The Power of Group Work

by Johanna Fredericks, Perth WA

Recently I attended a True Expression workshop held by Victoria Carter in Perth. A small group of about 8 of us participated. The workshop was open, safe, playful and joyful. The main part I wish to share about is the power of group work.

I know that the words group work and singing don’t seem to have much in common but they actually do! I learned about the true power of group work… it was amazing!

As I have shared in ‘Feeling Free to Sing’, I grew up with issues around singing and purposely decided to stop singing. So it was extra special for me to experience my vocal expression at this workshop. I felt that I had unlocked something very powerful that has always been within me, but somewhat suppressed.

At the workshop I discovered that my presence and my way of being is the expression that my body and my voice magnifies.

We got to play with this and observe each other with some practical daily exercises. Then we were free to make sounds, some ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ with a partner, with no attached outcome on pitch, rhythm, notes, tune etc. This was extremely freeing for me because I didn’t have to fit myself into a way of singing and I felt safe enough to experiment. I was making sounds that I hadn’t given myself the freedom to make before and it felt great.

I realised that every part of me is communicating and expressing all of the time: and another person receives this communication from my body before I even speak.

I really felt the difference in my communication when I am connected to my stillness, and my body, and when I am not.

In knowing and feeling all of this, we began to make a variety of sounds as a group – at our own pace, in our own rhythm, with our own breath, and when each of us was ready. We sang facing each other in a circle.

This was beautiful, supportive and amazing because as one sound ended, another would start. So there was a continuous flow of ooohhhhs, aaaahhhs, ooooos and eeeeeees that were in perfect harmony. This harmony resulted because we all listened to our bodies, and were in harmony with ourselves. It was a very natural and powerful feeling working together in this way.

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get more heavenly than this, we stepped it up. We stayed in a circle and faced out – singing to humanity. This was awesome because the sound that we made was far greater than the sum of each one of our individual sounds put together. And I could hear and feel that the sound my voice was making within the group was so powerful and divine, but something I had not heard myself do before.

It was like we had a heavenly ‘turbocharge’ to our voices and I cried with joy.

I know that the sound we made was only possible because of the group working as one, in full support of each other.

I wondered…

  • Why don’t we work together like this in life?
  • And why haven’t we been taught this from a young age?

When we are in harmony with ourselves, we can naturally be in harmony with others; and this supports us all.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that such an amazing sound could come from me, but now I know that it is there…

And I ask, if that is possible, then what else is?

On that day we felt the power of true group work – a group of people working together in perfect harmony – and the power of this.

 Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

304 thoughts on “The Power of Group Work

  1. I have felt and experienced the power of group work especially in a singing group and how much I felt held and supported to express, to sing together and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

  2. ‘At the workshop I discovered that my presence and my way of being is the expression that my body and my voice magnifies’. Makes a lot of sense to be present and in one’s body before making any move as all movements are an expression of where we are at.

  3. When we work together aligned to the one true purpose, what we reflect is the power of Brotherhood, confirming that our true power is living in connection to who we are. When we come together as one in love, we together become a movement of love, as such the love we each live is magnified though the union of our bodies and Soul. Yes, we alone are indeed powerful yet united, our might is ‘out of this world’ awe-inspiring.

  4. For me, the realisation that “every part of me is communicating and expressing all of the time: and another person receives this communication from my body before I even speak” was a very big wake up call as with this realisation came another and that is that each of us has a responsibility as to how we express. If the other person can feel us even before we speak then what we are communicating with is energy and it is this energy that is our responsibility; no big burden though, simply a joy of living in a way where this is totally natural.

  5. I have experienced the power of group work several times, it is beautiful to feel when we get ‘self’ out of the way we can discover the harmony and brotherhood on offer when we are committed to true purpose.

  6. I remember the first workshop with Chris James I ever attended. Feeling the group energy and the together whilst challenging at first for me was by far one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had.

  7. Oooohs and aaaaahs sung solo can sound amazing. Combine them with another and that amazingness multiplies by hundreds, let alone when done with many others.

  8. We don’t know what’s possible if we work together until we put aside our differences, criticisms and problems and actually try it – I reckon we might be surprised at how different life is.

  9. ‘The sound that we made was far greater than the sum of each one of our individual sounds put together’. What a beautiful line that can transfer to all our movements.

  10. There is nothing more powerful than working together in a group, where there are no self-agendas but the common purpose of working for all. And one of the most beautiful examples is when we sing with and for the group, all together in harmony, and then move in that harmony out into the world.

  11. Wow Johanna, you’ve so beautifully expressed how powerful group work can be and when we let go of our individuality and work together in harmony, it is very powerful. What we are capable of in group work combined with true harmony can be absolutely incredible and beyond what our minds can comprehend.

  12. Everything in this world is about the individual and competing with others. One day we will all see that collaboration is the way and that competition always harms us and yes group work introduced by Universal Medicine teaches us how to get there.

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