The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

I have long been amazed by the way in which the practice of Esoteric Yoga brings not only a reconnection to inner stillness, but also a deep awareness of stillness being a state of being that is actually innate to our bodies (no matter how far away from it we may think ourselves to be). Experiencing this awareness has revealed what changes to my daily routine and way of living the choice of stillness can offer as a way forward. This became very clear quite some time ago during a 6-week course with the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women.

A few minutes into one of the sessions that comprise the program, we were lying down and I had connected to stillness. Our practitioner had us focus our attention on our hands. As I allowed myself to feel my hands from the place of stillness, I was very aware at that moment of two vastly different types of energy within them.

I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding. I started to feel a deep sense of appreciation for my hands and found myself contemplating how remarkably divine would be all that I touched and did with them, if I were to express in this energy.

At the same time, which in itself is quite remarkable, I also felt the intensity of how much I had had my hands ‘do’ up until this moment of revelation. My hands were showing me how much my life had been a push and a drive as I felt the physical hardness I had encased them in to serve this unrelenting, harsh, forward momentum.

I had used my hands as functional workhorses, there only to serve whatever my mind was deeming was the thing to do at any one time.

I had disfigured two fingers on my right hand with excessive writing while pushing myself to get a degree at University – before the days of word processors. I had tensed my hands driving my car at times, in stress, frustration and anger, and had used them to lift weights in the gym that were way beyond my physical capacity. I had allowed shopping bags and dog leashes to cut into my hands, while choosing to ignore the harsh, physical effects of these activities. On a few occasions I had burned and cut parts of my hands in kitchen accidents, usually when I was in a hurry or distracted by a million thoughts other than those relating to cooking.

All of this I felt as I observed my hands from stillness, without judgement but with an honest accounting of the energy residing in them, placed there by me during the course of a lifetime.

I was astonished by the matter-of-fact honesty offered by my body without recrimination or blame: just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice – continue with the harshness or choose to honour my hands in the delicateness and stillness that I truly am. I could choose to have the same hands I had had as a baby – delicate, sensitive and tenderly aware of how my touch engages with the outside world.

For a while after this, my hands felt a little sore at the fingertips. This I attributed to my choice to honour them. This choice meant that I became very aware of how and when I was pushing, because my fingertips, previously numbed into hardness, became very sensitive and their sensitivity alerted me to how I’d been using my hands – the quality of energy I used them in as I went about my daily activity.

I started to take moments to stop and to appreciate my hands at different points in my day when I moved them gently or massaged them, reminding myself that I wanted to move all of me, including my hands, delicately, from stillness. At other times I found I was naturally delighting again in the loveliness of my hands in activity, often when drying dishes, or during my cleansing routine, or dressing for the day.

My hands have since become a truly remarkable and precise indicator of whatever energy is running through me at any one time and they offer a constant awareness of the choices available to us all. They are absolutely worth appreciating and absolutely worth offering the energy of delicateness and stillness for their expression. As am I absolutely worth being delicate with me, as the woman that I am.

By Coleen Hensey

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322 thoughts on “The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

  1. Our hands DO so much, but taking a moment out to observe what they are feeling is really fascinating. We can learn a lot about how we are feeling in the body by observing how we feel in our hands, they are a great reflection. It is possible to feel a pulse from our hearts, across the shoulders, all the way down to our hands. Thank you Coleen for your expression helping me to focus on this.

  2. Dancing today with friends I noticed how graceful my hand movements were and realised that it was because of that quality of stillness within that allowed this to be so. It is this quality that builds in us as we practise Esoteric Yoga.

  3. Hands are a good indication of the hardness or not that we live with every day. How we put cream on, how we type on a keyboard, how we open a door. Even how our hands relax when we are sitting or standing still. The Mona Lisa is a good example.

  4. Re-reading this today I am reminded again of the delicacy of my fingertips as I type… such a simple way to re-connect with the beauty of who we are and not get lost in the tasks of the day.

  5. It’s amazing how different parts of our body can give us different markers, like our hands can show us our delicateness and I find the feeling in my feet can show me how steady I am, and if they’re firmly on the ground and like ‘let’s go’ or if they don’t feel as steady and strong.

  6. Just changing one body part to be more delicate brings this quality to our whole body…amazing. When we consider that no part is in isolation but interconnected with everything small adjustments take on a whole new importance…

  7. Legend I read this I feel this gasping need of not wanting to be separated from love, because of its amazingness. But then after considering your blog it really is quite simple to reconnect, we need only a small market such as the delicayeness in our hands, and we are in our way to restoring a whole loving Way of being.

  8. Some years ago I read something that prompted me to appreciate how my hands serve me in each and every day which was a beautiful realisation. I am now being offered a new marker to take my relationship with my hands deeper and to feel the detail of what is being offered, and to understand that the quality of energy that passes through my body reflects the stillness or otherwise. It feels very healing to understand what is truly taking place and why there may be a hardness in my movements that affect everything I touch.

  9. To recognise the feeling and quality of the delicacy and carriage of love in our hands, opens up the awareness of how much opportunity there is to use our hands that supports self-care and delivery of self-love back to the body.

  10. “As am I absolutely worth being delicate with me, as the woman that I am.” Beautiful last sentence, it is this journey we all can go through, to develop an understanding that we are all worth being delicate and loving who we are no matter what.

  11. Delicacy is something I have never associated with myself but can see it is something that we all have as an innate quality. Our essence has this quality the universe is delicate and precise in everything and also strong and powerful, it is these juxtapositions that I feel we use to negate one from the other instead of seeing they are part of the whole.

  12. I too have found esoteric yoga very supportive in bringing more awareness to the delicateness in parts of my body, more on my hands and feet. How I use my hands in my movements, with how I walk and what shoes I wear if they are supportive. Bringing this awareness to these areas has also supported me with my concious presence.

  13. ‘I started to feel a deep sense of appreciation for my hands and found myself contemplating how remarkably divine would be all that I touched and did with them, if I were to express in this energy.’ Love this Coleen.

  14. Appreciating here how much we can feel and enjoy this delicacy and sensitivity. Reading this I couldn’t help but feel this in my fingertips as I touch my mouse pad to scroll down the page; the coolness of the metal, the warmth in my fingertips, the lightness of touch and the tickle as the fingers move across the surface, the smooth and tiny movements. Stillness is very confirming of who we are.

  15. After reading this blog I have a deeper appreciation for my hands along with a deeper awareness of how I am moving them, I am just in the ‘doing’, or am I moving them with the stillness of my heart?

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