Expressing in Full

by Katinka de Lannoy, The Netherlands

A dear friend of mine is, and has been, a true inspiration for me when it comes to expressing what is just there in her heart and her body to express. She has a love for humanity and a willingness to share her unfolding livingness and joy with others.

The intent behind her expression is never recognition. She just wants others to experience the amazing wonders of life she herself is experiencing. Through the years she has grown and has little to no attachment to what people decide to do with the wisdom she shares.

Another person who has expressed himself fully through the years is Serge Benhayon. This great teacher has held his love consistently and shared the Ancient Wisdom with indefinite patience throughout the last 14 years. To me he is the greatest example of how a life lived from Love can bring an amazing unfolding to those who are ready to listen and feel from their bodies what he is bringing to the World.

It is beautiful to feel the equal value in the expression of both my friend and Serge, even if the latter is a renowned Teacher. Both express themselves in full and are therefore contributing to the unfolding of more wisdom within themselves and others.

I for one, am inspired by both to be and express the love that I am. And, to not withhold even the slightest part of my own Unique Expression.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.


381 thoughts on “Expressing in Full

  1. Stand back God coming through. Ultimately that’s all we have to do. Stop interfering in what’s already there. God is there, He’s never not there, we need to step back, butt out and let Him do His thing, which is blindingly magical beyond words. But we meddle, constantly, interfering here and oh hang on a minute, I’ll just interfere over there and so here we all are, tied and trussed up in knots, tied by our own hands.

  2. Even when we’re asleep we’re expressing because expression means ‘expressing the energy that’s impulsing us’ and as long as we’re breathing then we’re expressing one of only two types of energy that’s are impulsing us and so at any given time, regardless of what, if anything we’re actually doing, the question is what energy are we expressing?

  3. Expression to me is a big part of my health and well-being. I know if I hold something back that I feel to express it can have different effects on me, it can lead to an internal pressure and lots of erratic thoughts, or replaying what I should have said over and over, other times it’s like a disconnection from myself and then a flatness follows. There are lots of different things that happen if I don’t express, and also it can feel so amazing to let out and express what I feel or to share what I feel is there to be said, an increase in vitality sometimes follows, as well as a sense of space and settlement in my body afterwards.

    1. There are consequences if we hold back on expressing what is true to be expressed, ‘if I hold something back that I feel to express it can have different effects on me’.

  4. I very much appreciate that life is really just about expression. And for whatever reasons, many of us have a morphed way of expressing ourselves other than simply just from our true essence and in our attempt to correct and right it to be more acceptable, we have further eroded our natural expression. There is nothing to be obtained or achieved, and there is nowhere to go, it is simply about giving ourselves full permission to feel and express and make mistakes along the way.

  5. True Gill, “Expression is Everything” and as we reflect Love to others, would this not be an-amazing way to communicate the wisdom we have accessed, as Love is an equal-ness that is our Soul-full-essences? Seeing ““Expression is Everything”” would this not also make Everything is Expression also True, and if so, with reflection being our greatest form of communication, then Expression is Reflection as reflection is part of everything, so reflecting our wisdom is all that is required, as lived-wisdom is communicated!!

    1. Absolutely Mary, the reflection we feel as an inspiration becomes our simple reflection for another, and as reflecting is our greatest form of communication, is this not then the most Loving way of living?

  6. To speak without a need for recognition is quite profound, so many of us (if not the majority) calculate everything we say in order to fit in &/or be recognised for knowing our stuff, or being more intelligent than others. I know that when I say something that others think is intelligent I feel proud of myself, always giving myself a pat on the back with my invisible hand. The humbleness of realising that our intelligence is one unified & everything I know can be known by everyone else is a beautiful experience, one where the pressure of being the intelligent one disappears, the weight on our shoulders of having to say the smart thing falls off and we become equal to all – and in all honesty, that is exactly what we crave, I know I do.

  7. Yes and if we are willing to be honest with ourselves this is the same for everyone. We cannot address the abuse we allow in the world if we do not start with the levels of abuse we allow in ourselves that we call ‘normal’.

  8. What I have learnt through observing Serge Benhayon is his consistency. There is no judgement or comparison and that is so rare nowadays (there I am comparing on his behalf!) When we compare we put ourselves or others down and we lessen our expression because if we were connected to the Love we are all from we would know that there is no better or worse just different expressions from the many facets of the same diamond.

  9. Katinka you have reminded me of the power of expression, that each soulful expression that comes to us is waiting to be delivered, and once it is out there it can offer a healing of some kind, and by letting it out the next one is waiting to then be expressed. We have such beauty inside us and part of sharing that is expressing it in full, whether by voice or the way we move it’s there to be communicated.

