Lies about Love

by  Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education, Perth WA

The lies about Love that I have fallen for were exposed to me yesterday when I attended the Couples Workshop held by Universal Medicine. As it turns out, it wasn’t really just for couples, it was actually a ‘Relationship Workshop’ – about our relationship with self and our relationships with others.

We were asked simple and direct questions that, for me, exposed the false ideals and beliefs that I was holding on to around what Love is.

Because of these ideals and beliefs, which I hold only in my mind, I sometimes feel hurt when others don’t meet my idea of Love. When I come from my mind’s perception of what Love is or from what I was ‘told’ Love should be, I get tricked into thinking that I get hurt.

The biggest revelation for me during the Universal Medicine relationship workshop – one that I felt deeply to be true in my body – was that Love is from the heart and the heart is pure and it can never actually get hurt. I also got to feel very deeply that Love is universal, it is equal for all, it is a quality and an energy that we naturally are and can hold others in.

Even though I have been developing a deeper level of love in my body over the last 6 years, and I know that I AM LOVE and I feel the purity of true Love when I am connected to my heart, throughout the workshop I got to feel the depths of the absolute lies that I had been sold about Love in my life.

For example, in the past I believed Love was about:

  • Meeting expectations,
  • Doing something ‘nice’ for someone,
  • Always giving up time, even if it was at expense to self,
  • Recognition and identification,
  • Buying gifts and making gestures for the sake of it,
  • Not speaking up,
  • Sex,
  • Enjoining in emotional messes,
  • Allowing people close to me to get away with treating me, at times, without care.

It was freeing to feel this, as I no longer carry the hurt because I now understand it.

And if we are all holding misinterpretations and expectations of what Love is, then our relationships are being affected greatly, because one person’s expectation rarely fits in with another’s. No wonder there is often a mismatch!

I also now know there are no limits or boundaries to Love in its true form. I got to feel the two versions of Love and they are polar opposites.

I allowed myself to see, with my eyes wide open, what I had been sold as Love and what I had fallen for. I held the two views side by side: what I had been sold and believed versus, what I know love to be and feel deep in me and in others. When I compared the two versions, I got to feel the great injustice of it all.

Now I know True Love is about (and the fact is, I knew this Love when I was little):

  • Treating myself and another with tenderness, preciousness and a deep level of care,
  • Consideration, understanding and appreciation,
  • Feeling the quality of the movement in my body and the care in the voice,
  • Getting called out when we are not being the Love that we are,
  • Not holding back in expressing Love in action or word,
  • Looking deeply into another’s eyes,
  • Allowing fragility, true intimacy and surrendering,
  • Holding Love strong and supporting others,
  • Being interested in another and being patient.

Love for me now is also:

  • About letting me know that I matter greatly,
  • Supportive, nourishing and TRUE,
  • Something each and everyone of us IS and deserves.

Today, I am more able to live in this amazing Love and know that it is there for us all, should we choose it! Through the consistent and unwavering true Love Serge Benhayon and those from Universal Medicine have shown me, and through Universal Medicine presentations and workshops such as the recent one on relationships, I’ve been able to feel Love in its true form and have been clearly shown that this Love can be lived every day. From this reflection I’ve also been able to feel that I AM LOVE.

Now I am deeply inspired to support myself every day to live the Love that I am, in connection to my heart. This love is so grand, I am forever unfolding, developing and deepening… allowing the Love that lives within me to be… and no longer falling for lies about love.


442 thoughts on “Lies about Love

  1. What I am able to do now is call out when I have not been loving, when I have said or done something that on reflection was not loving towards myself or others. Next is to catch it before I say something, to feel first if it is the truth or not. That requires a level of stillness within me so that I can become more aware of what is happening around me. I feel there is a way to live where we can see/feel something before it happens and then there are no surprises because we have read the energy ahead of time. When we live in space, time is on the back foot.

  2. Your list of the things that love really is, shows that love is available to us all, in fact it is sitting within and dying to be felt and expressed. I can still walk around thinking that love is created externally- it either comes from someone or is made between special combinations of people. So it was based on exclusivity and that it came from external sources. These are not true. I have felt most the most loved, the most precious, the most cherished only ever when it has come from inside me and when I have felt my own grandness and preciousness; that fact that I am love.

  3. Reading your lists, lies about love read like lies about ourselves. It’s like, how can we truly know ourselves if we are denying love? Coming to the truth of ourselves brings us closer to the truth of love, and vice versa.

    1. Accepting that we are love, ‘I am deeply inspired to support myself every day to live the Love that I am, in connection to my heart.’

  4. Great questions Johanna, and may I add to this equation, starting with- Love? True Love? love? Unconditional Love / love, Universal Love / love, Songs about Love / love, “Love in its true form,” “Love should be,” and I Love / love you, have all been calculated, so we are stressed out about what Love can hold for us, and as True Love is in the being never the doing, the search starts from within our being or inner-most, esoteric and or Soul. And starting out being gentle before being Self-loving on the path to Love, holds us in good stead as every aspect of life has a different relationship with the simplicity of Love and our connection to our Soul!

  5. Growing up I always used to find hearts everywhere, I would be walking on the street or helping my mother in the kitchen and a heart would appear. I used to draw them everywhere and seek them too actually, I would try to see the love in everything. As I grew up, it turned into desperation, there was no love in the interactions I was observing around me so I tried to seek love in symbolism more and more, when we got the internet I would constantly read about love, relationships and romance. Everything I did in my life was in pursuit of finding love, someone or something to match my knowing of what that word meant, and my God have I been satisfied when I met Serge Benhayon, the Universal Medicine team and the student body!

      1. Someone told me that actually, I used to go to a yoga class in my gym a couple of years ago and a friend of mine really was in pursuit of her teacher, a guru that will help her to elevate to a higher state of being. I just went along for the stretches, yoga is quite good for that. One day I was waiting for her while she was talking to the instructor and he said to us exactly that, the student will find their teacher when they are ready. In that moment I thought, “pft, who can teach me something I can’t learn myself?” but I see what he meant, there will be people in our lives who can show us a different way, in such a way that Serge does. Something that touches you very deep inside, where there are no questions about the truth of it, where the knowing is so absolute that nothing can waver it. For me the teacher has been Serge, for others it may not be, but if we are open to learn in life our teachers will definitely show up when we’re ready.

    1. Absolutely Viktoria, we all reflect and when we are living the True Wisdom from our essence or Soul this is definitely a reflection of the Truth of their Livingness, then as such it is felt so “in pursuit of finding love, someone or something to match my knowing of what that word meant,” I discovered Serge Benhayon. The Soul being Love it is our most divine reflection and should be where all teachings come from.

  6. It has just been Valentine’s Day and I can feel how it has become so commercialised and is about buying presents and cards on one day of the year rather than working on living lovingly all year.

  7. I love reading about what true love is, it is gorgeous and confirming to read all of the points, this stands out for me; ‘Being interested in another and being patient.’

  8. I feel humanity has been sold that love is an emotion, this idea or picture is enforced in music, books, magazines, films, and marketing. Emotional love is everywhere, we are saturated by this energy so that it has become all we know. Having attended the workshops and presentations of Universal Medicine and coming to my own understanding that the way we live is actually the complete opposite to how we could be living. It then makes complete sense to me that we are living way short of the true meaning of love. This is why I attend the workshops and presentation of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, so that I can feel for myself what is a true way of being with me and all others, and living this in a practical way, and what is not.

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