Our Delicateness

There is power in delicateness, and we feel this when we are moved by the beauty of a flower.

The beauty of a flower lies in its delicateness. The tender petals, often tissue thin, the tiny stamen, and the arrangement of the petals that seem to barely hold together.

There is fragility in something so delicate and beautiful, so we know to handle a flower with care. If we were to try to protect it with some kind of armour we would simply crush the flower. Something that fragile and magical is not meant to be contained or hidden away, it’s meant to be on show.

The beauty of a flower is there when it is fully open. If the flower were to keep itself closed to protect itself from possible harm, the world would be missing out on profound beauty. Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?

We also cannot force the flower to toughen up to protect itself, because all the beauty is in the delicateness. Flowers that are hard, brittle or rigid just would not work.

We, as human beings, are also by nature delicate. As babies we express an exquisite and unadulterated beauty that is the essence of who we are. We live this essence fully until life alters us, but before that time the delicate and gorgeous being we are easily melts the hardest of hearts. We inspire, bring joy, open hearts to love, remind what life is all about, and bring healing to those feeling battered or worn down by the harshness of life. Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to. Like flowers, we handle babies with great care, honouring their sensitivity and never questioning their fragile nature. We accept them as they are – delicate and precious.

As we leave the tender years of babyhood, we may harden our body in an attempt to protect ourselves from the onslaughts of life. Over time this hardening encases the beauty within so that no one can see the delicate person inside. We may even forget that we ourselves are beautiful.

We may toughen ourselves, preferring to meet the world with aggression or defensiveness, portraying a false strength, forgetting that our innocent inner beauty is much more powerful. We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.

And, just as it is with babies, our body communicates a fragility every time we mistreat it, handle it roughly, neglect it, or push and drive it. Like a flower being battered in a storm, there is only so much that it can take before it shows the signs or becomes completely tattered.

We rarely see flowers alone; they grow everywhere in all shades, shapes and colours, ready to share their light-hearted playfulness, their sensual depths, their fragrance and inspiring beauty. There is never one beautiful flower and the rest are average – they are all beautiful.

I have seen whole fields of flowers… an ocean of colour, form, and beauty so moving it completely stopped me. I could not be more with my heart to see such grandeur – so simple and so powerful.

Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? What if we collectively dropped the armour, hardness, toughness and masks, and simply let the true, beautiful and delicate person on the inside, out?

And what if we dropped the self-neglect and nurtured ourselves like precious flowers, always taking great care to support and nurture the beautiful being within, so we were always present and on show? What kind of world would that be?

Imagine an ocean, a global field of human beings glorious in their natural beauty, emanating their innate gorgeousness for all to experience.

What would it be like walking in that field every day?

By Melinda Knights, Self employed in the construction industry

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569 thoughts on “Our Delicateness

  1. Melinda, great question; ‘what if we dropped the self-neglect and nurtured ourselves like precious flowers, always taking great care to support and nurture the beautiful being within?’, I can feel that this is what young children do, they honour and express what they are feeling, if they are cold they let you know, if something hurts they cry, they put themselves first and honour themselves, this feels very natural.

  2. As we all are equal in essence, we too are equal in our tenderness and once we choose to live that all together as one, the glory of humanity will be restored in such a grandness that we collectively never will choose to abandon this quality of our being ever again.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Melinda, I have felt like a battered flower myself today! Protection and going hard, closing up and not expressing is debilitating, whereas I have had the experience of feeling like a flower in full bloom, not hiding and beauty on show. I know which one I prefer.

  4. Having now felt my delicateness, I know without a doubt that being hard and going into protection is not natural to us and goes against nature. Having a field of people open and unprotected would be a sight to see and feel, and would change the world as we know it today.

  5. I find protection is what stops me from connecting to and living with the strength of delicateness. When I let this protection drop delicateness is always their to warmly greet me. I find I hold the protection in my shoulders and over my chest area by tightening my muscles and hardening my stance. To connect to my delicateness I allow myself to feel the warmth I feel flow across my upper torso, and I melt. I highly recommend connecting to one’s delicateness.

  6. Beautiful reminder, Melinda. It may look like the world currently is not be making it any easy for our true essence to be lived and expressed, but the world is as is because we are not living who we truly are. It is our choice.

  7. We tend to get on with life and forget to stop and feel just how delicate we are, in essence and in body. I love this article because it calls me to stop, remember and embrace the delicateness I am and have always been.

