Where do I Start?

Have you ever in your life looked at something and thought, “Where do I start?” It could have been whilst cleaning, de-cluttering a space, moving house, starting a project, writing an assignment… the list goes on. Many times I have gone into overwhelm (and sometimes still do), asking myself this question and making the task bigger in my mind than it truly is… which if I do that, of course I will not know where to start!

I had a very similar feeling recently, only this was not to do with writing an assignment or de-cluttering, it was to do with what is going on in the world. In a short space of time I had read, seen and signed petitions on various news’ stories of devastating things that are happening to people and animals around the world. Not long after reading and seeing this, in fact during reading and seeing these different news clips, came the familiar feeling of overwhelm – of “Gosh, where do we start?” and I noticed an old pattern of feeling helpless arise. The question then came back to me: when such abuse and devastation is happening within the world, “Where do we (as humanity) start?” and “How on earth do we stop or change the abuse that is happening in the world?”

What I noticed was, when I gave myself space to feel into this a bit more (pulled myself out of being in the overwhelm and observed instead) I did not feel helpless, I did not go into sympathy. Instead I knew the answer. It starts with us. It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life, what do we value and tolerate within our life… do we or do we not accept abuse in our own life even on the smallest scale, which could be something as simple as overeating?

This then becomes manageable, tangible and feasible. For if we (every single person in the world) love ourselves so deeply, saying no to abuse, not tolerating abuse, valuing and respecting not only ourselves but every other person, then we would have zero abuse – no wars, no corruption, no lies, no greed, no harm to another or others.

This is possible – we just need to make the start.

So, where do we start?

We start with us.

Continually and forever inspired by the lived way of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Vicky Cooke, London

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657 thoughts on “Where do I Start?

  1. I also find that when I lose myself in overwhelm, I have lost my self. I love when I am connected there is so much space and I am in the flow of life and in this more is done without the trying or doing, its just done.

  2. ‘It starts with us. It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life’ – you could not have nailed it better than this. If we don’t start with us, we will be waiting for others forever and nothing will be done or there will be no difference in the world.

  3. Love the concept of starting with us – it just brings so much simplicity to it. I am moving home and certainly felt the overwhelm of ‘where do I start’ but it really is about coming back to us and knowing what is needed and when.

  4. Yep it starts with us. And I think the reason we over look this, is that we prefer to go into overwhelm about the ‘dramas of the world’, than to look at the ‘dramas of our own lives’. It can serve as the ‘perfect distraction’ to stop you from looking at what is going on for you and what drama you may be creating in your own life.

  5. It certainly does start with us Vicky, I used to feel overwhelmed too but now knowing that it all starts with me living love and that this will naturally be reflected to the rest of world has changed everything for me. Every single one of our choices do matter.

  6. I know that question so well. I know I have looked at many things and thought exactly that. But starting is all that is needed. One foot in front of the other, then the other foot follows right back.

  7. Absolutely, it starts with us. There are so many areas of our lives we have let slide from the truth or the standard of Love we know we and those around us deserve. It does not need to be a big drama, but it does need a consistent commitment to live that level of connection, decency and respect to the best of our ability as our normal. This lays a quality in our foundations that feeds us back the quality we know is needed in the world.

  8. The title of this blog reminds me of the words of a dear and deeply wise friend at a time where I felt lost. I said I felt like I just did not know anything anymore and he said ‘that is a great place to start’. I can feel that in surrender the next step will show itself without effort or trying. It is the fact that we acknowledge that we are not ‘it’ and do not need to ”know’ that brings us the next true step in life.

    1. I love this Carolien, what you have shared what your friend shared with you as it gives us permission to just be and feel what we are feeling. The truth is we do not have to ‘do’ anything. It is not about doing it is about being.

  9. I can so relate to this blog Vicky, I am in the process of clearing our clutter in my home, it feels overwhelming when I see how big the job is, but if I just make a simple start and take it step by step I know it will all beautifully unfold.

  10. Doesn’t matter where one starts from, all that matters is the direction of movement. All else is a given.

  11. Feeling overwhelm at any point in life only occurs when I am trying to put the breaks on my journey of evolution. When I take my foot off the breaks there is nothing in life I am not equipped to handle and trust plays a huge role in letting go of overwhelm.

