Where do I Start?

Have you ever in your life looked at something and thought, “Where do I start?” It could have been whilst cleaning, de-cluttering a space, moving house, starting a project, writing an assignment… the list goes on. Many times I have gone into overwhelm (and sometimes still do), asking myself this question and making the task bigger in my mind than it truly is… which if I do that, of course I will not know where to start!

I had a very similar feeling recently, only this was not to do with writing an assignment or de-cluttering, it was to do with what is going on in the world. In a short space of time I had read, seen and signed petitions on various news’ stories of devastating things that are happening to people and animals around the world. Not long after reading and seeing this, in fact during reading and seeing these different news clips, came the familiar feeling of overwhelm – of “Gosh, where do we start?” and I noticed an old pattern of feeling helpless arise. The question then came back to me: when such abuse and devastation is happening within the world, “Where do we (as humanity) start?” and “How on earth do we stop or change the abuse that is happening in the world?”

What I noticed was, when I gave myself space to feel into this a bit more (pulled myself out of being in the overwhelm and observed instead) I did not feel helpless, I did not go into sympathy. Instead I knew the answer. It starts with us. It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life, what do we value and tolerate within our life… do we or do we not accept abuse in our own life even on the smallest scale, which could be something as simple as overeating?

This then becomes manageable, tangible and feasible. For if we (every single person in the world) love ourselves so deeply, saying no to abuse, not tolerating abuse, valuing and respecting not only ourselves but every other person, then we would have zero abuse – no wars, no corruption, no lies, no greed, no harm to another or others.

This is possible – we just need to make the start.

So, where do we start?

We start with us.

Continually and forever inspired by the lived way of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Vicky Cooke, London

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552 thoughts on “Where do I Start?

  1. Love the simplicity of this blog, it is empowering to understand that each one of us has the power within to create great changes in our world, simply by embracing responsibitity of what is that we align to whether it is from truth or not as this carries an imprint within capable to inspire in another the love within themselves.

  2. I so often think where do I start? At work, for a start, things can look pretty daunting at times and I generally I have two ways of doing it, the old and the new. Quite often I slip back into the old which is sympathy for myself or the world or a pretending that I don’t really care, or the new where everything I do, no matter how small has an impact, so at work every little thing I do is a step towards the end result and the quality I live my life has an impact on the world.

  3. I have just heard a message from a friend in London where someones teenage boy she knows went missing they found him and he is well however the news that he had was not so good. There is a new thing that is happening called country lines where a group of people are recruiting young people off of the street between the ages of 13 to 15 and sending them off to the country to train them up to sell drugs. They are recruiting young women and training them up for the sex industry and training them how to lie, the young people are accepting this because they are being given them the latest iPhones, trainers and clothing. Again after hearing this it could be easy to go into reaction. Making people aware of this is necessary especially young people but it is how we live and how much we love ourselves … what we reflect and how we meet others including young people that makes a difference. True value and self-worth can never be bought by another.

  4. I can definitely relate to making something more complicated or daunting in my mind than it needs to be! Sometimes things may be a challenge but I find bringing myself back to the quality in whatever it is that I’m doing helps me to see more clearly what is really needed of me next…

  5. I recently observed how accepting people are of abuse, such as shouting, being disrespectful, the silent treatment, anger, frustration, dismissiveness and the list goes on. So, I agree Vicky, we have to start by saying no to abuse whenever we experience it, witness it and feel it no matter how small the abuse may seem. I am learning to expose abuse for what it is and like you shared…’it starts with us’, being willing to expose and eliminate abuse in all areas of my life.

  6. I certainly have days like that where I wonder where do I start. The only possible answer to that question can be that we start with our own breath and whether we are breathing our own breath or that of another or a situation that we are a part of. We have to breath our own breath and find our own starting and finishing point.

  7. Where do I start is one of those frequent questions that no doubt we all have asked, but if we are with ourselves fully present in our bodies, the answer comes from within and we know where to start, but first step is asking the question.

  8. Great, thank you Vicky. Speaking up against abuse is crucial as we have become so used to so many forms of abuse that they have become normalised and not considered abuse anymore, we have let ourselves blank out hurtful remarks and situations and ways of behaving. Raising awareness and raising the standard of what we will accept or not lets us bring a greater sense of decency and respect back into our lives and from this we can build, we have a firm place to start.

