Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga

During one of my recent sessions in my 6 week Esoteric Yoga program with Esoteric Yoga practitioner Vicky Geary, I experienced the most incredible moment where I felt that everything about life made more than sense to me in the most tangible way.

At the beginning of my 6 week program I didn’t know specifically what might happen during the program, but I knew what I wanted to focus on was to be around embodying stillness. By week 2, and after the support from another practitioner at a Universal Medicine clinic, I realised embodying this stillness meant to claim my delicacy and stillness as a woman and having it be there in every facet of my life, and especially in every way I express.

During this time I also listened to a Way of the Livingness audio about time and space presented by Serge Benhayon. One sentence stood out and it was around God being all the space around us, so when we are in the Atma of God, we are in his Space. From this sentence I got that we are always held by His love.

I felt a responsibility: if I am in God, that is, all the space around me, including the space and particles in my body – while also God being in my heart – then all I do not only affects me and others around me, but it also affects God.

So we are each then responsible for how we are and treat every cell and fibre of our own body… treating ourselves with the love, the delicacy, the tenderness, the gentleness and the care we are and we deserve.

During this last few weeks I have been able to ask and pose such questions to myself as – how have I been knowingly holding myself back from claiming/living the light of my soul in my body? How do I confirm my Divinity? When do I allow my delicacy to be there? And when and how do I reject my delicacy, my stillness and ultimately God if I am not allowing myself to be, or remain, with my heart or my natural way?

During the Esoteric Yoga program I was able to be more aware of my body and I got to feel a quality of presence in my ankles, a freedom and stillness in my knees, a lightness and playfulness in my shoulders, some tension in a spot on the back of my left ribcage, a bit of a holding and locked feeling in my right hip, feeling the sacredness in my uterus and that my light is far grander than any tension or issue that I may still have in my body.

The most incredible part of the session was the moment when I tangibly felt the light and grandness I am, and that every part of me holds this love. I felt my deep delicateness and the responsibility of sharing this all the time with myself and others. I tangibly felt the delicateness in my touch, the way I tenderly held myself and how gentle I am. Feeling this has confirmed my knowing that we are vehicles of expression and that we can be reflecting God’s love through our bodies and movements in how we choose to be, or not. My confirming of God is felt in the way I choose to be with my physical body.

Inspired by Esoteric Yoga, I have been able to feel we are all equally part of God’s grand love and it is our responsibility to reflect this divinity.

By Johanna Smith – Teacher, Wife, Mother, Practitioner, Bachelor of Education & Early Childhood Cert, Perth WA

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705 thoughts on “Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga

  1. Amazing to know and feel God’s love all around us and within us, every cell and space within our body, Esoteric yoga is a powerful modality in connecting us to the living stillness within our body.

  2. Johanna I have read and commented on your blog before, and today I felt to come back to it again and I’m glad I did because I found this part
    “I felt a responsibility: if I am in God, that is, all the space around me, including the space and particles in my body – while also God being in my heart – then all I do not only affects me and others around me, but it also affects God.”
    It was the last five words that brought me to a halt that what I do also affects God too be honest I had never thought about this before and it feels huge to feel the enormity of this in my body. And too be honest has given me a new marker to live by.

  3. Great question ‘how do I confirm my divinity?’ I feel to take this and work with it with the knowing that this comes from my body, the choices I make and the appreciation I have for moments where this is confirmed through the way I am, live and my movements ✨ thank you

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