The Esoteric – the End-all and Be-all

In practical everyday life the esoteric denotes a cardio-centric one-unified way of life as presented throughout the ages by the likes of Hermes, Zarathustra and Pythagoras, to name but a few.

There have always been messengers, like those mentioned before, and they lived by example (what we would call a role model nowadays) and extensively taught, at times under threat to their life, what it means to live the esoteric way of life.

Is it therefore justifiable to purport and teach that the word ‘esoteric’ stands for what is somewhat obscure, hidden, for a select few or even secretive?

No, it is definitely not, but how come it has happened and how come we have allowed the true meaning of the word esoteric to slip into the realms of the absurd, ridiculous, the far-fetched and into fruit-loop land?

Human life as we know it is plagued by strife, stress, boundless and ever-increasing tension; it is burdened with discontent, unsettlement and ill ease. Existence has its rewards, but these are short-lived and demand to be outdone and surpassed by evermore highs, peaks, rewards, recognition, fame and temporal glory in whatever form, be it notoriety or assumed goodness, ill or good repute, extreme poverty or exorbitant wealth. We don’t care, as long as it is all kept going and we get our share of the spoils, whether that be so-called success or failure. We have convinced ourselves that we need the identification with our status and position, no matter at which end of the social scale that might position us. And thus, starvation and gluttony rank equally in the recognition and identification stakes.

  • Why is this so?
  • Why mystify, denounce, obscure and obliterate what might just be the simple answer to all our problems?
  • What have we invested in?

To cut right to the chase – the main commodity we have invested in is comfort in its many guises; we have sunk our funds into the notion that it is best to be left alone, get on with ‘it’, look after ourselves and those very close to us and otherwise ‘let sleeping dogs lie.’

But what if these sleeping dogs have always at least one eye open, are baring their teeth and snarling, forever ready to pounce under their veneer of sleepiness and, displayed for all to see, superficial soporific stupor? What if the whole thing is a lie?

What if we are not here to invest in comfort?

What if we are here to evolve, truly evolve, become one again with our Soul and thus with God and The Plan in and through service to the greater all, to humanity at large and the true-good of all creatures, beings, objects and matter, as seemingly far away as the outer reaches of the universe and all universes and their boundless and humanly incomprehensible infinity?

Seeing that we are forever asking (unless we have totally given up on our erstwhile displayed youthful vigour and natural curiosity) what the meaning of life is – is this not worth investigating?

What if the meaning of life and our role as one humanity and individually was as simple as making a U-turn and heading inside, i.e. making the innermost (the esoteric), our essence and God-given innateness, our one and only traffic sign and true compass?

What if Jesus was right when he said: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

What if the kingdom of God – the innermost, the esoteric – is the way out of the mess we have got ourselves into by abandoning what is innate and cannot ever be tarnished, hurt or destroyed?

What have we got to lose by changing course and heading to the esoteric, our innermost?

And then beyond… where the esoteric is not in truth the end-all but the beginning of ever more.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah NSW

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565 thoughts on “The Esoteric – the End-all and Be-all

  1. We are not here to invest in human life we are only here to get out of here, supporting all others to along the way.

  2. What eventually happens if you “let sleeping dogs lie”, you will eventually be gobbled up by a huge great white shark from the depths of the ocean that will attack and cut you in half with one bite. Returning to God opens the jaws of love that resides within us and we awaken to a depth of the inner-knowing of what Love can bring.

    1. Wow, “the jaws of love” – that takes dentistry to new levels. I know what your next profession will be! Better stop what you are doing and get those text books out.

  3. I met a guy once and shared something about the esoteric and he said that, and he was originally from Greece, that in Greek it means the innermost core of things, which makes sense.

    1. And that IS what it means, in all languages and for all people, right across the globe. It is only because we want to and have run a mile from the innermost that we start bastardising and maligning the word and dehumanising those among us who are holding strong and true.

  4. When we bring life back to its natural way of living from our inner hearts, we can let go of all the soul searching and truth seeking for it is lived from within first and naturally shared out.

    1. Definitely no more soul searching then; our Soul has forever been waiting patiently for us and is always offering evolution.

  5. I love that the esoteric is simply what lies within as it allows room for each of our natural expression without judgement.

  6. Exploring every possibility of what you can create yourself may be entertaining for a while, but sooner or later we all must return to working with God’s will. The irony then is we’ll see that the ‘selfish’ acts were not ours anyway but just a result of energy.

    1. Interesting to note that this ‘a while’ has been going on for eons now – eons of dabbling in creation.

  7. “What if we are not here to invest in comfort?” – as i see things, we invest in comfort because it’s an attempt to soothe the tension and plaster over the pain of abuse we are in, or live in, and so the more we can say no to abuse, the less the need for comfort and its false investment that puts us deeper into debit evolutionary wise.

