The Joy of Music Without the Pain

My past has been heavily entrenched in music. I was always drawn to it as a form of expression – from waking up first thing in the morning singing the latest nursery rhyme taught at kindergarten, to learning to play my favourite pop songs on piano or guitar. I joined the school choir, and I was always playing music on the radio or my favourite album: I worked for a number of years in a CD shop, married an amazing singer/songwriter and have hung out with a lot of musicians. I loved every minute of it… or so I thought.

I can’t remember there being any particular big ah-ha moment, but about six years ago I stopped: I stopped listening to and singing other people’s songs, and I stopped playing the guitar. I was still being exposed to music but I stopped engaging with it. I felt I was coming to a point where I was beginning to develop a new understanding with music and I felt I needed to stop for a while, and give it a rest.

During this time I have discovered so many things about music. I realised music had become a great place for me to hide and allow myself to be emotionally played with.

I also started to notice how much popular music was changing. My husband and I have often conversed about how compressed and layered the music is now; so much so that people are being trained or further removed from hearing a true voice. For example, if I listen to an old Elvis Presley track from the 50’s and then stick on a track sung by any one of the numerous pop stars of today, it feels like the purity and warmth of the true voice that was there with Elvis and the simple production qualities of that time have now been lost or forgotten.

The tricks of the music trade today are similar to that of the images we now see all around us where flaws are rubbed out and altered to achieve an image that seems to me to be so unattainable.

We end up worshipping someone else’s image instead of worshipping and deeply connecting to our own natural beauty and divine expression.

The same happens with music. Well, thankfully not all music. If I put on any albums released by Glorious Music, I no longer feel bombarded or imposed upon. There is room for me to listen without someone trying to entice me into their emotional pain. I no longer need to be perfect, for perfection is not the goal. Truth is what I hear, and it doesn’t hurt to listen to it.

As soon as I pressed play the first time I listened to the first album, I wept. This is the truth in music I was looking for all along and at last I felt validated. I had come home to me. A true blessing and inspiration, so profound and ever expanding; something we can all be a part of!

My brother once told me I was a better piano player than he was. I remember being perplexed at why he would be saying this, considering he was more technically proficient, more knowledgeable in the theoretical aspects and got higher marks than I did in music exams. He said, “Because you can feel the music and express it in your playing”. My husband has said similar things about my singing.

I have been pondering for a while, wondering when it would be time for me to come back to music as an expression. Is it possible for me to express the real me through music, and to truly enjoy music without succumbing to the emotional hooks I was previously drawn into?

Well, thanks to Glorious Music, I can now say, “YES!”

by Suzanne Cox, Customer Service Profession, Ocean Shores   

503 thoughts on “The Joy of Music Without the Pain

  1. Sound is very potent, music is so much more than just a melody and a verse and so much more than just entertainment.

  2. “Truth is what I hear, and it doesn’t hurt to listen to it.” Feeling the vibrations that are in tune with the heart.

  3. What an interesting blog. I can see that there are so many layers to music now that we have lost the simplicity of the music, I can also feel how hooking they are, calling you to feel something. I never thought there was anything wrong with that because I wanted to feel sad with someone when I felt sad which sometimes helped me feel less sad; or have some music to pick me up when I was going out because I needed a little ‘pick-me-up’. But now I can see how both of those were not really addressing the conversation I should have been having with myself – why was I sad and why was I going out if I didn’t feel like it?!

  4. Something about the music playing on the radio, I often wonder at work – why is it that the same music is played. We all complain that we are getting sick of it, but we never switch it off, it’s kind of like a distracting sound in the background, something we need to numb away if there’s tension or angst in the office. Some songs we don’t even like when they first come out, but the repetition by the radio conditions us and we succumb, we start to enjoy them and eventually even sing them and claim that we like them. What I have come to realise is that music comes with a certain vibration, like you mention here Suzanne, be it sadness, happiness, excitement, resentment and so on that we may need in that particular moment. So when the song comes on, it gives us exactly what we are craving to numb away the true feeling underneath all of the emotions.

  5. ‘I loved every minute of it… or so I thought.’ I am always intrigued when people, including myself. have said they have loved something only to discover that actually they didn’t! I thought I loved dancing up and down all night and day in a field to dance music, but if I were honest, I felt so alone and I wasn’t the only one. I actually felt incredibly sad and lost, desperate for connection. With Glorious Music there is no hype, or manufacture, just a communication that we are all one and are held.

  6. I love that you have embraced an opportunity to go deeper in your connection to music and what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. It offers us an opportunity to be more aware of what we are saying yes to and decide if we want to say yes again.

  7. Some years back I was driving with some of my ex-colleagues from work and I always used to play songs or music from Glorious Music and one of them complained that the music was too uplifting. I find it difficult to listen to the music that is played today because it’s so emotional and angry.

