The Esoteric – the End-all and Be-all

In practical everyday life the esoteric denotes a cardio-centric one-unified way of life as presented throughout the ages by the likes of Hermes, Zarathustra and Pythagoras, to name but a few.

There have always been messengers, like those mentioned before, and they lived by example (what we would call a role model nowadays) and extensively taught, at times under threat to their life, what it means to live the esoteric way of life.

Is it therefore justifiable to purport and teach that the word ‘esoteric’ stands for what is somewhat obscure, hidden, for a select few or even secretive?

No, it is definitely not, but how come it has happened and how come we have allowed the true meaning of the word esoteric to slip into the realms of the absurd, ridiculous, the far-fetched and into fruit-loop land?

Human life as we know it is plagued by strife, stress, boundless and ever-increasing tension; it is burdened with discontent, unsettlement and ill ease. Existence has its rewards, but these are short-lived and demand to be outdone and surpassed by evermore highs, peaks, rewards, recognition, fame and temporal glory in whatever form, be it notoriety or assumed goodness, ill or good repute, extreme poverty or exorbitant wealth. We don’t care, as long as it is all kept going and we get our share of the spoils, whether that be so-called success or failure. We have convinced ourselves that we need the identification with our status and position, no matter at which end of the social scale that might position us. And thus, starvation and gluttony rank equally in the recognition and identification stakes.

  • Why is this so?
  • Why mystify, denounce, obscure and obliterate what might just be the simple answer to all our problems?
  • What have we invested in?

To cut right to the chase – the main commodity we have invested in is comfort in its many guises; we have sunk our funds into the notion that it is best to be left alone, get on with ‘it’, look after ourselves and those very close to us and otherwise ‘let sleeping dogs lie.’

But what if these sleeping dogs have always at least one eye open, are baring their teeth and snarling, forever ready to pounce under their veneer of sleepiness and, displayed for all to see, superficial soporific stupor? What if the whole thing is a lie?

What if we are not here to invest in comfort?

What if we are here to evolve, truly evolve, become one again with our Soul and thus with God and The Plan in and through service to the greater all, to humanity at large and the true-good of all creatures, beings, objects and matter, as seemingly far away as the outer reaches of the universe and all universes and their boundless and humanly incomprehensible infinity?

Seeing that we are forever asking (unless we have totally given up on our erstwhile displayed youthful vigour and natural curiosity) what the meaning of life is – is this not worth investigating?

What if the meaning of life and our role as one humanity and individually was as simple as making a U-turn and heading inside, i.e. making the innermost (the esoteric), our essence and God-given innateness, our one and only traffic sign and true compass?

What if Jesus was right when he said: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

What if the kingdom of God – the innermost, the esoteric – is the way out of the mess we have got ourselves into by abandoning what is innate and cannot ever be tarnished, hurt or destroyed?

What have we got to lose by changing course and heading to the esoteric, our innermost?

And then beyond… where the esoteric is not in truth the end-all but the beginning of ever more.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah NSW

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627 thoughts on “The Esoteric – the End-all and Be-all

  1. Do we choose to carry our hurts and live in the distraction so as to not ponder or question what the true meaning of life? Surely our purpose in life holds greater than the self, its comfort and issues no matter how challenging or hard we have created life to be?

  2. Well said Gabrielle, it is just the beginning by living our truth. We are not of this human existence and neither are we created from this plane of life. We are rich energetic beings full of love when we actually start unmasking all the layers of protection we have created on top, just like ice-cream.

  3. Yes, Gabriele, the esoteric is our only true compass because we are then living from the inside out rather than the outside in, connecting to the inner wisdom accessed from within our body rather than being at the mercy of outer influences.

  4. The only way we should purport or use in true purpose words or any word is to deepen our energetic understanding so our lived wisdom is understood as a true expression. Our true relationship with expression in words has been crucified in the bastardisation of words to bring in comfort as you have shared Gabriele!

  5. Yes, indeed we are far from living the truth of who we are and in fact our unsettlement and turmoil continues to intensify as an individual and as a humanity is due to the fact that we are willfully ignoring the call of our Soul to live guided by the impulse of our inner-most, the esoteric. In turning within, as has been lived and taught before, we then begin to ignite the unfolding journey that supports us to truly live the magnificence and power of all that we divinely are in essence.

  6. It seems the more we look out the more we tend to need, accumulate and quench an appetite that cannot be filled, it may look like everything is fine on the outside, depending I suppose at which end of the scale we choose, but unless we make that step to look deeply inside ourselves we will never experience true joy and all the esoteric brings.

    1. The more we look outside, the more our neediness and emptiness get reflected; a never-ending merry-go-round of consumerism, greed and desires that goes nowhere but around and around, spawning more of itself.

  7. When we are in the soporific or hypnotic state of living as we have lost the way of living from our Soul and settled for comfort as you have shared Gabrielle.

    When returning to our Soul-full ways we actually open up to others in the most Loving ways and this is anything but mysterious and this is a verifiable truth from simply ready these blogs and comments from the Esoteric Students.