  8. “Human life as we know it is plagued by strife, stress, boundless and ever-increasing tension; it is burdened with discontent, unsettlement and ill ease.” When summed up like this, it makes me question who would want to live life as a human if that’s what its like?! Fortunately many of us have been experiencing that there is another way to be in human life, thanks to the divine teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and Serge Benhayon. A way of life that is simple, loving, equal and consistently evolving for everyone, and one that is accessible to all.

  9. When we understand that opposites are equal points of self identification, like your example of starvation and gluttony ranking equally in the recognition stakes, we see that the highest good and worst bad are equally so for recognition and self identification.

    1. It matters not at which end of the spectrum it is happening as long as it is a creation, in wilful opposition to the space and love that are holding it all, inclusive of the wily spirit and its deceitful ways.

  10. Well it is certainly true that our current approach to life has us on a precarious trajectory that is rife with conflict, disharmony, abuse and chaos. So a willingness to U-turn and look within for an alternative – being open to the ancient esoteric teachings available to us – would be an obvious and responsible way.

  11. Our world is heavily invested in comfort at this point in time and we can see it is leading humanity down a very miserable, dark, fear driven and complicated way of life. So, it makes sense why people are more likely to attack the true meaning of the esoteric, because in order for us to embrace the esoteric it means we would have to stop the ill momentum we are currently in, let go of our comforts and start taking responsibility for what we have created that hasn’t worked.

  12. Purport and teach that the word ‘esoteric’ is reconnection to our essence and when in that connection and our soul is felt we understand it is nothing new just a normal way of living.

  13. Beautiful Gabriele I love this sharing of the truth and purpose of life and our connection with our innermost. A joy to read and know the truth written so clearly of the reality and love of God within us all and the quality we truly are too.

  14. ‘Why mystify, denounce, obscure and obliterate what might just be the simple answer to all our problems?’ – Could it be because the awareness it offers comes with such a high level of responsibility?

      1. That’s very important to note Gabriele as responsibility has become divorced in meaning from its natural offering.

    1. It seems that a huge, huge majority of humanity is currently running away from responsibility, we can see this very clearly and hence, this is why comfort is the biggest seller and commodity in our world.

  15. In my experience there is nothing to lose by turning to the direction of the esoteric, the innermost, but so much to gain, panning out to all areas of life, and most importantly in the quality of being itself.

  16. This is a great example in the way we have bastardised words to mean something that is very far away from its innate meaning.

      1. I love it too Gabriele, Joseph has a beautiful way of expressing and it is to the point and powerful.

  17. Whenever I see a word that has been twisted like this one, it makes me ponder on the power of the word in its true meaning.

    1. There is truth in Word even though, where we come from, I have been told and it makes perfect sense, there are no words, only movement. Movement that accords with the all it is inexorably a part of and can’t but be a part of.

      1. And then it would fit well that numbers slot in between the two, bridging truth between movement and word.

  18. “Is it therefore justifiable to purport and teach that the word ‘esoteric’ stands for what is somewhat obscure, hidden, for a select few or even secretive” The bastardisation of True words is a game our spirit plays to prolong the comfortable life we live in this era. This is true for many words including the word “esoteric”, and not only words but religions have been shown to not follow the true teachings from what the master has presented. A life of service to humanity by living to the “esoteric” as is now presented in this modern era by The Way of The Livingness needs to be shared because nothing before has been presented with such transparency as the Truth is impossible to repudiate but simple to lie about and try and “obscure”.

    1. It’s an age-old trick, isn’t it? Obscure, denigrate and banish something and then point the finger at it and say, “you are obscure and elitist, only for the select few; why don’t you come out?” In other words, we create what we then don’t like or possibly even hate.

  19. Comfort can be many things, including even physical pain as an extreme example. We may prefer to choose to be in pain rather than make the necessary changes in our posture or life that would make it possible for the pain to go.

    1. There are many reasons to cling to the extreme discomfort of the comfort of pain – recognition, identification, workers compensation, other insurance matters, a pension; the fear of the unknown, of life without the pain and the demands that it might bring. We generally prefer to stick to what we know.

  20. This is so apt for my week which I’ve taken off work. It’s beautiful weather (unusual for me choosing a week of good weather in the UK) so what I’m noticing is a drive to achieve a good time.

    My version is going somewhere where nature is beautiful and there is water. Nothing wrong with this but the underlying belief to create perfection in this world. So if all events line up to perfection I can still feel a pull to knowing this is not it, no matter if the water is warm enough to swim and the sun’s shining.

