Why do I keep Attending Universal Medicine Retreats?

Attending the Universal Medicine Vietnam Retreats is a yearly commitment I make with myself. Apart from this particular retreat (one of the three Retreats offered by Universal Medicine every year), I seldom attend other just as amazing courses that Universal Medicine offers in Australia or the UK. So far, I have attended the Vietnam Retreat for the past 6 years.

There are many points of universal laws and truths that I enjoy offered at the Universal Medicine Retreat – anyone who has attended such Universal Medicine retreats knows the gems that are presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon, as well as all the sharings that we receive from students from all over the world. Anyone who is interested in what life is truly about is offered a foundation to understand themselves and other people in life – which I value as a precious opportunity.

And yet these are not the only reasons I attend the retreat. To be honest, every time I attend, I am given many opportunities to know and understand myself even more. A commitment to know myself more is a daily endeavour: however in the retreat, this process is intensified.

Sometimes the experiences in the retreat are not the easiest to accept. I am constantly being shown parts of myself that I want to remain blind to ‘seeing,’ but through other people, these parts of myself can be more clearly understood. Here I am given opportunities to see the ugly part of myself – by this I mean, the parts of me that did not come in and/or with love. I treasure deeply these opportunities, so that when I address them, I am able to step closer back to the truth of who I truly am –  that which is love. As stated, at times what I see about myself is not the easiest to accept, and there have been many times when I felt I would never go back.

But I still keep coming back to the Universal Medicine Retreat, so what makes me do so?

  • As part of my daily life, I sometimes catch myself at times feeling less of myself. When I feel this, I shrink from the confidence and joy that l know I am: however in the Retreat, I choose to be constantly very honest with myself why I am feeling this way.
  • It is very challenging at times to allow myself to feel how others have chosen to express themselves, and to still hold myself in equality and appreciation; this is a very precious opportunity to have. What I get to live and practise every day in the Retreat is the activity of not holding back my natural expression and the connection I feel with myself and others.
  • What I experience with the way the Retreat is presented, is a way to live and practise this every day. I feel an added openness that, with the support of Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, and from every student present, as well as with the food prepared for us, the rhythm we go through on our every day, and even the environment of the resort we stay in… inspires me.

Sometimes I do not immediately get what has been presented to me during these Retreats, but when I feel into it, I realise I actually do know, but there is a part of me that does not want to admit that I know. So in addition to listening and watching the presenters, I allow myself to join every presentation and group discussion and be open to the experiment of “what if I knew.” I usually surprise myself with the wisdom and truth of what comes out of my mouth from the awareness I clearly felt within my body… which is within us all to express.

For the past 6 years while attending the Universal Medicine Retreats, I have found putting up my hand and asking a question in public to be one of the things I am least comfortable with, and so I allow myself to feel this discomfort and sometimes just to challenge myself, I will do it. I often still feel a lot of self-judgment when I ask a question, however with support from other students, I am open to the possibility of doing it more: who knows, maybe one day I will be absolutely comfortable with this, or even be on stage!

I enjoy and keep coming back to the Universal Medicine Retreats because this event is so much more than just a Retreat. There is no start and stop as every day in my life is preparing me for this Retreat. And it is not just the 4 days I am there, as everything I experience there is brought back to my everyday life to further experiment with. I am presented a living way that is there every single moment of my day, a more committed way I am able to bring to every aspect of my life.

This unfolding and way of living is asking me to be constantly more open, more in fullness, to deepen my love consistently for myself and with other people and very simply, to be more of the true me. Every time I attend, I see myself being more of all of the above, and even at moments when I feel I have not moved much or have even gone backwards, I have the choice to deepen my self-love. From a woman who has been very much protected in the shell of perfection and aloofness, I have grown to become much more real with an acceptance of my imperfections, which has opened a deep connection with myself and with people: this process has deepened the fullness of beauty for me.

When I do not delay in honouring how I feel, how I communicate, how I take care of myself, how I lovingly and gently address my emotions and reactions, this results in what I have asked for my whole life – a way I can be and live in truth. This is a simple dedicated commitment, a dedication that Universal Medicine has supported me in deepening.

By Adele Leung

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428 thoughts on “Why do I keep Attending Universal Medicine Retreats?

  1. This is a very beautiful line of words written by you, “I allow myself to join every presentation and group discussion and be open to the experiment of “what if I knew.”” The magic in this being your simple openness to join in and to have a go and to see what happens thereafter.

  2. I have attended Universal Medicine Retreats every year for the past 4 years. They are a big commitment – they are 5 days long starting at 5am and finishing around 5pm. There is lots of logistics in preparing to attend, not only for myself but for work and my child. Getting there is no mean feat! But because of what is on offer, all of the preparation and planning needed to get there seems like the most normal thing in the world and I take it in my stride. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing and no place I’d rather be come retreat time.

  3. The retreats presented by Universal Medicine are revolutionary and evolutionary in every sense of the words. They provide a time within the year where one has space to review the last year, process it, and move forward with a renewed commitment to life.

  4. I have just attend a retreat held in the UK. I find the retreats I have attended to be a continuous deepening back to me and that actually I have abilities far beyond what I could have ever imagined, but not just me. We all have such abilities but we all live in a way that seems to filter what it is we can feel all around us. When we drop the filters and see what life really is, which is exquisite in the detail of everything that surrounds us. Then I understood that as a race of human- beings we have lost the magic that is God, instead we seem to have made him into some sort of tyrant which is not true at all. This is a whopping lie that we have ingested and we are bereft of the truth

  5. What is presented at the retreats simply makes sense. I continue to go back because they absolutely reflect to me the next step in evolution, and become more and more practical as a result.

    1. I do the same thing. Yet so much of my life I have made it about wanting to get more knowledge and constantly onto the next thing rather than appreciating and putting into practice everything I have and have already been given.

  6. Often when people attend retreats they come back pumped up to change their lives, wanting to flip everything around and start a fresh. Having just come back from a UM retreat yesterday evening I feel inspired to do the opposite – appreciate my life, acknowledge all the areas where I know I will not drop below and from that appreciation look at the areas where I am not so strong. This retreat really showed me that our “lows” are not always lows, and they’re a foundation that is to be deeply appreciated because this is a level of love we will not go below – regardless of how bad it looks in comparison to the “high” we experienced for an hour, a day or a week.

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