Why do I keep Attending Universal Medicine Retreats?

Attending the Universal Medicine Vietnam Retreats is a yearly commitment I make with myself. Apart from this particular retreat (one of the three Retreats offered by Universal Medicine every year), I seldom attend other just as amazing courses that Universal Medicine offers in Australia or the UK. So far, I have attended the Vietnam Retreat for the past 6 years.

There are many points of universal laws and truths that I enjoy offered at the Universal Medicine Retreat – anyone who has attended such Universal Medicine retreats knows the gems that are presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon, as well as all the sharings that we receive from students from all over the world. Anyone who is interested in what life is truly about is offered a foundation to understand themselves and other people in life – which I value as a precious opportunity.

And yet these are not the only reasons I attend the retreat. To be honest, every time I attend, I am given many opportunities to know and understand myself even more. A commitment to know myself more is a daily endeavour: however in the retreat, this process is intensified.

Sometimes the experiences in the retreat are not the easiest to accept. I am constantly being shown parts of myself that I want to remain blind to ‘seeing,’ but through other people, these parts of myself can be more clearly understood. Here I am given opportunities to see the ugly part of myself – by this I mean, the parts of me that did not come in and/or with love. I treasure deeply these opportunities, so that when I address them, I am able to step closer back to the truth of who I truly am –  that which is love. As stated, at times what I see about myself is not the easiest to accept, and there have been many times when I felt I would never go back.

But I still keep coming back to the Universal Medicine Retreat, so what makes me do so?

  • As part of my daily life, I sometimes catch myself at times feeling less of myself. When I feel this, I shrink from the confidence and joy that l know I am: however in the Retreat, I choose to be constantly very honest with myself why I am feeling this way.
  • It is very challenging at times to allow myself to feel how others have chosen to express themselves, and to still hold myself in equality and appreciation; this is a very precious opportunity to have. What I get to live and practise every day in the Retreat is the activity of not holding back my natural expression and the connection I feel with myself and others.
  • What I experience with the way the Retreat is presented, is a way to live and practise this every day. I feel an added openness that, with the support of Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, and from every student present, as well as with the food prepared for us, the rhythm we go through on our every day, and even the environment of the resort we stay in… inspires me.

Sometimes I do not immediately get what has been presented to me during these Retreats, but when I feel into it, I realise I actually do know, but there is a part of me that does not want to admit that I know. So in addition to listening and watching the presenters, I allow myself to join every presentation and group discussion and be open to the experiment of “what if I knew.” I usually surprise myself with the wisdom and truth of what comes out of my mouth from the awareness I clearly felt within my body… which is within us all to express.

For the past 6 years while attending the Universal Medicine Retreats, I have found putting up my hand and asking a question in public to be one of the things I am least comfortable with, and so I allow myself to feel this discomfort and sometimes just to challenge myself, I will do it. I often still feel a lot of self-judgment when I ask a question, however with support from other students, I am open to the possibility of doing it more: who knows, maybe one day I will be absolutely comfortable with this, or even be on stage!

I enjoy and keep coming back to the Universal Medicine Retreats because this event is so much more than just a Retreat. There is no start and stop as every day in my life is preparing me for this Retreat. And it is not just the 4 days I am there, as everything I experience there is brought back to my everyday life to further experiment with. I am presented a living way that is there every single moment of my day, a more committed way I am able to bring to every aspect of my life.

This unfolding and way of living is asking me to be constantly more open, more in fullness, to deepen my love consistently for myself and with other people and very simply, to be more of the true me. Every time I attend, I see myself being more of all of the above, and even at moments when I feel I have not moved much or have even gone backwards, I have the choice to deepen my self-love. From a woman who has been very much protected in the shell of perfection and aloofness, I have grown to become much more real with an acceptance of my imperfections, which has opened a deep connection with myself and with people: this process has deepened the fullness of beauty for me.

When I do not delay in honouring how I feel, how I communicate, how I take care of myself, how I lovingly and gently address my emotions and reactions, this results in what I have asked for my whole life – a way I can be and live in truth. This is a simple dedicated commitment, a dedication that Universal Medicine has supported me in deepening.

By Adele Leung

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416 thoughts on “Why do I keep Attending Universal Medicine Retreats?

  1. I also attend one of the Universal Medicine Retreats every year. As a group as a whole we discuss and move through so much and as you say Adele its not always so easy to do this, but we work together as groups so that no one is left behind in the discussions and we are always given ample time to ensure that everything is understood. Reflecting on life in such a way is so so valuable and always provides new foundations with which we can live life from as well as new understandings and levels of awareness.

