How Crazy is That?

by Joel Levin

I participated in the Livingness One Workshop run by Universal Medicine last weekend. The workshop explored at its simplest level, how we can live from our essence.

In small groups we explored the presented possibility that life has two possible directions along a single continuum…

One direction is our glory, our divinity, our amazing light. That direction remains ever-an-option for all to take. That direction is love, it is joy; it is our true expression.

And so the other direction can only start with the pain of separating from that love – it can only start with a hurt. This means that each step is looking to either cover up that hurt, or alleviate it. For some, this comes in the form of different lifestyle choices that are used as distractions – some use life’s dramas to pile one hurt on top of another; some use food and different drinks to cover all this up… In reality, there are many, many ways we can deny the original choice we made away from love.

The most compelling question presented was WHY? Why would anyone make the choice to go in any direction other than the one that leads to true joy…? And here is the wisdom that struck me…

Love, is love, is love… Love is never withheld, it never asks to be let in, it never offers incentives or expects to be chosen and it certainly doesn’t punish those that don’t choose it (although living outside of love can feel like a punishment, but that is of our own choosing).

The crazy part is that in the choice to NOT be love, we get something in return: it might be pain, hurt and suffering, but it is OUR pain, hurt and suffering (i.e. it’s something we earned and something we can identify with). For example, if I choose to jump off a building and break my leg, my choice brings with it time off, attention and sympathy, that is directed towards me.

Love, on the other hand is free: it doesn’t ask or require you to follow anyone or become anything other than yourself. Love won’t congratulate you for choosing it – it will be there as equally for you now as it also was in those moments that you didn’t choose it. It doesn’t care about race, skin colour, wealth, intelligence or life experience. This means Love can’t be bought, it can’t be earned, only returned to by allowing and accepting ourselves and others as equals, i.e. no identification. With love, we have to surrender the investments we made in our hurts.

This means in a world that can be back to front, the hurt gives us something to own ­– something that is ours. But love offers no special treatment for individuals. Love does offer joy, vitality, freedom and simplicity, but it is offered to all equally without any sense of reward or parade.

It’s a bit like spending your life savings by investing everything you have in a house and realising that it is falling down around you… and then seeing a house down the road that’s got everything you have ever wanted (and more). However, in order to move in, you have to completely leave behind the old house, all the furniture and little knick knacks you used to make the house ‘yours’… and all you can take is you.

How many of us have chosen to live in the house that’s falling down because of how much we have spent on it? HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?

741 thoughts on “How Crazy is That?

  1. Joel I adore how you use playfulness to show us how out of sync we are with love because we want to make it all about us the individual. This thirst for acceptance and recognition is deep within us all and keeps us separated from each other, and that is the game that we have played for eons. There is no love in separation.

  2. Thank you Joel, I hadn’t quite looked at individuality this way but it makes perfect sense, separate from love with a hurt that then becomes your thing, build a life around it, later decide it doesn’t work, deconstruct house… move back into the Kingdom of God.

  3. The playfulness with which you present such huge revelations is so cool, Joel. I can see myself walking down the street to the new house with nothing but myself and I feel richer and fuller than I ever have.

  4. Oh we love it, we really do, we love to make stuff up about ourselves never admitting that we’ve actually made the whole thing up, including what we deem as ‘ourselves’. We don’t exist in the way that we pretend that we do. There is only One of us, One United Consciousness but we’ve spun a yarn, a very long and elaborate yarn about who we believe ourselves to be when we’re not, we’re not that at all.

  5. “Love won’t congratulate you for choosing it – it will be there as equally for you now as it also was in those moments that you didn’t choose it” – wow, I can feel how my spirit just hates that. There’s absolutely zero identification when it comes to love.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this blog Joel. You so succinctly explain the two choices we have and their qualities that no elaboration is needed in the elucidation.

  7. ‘…but it is OUR pain, hurt and suffering ..’ I can relate to the kudos I thought there was in making life hard – look at me, how amazing am I for coping with all this; or, when not coping I could be poor me but I’m doing well considering. This crazy desire to be an individual feels both ugly and immature. It’s worth recognising and letting it go.

  8. Recently I was staying in a hotel and the back ground music was from the mid seventies and I could feel how emotionally charged it is. Music is another form of distraction we use because we can get lost in the emotion of the melody, add say alcohol to the mix and then we are gone. I know from my own experience that when we are in such an emotional state there is no way we can feel our essence. I don’t feel we understand just how toxic most music is.

    1. Today I went for a walk and a person was playing their music so everyone could hear. I remembered when I was a teenager and I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to claim I like this music and this is who I am in yer face. Now I don’t like hearing other people’s music but I know there’s a big lesson for me: being in the world and not get affected or absorb emotions. Me reacting is fueling what I don’t like. I’m not anywhere near being chilled about this – I can get a right righteous bee in my bonnet but I am learning and letting this go.

    2. But this I understand. If we are choosing to live separate from love we then have to ease the pain of this. Emotionality is an effective, albeit it misguided, way to do this.

  9. “This means in a world that can be back to front, the hurt gives us something to own ­– something that is ours.”
    I feel when we have something to own it keeps us all in the individuality of life and this is what we crave, because being an individual keeps us all in the separation to God. This is how we have fooled ourselves for lifetimes. There is a part of us that is so utterly arrogant that we would rather suffer in whatever way that means than return back to our origin, our soul. This actually makes no sense to me whatsoever, but this is what we are all doing. We are all suffering the imprisonment of separation.

  10. ‘ will be there as equally for you now as it also was in those moments that you didn’t choose it. ‘ I love this. reading it I can feel all those areas where I am still conditional and not loving. Wonderful to notice and drop.

    1. Love just is, it’s as simple as that but we dance around creating stuff out of nothing, concocting dramas out of thin air, investing in illusions and buying into beliefs. What an absolute waste of time, truly what an absolute waste of time.

  11. Thanks so much for this blog. As I get more honest about the house is really falling down, and how I am way more than any of my hurts, I can leave them behind and walk away.

    1. Only when we get honest about what is truly going on can we leave it behind, otherwise it will forever remain unresolved.

    2. The things that we say hurt us are completely fabricated, our anguish, our tears, our sadness and our grief are all conjured up by our spirit, they are not part of our soul and never will be.

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