Community Living

For much of my life I lived in a self-imposed isolation where I looked on at community as an outsider, wishing I were a part of it. I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation, nor that it was only my choices that led to the way I was living. I had a chip on my shoulder against the world and humanity, and whilst I still played ball, I did so from the fringes. I did what was needed to stay in the game but when my turn was over, I retreated to the sidelines.

But even while living this way, I craved engaging with people. I would look at others and think how lucky they were for having the dinner invites, social activity and community events they were a part of. With my arms crossed and a harsh glare, I wanted to be a part of it all and was annoyed I wasn’t.

Five years ago I began having sessions with esoteric practitioners and reading Serge Benhayon’s purple books. Gradually I began attending workshops presented by Serge and now I am a committed esoteric student of The Way of The Livingness.

Today, if I take a snapshot of my life in my community, here is what I see:

  • A home that has a regular flow of people – other people’s kids here sometimes before school, sometimes after; friends over for dinner and popping in
  • A gorgeous housemate who co-parents with me
  • A workplace that is an extension of my home and where my workmates are part of my family
  • Fortnightly Sacred Movement classes where I pair up with a friend, my hairdresser or a stranger and share deeply heartfelt movement and connection
  • Supermarket shops where I know the butcher and we stop to say hello
  • School parents who I love to have a catch up and laugh with at the bus stop
  • Needing help with photography and calling a photographer friend whom I don’t know so well, but know through the community, and he gives me a huge amount of support and researches which camera will suit me best
  • Endless support, be it with healing sessions and swaps, childcare, a friend to call, someone to edit a blog, someone to help with design work… it is endless.

This snippet paints a picture of the richness of our community.

And this community is not bound by geography – we’re global. The other day I had a quick Skype call with a woman I know in the community who lives in Germany, for some video training.

Within this global community we are all working for the same goal – to live on Earth the love we truly are. We’re not perfect at it, but we keep at it. With that same shared goal there is a deep level of trust with others as we know where the heart lies.

We are all there to support each other – in illness, in love, in disasters, in marriage, in pulling each other up to be more… whatever it is, we’ve got each other’s back.

This is the community of The Way of The Livingness. This is our religion and it is reflected in the way we live. It is what binds us together as a community. The door is open for all and you can come and leave as you choose.

The foundation of true community living can only be founded in Love and Truth and with that as a base –– Wow!

By Nikki McKee

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461 thoughts on “Community Living

  1. This is the same for me Nikki in that when we truly get ourselves out of the way and make it about people, relationships blossom and communities grow. Since knowing Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and being a student of the Way of the Livingness my life and loves just keeps expanding.

  2. As a student of The Way of The Livingness, I have come to understand what true community is too and it is exactly the form of community which you have described so beautifully Nikki. It is like we are in relationship with all those around us, and even those living in many different parts of the world; one big global family where no one’s place is more important or special than another’s, but instead built on a loving foundation of equalness and respect for all.

  3. I love community living and I can imagine a lot of people are the same because this way of living is natural to us. To live in isolation and shutting people out is a sign that we are deeply hurt.

  4. After having sessions with an esoteric practitioner for a year, attending workshops presented by Serge Benhayon and loving being the student of The Way of The Livingness, I just love being around this family.

    I live in Sydney and from time to time I attend workshops up north and as much as I love living in Sydney, I feel I am home when I am with my true family.

  5. The community I love being part of is ‘with that same shared goal there is a deep level of trust with others we know where the heart lies’.

  6. I totally relate to being isolated from the community. For me, I didn’t want to live with the Indian community because of the impositions placed on one another, there were no true sense of living or purpose.

    Since being part of The Way of The Livingness community and despite living so far away from each other, what I love is when we do come together, there is often a sharing of things and if someone has forgot to bring a plate to share, it doesn’t matter. The host isn’t the provider of everything, we are all together as one – I love it. A true community living.

  7. Beautifully shared and claimed and I agree it is WOW. Very amazing to be part of a community that is as you have outlined, committed to being open and honest with each other, to learn and explore the power of love guided by truth and love together. It is WOW that feels very natural to live, as it embodies our innate way of being for ourselves and together as a community.

  8. There is much said on the internet about Universal Medicine being a cult, isolating people, estranging them from their families etc. I only see the opposite happening: People getting involved with their communities, deepening the relationships with their families, taking responsibility at work, engaging in service for the public and friends. As much as Universal Medicine presents on the multidimensionality of life, it strongly promotes getting real and being committed to everyday life in the most profound ways.

  9. When I used to play video games online I was part of communities known as ‘fandoms’. I would talk to people all over the world and meet them in person at times. Yet the connection was only felt when we where interacting, otherwise I felt very lonely as our connection was based on our joint interests. With The Way of The Livingness I feel a warmth and connection with anyone as what unites us is our essence which everyone has.

    1. This is a great point Leigh, and question to ask of ourselves – is the community we are part of supporting our evolution or de-evolution? As I am discovering and enjoying the power of true community is where we are pulling each other up, learning and exploring living our greatest and truest potential, together.

  10. ‘ – to live on Earth the love we truly are. We’re not perfect at it, but we keep at it. …‘ – and as part of that way of living, that which is not of truth and love needs to get exposed so that it can be renounced, and thus the space to connect and activate the innate known love and truth can unfold. It is the most gratifying way, but not the most comfortable one as a high degree of honesty is required and identifications and attachments that are ‘dear’ to us need to be let go of.

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