  2. I’m really looking forward to the UK retreat as it supports me and everyone attending to grow in their personal awareness and what I have come to understand is that the more that I invest in myself then everyone else that I come into contact with benefits too, a domino effect of what positivity can do.

  3. I have been to one retreat and I am so grateful that I went. I remember the vulnerability I felt and the challenges of seeing the parts of me that I didn’t want to address or accept. I also remember how much the retreat showed me about my relationship with people and therefore myself.

  4. I’m looking forward to the UK retreat because it is a treat for me to take the time to commit to myself to deepen my awareness of life and everything around me. Sometimes the days can be challenging as I have to question just how committed I have been to life, how we can sleep walk through life thinking we are engaging when actually we are totally switched off to the rest of humanity. It’s a time where I can stretch my understanding safely, knowing that everybody is learning as they go along and that there is no wrong or right answer just a commitment to be true to oneself.

  5. I am in Vietnam at this moment and looking forward to the start of the retreat in a couple of days, where I know also that we will be given many opportunities to know and understand ourselves, the way of the soul and spirit even more deeply. The teachings we receive are both priceless and fundamental, such is their quality and reach.

  6. Anyone who has attended a Universal Medicine retreat will be able to answer this. Every year is different. It extends you to where you may have had hints you are capable of going in all areas of your life but doubted or stayed in the comfort of the known. I don’t need to attend the retreat, as one year I did not due to work commitments. Yet it is now a part of my life which I very much cherish and appreciate.

  7. ” When I do not delay in honouring how I feel, how I communicate, how I take care of myself, how I lovingly and gently address my emotions and reactions, this results in what I have asked for my whole life – a way I can be and live in truth. This is a simple dedicated commitment, a dedication that Universal Medicine has supported me in deepening.”
    This is so wonderful Adele thank you for sharing.

  8. After writing this piece I feel a change within myself. Now I ask myself if there is a need to be at the retreats and if yes, if I am living my daily life more committed and responsible?

  9. I loved reading this Adele, Universal Medicine Retreats offer an opportunity to stop and feel the truth, and the deep wisdom that we hold within that is available to us when we live in a certain way, a great foundation for standing up and finding our own truth.

  10. In my experience there is nothing else that really evolves us …”I am constantly being shown parts of myself that I want to remain blind to ‘seeing,’ but through other people, these parts of myself can be more clearly understood.” I understand I have had resistence, but the clarity and connection that comes from seeing our habits that are not so supportive is amazing. I have begun to understand the gold in honesty. Universal Medicine retreats are gold, and they offer so much in terms of every day living.

  11. One of the things that I love about attending retreats (and other events) held by Universal Medicine is that everyone is there to learn more about who they are and seeing more clearly who they are not. There is an openness and acceptance of how everyone is with each other. There is no race or competition. Just a very beautiful way we can all work together to support one another in how we move through life.

  12. I find the Benhayon family the most remarkable family I have met, they are so deeply committed to humanity and interested in all aspects of life and what our purpose is in life. Which is to evolve and get out of this plain of life as quickly as possible. This is giving us all a huge opportunity to wake up and discover who we truly are. And today another piece of the jigsaw fell into place which has opened up more awareness for me and as I grow my awareness I can feel that I actually am so much more than I ever imagined and that I am actually living such a reduced life and the tension this produces in my body is excruciating because on some level I/ we all know that we are living so far from who we truly are. And it makes sense to me that this is what we are in resistance to, the return to who we are, hence the tension we carry in our bodies.

  13. Before attending Universal Medicine workshops life didn’t make sense and I felt quite lost in – and overwhelmed by it. Since learning what life is truly about and experiencing during the retreats how we can live this universality everything has a new meaning. The retreats are a deeply treasured yearly opportunity to deepen my awareness and connect to the universal wisdom to bring it into practical daily life by living the future now.

  14. I’m in the process of clearing out the house in readiness for the New Year ahead. And I came across a Note book with all the notes I made about the very first Australian retreat I attended. It is riveting to stop and re read these notes and feel the power in pages. There is something very special about this first Note book which is that my notes are like Serge Benhayon’s Purple books, the content is alive!

  15. I attend a Universal Medicine retreat every year and it is one of the most precious times of that year for me. The opportunity to come together with people from around the world and live together for 5 days, sharing our insights, revelations,challenges and working together to grow and evolve is absolutely beautiful. I often describe it as the best family holiday imaginable where we instead of taking trips to landmarks or so, we take trips to our innermost divinity together.

