Expressing in Full

by Katinka de Lannoy, The Netherlands

A dear friend of mine is, and has been, a true inspiration for me when it comes to expressing what is just there in her heart and her body to express. She has a love for humanity and a willingness to share her unfolding livingness and joy with others.

The intent behind her expression is never recognition. She just wants others to experience the amazing wonders of life she herself is experiencing. Through the years she has grown and has little to no attachment to what people decide to do with the wisdom she shares.

Another person who has expressed himself fully through the years is Serge Benhayon. This great teacher has held his love consistently and shared the Ancient Wisdom with indefinite patience throughout the last 14 years. To me he is the greatest example of how a life lived from Love can bring an amazing unfolding to those who are ready to listen and feel from their bodies what he is bringing to the World.

It is beautiful to feel the equal value in the expression of both my friend and Serge, even if the latter is a renowned Teacher. Both express themselves in full and are therefore contributing to the unfolding of more wisdom within themselves and others.

I for one, am inspired by both to be and express the love that I am. And, to not withhold even the slightest part of my own Unique Expression.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.


307 thoughts on “Expressing in Full

  1. To express without holding back is true medicine, I am sure we would see a decline in illness and disease if we all made this loving choice.

    1. Agreed Anna – This is obvious in life when we hold back what we need to express and end up hurting ourselves instead.. by eating, drinking alcohol or numbing out the many distractions on offer. The more we express the truth as we feel it the more empowered we become to respond to life accordingly.

  2. We live in the world where so many self-produce and self-censor how and what we express, and it’s very inspiring to see those who express themselves, like Serge Benhayon – it just makes us realise we are missing out on something big time.

  3. Beautiful Katinka, ‘I for one, am inspired by both to be and express the love that I am. And, to not withhold even the slightest part of my own Unique Expression.’ I too have a friend who expresses in full and does not hold back, I find that because she always expresses truth and calls out what is not and not true that I can trust deeply this friend, I find her honesty and commitment to life and living in full very inspiring. It is amazing to have this reflection in my life and to feel my potential and how it is possible to live fully and not hold back my amazingness too.

  4. Choosing to express in full is deeply healing for ourselves, for people around us, for the world, the universe and beyond. The power of expressing in full is immense and available for us all to embrace.

  5. I have often confused or reduced expression to just be verbal communication. Now I increasingly I get to understand that every moment is an expression, every movement, thought, breath, word, look. Expression is huge or as Serge Benhayon states: “Expression is everything.” Hence what does it mean to express in full? Not holding back anything of what you truly are.

  6. The way we live all aspects of our life constitutes our expression, and Serge Benhayon is a master role model in reflecting and sharing this fact with humanity. We are truly blessed to have his deep love, inspiration and support as our guiding light on out return journey to claiming our full expression here on earth.

  7. I realised it is so important to be aware of the intentions of our expression because whenever it comes from seeking recognition it is a contracted form of expression that creates total separation between people.

  8. The very beautiful thing about the 2 people you have shared about and been inspired by is that they live in a way where everything matters and every choice that they make matter, because they know what the ripple effect is of every little choice that they make.

  9. It’s so true that Serge Benhayon is an incredibly inspiring person for his expression (and in many other ways), and so are so many others who have also chosen to live from their innermost heart.

  10. I am learning how through my own expression the world opens up, and that we are all here to express in our different ways because through all the various expressions we build the whole.

  11. We are presenting all the time in all we express. When this is done with no agenda our expression becomes an offering.

  12. I start to feel how powerful also our expression can be without words or even more sometimes. If we stay in this connection within our body and just be ourselves and feel how we are part of the divine and share that through our body people around us get just touched by that expression.

  13. It is true love to be able to love others with no attachment or no need but just a holding of who they truly are.

  14. I learned lately during the retreat in the UK, Lighthouse, Somerset, that we all come from a different angle in our expression, just a slight difference and that makes it so important we all bring our expression to the world. It will puzzle altogether; all detail is needed to come to oneness.

  15. Their reflection Katrinka allows us all to know and feel the essence of what it is to be true in expression and presence with their own uniqueness and for us to know we too can be our uniqueness in our own way.

  16. It is truly inspiring to see another genuinely and fully expressing themselves – whether that be through the way they have dressed, the way they hold themselves in their movements or how they are speaking, it re-ignites and supports the true expression in all others.