  9. The complication we accept then becomes this open myriad of other pictures, scenario’s and such that then cloud our perception of a certain situation or relationship. Allowing ourselves the grace to feel what is truly going on within our bodies returns us to the truth and the simplicity of honesty, that is a beautiful gift we all can receive anytime and anywhere, simply by changing our movements.

  10. “where do I start?”
    This question immediately raises panic or anxiousness with the sense of helplessness of the situation. To pause and be aware of our own breath and bring the focus to just one thing, is the beginning of space in the area in question and within the body.

  11. Brilliant blog Vicky. Hopelessness and overwhelm leave us stuck in the mess, responsibility allows us to lead the way out.

  12. Mastering the little steps we take is an art – then we are more solid and stable in our walk to return to who we are. If we leap, bite off more than we can chew or try to be somewhere we are not, we can wobble and lose footing thus becoming lost and not knowing where to start…

    1. The key for grounding a foundation is appreciating the little steps you are talking about. The more we do that, the less chance is there to fall back into behaviours we actually outgrew.

    2. A wise offering Rachel in mastering the little steps first; this then in itself takes care of the bigger steps if needed to take.

  13. In order to improve the outer world, we must first improve the inner world. This is not to be approached with a set outcome in mind but more a gentle unfolding of the love that we are, being lived in our every move. This process is much like a flower’s petals opening to greet the warmth of the sun. Only with an absolute knowing of this inner beauty can we prepare ourselves to look out to the ugliness and know that such splendour will transform it.

  14. I love it Vicky! The problem with the overwhelm is the paralysation that comes with it… and there is always a space to start with, which is always Us. Simple. And now it comes a question to me.. Why do we choose to overwhelm? Maybe to not assume our part in the whole mess? Maybe to delay a bit more the indulgence we live in, which is what is feeding it? It’s not my work to point anyone but honestly reflect on my own part. This is the only way I find I can start… step by step.

  15. A lot of the ‘doing good’ in the world comes from this feeling of devastation we can get when we see all the abuse in the wold. But actually what you say Vicky it is much wiser to start with ourselves first and reconnect to that quality of life that resides in the inner-heart and from there there is absolutely no need to go into the doing. From there we understand that it is all about our being that will eventually restore our true nature in our societies and in the world, our true nature that does not allow for any abuse whatsoever.

  16. Yes we can wallow in regret or get overwhelmed at our huge mess. We can complain and bemoan all the choices we’ve made, but this just adds to the trouble we’re in. The way forward as you show Vicky is through small but definite steps, knowing that each one has a massive ripple effect. So, in effect, whenever we are doing one task, we contribute and change every thing that’s at large. It is super important to keep the grandness of who we are, with us in every step that we take, as this helps us appreciate the choices we make.

  17. The moment we accept our unique power in full, we know, that everything we do will make a worldwide difference. For a human brain almost unimaginable, when it is not connected to the body, which is the vessel of communicating the universe through us.

    1. Beautifully said Stefanie. As it is through developing a loving and honoring our relationship with our bodies that our true and loving movements will pave the way to the future we are all returning to – living our Divinity.

  18. The power of observation allows us to understand life is a cycle and so we need to go with the flow of what comes up instead of trying to control it, for as long as our inner-connection is there everything is constellated in order for us to evolve.

  19. ‘How much do we care and love ourselves within our own life?’ I have a little ‘love you’ note on my windowsill given to me by my daughter and it reminds me not to be harsh with myself. My inner dialogue has changed so much over recent years but the negative and harsh thoughts can slip in so easily and subtly that I find it hard to catch them sometimes so I love having the reminder.

  20. I have found that if I am in overwhelm I am in my head and best thing to do is to go for a walk and feel my legs and my feet. After that I approach life as one moment and then anther moment and as each impulse comes I tend to that and life becomes a dance of joy again and then I am not adding to the woes of the world.

  21. The simplicity of your blog Vicky is the key that keeps us on track with our purpose and not allowing ourselves to be overcome by overwhelm and stress. Staying present and observing our environments and all that goes on around us, allows us to remain connected, calm and clear in our day to day lives and the simplicity and answers for everything are right there.

  22. When we start with how we move in each moment we let go of the need to be somewhere else or having something finished. It’s our presence within our movements that will define how we move thereafter and the key to the quality of energy we move in. These movements will then mark a precedent for how we continue to move throughout life, and as a point to continually learn from and explore without perfection, but understanding that we can always make a choice to change our movements and start anew.