  8. There is a lot of consciousness in the lyrics of music that is a distorted way of looking at the world. I used to listen to lyrics with all the emotions, blame, self pity, etc, and believe that was just how life was. It confirmed my experiences but it didn’t share any truth or support me to evolve, in fact, it continually cemented lies about life, such as love coming from others. When I began listening to Glorious Music songs I found that I was understanding myself and life more as the lyrics offered me insights and truth that helped me to heal aspects of myself. I felt like I was growing and evolving from the music, and I always felt more clear in myself after listening. The Glorious Music songs often help me to come out of emotion and reconnect to my soul, or confirm and expand what I am already experiencing.

  9. Music can be so harmful, I know I have lost myself in it and swallowed the illusion, oh no! now no more, I have woken up to the brutality of this not so sweet poison.

  10. I hadn’t considered that Richard so thank you for putting it out there. How much of what we see is coloured by what we have been manipulated to see through the images, ideals and beliefs we have been fed throughout the years?

  11. I can so agree with the hook that is felt by listening to music as well as reading books and, let’s be honest, that is how they are designed to be! They are written to hook you in and keep you listening or reading and hopefully tempted to buy. But now, my sense is we want to be able to choose for ourselves what we buy and listen to and not be manipulated into it without our conscious awareness.

  12. ‘I realised music had become a great place for me to hide and allow myself to be emotionally played with.’ I certainly used music to retreat into and hide from the world. Being lost in music was my attempt at making life more palatable. Music that doesn’t try to hook you into emotions but says there is something far grander about us and that we don’t need to hide or retreat from the world, feels amazing.

    1. Looking back at my life, I can see that I used music as a distraction, this started in my teens, and was used to escape from ‘family life’.

  13. Music can easily support us to become more connected with ourselves or alternatively more disconnected from ourselves.

  14. My relationship with music has completely changed when I was younger I could very much feel the affect it had on my body it felt like it overtook me … well it did! I would listen to the radio in the morning while getting ready for school and songs would be in my head literally all day running though me like I had not control whatsoever to stop it, yet for everyone this seemed to be the norm. Like someone would sing the beginning of a tune and a person would say ‘oh no I will have that song in my head now for the rest of the day’. Great that we are starting to talk about how music affects us and also how music can be done in such a way that it does not overtake our body or mind.

  15. By attending the workshops of Universal Medicine I became aware of how much I and we are so deeply living in emotions.
    We are so used to it that we don’t even see a way of living that can be free from emotions.

  16. What you say here about the tricks of the music trade today and the perfection in images makes so much sense we try to make everything superficial with a perfection we cannot relate to but yet we try, that’s the evil both in what our ears hear and our eyes see, we get further and further away from our true essence.

  17. The emotional aspect of a lot of music is very draining. I appreciate there is much to become aware of with music and what truly supports deepening connection with my soul.

  18. The other day my daughter and I were having a conversation about how the music from the fifties, and before felt less imposing than the music of today. The music of today wants to draw you in and get you embroiled in the emotions.

    1. Every time I enter a store and there is music on, most of the time I notice how the singer sounds like they are whingeing or whining about something, it’s not so much from the lyrics but felt in their tone.

  19. ‘I no longer need to be perfect, for perfection is not the goal’. Perfectionism is such a dampener on our potential.

  20. I too have discovered the joy of listening to Glorious Music and the settlement that it brings in the body when we are not bombarded with other people’s angst that comes through most music these days.

  21. I love listening to the many albums produced by Glorious music because I can listen to them and still feel completely at easy within myself. This is a blessing for the body and the being.

  22. It is a true blessing and inspiration to have music to listen to that doesn’t energetically/emotionally impose and more than that, brings a wealth of true love with it.

  23. There is an awesome quality to this article, in how you express the simplicity of music when it comes from a pure and gentle place.

  24. “Glorious Music” is indeed glorious as it offers the listener music which does not assault the senses while at the same time asking for adoration, but instead offers music that does not intrude on the senses in any way. For me, it is music from Heaven which I could listen to all day and not feel like it has imposed on me, as in trying to stir up any emotions. It brings a joy to my life which truly makes my heart sing.

  25. The lovely thing about Glorious Music is that you can listen to the music without there being any emotional interference whatsoever, it is a true joy to listen to.

  26. I never really got music, I really liked dancing to music if that majes any sense! I did love a couple of bands in my early years when you identify with a particular group of people. So it was no surprise to me that music could be vibrationally harming or healing, and it is really awesome to listen to Glorious Music that is just so touching and inspiring.

  27. Music that comes from the heart, makes the heart sing. Why is it that today’s music is everything but that, it is enticing, seducing and grabbing.

  28. It’s amazing how much we can learn about something when we’re willing and open to bring greater awareness to it…

  29. Music will always deliver to its audience the exact vibration that the musician is aligned to – be this love or be it not. Our job as the listeners is to determine which source of energy the music is derived from so that we well know its propensity to either heal or harm us in its delivery.

