What’s the New Normal?

The new normal is Love.

The new normal is joy and vitality, as the markers of our day. Not as ups after the downs, and not as a goal to strive for, but as the very natural by-products of the way we choose to live.

The new normal is connection. Connection with the inner most part of who we are and have always been – and from there, with everybody else.

The new normal is to know that all of us are as ancient as we are new in the cycle of another day. That we are beings of the ages with all the answers within us, where they have always been.

The new normal is to know that this life is a precious movement in a much grander cycle we are part of – and that life is not a straight line with a beginning and end point, as we have erroneously perceived it to be.

The new normal is to live this life in the dedication to bringing all that we are to it, in the understanding that this is the one true purpose each and every one of us has – equally.

To live the joy of this responsibility, as we sometimes stumble and fall back on our footsteps from times past, having hidden for so long from the stupendousness we have always had within us is the most normal and natural thing in this world.

This normal is Our Way. It is what we, as students of The Way of The Livingness, are making normal in our everyday lives. With a dedication and commitment that never ceases to inspire, we reflect to each other and the world at large, the power and beauty that resides within us, and which can be lived by and amongst us all.

We live in a world where we have made the most abhorrent normal, when it is not.

A closed and shut down heart is as normal today as the countless lives that continue to be lost to heart disease – every 12 minutes in Australia alone (1).

A woman with no recollection of the delicateness and preciousness she innately is, and who competes with men, believing this is what she has to do in order to succeed, is as normal and commonplace as the heart disease rates that kill more women in the United States than all forms of cancer combined (2).

Consider this against the current backdrop of the breast cancer rates world-wide where a woman dies of this disease every minute (3) (4), and you get the grim reality of the abomination we have made to be the ‘normal’ way things are.

As a human race the world over, we have settled for a way of living that revolves around pain and suffering. Whether it’s on a large scale with drug wars and bloody conflicts that desensitise the Western viewer because they have now become so ‘normal’, or on the more micro scale with the suffering so many people put up with in their daily lives – it matters nought. Exhaustion has become normal, low-grade anxiety has become normal, sleeplessness and depression have become normal. Worrying about work, our families, our future, are regarded as ‘normal’ ways for us to go about our lives.

It is all one bandwidth – a bandwidth of abuse of varying intensities and flavours, but abuse nonetheless. But the greatest abuse of all is the acceptance of it all. That as a society we have shrugged our shoulders in silent resignation to the belief that this is the way things are – that this way of struggling through life is normal.

All of this is a vast and tragic cover up for the one underlying issue that humanity has at its core. When we strip everything back, it is clear that every ill mankind has settled for can be traced back to one single thing: the disconnection from Soul, the disconnection from our divine wholeness, without which we will always be but a mere fragmented part in a relentless search to find something that can never be found outside of the whole of who we already are.

This is the landscape of the world we live in today. But as Albert Einstein once said:

‘The world we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” (5)

Humanity’s survival on this planet is ultimately dependent on a substantial shift in the landscape. It is dependent on the introduction of a new normal, one that is based on the universal truth every human being knows, regardless of whether this truth is remembered, accepted or denied. It is only with this reflection of truth, this reflection of the love and brotherhood we all belong to, that mankind will turn its current trajectory around.

To reflect the light of God to my fellow brother, and to remind them of how normal and natural this is, is the most normal thing I can do. And along with many more across all corners of the world, I will continue to be inspired and to inspire, to deepen in our divine connection with the Heavens within and above, and more and more, stronger and stronger, day by day, we will reflect this Light, this new normal, to everyone around us, and beyond.

This is the new normal.

By Katerina Nikolaidis, Melbourne, Australia


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952 thoughts on “What’s the New Normal?

  1. I do like the quote of Albert Einstein as it says that we have to evolve beyond the point we have created this issue or the problem at hand, otherwise we continue to create the same over and over again.

  2. We have erroneously made living in disconnection with our Soul normal and with that accept all the abuse in the world. This is not the way it should be.

  3. Katerina, you are a modern day philosopher. Your words are a gift from the heavens. And I loved this reminder today “that we are beings of the ages with all the answers within us”.

  4. If the normal was normal why is illness and disease at an all time high? We call it normal but it is actually harming our health and well being, and many are checking out or giving up with the so called normal way of being. I am so grateful for meeting Serge Benhayon who challenged the current model of normal and has made it a new normal to have vitality, love, joy and beautiful relationships, now that is something my body can feel is truly normal and natural.

  5. This is such an astute observation Katerina: “As a human race the world over, we have settled for a way of living that revolves around pain and suffering” but once honestly considered I feel there will be few who will doubt the truth you have presented. So, the question is, why has humanity settled for such a lesser way of living than the wonderful one we all have access to? Maybe it’s because we have allowed so many damaging ‘normals’ into our lives that we have left very little space for the truth.

  6. You can say that we are consumed by life or that life is consuming us. But nevertheless you describe it fact is that we are distracted away from that grandness we could otherwise live if we reconnect to that inner knowing that resides in us all and is never not there.

  7. By making living from our inner most the new normal, everything that used to be normal will never be normal again.

  8. Joy, vitality, connection, appreciation – I say YES – let’s have this as our normal and not as a special moment or special day we get to experience every now and then! Who would say no to this?

  9. Normal ‘should’ be standard for all – and the normal ‘should not’ be a low standard. When we set our standards high, it is out of respect and care and love for self and all.

    1. Actually there is only one normal and dependant of where you are in life you can experience it as a high standard or simply as your minimal standard and that there is space for more.

  10. The old normal have never worked and is completely discredited, yet so many of us cling on to a reality which does not serve us all as a race of beings. This old reality makes everything about oneself at the expense of all, the new reality will make everything about the all and we will come to know that life is not about I, me and myself but rather about all of us. Nothing else will ever work.

    1. Never has life on earth meant to be about I, me and myself and because we have chosen the way of I, me and myself we struggle and say ‘that’s life’. Let’s live the new normal which is actually amazingly normal!

      1. I agree, making life about i, me and myself is a complete illusion, because we are all connected and interdependent upon each other. So why choose the lie of a complete illusion?

  11. Serge Benhayon is copping a lot of flak for bringing in a new normal. But looking at our current normal, should we not be rolling out the red carpet for a new normal that has proven lived experience behind it???

    1. You have nailed it here with your comment Sarah – when someone offers true change in a beautiful way some do hang onto the old for this is what they are familiar with – but the more people around reflect that there is a different way, then the more they will be open and receptive to give the new normal (really our very old normal) a go.

  12. My relationship with God has been very strong since I was a kid and has never left. I did speak about it often. As an adult, I noticed the way I controlled the way I spoke about God as it was ‘not done’ to love God.
    Since I have studied with Universal medicine I can deeply claim my connection with God and I don’t need to hide it in any form, I love to share it.
    It is great to make this my own normal again – such a freedom.

  13. This is the ultimate normal that will be normal because the current normal cannot remain the normal because our bodies are screaming at us that it is not normal!

    1. One day we all will come to this realisation that our normal is living from our divine being which already lives within.

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