Our Delicateness

There is power in delicateness, and we feel this when we are moved by the beauty of a flower.

The beauty of a flower lies in its delicateness. The tender petals, often tissue thin, the tiny stamen, and the arrangement of the petals that seem to barely hold together.

There is fragility in something so delicate and beautiful, so we know to handle a flower with care. If we were to try to protect it with some kind of armour we would simply crush the flower. Something that fragile and magical is not meant to be contained or hidden away, it’s meant to be on show.

The beauty of a flower is there when it is fully open. If the flower were to keep itself closed to protect itself from possible harm, the world would be missing out on profound beauty. Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?

We also cannot force the flower to toughen up to protect itself, because all the beauty is in the delicateness. Flowers that are hard, brittle or rigid just would not work.

We, as human beings, are also by nature delicate. As babies we express an exquisite and unadulterated beauty that is the essence of who we are. We live this essence fully until life alters us, but before that time the delicate and gorgeous being we are easily melts the hardest of hearts. We inspire, bring joy, open hearts to love, remind what life is all about, and bring healing to those feeling battered or worn down by the harshness of life. Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to. Like flowers, we handle babies with great care, honouring their sensitivity and never questioning their fragile nature. We accept them as they are – delicate and precious.

As we leave the tender years of babyhood, we may harden our body in an attempt to protect ourselves from the onslaughts of life. Over time this hardening encases the beauty within so that no one can see the delicate person inside. We may even forget that we ourselves are beautiful.

We may toughen ourselves, preferring to meet the world with aggression or defensiveness, portraying a false strength, forgetting that our innocent inner beauty is much more powerful. We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.

And, just as it is with babies, our body communicates a fragility every time we mistreat it, handle it roughly, neglect it, or push and drive it. Like a flower being battered in a storm, there is only so much that it can take before it shows the signs or becomes completely tattered.

We rarely see flowers alone; they grow everywhere in all shades, shapes and colours, ready to share their light-hearted playfulness, their sensual depths, their fragrance and inspiring beauty. There is never one beautiful flower and the rest are average – they are all beautiful.

I have seen whole fields of flowers… an ocean of colour, form, and beauty so moving it completely stopped me. I could not be more with my heart to see such grandeur – so simple and so powerful.

Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? What if we collectively dropped the armour, hardness, toughness and masks, and simply let the true, beautiful and delicate person on the inside, out?

And what if we dropped the self-neglect and nurtured ourselves like precious flowers, always taking great care to support and nurture the beautiful being within, so we were always present and on show? What kind of world would that be?

Imagine an ocean, a global field of human beings glorious in their natural beauty, emanating their innate gorgeousness for all to experience.

What would it be like walking in that field every day?

By Melinda Knights, Self employed in the construction industry

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672 thoughts on “Our Delicateness

  1. I loved reading this blog, and the analogy of the delicate flower and us. We are innately delicate, divine and delicious and this is then covered up by a protection that presents the opposite.

    Underneath everyone our structure is the same, born from the one and we are part of the one and together we are the whole in the making.

    I have been connecting to this delicateness and it is so divine to feel and be with. Without perfection it is being included in my everyday life, it has to start somewhere.

  2. This is incredibly beautiful Melinda, equally poetic as it is powerful, perfectly capturing the grand delicate nature of nature – something that we too are very much part of. Beautifully written Melinda, thank you.

  3. “We may even forget that we ourselves are beautiful.” Try to pay someone a compliment and you will see how unfortunately this is very true. Often when you say someone looks beautiful today, or that outfit looks great on you etc….and it is met with a rebuttal (this old thing???, i just threw this one etc…) instead of confirmation (thank you, I feel it today, or yes I am etc…).

  4. ‘If we were to try to protect it with some kind of armour we would simply crush the flower.’ wow, such a great analogy when we apply it to ourselves. Protection crushes and doesn’t protect.

  5. I can’t help but smile when I imagine “a global field of human beings glorious in their natural beauty”, all sharing their delicateness to every other person. No more hard cases of protection, no more hiding away our beautiful selves, just a simple expression of the gloriousness that every single one of us is, and have been from day one.

  6. We deny delicateness being a strength and a power and yet it is every bit of that. Far from being weak, it enables us to sense and feel others, know where we, and they are at and it keeps us in touch with our inner heart and the wisdom that is found there. Being in touch with delicacy is the very thing that can move mountains, so to speak. We greatly underestimate what being delicate brings.

  7. “What would it be like walking in that field every day? – seeing that you are working in the construction industry I was wondering how delicateness and everything that comes with it would change this industry, the way and purpose of building for people by people, the quality of such buildings and thus our suburbs, streets and cities and so much more; actually it is beyond imagination but it can be sensed as the paradigm shift it would and will be.

  8. I could not imagine asking a flower or a baby to toughen up. In fact of they did they would lose the qualities that make them melt our hearts. So why should we as we grow up have to toughen up and lose what made us adorable?

  9. Imagine if flowers had self worth issues. Imagine if they compared and thought they were not beautiful. The beauty of the whole is then tainted. Indeed lack of self worth and comparison and most definitely NOT natural to us in any way shape and form.

  10. “Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? What if we collectively dropped the armour, hardness, toughness and masks, and simply let the true, beautiful and delicate person on the inside, out?”

    Onto. It.

  11. To walk in that field would be inspirational. The power of delicateness arises from the ability to surrender to freely express its innate exquisite quality. The more we honor and express this quality within ourselves the more we live the power of who we naturally are.

  12. Being open and letting all protection and guards down feels so lovely, we think when we toughen up to protect ourselves it is helping us but actually it ends up really hurting our body when we do this.

  13. Wow what kind of world do we live in if delicacy is not normal and in fact squandered out of us at a very young age. No wonder so many carry so many hurts!

  14. Just imagine if we were raised from young to know the delicateness and preciousness of the human body; how different our lives would be. Would we choose to eat foods that harm our bodies,would we pour alcohol, a poison, down our throats, and would we push our bodies until they were hurting and exhausted? Somehow, I don’t think so.

  15. When we reflect any delicateness to others, some will receive it well and some will not, it is simply a choice.

    I’ve observed how I used to disregard this for many years, and it would show up in my body with aches and pains. Over the past few years, I’ve softened and my body would soon indicate when I have gone into drive or over ridden the delicateness, it is still a work in progress. What I love is that I listen more and more to my body as it is forever speaking a truth.

  16. I loved the analogy of the delicate flower and when I pondered on this, it really makes sense, we are no different.

    I see newborns regularly and I observe their delicateness, they are such pure love and their only needs are to be fed, cared for (for their physical capacity) and loved, they ask for no more. And I observe how sooner or later the impositions of religion, cultural beliefs will soon be upon them, but inside always resides that delicateness of pure love ready to come out, when ready.

  17. In honouring our genuinely delicate nature we can honour our sensitivity and the depth of awareness that we can connect with that can truly be our guide in life.

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