  17. A beautiful sharing Katinka, thank-you; is this not what all actually crave? i.e. to be oneself in full, regardless of whether others appreciate one’s presence and expression, or not – yet to know oneself and God so deeply as to know that being and expressing our true essential nature is what naturally holds all in equal embrace…

  18. What happens sometimes is we think we are expressing in full but then we get rejected or dismissed and in that moment we recoil and protection kicks in and we tell ourselves to express as little as possible to avoid more hurt. What I am learning is that when you are truly expressing in full, nothing can hurt you, for there is no outcome or need. So, now I know that hurt is a sign that my expression is not quite full. So some simple adjustments may be in order so my expression can be full but shutting myself down is not one of them. What I am hearing from your blog is that the people in your life, like your friend and Serge have always just kept expressing in full and that is the inspirational part, regardless of people reactions or not, they just keep expressing and that is the inspirational part.

    1. Great distinction Sarah that when we feel hurt by other peoples response to our expression, it means that within our expression was an element of expectation and demand on another to supply a particular response. This simply shows that there is a need within us which has coloured our expression and requires healing. It certainly does not mean we should be wary of expressing ourselves the next time round, a strategy we far too often resort to.

      A full expression from the Soul is the most gorgeous gift to witness. It comes with no imposition, seduction or expectation from you. It is like a ray of sunshine inspiring you to connect to your own divine essence and express in the same way.

  19. Thank you Katinka for sharing the inspiration you received from how your friend and Serge live their lives in full expression, no holding back, I am not quite there as yet though i do have moments when I do express in full, I have held myself back from expressing through most of my life for fear of the reaction, but this is in a sense living a lie, these days i am opening myself up to more expression, which I simply need to appreciate.

  20. It is clear to see how in choosing to be ourselves, in connection our love within, to our essence, and express the realness of who we know we are, we naturally inspire others to explore connecting to the same quality within them so they too can express and live guided by the truth of their inner-wisdom.

  21. I learned that expression is not just words. It is also the way we move, the quality in all our movements. Did we bring all of us, all this beauty alive? Do we feel our body expanding during our movements. There can be said so much without words as we all feel energies. It is the biggest reflection we give to each other. Then also to express from this essence in words what we feel is needed is a healing offered for the world.

  22. Allowing our full expression to expand and flow is healing for all, as we are making our personal contribution to the overall harmony and wholeness of life. Without our full expression there will be a void just like the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

    1. I love what you share here Elizabeth, we all do have wisdom to share from a living of our experiences with connection to everything our essence has to offer, how poignant that a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the universe is left lost, until we ourselves find it and reinstate it through our unique expression.

  23. Realising we are everything and that nothing more is expected of us allows us to express from the depths of who we are, rather than from a picture or ideal we believe we need to be.

  24. To say expressing in full is to acknowledge that it is our whole body that speaks. When we allow our whole body to speak, our words come not with a knowing alone, but with the wisdom of having lived what we now walk and speak.

  25. Serge Benhayon often says; ‘Expression is everything’, a very powerful movement when we claim and live this everyday, as it has no end, it’s a continuous unfolding and development that has a huge flow on effect to the rest of humanity.

  26. ‘Expression is everything’ is a much loved quote from Serge Benhayon. I love the double meaning: expression is everything – everything we do and say, how we move, dress, walk, work, talk and so on; and expression is everything – it is the be all and end all.

  27. It is amazing to see what we have made life to be and if we look back through history on a small hand you could say we’ve come along way while on a another hand you could say we have gone around in circles as nothing has truly changed. What are we here for? Life is more and more not about what we think and live it is currently and we have made it’s purpose smaller and smaller. When you align to the fact that we are here to express more and more of the truth we are it’s like a veil is lifted and then you see what has been driving you to be as you were. A life lived in a true quality of how we are is a life free from life and this then makes sense with what you see.

  28. Imagine what the world would look like if the majority of people were offering everything they are to life without the need for it to be reciprocated, confirmed or accepted. We wouldn’t be so hung up on needing to fit into life, a genre or type of persona and we wouldn’t try so hard to be something for someone else or have expectations that another needs to fill.

  29. This is such an inspirational quality that we all hold within. If we all chose to start expressing truth this quality would naturally blossom in all.

  30. How important is expression in our lives from the day we take our first breath till the day we take our last breath?

    When I was growing up I held back with my expression and often used to think about the missed opportunities offered to me.

    Since Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine my expression has just flourished and so gorgeous when people really listen when it isn’t fuelled with emotions. There is always room for more and I’m observing the subtleties being offered everyday.

  31. I used to hold back expressing myself in full and at times I still do this. Being more aware of the awful feeling I feel from holding back my expression reminds me that it hurts my body and I am sure this also hurts others too. This is something I am learning to do more and more each day, express in full as much as possible because the expansion that takes place is so worth it.

  32. Do I hold back back from expressing because of my issues or do I express in full all there is to be expressed for all mankind?… it makes my issues and hurts seem pretty petty when I allow myself to see the bigger picture.

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