  23. If it starts with us then it has to finish with us and as we are the same, same no different as we all have to end up together, at the start or the place where we feel True Brotherhood!
    But are we different? Different, so we are able to change, so change we will, but we will still be the same, same but no different from our inner-heart, and this is where we are always divinely connected, it is only when we choose to become different and thus lose our connection that we forget about oneness and brotherhood.

  24. “It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life” all too often it can be us pointing to something outside, something to fix and not actually being aware of and fully embracing the responsibility that we each have.

  25. As they say, “the buck stops here” – whatever we don’t like, abhor or condemn, it starts with us. In one way or another we might have even contributed to what is now anathema and it is our choice to not allow it in us or in our sphere of influence.

  26. The state of our world is as a result of what we have allowed to become our ‘normal’, as such reflecting the nature of the relationship we hold for ourselves. In saying ‘no’ to abuse in our lives we say, ‘no more’ to abuse in this world. In embracing an honouring relationship with ourselves, we say ‘yes’ to honesty, truth and love, through which we will see this love reflected through every aspect of our lives. Such is the responsibility and true power we each hold to bring true and lasting change to this world.

  27. It is easy to see how overwhelming how the state of our world and humanity is but knowing that we can each make a difference by starting with ourselves makes it possible to understand that change can happen, if we make that start for and within ourselves.

  28. I see how we can easily look at the problems and how do we fix them but what you present here Vicky is that we can actually look at how we are living and a constant refinement. Then our lived way inspires others to do the same. How inclusive.

  29. I can really appreciate after a day working today, how when there is a lot to do, if you start with one thing and keep a consistent and steady pace with the task ahead, a natural flow and ease happens as well as a rhythm and it actually starts to feel really beautifull. I guess this confirms when we come from our bodies and let our body lead instead of our head, we are letting go of the struggle and doing of ‘life’.

  30. This is such a grace to life that you bring with this blog Vicky, as indeed the only place where we can start is with ourselves first. Any subject or projects started without this assessment first will fail, or at least will not bring us the true answers we are looking for and thus we are kept in the same momentum that is causing all the abuse in the world in the first place.

  31. It does start with everyone, equally so and in their own time. That is the only way that things as they are at present will change, from the inside out and not the other way around.

    1. I agree and those that see this are called upon to take a strong and ever changing lead. That way there is a stronger and stronger reflection for us all to make or have the choice to make that same change. We are watching each other all the time, whether you are conscious of that or not.

  32. What I have been learning lately is, how reaction and judgment change nothing, but instead they actually make it worse. We look at the world and see the problems, but we are the ones that make up the world hence its problems.

  33. Vicky, what you are sharing here really makes sense; ‘For if we (every single person in the world) love ourselves so deeply, saying no to abuse, not tolerating abuse, valuing and respecting not only ourselves but every other person, then we would have zero abuse’, how beautiful to love ourselves so deeply, the ripple effects of this would be huge, there being so much love in the world that abuse would stand out like a sore thumb.

  34. I agree and whenever I feel an overwhelm I know to put things back on the ground. In other words go to the next thing I feel to do. Overwhelm tries to hit you and make you feel like you can’t move or do anything or what’s the use etc and yet this is the very point you should be moving. Overwhelm is a sign or reflection for me to stop thinking about things and make my next move, action my next movement in whatever way you feel. It’s important for me not to dwell or stew in things like this for to long, movement is the key out of overwhelm that tries to make you feel stuck.

  35. I really like this simple blog Vicky – just make a start – it matters not where you start to build more love in your life one step leads to another and the more loving we are with ourselves the more love will be felt in the world.

  36. Bringing simplicity to the potentially complicated, love it, there is a way out of overwhelm and the more we practice this by being present in our bodies and giving ourselves space, by being with ourselves as we move, the easier it becomes.

  37. Love the simplicity of this.. nothing is too overwhelming if we break it down into moments and stay with our bodies to feel what’s needed in this moment right now, then the next and the next.. step by simple step. When we try to change several things at once overwhelm is waiting there to take us out and give us the perfect excuse to give up and withdraw or exhaust ourselves by trying to do it all.

  38. Nominate somethings not right and then if we move with awareness and self, we are back….. Simple

    Although I feel if there is an unresolved issue or hurt being reflected it will get reflected to us again and again until we lovingly hold the idea and clear the disharmony – heal.

  39. Yes it’s so true, when in a situation where it doesn’t look like the desired result is in sight, then the only thing we can do is come back to simplicity, and our knowing of what is within, which is a release of an investment of any outer results confirming our worth. It is the that we step into our next true steps.

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