The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

I have long been amazed by the way in which the practice of Esoteric Yoga brings not only a reconnection to inner stillness, but also a deep awareness of stillness being a state of being that is actually innate to our bodies (no matter how far away from it we may think ourselves to be). Experiencing this awareness has revealed what changes to my daily routine and way of living the choice of stillness can offer as a way forward. This became very clear quite some time ago during a 6-week course with the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women.

A few minutes into one of the sessions that comprise the program, we were lying down and I had connected to stillness. Our practitioner had us focus our attention on our hands. As I allowed myself to feel my hands from the place of stillness, I was very aware at that moment of two vastly different types of energy within them.

I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding. I started to feel a deep sense of appreciation for my hands and found myself contemplating how remarkably divine would be all that I touched and did with them, if I were to express in this energy.

At the same time, which in itself is quite remarkable, I also felt the intensity of how much I had had my hands ‘do’ up until this moment of revelation. My hands were showing me how much my life had been a push and a drive as I felt the physical hardness I had encased them in to serve this unrelenting, harsh, forward momentum.

I had used my hands as functional workhorses, there only to serve whatever my mind was deeming was the thing to do at any one time.

I had disfigured two fingers on my right hand with excessive writing while pushing myself to get a degree at University – before the days of word processors. I had tensed my hands driving my car at times, in stress, frustration and anger, and had used them to lift weights in the gym that were way beyond my physical capacity. I had allowed shopping bags and dog leashes to cut into my hands, while choosing to ignore the harsh, physical effects of these activities. On a few occasions I had burned and cut parts of my hands in kitchen accidents, usually when I was in a hurry or distracted by a million thoughts other than those relating to cooking.

All of this I felt as I observed my hands from stillness, without judgement but with an honest accounting of the energy residing in them, placed there by me during the course of a lifetime.

I was astonished by the matter-of-fact honesty offered by my body without recrimination or blame: just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice – continue with the harshness or choose to honour my hands in the delicateness and stillness that I truly am. I could choose to have the same hands I had had as a baby – delicate, sensitive and tenderly aware of how my touch engages with the outside world.

For a while after this, my hands felt a little sore at the fingertips. This I attributed to my choice to honour them. This choice meant that I became very aware of how and when I was pushing, because my fingertips, previously numbed into hardness, became very sensitive and their sensitivity alerted me to how I’d been using my hands – the quality of energy I used them in as I went about my daily activity.

I started to take moments to stop and to appreciate my hands at different points in my day when I moved them gently or massaged them, reminding myself that I wanted to move all of me, including my hands, delicately, from stillness. At other times I found I was naturally delighting again in the loveliness of my hands in activity, often when drying dishes, or during my cleansing routine, or dressing for the day.

My hands have since become a truly remarkable and precise indicator of whatever energy is running through me at any one time and they offer a constant awareness of the choices available to us all. They are absolutely worth appreciating and absolutely worth offering the energy of delicateness and stillness for their expression. As am I absolutely worth being delicate with me, as the woman that I am.

By Coleen Hensey

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413 thoughts on “The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

  1. It’s incredible how much our hands express. We can use them to express anger, frustration or greed, or we can use them to express the energy of love. Both are possible. It’s just up to us what we want to express.

    1. When you observe people talk, they often express with their hands. By watching their moments we can easily tell if they are angry, frustrated or expressing from love. Isn’t it interesting how much we communicate with our hands?

      1. I totally agree Chan the way we use our hands in communication says so much about how we are living and what emotion we might be expressing. If our movements reflect a deeper connection we are living then its truly beautiful to observe the tenderness they communicate.

  2. I was really struck by the title of this blog today “the beauty of stillness in my hands” as sometimes I will look at my hands when I am really present with myself and marvel at how much tenderness and stillness I can do things in. Throughout our day we touch so many things with our hands and have an opportunity to bring so much beauty to all that we touch.

  3. Our hands say so much. I was recently having a conversation with someone about self care and they were struggling with how exhausted they were. I was later shopping for hand creams and remembered that not only did this person have an exquisitely gently touch, but how they do in fact touch the lives of others. So I bought them some hand cream and presented in to them with what I have just presented. Our hands say so much more that the physical action itself. I knew that this moment and our sharing would really support and deepen what self care is.