  10. Reading this, expressing in full, I could feel how I still hold back. On reflection it feels good to ask myself, from my body, what does expressing in full mean to me? Great to feel and be aware of more as now I am more aware of this I can start to explore it. Since knowing Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon I have come a long way with and in my expression but this also shows me there is always more to learn, unfold and also appreciate here.

  11. And not expressing is in itself, still an expression, and one that leaves a gap for reinterpretation according to another’s perspective.

    1. Mmm a great point Bryony or truth in that not expressing is expressing and leaves a gap for misinterpretation the same as not having a choice or not choosing something is in fact a choice. We as humanity have a lot to learn with such teachings and these are not arduous and certainly not boring there is an aliveness in them and such learnings or teachings should actually be the basis and foundation for life and education ✨

  12. Katinka, “Expression is Everything” Serge Benhayon. Can I also quote another beauty “At a time when each moment of expression is the key to not only our own development and unfoldment but as a greater opportunity for humanity to find and see the truth in a world poisoned with corruption.” Simone Benhayon. How important just is Expression? It is everything! Its a setup we have been fooled to hold even just a little bit back. As Katinka claims we are all so unique why hold this back because it is seen to be different??!

  13. When we express in full and don’t hold it back we offer the potential for expansion to ourselves and others. It is the most light and freeing feeling when we are clear in our intentions and leave nothing unsaid, no loose ends.

  14. When we express from our heart we have so much more clarity and love to share than when we just think with our head.

  15. Always lovely to read your words about expression in full and how beautiful it feels when love get expressed without any condition on it. Then innocent beauty appears.

    1. Elizabeth, I wonder if that’s dependent on what energy we’re expressing in? As in if I was to always express my annoyance, dislike and general contempt for others in full, then would I be liberating myself or incarcerating myself?

  16. I feel that what you have shared here is that for those who are ready to listen and feel from their bodies the truth of what Serge Benhayon brings to the world, let them be, and for those that are not ready to hear, let them be. There is no need to convince anyone about anything as what I have discovered for myself is that my body knows and responds to the truth of what is being expressed, and that is how we will all arrive at the same destination, some quicker than others.

  17. Serge Benhayon is an amazing person, and if you ever have the chance to watch him move, you will see a delicacy being expressed that is so beautiful.

  18. This is beautiful Katinka – Serge Benhayon reflects the All that we are from, the divine essence and multi-dimensional reality that we know, but have long-forgotten – the heart and art of living it. This reflection has inspired your friend and so it is shared with others, equally so.

  19. To express who we are in full, to not hold back the love we naturally are, or the wisdom we all have within is the most precious gift to those around us and to the world, a world that is in urgent need of those who are committed to living the truth.

  20. There is equal value in all of us, equal potential to be realised, expressed and lived and with that we each have a vital quality of reflection to offer one another…

  21. I am loving the reality that we all have something to bring to the whole that others can’t. It’s frees us up to appreciate deeply what we bring and others.

  22. It’s an interesting question… how does our expression effect others? And could us expressing in full give permission for another to express in full? The same as us not expressing in full or holding back encourages another person to do the same.

    1. Very true we are so responsible for what we put out and how we can be an inspiration or not!

  23. A great example and testament to the truth which Serge has always presented, that we are all equal as such all equally have access to the same divine wisdom and universal intelligence through honouring our connection to our love within. As sons of God, it is our connection to love that illuminates our way to live our full potential for all to see that they too are equal in essence.

  24. Looking for no recognition when we express, just expressing the truth of what we feel and accepting everyone where they are at (no conditions) – and treating everyone as equals – just a few of the pearls of wisdom I have gleaned form attending Universal Medicine presentations.

  25. Serge Benhayon has often presented on the truth that ‘expression is everything’. I have always held back from expressing so I began to take steps to unlock this fear I had around expression and it has been deeply healing and powerful to feel the difference in my body when I don’t hold back, I feel much lighter and more expansive.

    1. Like you Anna I held back from expressing so had amazing conversations in my mind making up stories of what I could have said or should have said. I still get caught in my mind but more often or not I’m content to just be with my body and feel how glorious it is. As you say the body feels lighter and much more expansive which is why it feels so glorious.

  26. A life lived from love is the greatest unfoldment one can bring to themselves… understanding life is energy and getting to the truth of the matter through energetic responsibility claims the notation that life is either healing or harming, love or abuse.

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