The Way of The Livingness – Where can I Register?

“Honouring the love you are in full and bringing that into full human life forms the basis of a new worldly religious way known as The Way of The Livingness.”
Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 648

The number of university subjects today is expanding immensely. I remember a time when there was just Medicine, Biology, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Sports, Psychology, Science, Engineering, Arts and Linguistics – and that was mainly it. Today there are over 400 subjects one can study.

And so I asked myself – “What if ‘The Way of The Livingness’ was taught in university – and what would the students be like?”

I remember when I studied Law, it was quite straightforward – Mondays to Thursdays we had our classes from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm. In the semester breaks we had to write seminar papers. And the rest of the time everyone tried to earn money, live their relationships, go out etc. I had friends studying different subjects like Medicine, Biology, Economics and Business, but never did we truly share other interests. Studying and the rest of our lives were separate from each other. We had either a student-relationship or a friendship, but rarely were the two combined. It felt like my life was broken up into compartments –relationships, studies, workplaces, homes and cafés.

Another thing I remember is that one of the professors teaching Criminal Law was quite a phenomenon. He was older in years, and I loved his lectures – even though law lectures were normally anything but fun to listen to.

What impressed me was that he presented everything he taught us from his experience.

He was not a walking body of law in the sense of knowing and being able to repeat everything someone before him had written or said. He had lived with what he knew from all the court decisions, laws and files he had studied throughout his life and he taught from these experiences.

So today, being a student of ‘The Way of The Livingness’, I look at my fellow students and ask myself at times: what if the ‘The Way of The Livingness’ was taught at university, just like Law?

There would be one major difference: ‘The Way of The Livingness’ is a subject that is not separate from life – it is like what the old Romans called in Latin a “studium generale”. It includes everything: Health, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Astrology – or more simply, it is the study of the All. And it never ends. There’s no exam to pass, no marks to get. It is about understanding and expanding: it is about true evolution.

And the students are not asked to echo what they have learned: they are asked to live it, to embody everything, rather than filling their mind with knowledge only.

I love:

• The playfulness and the willingness to explore that the students of ‘The Way of The Livingness’ have.

• The questioning, the understanding and the normalcy of making mistakes here and there.

• The lightness of it.

• That there are only lessons to learn: it transforms “right and wrong arguments” into evolving humanity by living to the best of one’s ability for truth and love.

• That it is a constant way of evolving.

• That its base is the wisdom of the body and not only the intelligence of the brain.

That’s why I love being a student of ‘The Way of The Livingness’. I do observe in myself, and sometimes in the student body as well, that we make it about knowledge. That’s how we are raised and taught. I then ask myself: “Do we really have to repeat all the time, trying to improve and prove we are good students?“

Doing this makes the study of ‘The Way of The Livingness’ a subject like all others at university, based on comparison and the battle that comes with talking knowledge.

I sense that learning to embody the teachings and letting go of the structure I used in the past to study helps me to understand. And talking about things then makes me not just repeat them – I am able to express from an understanding, from a lived livingness.

I remember back at university I couldn’t even follow when fellow students were constantly repeating what they had just learned in Civil Law. It was very brainy and I remember getting very tired and losing focus a lot.

But I truly loved it when we were simply contemplating and sharing about what we had experienced and felt with and from what we had just learned, not in a way to become a ‘good lawyer’ one day – more in a way of understanding the coherence and what was shared, what others had explored before – just like the professor I mentioned earlier.

I am deeply fulfilled being a student of life, thankful for having met Serge Benhayon – who is teaching from his livingness, just as my professor of law did – just teaching the overall subject, seeing himself as a forever student. Teaching from his living truth is giving me the inspiration to contemplate, learn, question, make mistakes and expand – simply to explore me, life and everyone and everything around me. And I too can be a teacher of ‘The Way of The Livingness’ myself, simply by living me. We are all students and teachers at the same time.

And by me living my life as a student I might meet others who will ask: “What do you study?”

And I will answer: “The Way of The Livingness!”

And they’d reply: “Tell me about it!” – and from feeling my livingness they too may be inspired to ask: “Wow – where do I register?”

By Christina Hecke, Actress, Berlin, Germany

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1,039 thoughts on “The Way of The Livingness – Where can I Register?

  1. Being students of The Way of The Livingness reveals to us that we are the navigators of our own evolution and how we choose to live will not only impact us, but everyone else equally so. So basically it is about us taking responsibility for the world we have created and bringing much needed healing through living in a way that is harmonious to all.

  2. “Honouring the love you are in full and bringing that into full human life forms the basis of a new worldly religious way known as The Way of The Livingness.” what a gorgeous quote from Serge Benhayon. It is stated right there, honouring the love you are in full, yes that is key and to live that!!

  3. It makes sense that the lectures were more interesting when they were given from a lived experience, because living is what we can all relate to, living is fundamental to human life and when we share our experiences it makes us all grow and understand a little bit more each time and this perhaps is what is meant by expansion and evolution – to understand more.

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