  4. I like the way that my hands are the point at which I make contact with the world and especially with people. And so the way or the quality in which I make this contact is totally governed by me and how I have chosen to move right up until that moment, which can be done with so much grace and delicate care.

  5. Taking moments to pause and reflect on my movements by observing my hands has shown me how present I have been in my movements. A chipped nail or rough cuticles usually reflects a real sense of rush and through this awareness I have found how much more enjoyable it is to move with presence and enjoy the delicateness within my movements.

  6. These few words capture what Esoteric Yoga has given to me too, Coleen – “a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice”. Thank you for sharing the exquisiteness that awaits us when we choose to deeply re-connect to ourselves.

  7. What I love about our bodies is the open honesty they reveal and expose, without an ounce of judgment…”…just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice – continue with the harshness or choose to honour my hands in the delicateness and stillness that I truly am.” So very simple.

  8. Our entire body is extremely delicate and it is through our hands and fingertips that we can connect to this more, probably because we use them so much on a daily basis. There is something about our finger tips that we can really feel our delicateness when we bring our attention and awareness to them.

    1. And may I add Vicky, by sharing, our hands should be treated as if they are so sensitive that they need gloves at times, pampering at times and also general nurturing by painting our nails or having a manicure!

      1. So very true Greg. And they respond so quickly, forever reflecting the care, love and warmth we are willing to embrace.

  9. My nails are so beautiful at the moment, it’s a wonderful point of appreciation to how I am being with myself.

  10. ‘I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding.’ I am especially feeling the delicate tenderness in my hands today, so was wonderful to read this blog and feel even more, the true beauty we can all bring.

  11. Appreciating the delicateness of our hands supports us in knowing our true nature and to honour the level of sensitivity within ourselves, for thereafter, we can imprint life with a quality which is healing for the all.

  12. It’s amazing how much we take our hands for granted. But if we have a cut or a scald we become super aware. Paying attention to our fingertips was something mentioned in a women’s group some time ago that has stayed with me. Reading this blog has me appreciating their delicacy once more.

  13. Placing our awareness on any part of our body brings so much detail and awareness of what our body truly can bring to us. Handling the immenseness of what the hands and finger can bring is continually amazing me, because of the true Love and Tenderness they feel!

  14. My hands wanted to give this blog a clap, they said they have been waiting for someone with a mouth to speak on behalf of them but on reflection they didn’t realize that they had the power this whole time. That they had access to a key board and could have gently typed their truth for the world to share. They are however grateful that your hands spoke and wrote on behalf of all the hands in humanity. My left hand wanted to share that she has a lot to offer in the way of slowing down and being gentle and my right hand wanted to share that although he is very coordinated and strong, he often feels he carries too much and then tightens and hardness because of the pressure. My hands wanted to communicate that if they are connected they are much more likely to move with flow, but when they are left to do things on their own, they often have to call in a force in order to be able complete a task. They are looking forward to a whole and gentle experience after this blog. Clap, Clap and thank you!

  15. Allowing someone to feel the tenderness of our heart through our hands or feeling another through the tenderness of theirs is truly exquisite.

  16. I have been feeling such a powerful feeling of stillness in my body over the last couple of days and it feels priceless to live this way. No jagged edges from drama or reaction, with interchanges and movements happening in grace.

  17. “I was astonished by the matter-of-fact honesty offered by my body without recrimination or blame: just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice” I was stopped by the simple humility ever-present in our bodies. Unassuming truth that just holds us without judgement.

  18. I love Esoteric Yoga it is so very supportive in allowing our body and selves to be, feeling all that is there to feel (even if at times it is feeling irritable!) and giving us the space to expand, feel and accept the absolute loveliness we truly are. It is a Gorgeous modality.

  19. So true Coleen: As am I absolutely worth being delicate with me, as the woman that I am.” It is all about the mastery of oneself – in absolute contentment to our universe and humanity – becoming less and less an individual.

  20. What a gorgeous title ‘The beauty of stillness in my hands’. Also through the Esoteric Yoga modality, I have experienced my hands in a whole new way. We often don’t appreciate our hands and the immense work they do for us, often when I am driving long distances I bring my awareness and focus to my hands and fingertips and feel how delicate and tender they are, this really supports me to stay in my body and not to check out when I am driving.