  12. I love the way you dealt with your overwhelm of what is going on in the world by bringing it back to how you are with yourself.

    1. And, how often do we think about resolving world issues but forget to look within and start to live the love we so desperately want to see in the world? Bringing it back to how we are with ourselves is the first step and this crucial step is often missed when we go into overwhelm and searching for answers outside ourselves.

  13. Yes overeating is an abuse against ourselves. Being much more responsible as to how and what we eat and how much we eat brings with it a new level of care and consideration and a deepening level of respect that allows more solidarity within us to face whatever is before us.

  14. It is important to be open to honestly feel the extent of the abuse that we have accepted as a humanity, as then we feel the purpose that is needed to bring focus to how we live our every day and the level of love we are willing to live with by saying ‘no’ to abuse of any form with ourselves and with others.

    1. I agree Carola and recently it was so clear to me in a way I had not felt before that I do not like conflict or confrontation .. in fact I discovered I will do anything to avoid it, but in doing anything to avoid it it is still allowing it to happen! And not saying no to abuse. A slightly uncomfortable but great learning for me.

  15. Realising that it starts with us and that every choice we make not connected to the quality we know we hold within allows abuse to fester in the world, empowers us to take responsibility for our part in supporting a true foundation and way of living that cares for ourselves through our every day choices and the ripple effect this has to initiate true change.

  16. Starting something that feels overwhelming is daunting, but taking the first smallest step and then the next breaks the overwhelm and a momentum is gathered to do what is needed.

    1. Yes it is like sowing a seed, it doesn’t need to be anything big or grand, simply focusing on the quality of what we do as opposed to doing more will have a ripple effect as the seed grows and establishes itself.

      1. This is huge, ‘simply focusing on the quality of what we do as opposed to doing more will have a ripple effect…’ imagine if this was taught at school, or in work places everywhere… the world’s productivity would shoot up as would the quality of our relationships.

  17. If I ever find myself becoming overwhelmed by what I perceive is coming at me I stop; press the pause button. And in that moment I have given myself I ask – what it one simple thing I can do right now? – and I take the first step. Then I take one more simple step, and another and before I know it I am slowly coming out of the overwhelm and life is coming back to its flowing simplicity. One step at a time is my motto for life – yes I do forget it sometimes but it doesn’t take too long before I am reminded of the power of this simple message once again.

  18. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the abuse in the world but if we start with not allowing abuse in our own lives then overwhelm is no longer there. Stopping the abuse in our own lives prevents us from adding to the overall abuse in the world and that is how we do it.

    1. I agree Elizabeth – well said, as this really begins in developing a loving relationship with ourselves, with our essence, with our love within, through which we then feel just how precious and sacred we are, and any form of dishonoring of this connection is an abuse to who we are.

  19. When you look at the world it is overwhelming and it is hard to stay connected and present and not run away. But building that relationship with Love in the body means one step at a time is all that is needed. The quality of the step becomes the focus not the quantity of steps.

  20. I remember having the same feelings of overwhelm when I looked at the state of humanity and when I was feeling this way, I also felt immobilised and felt that the task was too big. Now, like you Vicky, I dropped overwhelm and I understand that everything we want to change in this world starts with us. This brings the responsibility back to me and this feels very empowering and honouring.

  21. It is not the where but the when to start – it is always now, and now, and now again, hence it is every-where.

    1. And what I am really starting to realise with this Alexander is how much it has to do with our movements and momentum of movements. If we are not present with ourselves (our mind completely with our body in our movement, even when we are sitting down, and not looking to the future or being in the past but just completely in the moment) then it is so much harder to go into overwhelm.

  22. I had a moment like that today where I thought where on earth do I begin after being presented with a massive task. I find keeping strong in my purpose for the good of all instead of just for me is always a good place to start.

    1. I like what you have shared here Joshua, for when we don’t make a project about ourselves, searching for recognition or acceptance via our acts, then the product of our work tends to take into consideration everyone it will have an impact on and the quality is then a higher vibration too.

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