  8. “We don’t care, as long as it is all kept going and we get our share of the spoils, whether that be so-called success or failure.” I love the power of this line Gabrielle, there is a responsibility and an accountability that offers us an opportunity to not be a bystander to the small abuses.

  9. There are so many things in life that offer comfort or a way to dull us from waking up to the fact we all know there is far more to this existence we cling to and have done for ages. Everything is set up so we stray from who we are until we meet true teachers along the way who can wake up the truth inside us and show the way back home to self.

  10. What is the alternative of a centered life based on the heart? Is it really one? Many people try to center their lives in the minds. But life there does not really have a center. Life there is also only human. To really feel our depth and bath in it, there is only one true center: the heart.

    1. The mind is not a true centre other than being, albeit mistakenly, a centralised focus in most people’s life; also, it does not have a centre in and of itself, it goes hither and tither.

  11. It is sad to have lost the true meaning of words over the aeons as now it can be quite common to argue of the semantics of word meanings when underneath the same thing is actually being communicated.

  12. I have been taking steps to connect to my innermost essence and live from this for a while now, it’s supporting me to live more of who I am and let go of ways that do not belong to this. I have found it to be so liberating and freeing, to be me in life rather than what life can seem like dictating me to be, instead listening to within. It has got me out of a big mess I was in..having a profound affect on my health, my vitality, and how I am in life and my relationships, more open and accepting, more honest. The Esoteric – The End All and Be All.. well described.

  13. “Investing” in life so we understand how we re-incarnate to evolve is sharing our true purpose and should be common knowledge as birth and death are a natural cycle.

  14. Imagine walking around like the sky doesn’t exist and wondering why you get sunburnt or wet. This is pretty much the same as ignoring energy and wondering why what happens, happens – it’s absurd.

    1. Agreed Joseph, so well said. When you put it this way is sure does support the meaning of the word ignorance. Ignore that which is innately within us all, is all-knowing in essence and is ever-present for us to connect to, as such offering us all equal access to an intelligence that is out of this world, and what we are left with is a blatant ignorance that glamourises a lesser ‘intelligence’ that has us existing in the horrors of war, illness, disease and intense unsettlement with a lost sense of who we are – yet all the while the Soul is forever implusing us to honor its truth.

  15. I can sense how easy it is to be flippant about what you share Gabriele by absolutely agreeing with it but not in full living it. I have been doing just that realising recently how I have been resisting a deeper level of evolution within my life without even realising I was choosing to do so. I would also then agree with what you are saying but to think I was fully esoteric would be a lie. Absolute Honesty is very very important here. So much so that the very definition of the word can so easily be bastardised with it.

  16. I can only speak for myself but I know and have always known that there is much more to life than our physical form. To act on that and to say no to the conditioned way of living was asking too much, so I thought, so I enjoined. From that point life seemed pointless, empty and a lot of misery really but disguised as great with things to prop ourselves up. Universal Medicine was the first place that I started to hear the truth I knew and asks of us to live the responsibility that we know we are hear to live. Today life is truly rich and full.

    1. We give up and cave in, surrender our better knowing to the silent majority and its comforts, ideals and beliefs of what life is and should be.

      1. …we give up ‘our better knowing’… this reminds me that we actually do know better, we do know that how we are living is not true to who we are… and this wisdom, I know, is the Esoteric.

  17. What if the kingdom of God – the innermost, the esoteric – is the way out of the mess we have got ourselves into by abandoning what is innate and cannot ever be tarnished, hurt or destroyed? Our innermost essence is definitely worth connecting to, is our guiding light and knowing and to be truly treasured and lived.

  18. Just be you – a simple, timeless teaching every wise person has presented down the years – and yet here we are in 2018 still holding onto fears – but, it’s never too late.

  19. I think it’s helpful to consider that what we may choose out of comfort may actually be uncomfortable to live – as in making life much more complicated than it needs to be and struggling in that, holding back our true expression and feeling bottled up as a result or depleted and worn down (and many other scenarios), the point being that it doesn’t necessarily look like we are ‘comfortable’ even though energetically that may be what is driving the way we are living…

  20. Often the most simple things we complicate in our given-up state and our unwillingness to feel the consequences of our past choices, yet when we turn our attention within and discover our inner-most self and the abundant love and inner beauty within, the depth of our being it is beyond measure and so worth it.

  21. If there is such a thing as an evil force then is it possible that the bastardisation of words is one of the tricks it likes to use on us? I think so – and the reinterpretation of the words ‘esoteric’ and ‘occult’ are perfect examples.

    1. It is worth considering isn’t it – when we are considering what is the meaning of life? Everything should be on the table including a potential manipulation to suit a particular agenda.

      1. We might profess to want to know the meaning of life but, when push comes to shove, we’d rather keep a few skeletons in the closet lest we’d have to take responsibility, at long last.

  22. Absolutely, when we stop looking out, and start connecting within again we can find our true essence.

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