    1. Great tip as I know I stil check out when driving, although less and less now, because of the purpose and focus I have developed – there is no time to check with so much true work to be done.

  21. I have so much more awareness of my hands after reading this delightful blog, and actually feel to give them much more attention in how I use and move them, in how I lift things, close doors, touch things ect. which feels a great support during the day to discern if I am in my body and moving from stillness.

  22. “I was astonished by the matter-of-fact honesty offered by my body without recrimination or blame: just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice – continue with the harshness or choose to honour my hands in the delicateness and stillness that I truly am. ” how beautiful is that, just an offering to come back to the gentleness and tenderness that we naturally are, with no recrimination or blame, I appreciated your sharing Coleen after just giving myself a hard time.

  23. This blog connects me with the appreciation of my hands, that although I use to treat them with some hardness, are deeply sensitive. Bringing awareness to this area is an opportunity for me now to be aware of the quality I live in and the quality I offer in all what I do

  24. Our hands share so much and when we are touched by someone who has a tender-ness that is lived, then what is felt is a deep level of connection and an awareness that this is also a part of me. Amazing what a body can feel!

    1. So true Greg – our bodies can communicate and share so much so that words are not even needed. This certainly highlights the fact that our bodies truly are vessels through which energy moves through.

  25. To experience the beauty of stillness in the hands or whole body, is profound.. the more you drop into its ocean, into the stillness, the more you’re pulled back to its gentle shores whenever you’ve gone adrift… Like a beacon of light, it shines “this is home”.

  26. The exquisiteness of our stillness is personified when we surrender to moving in connection to the essence of our being, our Soul, through which we offer to this world a true representation of who we all are. You highlight here so beautifully Coleen, just how powerful developing a relationship with our bodies is, with every part of our body equally offering us the opportunity to connect to and be guided by a greater wisdom that resides therein.

  27. The movement of our hands tell us so much, but like you write we have two energy’s present and can choose either harmony or rigidity…..

  28. ‘I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding.’ When I make the bed in the morning I love to feel the delicate tenderness in my hands as I smooth the sheets.

  29. This is a beautiful article. Our hands literally are the part of our body that does so much, they are our work horses, they are also our touch, love and care of ourselves and another. With the wisdom offered here I feel very clearly the possibility of everything that we do with our hands becomes the essence of joy and love, done with the delicateness that is innate in our fingertips.

  30. It is one thing to feel our delicateness, it is another thing to make it our way of living. The choice is always ours and it is worth bringing our delicateness to the surface and presenting it to the world through the movements and expressions that our hands make.

  31. I love connecting to the delicateness of my fingertips – and sometimes I can feel the forearms or the thumb rather engaged and tensed up at the same time, at times even with pain, and this happens when I am in drive and seeking recognition of some sort – and when I clock that, I am able to come back to just be me in whatever I am doing instead of going after certain outcome.

  32. We so often use our hands as ‘functional workhorses’. Yet when we feel them and deeply appreciate how we can move them with gentleness and delicateness, even typing becomes a loving act.

  33. Our bodies are such great reminders of the love and delicateness we naturally are. We only have to choose to be aware and listen to what it is saying to us rather than overriding us. We can ignore our bodies, push them to the extreme to a state of exhaustion, yet they are always here for us no matter, giving us constant reminders to come back to our tender selves. No wonder there are so many injuries and illness and diseases in the world, not as a punishment but rather a re-correcting way, a way of our bodies saying enough is enough you are love and living any less than the love you are is abuse.

  34. If I can’t feel my fingertips I know I am not connected to my body nor to my stillness. Same goes for my feet and toes, body awareness is crucial. I walk differently when I am connected to the delicateness inside.

  35. I can tell how I have been treating my body by looking at the conditions of my hands, the texture of my skin, my fingers and nails. I currently have small burns, scratches, insect bites and a chipped nail which are all signs showing me I have been moving my body with hardness, rush and disregard. So, I am going to take time to nurture my hands and my body. Today I am going to do some gardening with gloves on and use my body with more care, gentleness and love. Thank you Coleen for this beautiful reminder to connect to the stillness of my entire body.

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