Esoteric Yoga – Developing an Honest Relationship with the Body through Acceptance

One of the great joys of Esoteric Yoga is that it is such a wonderful support for developing an honest relationship with the body that then supports me to have a more honest relationship with everyday life.

The various themes that are available to be explored in an Esoteric Yoga class are endless and equally there to be explored in life’s everyday activities. Developing an acceptance in life is one such theme that has supported my body to surrender more, as opposed to pushing through life carrying tension, burdens, exhaustion or pain in general. It may at first seem that acceptance of ourselves and how things are in life would be simple, however, given the opportunity to look deeper, there is much to uncover and feel.

A poignant question I have asked myself is, “Do I have investments or pictures in life to be a certain way – or do I accept life as it is?” And if I translate this to my yoga practice, “Do I have an expectation of how I want to feel in a yoga class?”

When we have expectations in an Esoteric Yoga class, or in life, we limit our awareness, because we are so fixed on an outcome or a picture of how it should look and feel. And when those expectations are not met there can be a disappointment – a tension that can be felt as an unsettlement in the body. Thoughts of ‘not being enough’ or ‘achieving enough’ are great examples of how we don’t accept life, which result in a tension and a mistrust that we carry in our body. Not to mention the fact that we miss out on appreciating the amazingness of what already is.

Letting go of expectations supports the body to surrender. Letting go of stories of ‘what may happen’ or ‘what may not happen’ is very liberating as it allows the body to be open to whatever will unfold before us and allows us to see life with a wider lens. Accepting and surrendering are far more enriching ways to be and live that pave the way for appreciation, rather than chasing the pictures and fantasies of what we think and want life to be that keeps our body in a state of tension!

Within our body is an honesty that communicates much wisdom and is a great gauge of our level of surrender or our level of stress. When practising Esoteric Yoga I have experienced that there is an opportunity to feel this quality in the body – which is a direct result of lifestyle choices to that point. We may like what we feel or we may not – in other words, we may accept what we feel or we may not. For example, we may feel joy-full and open or we may feel pain and an uncomfortable momentum. These momentums are the result of a series of choices that become the uncomfortable tensions and tightness in our body. The point being, how we feel and our level of surrender are very much connected, and are a result of the quality of movement and lifestyle choices we choose each and every day. As the founder of Esoteric Yoga, Serge Benhayon has presented, “The body is the marker of ALL truth” (The Way of Initiation, p 602) and something we actually cannot escape.

When we do not want to accept what is felt in the body, it is very common to choose to numb and distract ourselves from feeling our discomforts and momentums, something we are actually very practised at. However, in an Esoteric Yoga class when I stop to re-connect to the body by simply choosing to align the mind with whatever my body is doing, any momentums that may be there can be seen more easily, and it is here that I have an opportunity to start to let them go.

Allowing ourselves to be with whatever is there to be felt in the body with whatever we are doing, and bringing an acceptance to this, allows an openness and thus more space for surrender. In contrast to this, when we choose to react to what we can feel (the momentums), the body stays hard and we delay the opportunity to become aware of the choices and patterns of behaviour that are causing the tension.

We can choose the path of ease by accepting what is there to be felt and allowing the body to surrender OR, we can fight ourselves by diverting our energy to avoid and distract ourselves from our awareness, and thus continue with our patterns and ways of living that keep the momentums and tension held in the body.

The more we allow acceptance and surrender, the more we allow the body to do what it knows best – and that is to return to its natural rhythm of harmony and wholeness. When we allow this, it brings a halt to everything that does not belong to our natural rhythm of stillness. The sense of ease that can be experienced in an Esoteric Yoga class has become a healing rhythm for me that I can take into my day, as I am no longer fighting myself by staying in tension and anxiety. In essence, I have an opportunity to allow the deeper quality of surrender that I have embodied to be with me and to inform the quality of my movements. From here, my patterns and unsupportive ways of living naturally start to drop away. This is why I, like many others who experience Esoteric Yoga, find it very supportive and deeply restful.

There is quite a difference to how the body can feel at the end of a day should we choose to move in a quality of ease and surrender as opposed to tension and anxiety that deplete the body. If we are moving the body in a quality that honours our innate rhythm of stillness, then we open the door to feel the joy and vitality of this. The body’s wisdom knows how to bring itself back to harmony and true connection.

The more we accept life and what we feel, the more we are able to surrender the body to its natural settlement so that we may enjoy our natural flow.

By Marika Cominos, Yoga & Complementary Health Practitioner

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327 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga – Developing an Honest Relationship with the Body through Acceptance

  1. Having a picture of how this has to be is not just wanting to have a specific result, it requires everyone to adjust their movements to that way that is able to deliver what we want. It is not just a desire but pure control set in motion. It is a movement that aims at controlling movements.

  2. Esoteric Yoga, when practised with honesty gives us an utmost accurate reflection of how we are living. The more willing and honest we are the deeper the insight and quality we can gain and make our way of living.

  3. I was surprised when I found my first esoteric yoga session involved nothing more than sitting in a chair. Any kind of yoga I’d done in the past had involved positions (and pain to some degree!). This alone addresses what you say about expectations. I’ve found this yoga to be a deeply enjoyable experience and one which can be replicated just about anywhere.