  30. A great and inspiring read Suzanne. It is a wonderful moment to realise and appreciate that the true quality of our own or another’s voice has a delicacy, tenderness and power that cannot be matched or mastered by any technical gizmos, and what it truly offers when it comes from our true connection, is something far beyond anything that we could imagine.

  31. Just as photos are digitally altered or ‘photoshopped’ I didn’t know but it doesn’t surprise me that the same could be applied to music. More often than not the felt and pure expression, not technical perfection is more beautiful than getting it ‘right’ or faking it with a tweak or cover up.

  32. Most things that go into our body we thoroughly inspect before ingesting them, for example with food, we tend to inspect its nutritional content or fat or calorie content – because we can’t see music going in we tend to ignore that it is a vibration physically entering us. But imagine if every emotional high point or low note was a calorie that we took on and carried …

    1. Wow that’s a good image the ingesting of the emotional music etc moving through our body from tip to toe.

  33. I think it’s great how you gave yourself the space to reflect and be more aware of what you were listening to and this is something we can always keep being aware of and understanding more about ourselves and life with it.

    1. It is important to feel and be aware of the effect music has on our bodies, which is why being connected with our bodies and feeling what feels true, or what feels harming is always key.

  34. There’s so much in the world that carries an intensity of energy we’re unaware of on a conscious level before we start paying closer attention to how our bodies are feeling and what they are registering. This I’m finding is the key to staying steady and not taking on so much ‘stuff’.. connecting to my body throughout the day, as much as I remember to do so, noticing when and how I change, and why this is.

  35. Millions of people worldwide listen to music continually and are totally ignorant to the fact of how music affects and imposes on them. I know when I heard Serge Benhayon present on the harm of music I knew this was true because of my own experiences around music and the way it made me feel and act.

  36. I love the new music track for Sacred Movement by Michael Benhayon and it feels amazing. I can move in my own rhythm, and not feel dictated to have to keep in time ( a first for me ) – awesome.

    1. Yeah it is quite unusual and then freeing as the old habits of relying on the music to move my body were not there anymore.

  37. The difference between music that doesn’t impose on you, and music that is loaded with emotions is striking. Having been a music lover all of my life, this was quite hard to accpet initially, but now I can instantly feel the difference.

  38. Elvis was special. Other musicians from that time feel less intrusive than today’s crop but only in degree – for me the emotions they bring in their music aren’t enjoyable either.

  39. When listening to glorious music I can feel my heart sing! The spaciousness and lack of imposition from these songs is literally our of this world.

  40. A great point you raise here about the enhancement and manipulation of sensory stimuli and how an increasing number of people are getting more and more numbed as a result and are finding the reality not stimulating enough.

    1. Yes, there is a demand for stronger stimuli and the providers are getting better at providing it, leading to demands for even stronger stimuli. I wonder if and when this cycle breaks.

    2. Yeh well said Fumiyo, music is a great representation of how increasingly stimulating the world is today, as Suzanne says in the blog, music from 50 or 60 years ago did not have the same degree intensity or stimulation in it – it’s like we need something that takes us further and further away from reality.

  41. Fully recognize that Suzanne. Music guided my day, determined or confirmed how I felt. Now I only listen to music that lets me be free in who I am. There is very few of that kind of music, I have discovered.

  42. When it comes to music we have to be aware that is a multilayered experience. We have the tones, the voice, but deeper we have the energy we have chosen to engage with us. And, this is a crucial choice to be aware of.

  43. I love music, since starting to listen to Glorious music I have truly been able to see the art of what can be brought through from people. Miranda Benhayon’s voice is the voice of all, when listening to her I know that the same voice, the same power is inside us all. We love the fake images shown by media and hence we love the fake voice of people, we like to think that there is a place to get to and a perfection to achieve, yet with the music presented to the world by Michael and Miranda Benhayon we get to see that the beautiful sound is already inside us waiting to come out.

  44. Discovering I could move my body to music in my way and not in a way where the music was dictating was incredibly liberating.

  45. Becoming emotional, or getting excited is all part of why people listen to music. I remember thinking how alive I felt either listening to music that would pull my heart strings or that I could bop around to. But if we consider is that true or not it changes things. Is it truly calling out what is within us or is it simply calling us to something that comes from the music?

  46. Gorgeous that is we know when we hear music that is non-imposing and when it comes from the Soul. Hence it is deeply painfull to actually listen to music that is not of that, it is a sacrement for onces need to not feel, but when the openess is to feel and be open to love again, the need of emotional imposing music resides.. And than we most welcome Glorious Music, so we can see that by our will of alignement – we choose our music. Forget the rhythms and genres at play, all music video is energy in its very first place.

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