  8. What a great question to consider ‘We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.’ …. so do we show our beauty or hold people away with our hardness, and in doing so we’re hardening our selves too, so we miss our own beauty, feels a loose loose for all of us. So back to showing our beauty and learning to live and be this each moment.

    1. This sentence really does make you stop and consider Monica, to move people with our beauty rather than move people away. The difference is huge and to move people with our beauty is all encompassing and inclusive.

  9. “Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to.” I was on a plane yesterday and at the end when we were all waiting to get off, there was a baby behind me, and I watched about 5-6 adults in front me of, totally melt when they made contact with that baby. It was quite something to watch because you are right, babies do connect us back to that purity, grace, joy, and playfulness that we were born with. So when we connect, we melt back into that state, and so easily as well. So that says to me that it is always there, it just waits for an invitation to come out. So what if we invited ourselves? and did not wait for those brief interactions on planes or in supermarkets etc…

  10. When I watch another person being delicate in the way that they do something it is something to be cherished and deeply appreciated.

  11. This is a discussion that we need to have and continually have as there are many many people, old and young that feel their innate delicateness, sweetness and tenderness but do not feel they can show or express this within the world. The more we make this normal the easier it becomes for people to just be and allow themselves to be all of this and more. Also being delicate, sweet or tender does not mean anything fluffy there is actually great power in this.

  12. It is an endless spiral..we toughen to protect us from the hard world around us, but the world is only hard because we have toughened, and in that have left our sensitivity and delicateness. So waiting, as we do now, for the world to change has taken eons and will take eons more, for only if we return to our delicateness will the world change as well, for we ourselves are what this world is made of.

  13. “Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?” – what misery. The joy of an opened rose or scent of a lily… is the joy and scent of us as a human in our essence.

  14. I love this analogy of human beings to flowers and this fragility and delicateness is something I am recently learning to appreciate in myself as a man. The power of tenderness is very profound and life changing.

  15. Tenderness and delicateness are palpable in this blog inspiring me to drop any protection I might be holding and allow a greater unfolding of my own sweet delicacy and tenderness, allowing for a greater honouring of these qualities and appreciation too.

  16. “Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to.” I have taken to reminding new mothers – in my work volunteering on a maternity ward supporting new parents with feeding their babies – to treat themselves with as much tenderness as they treat their newborns. It is shocking to see how roughly some women treat their own breasts (whilst massaging them to express breast milk for their babies). Delicateness is not something we have been taught to embrace as women.

  17. Nature is always guiding us to see what is naturally inherent within. A constant messenger of what we have forgotten. Everything is a message to us leading us back home to who we are.

  18. I love your description of a field of flowers. Flowers don’t compare or tell other flowers not to open, they just show their magic and remind us to give ourselves permission to do the same.

  19. There is such a beautiful inherent order in nature where things not only co-exist but support each other, reminding us that we if we were to choose we could follow that flow and order as well.

  20. Delicateness is found in nature everywhere and it is so exquisite to appreciate and reflect on this quality because it not only resides in nature but it resides within us also. Nature is a beautiful mirror unto which we all can bask in its glow and appreciate that it’s same qualities are instilled within us all too.

  21. Divine Melinda – I can truly feel your delicateness in the way that you write. When we get into struggles and strife, imagine if instead of looking for answers or things to fix, we embraced more delicateness in our body? What if instead of trying to ‘nut it out’ we said yes to that preciousness inside and out? I know when I am hurt I often move and act or speak in a harsh way. Your words here inspire me to choose differently.

  22. Flowers never hold back their bloom, no matter how many others are blooming as well. A great reflection for us to not hold back our beauty and delicateness.

  23. Melinda this post is such a delightful capturing of the beauty of our world and this being a reflection to us as humans. “There is never one beautiful flower and the rest are average – they are all beautiful” – and so it is for us too without the dreaded thorn and suffocation of comparison or jealousy, but instead full appreciation for all shapes, colours, sizes we do see.

  24. This is a beautiful metaphor to open ourselves fully and show our delicate and precious nature to the world, unprotected and for all to see.

  25. It’s not often that the word power is equated with the word delicate! But as you describe the reflection we offer when allowing ourselves to be naturally delicate is powerful, it reminds us that there is much more to us than just physical beings and that the quality in which we are and do things makes a big difference to all.

  26. We deprive ourselves of our natural connection with our delicateness but reconnecting to it is as simple as making a choice.

  27. How gorgeous it is to surrender to our own innate delicateness and beauty and within that movement inspire another to do the same. One flower never blooms alone, as we all can support each other to flourish and share the beauty within outwardly so.

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