Our Delicateness

There is power in delicateness, and we feel this when we are moved by the beauty of a flower.

The beauty of a flower lies in its delicateness. The tender petals, often tissue thin, the tiny stamen, and the arrangement of the petals that seem to barely hold together.

There is fragility in something so delicate and beautiful, so we know to handle a flower with care. If we were to try to protect it with some kind of armour we would simply crush the flower. Something that fragile and magical is not meant to be contained or hidden away, it’s meant to be on show.

The beauty of a flower is there when it is fully open. If the flower were to keep itself closed to protect itself from possible harm, the world would be missing out on profound beauty. Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?

We also cannot force the flower to toughen up to protect itself, because all the beauty is in the delicateness. Flowers that are hard, brittle or rigid just would not work.

We, as human beings, are also by nature delicate. As babies we express an exquisite and unadulterated beauty that is the essence of who we are. We live this essence fully until life alters us, but before that time the delicate and gorgeous being we are easily melts the hardest of hearts. We inspire, bring joy, open hearts to love, remind what life is all about, and bring healing to those feeling battered or worn down by the harshness of life. Babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to. Like flowers, we handle babies with great care, honouring their sensitivity and never questioning their fragile nature. We accept them as they are – delicate and precious.

As we leave the tender years of babyhood, we may harden our body in an attempt to protect ourselves from the onslaughts of life. Over time this hardening encases the beauty within so that no one can see the delicate person inside. We may even forget that we ourselves are beautiful.

We may toughen ourselves, preferring to meet the world with aggression or defensiveness, portraying a false strength, forgetting that our innocent inner beauty is much more powerful. We can choose to move people away, or we can choose to move them with our beauty.

And, just as it is with babies, our body communicates a fragility every time we mistreat it, handle it roughly, neglect it, or push and drive it. Like a flower being battered in a storm, there is only so much that it can take before it shows the signs or becomes completely tattered.

We rarely see flowers alone; they grow everywhere in all shades, shapes and colours, ready to share their light-hearted playfulness, their sensual depths, their fragrance and inspiring beauty. There is never one beautiful flower and the rest are average – they are all beautiful.

I have seen whole fields of flowers… an ocean of colour, form, and beauty so moving it completely stopped me. I could not be more with my heart to see such grandeur – so simple and so powerful.

Imagine if we too as human beings celebrated our delicateness and always had our beauty on show? What if we collectively dropped the armour, hardness, toughness and masks, and simply let the true, beautiful and delicate person on the inside, out?

And what if we dropped the self-neglect and nurtured ourselves like precious flowers, always taking great care to support and nurture the beautiful being within, so we were always present and on show? What kind of world would that be?

Imagine an ocean, a global field of human beings glorious in their natural beauty, emanating their innate gorgeousness for all to experience.

What would it be like walking in that field every day?

By Melinda Knights, Self employed in the construction industry

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602 thoughts on “Our Delicateness

  1. Melinda i just love your observations of nature: “We rarely see flowers alone; they grow everywhere in all shades, shapes and colours, ready to share their light-hearted playfulness, their sensual depths, their fragrance and inspiring beauty” – observations that reflect the truth of us as human beings too.

  2. We cut flowers to beautify our houses, tend gardens so we can look at the blooms and yet we don’t care for ourselves so well at times. Our delicateness is there at any moment to connect with, honour and cherish.

  3. I love what you present here, a sea of people appreciating and honouring their own delicateness and in doing so showing it to all … it would be a very different world.

  4. What I love about this flower analogy is that the flower opens up to the world when it is ready. It doesn’t rush to get to the petals stage, it just steadily and surely builds and strengthens itself, and allows the magical unfolding to happen, according the the bigger rhythms of nature and the universe, of which it is an equal and integral part of.

    As humans we create so many distractions and dramas that get in the way of us reaching our full potential. There’s a lot we can learn from flowers as they just get on with it and do their thing, without fuss or fanfare, or need for reward, recognition or acknowledgement. They flower because that is their purpose and their job.

  5. I remember a few times over the years spending some one-on-one time with young children, and feeling this overwhelming sadness. I hid it from the child (physically but I am sure they felt it energetically) and I never really understood it. It only happened a handful of times and I have spent many a time in the company of children. When I read this line “babies remind us of an innate purity we were all born connected to” I realised that I was feeling the sadness of abandoning that innate purity. Now thanks to The Way of the Livingness, I am learning to live that more and more and that feeling of sadness is not so overwhelming.

  6. I already see myself and many students of The way of the Livingness opening their hearts and blossoming.

  7. Thank you Melinda that actually touched my heart..
    And so it is true what you shared in the sentence bellow, a beauty we actually can not resist..
    ‘Imagine a world with no roses or lilies because all the flowers stayed closed to protect their delicateness?’
    This is reflective of the way we can be with ourselves moving forward — unprotected and unguarded, letting out the beauty of who we are.

  8. The more of us that are able to live openly from our delicateness, the more people it will inspire not to live from that protection that most of us build, due to the hurts we accumulate along the path of life.

  9. Delicacy is another word for our light – that which dissolves the shadows beneath our feet. And just as the flower is dependent on the sun’s rays to unfurl its petals towards the warmth of such light, so too must we learn to respond to such a call from within and surrender the walls we have built that have stopped us fully relating to the world and our place in it.

  10. It brings a warmth to my heart reading this blog and imagining the hearts and faces of others opening up and blossoming to the warmth of the sun.

  11. Many years ago we had a cactus and out of the blue, it flowered one year, presenting us with one perfectly delicate white flower. The flower was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, but only lasted for one day and it never flowered again. What blew me away, was how unimpressive the cactus was on the outside, but could produce something so beautiful.

  12. Its true we would miss out on so much beauty in the world if all the flowers kept themselves shut in protection, but this is what we human beings do protecting our inner beauty just in case we might get hurt.

  13. A great analogy Melinda, it makes sense that through hardening ourselves we hide away our natural delicateness forgetting that it is this innate quality within us that is our true strength.

  14. It is true that there is great strength in our delicateness, but for many there needs to be a sense of safety in order to let this out and for it to be expressed. For many people, delicacy has been something crushed and then hidden for fear of being hurt again. And as I understand this, for I was there too, it is possible to see how life becomes hard and arduous through the experiences that we have that shape us and make us into what we are – perhaps not always what we would like to be. Trust and security therefore are paramount in letting delicacy be seen. And the greatest lesson I have learnt about this which I am honoured to share with you, is the fact that we are the source for the most stupendous levels of trust and security. It comes from within yourself, you have within all that is needed to live delicately – even in the face of difficult times.

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