Where do I Start?

Have you ever in your life looked at something and thought, “Where do I start?” It could have been whilst cleaning, de-cluttering a space, moving house, starting a project, writing an assignment… the list goes on. Many times I have gone into overwhelm (and sometimes still do), asking myself this question and making the task bigger in my mind than it truly is… which if I do that, of course I will not know where to start!

I had a very similar feeling recently, only this was not to do with writing an assignment or de-cluttering, it was to do with what is going on in the world. In a short space of time I had read, seen and signed petitions on various news’ stories of devastating things that are happening to people and animals around the world. Not long after reading and seeing this, in fact during reading and seeing these different news clips, came the familiar feeling of overwhelm – of “Gosh, where do we start?” and I noticed an old pattern of feeling helpless arise. The question then came back to me: when such abuse and devastation is happening within the world, “Where do we (as humanity) start?” and “How on earth do we stop or change the abuse that is happening in the world?”

What I noticed was, when I gave myself space to feel into this a bit more (pulled myself out of being in the overwhelm and observed instead) I did not feel helpless, I did not go into sympathy. Instead I knew the answer. It starts with us. It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life, what do we value and tolerate within our life… do we or do we not accept abuse in our own life even on the smallest scale, which could be something as simple as overeating?

This then becomes manageable, tangible and feasible. For if we (every single person in the world) love ourselves so deeply, saying no to abuse, not tolerating abuse, valuing and respecting not only ourselves but every other person, then we would have zero abuse – no wars, no corruption, no lies, no greed, no harm to another or others.

This is possible – we just need to make the start.

So, where do we start?

We start with us.

Continually and forever inspired by the lived way of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Vicky Cooke, London

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487 thoughts on “Where do I Start?

  1. Yes, it starts with us, in the simplest of ways. Even bringing awareness to walking from the front door to the kitchen, by feeling the quality of the placement of one foot and then the other foot can bring a stop to any sense of overwhelm.

    1. Absolutely Stephanie. Every step we take makes a difference. But it is in the quality of the steps that we have the potential to either bring about true change, or that will keep us from ever evolving.

  2. “It starts with us. It starts with how we live, how much do we care and love ourselves within our own life, what do we value and tolerate within our life… do we or do we not accept abuse in our own life even on the smallest scale, which could be something as simple as overeating?” A beautiful reminder that we all are part of the bigger picture on earth and each of us has our own responsibility making it really simple and affects the whole and this takes away the overwhelm and makes it practical.

  3. I am finding more and more openings to conversations as I go about my day, with people in shops it happens a lot. By expressing how I feel about social issues and really listening to the other person we can have an exchange whereby we both know where to start.

  4. Where to start? When I get caught in this the only thing that brings me back is doing one thing well and completing it, then carrying this quality to the next.

    1. Thats what I do too Abby, it only takes one thing done well to change everything, because then the path is cleared to do the same with all the other tasks and it never looks as daunting and can actually be quite enjoyable. We are after all made to work, and our bodies respond with pleasure when we do this in our own flow.

  5. I noticed that even my reactions to seeing these world events come with a judgement and this is also a form of abuse that adds to the abuse. It takes a wise person to be able to observe and hold the love in the face of all that is happening within the world currently.

  6. I am coming to the end of submission time for my studies and have found myself sometimes going into overwhelm at the amount of work still to do and the questions just seemed endless. To break this behaviour I have found that I need not make it so hard and simply answer one question at a time, because thinking to far ahead just sends me into overwhelm and panic and my body feels it too. Allowing the space to simply feel my posture in the chair and the light delicate moves of my fingers on the keyboard brings it back to simplicity and the stress and overwhelm leaves and the answers to the seemingly endless questions flow. The body knows the rhythm in which it moves with absolute clarity.

    1. Hi Kelly 💕 yep I have found this too I am currently clearing both my office at work and the space at home with lots of paperwork involved!! I am just starting .. with one thing and slowly slowly it is getting clearer and the space and my body feel so much better.

  7. Looking at a huge issue to be tackled can bring me into overwhelm, but just beginning in a small area supports me to continue. Recently I needed to clutter clear my garage. Just making a start with a few boxes enabled me to slowly and gently continue over a few days. Understanding I didn’t have to do it all in one go enabled me to do it little and often …… as you say Vicky, ‘we just need to make the start.’

  8. Years ago I was wanting to write something but could never quite begin. A blank page can seem daunting. Reading somewhere the advice to ‘just write…… about anything’ made an impression on me. Just making a start enabled the creative juices to flow and once into the piece I wanted to write I could delete the earlier rambling writing.

  9. ‘“Where do we (as humanity) start?” and “How on earth do we stop or change the abuse that is happening in the world?” ….With Love in its true form.

  10. I remember a friend of mine a few years back feeling overwhelmed by what was happening in her home country of Israel. She was full of grief and shame. With help she began to realise that she was taking responsibility for her whole country and carrying it on her own shoulders. Way too much for one person to do! We are responsible for our own body, our own life and the way we behave and express. Beyond that, we do not have any control. But how we live affects everyone, so we can do our bit.