  4. Esoteric Yoga is super powerful as it brings us into an intimate relationship with the body, so that we can learn and grow from honestly feeling all of our momentums, loving or otherwise,

  5. Acceptance of me, all of me, ‘warts and all’ as they say feels like a project for today as I let go of perfection and therefore stop arguing with reality around me.

  6. Developing a relationship with our body is a bit like developing a relationship with a friend who always tells us the truth, and Esoteric Yoga is a fantastic tool to help us build a relationship with our body that can help us navigate through life.

  7. If we let go of all expectations, we are able to simply observe life. If you allow yourself to surrender to this, it can be quite inquisitive, like a baby taking everything in. Letting go of how something should feel or how something should turn out, allows us to embrace the natural rhythm around us.

  8. We have a responsibility as to what quality we are moving in, as when we move through the day in ease and surrender we are reflecting to others that this is possible, they then can choose to align or not. If we are moving in stress and tension then this is the reflection others are getting and we are not offering an alternative to how most people are living

  9. Marika this is such a great question to ask ourselves
    “Do I have investments or pictures in life to be a certain way – or do I accept life as it is?”
    I seem to have a picture that everyone should get on with each other, as we only have one world that we live in and we all have to live here together, so lets support each other and work for the majority not the minority.
    But to me we seem to be living in a huge amphitheatre and we are like gladiators pitched against each other until there’s only one man standing. And watching from the side lines is the un seen energy that is egging us all on as this is how it sustains its self by feeding off the emotions that we give off from all this infighting.

  10. ‘Within our body is an honesty that communicates much wisdom and is a great gauge of our level of surrender or our level of stress.’ – I find that this honesty is accessible in layers, the more honest I am willing to be and accept, the more honesty I am given. It is a continuosly deepening process.

  11. Esoteric Yoga or The Yoga of Stillness: “there’s no place like home” said Dorothy on Wizard of Oz:.. there’s no place like stillness. The true home of us all.

  12. Reading your blog it strikes me that what is needed is a willingness to open to all that is on offer. We need to be willing to stop, willing to feel, and willing to be responsive to what we feel. Without the willingness we can just say no to it all and trundle on as before.

    1. They are wise words Rebecca as the body is offering us so much – everyday under our noses and yet we so easily get distracted ‘out there’ looking for answers. Respecting the wisdom of my body has been a truly life changing experience for me over the last 12 years and is my marker for how I am doing in life.

  13. Esoteric Yoga has allowed me to feel the simplicity of what my body is informing me throughout the day. It has offered me the space to stop and begin to understand that the constant drive and tension of the way I have lived life is the antithesis of stillness.

  14. I love the title of this blog – ‘Developing an Honest Relationship with the Body through Acceptance.’ I have found the two go hand in hand – honesty and acceptance. I have certainly found it hard to accept life the way it is, but with a lot of honesty, I have found it easier to see things about myself I didn’t want to see and gradually let go of the pictures I have been holding onto.

  15. Having expectations creates a momentum in our bodies that disregards the very nature of our being-ness, the letting go of such patterns allow space in which we can surrender to that which is of truth.

  16. Marika, I have very much felt the effects of these two very different ways of moving; ‘There is quite a difference to how the body can feel at the end of a day should we choose to move in a quality of ease and surrender as opposed to tension and anxiety that deplete the body.’ After a day of trying to do things as quickly as possible previously and feeling exhausted and achy because of this, I decided to allow more time at the start of the next day to prepare things at work and move in a gentle way without rushing, this felt very different and much more enjoyable, I realised that I had been getting caught up with others movements previously, wanting to fit in and show that I could work quickly rather than going at my own natural pace.

  17. The mind can be constantly occupied with the anticipation of what may or may not happen as you say, Marika, which keeps us from dropping into the body and a surrendered state of being that allows us to feel what is there for us to step into next.

  18. Actually sometimes I find it very hard to let go of the stories of ‘what may happen’ or ‘what may not happen’
    and I understand that I use this way to keep my body in tension because it feels familiar.

  19. “Letting go of expectations supports the body to surrender.” When we have no pictures of what or how we want life to be, it becomes so natural and normal to ‘let go’ both of what we come to expect in our minds, and as a result how we hold ourselves in our bodies. And to begin to allow this surrender, we start to feel how much more there is for us to feel.

  20. ‘Within our body is an honesty that communicates much wisdom and is a great gauge of our level of surrender or our level of stress.’ To always be listened to and adhered to.

  21. “Esoteric Yoga – Developing an Honest Relationship with the Body through Acceptance” – it’s through and thanks to Esoteric Yoga that i’ve developed and continue to develop the one thing that’s now the foundation of my life, and that’s ease. Acceptance is what brings that ease, eventually to surrender.

  22. I have been having a fascinating time with Esoteric Yoga and my body recently. I reached a new quality and depth – and it came so easily over a series of sessions. Only then I decided to stop doing this and ‘have a break’. After a week or so I felt terrible! I returned to making yoga part of my day straight away. Only this time it was uncomfortable, hard and I didn’t feel the same way. I can see there’s an arrogant part of us that thinks it can take time off from integrity and quality and return to Esoteric Yoga as quick fix – but it just doesn’t work that way. As you illustrate Marika it’s there to help us see how we live throughout the whole day – and this is to be about forever deepening our quality – not blasting our body with emotions and reactions. Esoteric Yoga is a beautiful marker and teaches me that consistent loving choices is the only way my body truly heals.

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