  16. The way the Universal Medicine retreats are set up is offering all attendees a rhythm to life that is natural and deeply supportive in our self development and evolution. The times, the offerings, the group work, the surroundings it is all there with one purpose, to offer us the support to become more of who we truly are.

  17. I attend the Universal Medicine retreats and workshops because I expand my awareness of life all around me. It’s taking quite a few years to actually allow myself the space to be able to say with absolute truth that what Serge Benhayon presents, I already know – fact. I have chosen to hide what I know because it is much easier to go along with the crowd than it is to stick out in the crowd and go against their flow and speak my truth.

  18. There is a constant deepening back to myself with every retreat that I attend. I wouldn’t miss attending one of these amazing annual events. They are open to anyone who wants to become more self-aware.

  19. It is evident from what you share here Adele, the depth of wisdom and inspiration that is on offer at the Universal Medicine Retreats for everyone equally. There is so much we can take away with us in terms of practical tools that we can put into practice in our daliy lives, which then support us to make changes that we may never have dreamed possible previously. These are unique events and are invaluable to anyone who is open to understanding how much more there is to life than simply what we see before us.

  20. It is through the commitment in letting go of that which is not me to reawakening that which is the real me that I am getting to know God, the God that is within myself, within every human being and within everything in life.

  21. The retreats are a foundational part of my life too. They are like a turbo boost to the daily awareness and developing that goes on for me. No retreat is ever the same and I often walk away wondering how I could not have seen what I now can see. This seeing more as Adele shared, is something that feels uncomfortable at times but it brings truth and understanding which for me make life purposeful and worth living.

  22. During the Universal Medicine retreat, we are given a real marker of what is possible to for us to live if we so choose the love that we are all from, for the momentum of the old is always there luring us with the familiarity and comfort even if it means the experience of struggle and pain.

  23. The retreats not only offers an expansion of ourselves who we are and why we are here on earth. The retreats and Universal Medicine workshops and presentations also help us all to understand each other and why we behave in the way we do and this is a huge help in understanding our families, friends, work colleagues and of course life. The value of these courses can never be underestimated.

  24. What I love and appreciate about attending Universal Medicine retreats, other than the presentations and all the activities, is that I get a chance to introduce myself to a rhythm in which I could actually live my every day at home. Of course I cannot replicate it 100% at home as circumstances are different, but the quality and spaciousness throughout the day and the fact that the days feel much longer during the retreat is just amazing to experience and be inspired by.

  25. Universal Medicine retreats offer a wealth of wisdom that is practical, and integrative in every day life, a way that is ultimately easier to live than the tension of the constant defense that we have come to know as being normal.

  26. ‘When I do not delay in honouring how I feel, how I communicate, how I take care of myself, how I lovingly and gently address my emotions and reactions, this results in what I have asked for my whole life – a way I can be and live in truth. This is a simple dedicated commitment, a dedication that Universal Medicine has supported me in deepening’. I feel this is so true for me too. There is a true flow to life and the Retreats support us in connecting to this and support us in deepening our confidence in being in the thick of life and participating fully with love and authority.

  27. I spent many, many years committing to destroying my body with partying and abusive relationships. This proved to me that although I thought of myself as an inconsistent person, I was in fact very committed and consistent when it came to self-abuse. Now I am making up for lost time and redirecting that unrelenting dedication to self-love and care. The Retreats and courses offered from Universal Medicine are one of the greatest tools to use throughout the year to ensure that I stay on track in keeping up my self-love and remembering that life is about much more than just me, after all humanity is crying out for deep change and change begins in our own backyard.

    1. I am also re-learning this dedication back to my own body, which I have been really good at directing it to others and to be honest this is a more simple way. Yes it can be a little foreign, but the dropping of pictures allow this to deepen more when there is the commitment to move back in love. I feel inspired by the simplicity and the gentleness of every choice.

  28. I’ve attended just to one retreat until now and it has been a new marker for me since then. I would say that every Universal Medicine workshop offers to me new tools and new markers upon which grow and deepen in the knowing of myself. But with the retreat I experienced even more clearly the dimensions of my presence here, the impact of my expression (or absence of it). All of this has been taking me out from my comfort zone, but the clarity in which I understand now my old patterns and the shift I experienced since then, has given to me the impulse to take new steps in the relationship that I have with myself, others and everything… and this is an unvaluable treasure in my life.

