many forms to return us to a rhythm of inner-harmony be that momentary or lasting.

  21. I simply love flowers and being in nature and being able to take a moment to appreciate what they reflect offers us a great awareness about our own connection and how we in turn all connect to one divine way of being and that is truly awesome to consider.

  22. When I think of the beauty of all different kinds of flowers and leaves it makes comparison and jealousy seem so out of place in our world – as in all those emotions do is get us to negate the beauty inside of us rather than truly appreciate what we have to offer and appreciate the reflection offered to us by others…

  23. Preciousness is indeed apt for each and every one of us – regardless of the exterior, facade and chosen living way. Who we in truth are can never be corrupted and awaits nourishment and honouring of our divine quality.

  24. My favourite flower is a rose, there is something exquisite and delicate about a rose, I have a few in my garden and it brings me great joy to see them in full bloom.

  25. I love this Melinda “Imagine an Ocean , a global field of human beings, glorious in their natural beauty , emanating their innate gorgeousness for all to experience”. I could see that in my minds eye and the effect would be and explosion of Love.

  26. The natural beauty of flowers is a joy to behold. I’m currently in Portugal where wild fires have devastated so much of the countryside. Returning back to my relatives home after evacuating to see their house still standing and to see the flowers surrounding it are a joy that a few days ago I took for granted.

  27. Reading this it occurred to me that if we did not have delicateness, tenderness and gentleness as part of our makeup, we would not be able to just call on it when we are presented with a newborn baby or a delicate flower.

  28. It would feel pretty amazing and I cannot wait for that day ✨ Currently we are living in a world where boys, girls, men and women do not feel on the whole they can be open, sensitive and delicate. But this is absolutely possible and there is a true power in living this way.

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