  11. There have been a few times recently when I have had a load of things present literally all in the same moment, and to my surprise what has helped is to be very open and honest with myself that in this moment I feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, and so forth, and just say no I have to take these things one at a time, and then it all seems to melt away again, I deal with each still calmly and lovingly.

    1. I agree Shirley as well as what other people have shared here like not going into reaction, starting with one thing at a time, being present with our body, honesty is really important because if there is overwhelm and we do not allow ourselves to feel it that is when we can get into a spin so to speak. Whereas if we feel this and call it out, even silently to ourselves, it initiates a stop and gives us the opportunity to then not choose or go into this.

    1. When I read this Sarah the question that came to me is why on earth would we want to harm ourselves in the first place!!! Is that not completely absurd? But we do in the forms of overriding what we feel, disregard, accepting abuse, being addicted to things, It is not within our innate nature to do any of this .. so I guess this just exposes how far away we are living from our truth in the first place in order to be able to harm ourselves.

  12. The simplest way to tackle any task is first being present with ourselves and then choosing just one thing to focus upon and begin dealing with it – this works wonders and what appeared to be a mountain is found to not even be a molehill!,

  13. Where do I start …by first ensuring that I am consciously present, that my body is being looked after and that my movements are coming from a knowing that whatever is being presented for me me to do, that there is a harmonious way for it to be done.

  14. Yes, it is worthwhile questioning how long we are going to indulge in feeling helpless and victimised before we see that the power is in our hands to change the way we live and therefore the world around us.

  15. The clutter around us is often a reflection of the clutter inside us. And hence we begin by de-cluttering on the inside so that it is easier to know how to declutter on the outside.

  16. Imagine if we counted all the moments and minutes we wasted – I think we would be horrified! What if our time is not our own and it’s not our right to waste what we have been given?

    1. Definitely something to be with Meg, as I felt with my body more the other day what are we being a vessel for? Love or what is not love.

  17. I had a day like that today where I asked myself “where do I start” and the answer came very quickly that I needed to start with the quality of breath that I was choosing to breathe. Once I had connected with myself through my breath the day flowed really well. Sometimes we forget how important the breath actually is.

  18. This is such an important message, the state of the world can easily put us into overwhelm and helplessness and we can counter that with the understanding that what we can do starts with us, looking at how we live, what changes we can make in our own lives.

  19. There have been a few days recently when I just didn’t want to be a part of all that is going on in this world, but I keep coming back to know that only by bringing another way back to the world does this ever change, and so being in the world swimming the other way is essential.

    1. I agree Ruth as the body is a great marker for us .. the marker of truth, as Serge Benhayon has presented, and where we are truly at in life. By being with the body we do then not get caught up, or caught up less with everything that goes on around us and in the world. Building this connection also reflects a steadiness, consistency and commitment to others around us showing there is another way to live and be.

  20. This is such a beautiful blog Vicky, so very powerful in its simplicity. We are so used to running by all the needs and demands that are so manifold in the world, but the simple truth is that it starts with us, as you so succinctly say.

  21. Being with my body is a pretty good place to start especially when the world looks pretty awful, then I can feel and know how to take the next step and so it goes on.

  22. Going into overwhelm is a sure way to stop us from making a start because it can feel like a dead weight pulling us down and restricting our movements. But when we let go of overwhelm, making a start with anything in life comes with ease and joy.

  23. With all the abuse going on in our world today it is easy to see how feeling ‘but what can I do?’ would easily be what could be felt, but by you sharing this blog bringing it back to each one of us, starting with ourselves, makes it possible to bring the change we want for humanity and our planet, something we each can contribute to by the looking at the way we are living.

    1. Yes, well said. Our own contribution to humanity is living in a harmless way, and this starts with taking a look and responsibility of whats going on in our own home, in our own back yard and the relationship we have with ourselves.

  24. “Where do I start?” For me it is the consistent steps I make to pause, appreciate and move in a way that supports my body and my relationship with self because it is from these movements I begin to see how simple life can be and how important we all are to the whole. Thank you Vicky a beautiful blog indeed.

  25. It indeed starts with us. And if we start living more loving lives than we can inspire other and together we can address the big evils in the world. Those evils can be changed, but first get rid of the evils in our own lives.
    So where do you start?

  26. There are certainly parallels between abuse and a lack of appreciation… If we wake up each day, undertake the same activities, small talk and work that we did the day before without any appreciation for what we can provide for people through how we live or our relationships, then it’s very possible to neglect both ourselves and others because we think we’re just ‘not worth’ loving. But this is the complete opposite of what’s possible; every move we make has ripples, and actually the responsibility we have in society is empowering, inspiring and requires us to look after our body (vehicle) so that we can be our most amazing every day.

  27. It is very easy to go into overwhelm when we look at the world, I really can’t understand on a physical level how humans are capable of such atrocities, so bringing it all back to us and how we move, breath and act is a great way of at the very least not adding to what goes on in the world.

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