  29. For me it’s about taking everything I have learned about myself during the retreats and workshops of Universal Medicine out into the world. Because to me it feels as though people are really struggling with their lives. I was with someone recently who I have known for many years and we were asked to go into a lift and she turned to me and said, ‘you cannot go in it’ and I said that I didn’t have a problem with lifts any more.
    As we got into the lift this person said, ‘you have changed so much over the years’ and then laughed and said, ‘I have stayed the same’ and there was sadness in her voice when she said this. It seemed to me that she had felt something in me that feels familiar to her but she doesn’t quite want to go there, and that’s cool because at least she now may understand that it’s our everyday choices that keep us locked away from our true selves.

  30. To get to understand the universe, world, humanity and our own selves through these retreats is priceless. For me they represent and bring to light what is fundamental to all.

  31. “I am constantly being shown parts of myself that I want to remain blind to ‘seeing,” But thank goodness we are encouraged to do so, as it winkles out all those things we don’t like about our selves and when we do, we see all the beauty that lies underneath these unnatural impositions.

  32. Universal Medicine retreats always provide an excellent opportunity to put ugliness in its true place and to realize that underneath it all, there is an immense beauty that is awaiting us to connect to it if we dare to do so. Universal Medicine retreats provide evolutionary resources that are priceless

  33. By attending the workshops, presentation and retreats that are offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have step by step reconnected back to the real me that I once knew as a child. Most of the time I have been in resistance to what has been presented by Universal Medicine and Serge now looking back I feel that I did not like being constantly shown what I walked away from. But unlike any other religion I have come across I am not treated as a sinner or looked down upon. Quite the opposite in fact, I have been constantly shown that I am all ready everything if I so choose it. And at last there is a part of me that is allowing me to feel the deep connection I have with God and it is glorious to feel in my body again.

  34. I can’t help as I read to reflect on how we are unfolding who we are through these presentations. Its a definite returning rather than an improvement on or bettering ourselves. I have to very much agree that we get to see parts of ourselves that we have well developed and use to protect ourselves throughout our lives. But in attending events especially the Universal Medicine Retreats we not only get to see these parts but also see that they are not a square inch on who we are. its never about fighting against them (something thats taken me a while to get) but about being more loving with ourselves in every step. Then these parts simply fall away. No push, no fight just not apart of our being. Therefore the ongoing and forever unfoldment.

  35. “There is no start and stop as every day in my life is preparing me for this Retreat.” and also everyday day after we are given the opportunity to live the retreat in it’s fullness of what has been shared for us to be more of who we are.

  36. Making a commitment to understand ourselves more deeply in truth is something that can benefit everyone by the quality that we then bring back to life in all our expressions.

  37. Very well said Adele. The Retreats are a rock I build on as well. No matter how I was, not matter money or not, I would commit coming to these Universal Medicine Retreats.
    In a beautiful rhythm of 5 days, Serge Benhayon offers us the possibility to look at life deeper and presenting tools to take it one step deeper and deal with life in a more true way. And than it is up to me how much I apply in my daily life.

  38. ‘Anyone who is interested in what life is truly about is offered a foundation to understand themselves and other people in life – which I value as a precious opportunity.’ yes indeed Adele this is a precious opportunity and from which many many people have turned their lives around and the ripple effect goes out to others.

  39. Beautifully shared Adele thank you, I too love attending the Universal Medicine Retreats, being treated to a deepening awareness of the truth, with the tools and understanding of how to live more of who we are in our lives.

  40. The Universal Medicine Retreats offers everyone who attends an amazing experience for 4 days of building greater awareness and love for ourselves and then taking this back into to our lives and sharing this wisdom and joy with others.

  41. Being offered the space to reflect on and deepen our connection to ourselves and the whole of life, receiving support to expand our awareness, as well as building a well of understanding and practical ways of living that in the world, is the greatest gift ever. A blessing that is constantly offered by Universal Medicine.

      1. Ah yes Willem. After lifetimes it seems of despairing from the impression that not many people truly cared about living with truth, integrity, love of one another or deepening our awareness, it has been a huge joy to meet so many people like you who are so clearly dedicated to healing their issues, deepening their awareness and expressing all the qualities I hold dear.

  42. This is a beautiful way to describe why you revisit and continue to commit to the yearly Retreats. When you think about 4 days in a year having a huge impact on your life, it seems like a very solid commitment.

  43. There is nowhere that I have experienced the level of clarity, sense of equality, brotherhood, love and an expansion of awareness that without a doubt confirms our multi-dimensionality than I have at Universal Medicine events and retreats. No retreat is ever the same and just when you think ‘what more can be presented’, a whole new download is received. This is our future, one that we can live now.

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