    In the past I’d have got annoyed with the drone disturbing the natural stillness nature is offering, or the loudly swearing youths, the music from speakers etc. But today I can feel how the majority of humanity is on this same quest to make being human and this world comfortable. But if the natural beauty of being here isn’t enough and we need alcohol and distractions to make the day a success, then isn’t there an emptiness to our pursuits if they are without purpose?

    1. We aim to catapult ourselves from one high to another, to yet another, and never stop to take stock and evaluate whether this outer pursuit is actually delivering the goods or not.

  21. What would life look like if we were all allowed to live the light of God from a young age? Could it be that we would then have a deep understanding that divine energy is felt first and any ill energy is understood and therefore is never given any credence.

  22. We all know that the way most of us are living is not working just by the massive rise in illness and disease over the last couple of decades, so why do we dig in our heals and not really start feeling what needs to be done.

  23. ‘What if we are not here to invest in comfort?’ – Now that’s a question for all of us to ponder deeply on.

  24. It seems that all the searching outside of us is like a trick to distract us from the Gold (not even hidden gold) that lies within us all.

    1. It’s like we are chasing our own tail, running after the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it is inside all the while; and added to this, denying the fact because we don’t want to look foolish but insist on defending our stance from entrenched and chosen proud ignorance.

  25. Our investment in comfort and distraction is a big pull away from what we know is intrinsically true inside. Getting to the point of ‘what’s life all about’ enabled me to make the step back towards this truth and look at life from a completely different perspective.

  26. You speak of The Plan, and through the work of Universal Medicine I have discovered that there is indeed a plan, and that plan needs me to be as present and aware as I can be in my daily life to attend to my part in the plan.

  27. ‘What have we got to lose by changing course and heading to the esoteric, our innermost?’ – Nothing to lose, on the contrary, speaking from experience we have everything to win.

  28. I saw a program last night where they were talking about leaving earth to set up colonies ‘in the stars’. One of the comments in the wrap up was this was giving humanity hope for our future – something to work towards that will positively influence the whole of humanity. I couldn’t help but reflect on this comment wondering that it was similar to moving to another area to escape our ‘problems’. In truth we never do, they follow us wherever we go, until we make the choice to look at them directly and actively heal our part. So it struck me that looking for hope for a future life in the stars is no different than this and really our future is much more about how we are within, and how we are living this outwardly, rather than looking outside of ourselves, searching for the ‘perfect solution’ to our troubles. Which there are none.

    1. What a waste of time and good money; and what are we going to do there? Export the rot we have created on earth to the outer reaches of the universe and infect and pollute that as well? As if we weren’t already, energetically speaking.

    2. Yes, we already are on a star, a particularly habitable one – even just looking at the strictly physical aspects of these proposals shows the absurdity of them.

  29. I had been searching for the meaning of life for a long time, can you imagine the relief I felt when I went to a Universal Medicine presentation and heard that it was about us all supporting each other to get out of here- now that made sense; the search was over and the work began.

    1. And there is nothing like purpose to bring vitality and joy to life, to get out of the doldrums of uncertainty, doubt and devastation.

  30. The thing is we kid ourselves that we are content and maybe brag that we are richer, poorer, fitter or sicker than the next man but we all know there is something missing and we won’t find it in a rocket ship, a bigger yacht a bigger house or more weath, that something we all know is missing can be accessed by the esoteric and we can’t know what joy really is or fill that hole we all have without going there.

  31. After all the wisdom being poured down from heaven and god through the many messagers from Zarathustra to Yeshua (Jesus).
    The wayward human spirit is stubbornly on his path of return but slow to make that u turn back to his innermost and connection to god. With comfort and numbing more exciting for many , but these days are numbered as many more will not be abel to find comfort or fulfilment in comfort . As we yearn for a deeper connection and true purpose.

    1. Comfort has, in truth, never been all that comfortable, but pride stands often in the way of admitting it and making that u-turn. The thing is, it will happen eventually, no matter what, and we can only delay but not prevent it.

  32. We have nothing to lose but it is in our hands to change the course of our ways. We have steered ourselves for far too long in the same waters without any true change, repeating what has been repeated by generations before and before. It is time that we become honest and look what is truly working and what not and then make the choices that are of true benefit to us all.

  33. This is a great question and there is nothing to lose in looking within for what we have been seeking for so long, however we must face our own pride in doing so, as we have been making ill choices for some time and we have to admit they have not got us to where we want to be. Rather have created a way of living which is not natural to us and therefore we have so many illnesses and diseases as a result. Humanity is far from the brotherhood that it is at heart.

  34. The reality is that too many people just love that life we collectively have created, that life that is void of the love of God and at the same time crave so much. But the pleasure or excitement derived from this creation, most people still prevail above the choice to return to where we belong, in the bosom of God.

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