Letting People In – True Love for All

by Nicole Serafin, Tintenbar, NSW, Australia

I recently attended a presentation by Universal Medicine that dealt with relationships and letting people in.

At this presentation, the level of love that was being presented was so deep you could not help but melt into what was here being offered – love and only love. 

I was able to feel what it is to be able to let another in: to truly let people in, without any reservations, no matter who they are. To let go of any fear of being hurt, or that another may use my fragility and vulnerability against me at some point.

Why is it we choose to live a life without letting people in? Even those close to us – children, partners, friends – only get to see part of who we truly are. Granted, they may see more than some, but it is still gauged upon how safe we feel with them, how much we trust them.

Have you ever let someone in only to feel hurt by them later on? And then from that hurt choose to keep others even further away just in case it was to happen again?

It’s absurd really, when you think about it! We are not being who we truly are just in case we get hurt… when it is we who are harming ourselves by not letting people in and being all of us in the first place. I think it hurts much more to not be who we are, and to live the guarded, protected versions.

What we are missing out on, AND what our friends and families are missing out on, is enormous.

Since realising that I was still holding back the true essence of me, and still hiding behind a wall of ‘what ifs’, I came to realise that if I truly loved and allowed, then nothing another did or said could ever harm me. Yes, I may feel hurt, but that does not mean that others are worthy of any less than my being all of me, nor am I worth less than being all of me.

In order for me to build a true relationship with myself and others, I had to knock down that wall, drop the protection and let people in; and let all of me out – without holding back my love.

The power of one is awesome, we know. However, the power of many is magnified. If we can fully open up to another and let them in, we can do this with everyone. What a different world that would be!

The workshop was for me, like getting married all over again – I felt myself opening up and letting people in like never before, a new, true sense of intimacy – being all of me. I realised that I can do this with anyone; with myself, another, and with all of humanity.

We deserve to be all that we are, and to share this with all others. If we live behind a wall of ‘what ifs’, our life will never feel complete. We will always be looking for something outside of ourselves to fulfil an emptiness that honestly only we can fill… as it is us that we are missing in the first place. No one and no thing can fill that… well, not for long anyhow.

I now know that by connecting to and living all of who I am, in all that I do, I am letting all of me out, and letting people in. There is no longer the emptiness that I carried around for so long.

My relationships are now based on my needing nothing. I am now able to have true relationships with all those I come into contact with. At times there may be some hurt, but I am able to very quickly return to love, and the hurt is insignificant compared to the joy and glory that is present when I choose to live all of me.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the constant love, inspiration and foundation that you are. The unwavering support and life that is lived by you creates a foundation which allows me to feel that life is not about doing, but simply about being.

288 thoughts on “Letting People In – True Love for All

  1. The knowing that it hurts so much to hold back our expression our love and being all we are is very real and feels very nurturing to make changes to open up our selves our hearts and feel the oneness and love we all are and let it in also.

  2. “We are not being who we truly are just in case we get hurt… when it is we who are harming ourselves by not letting people in and being all of us in the first place.” Such a great reminder Nicole – time to let go of the old patterns and open up to what is there for us all to share, and we’ll all benefit at the end of the day.

  3. It is absurd, and quite the set-up, that we don’t allow others to see all that we are in case we get hurt, yet feel hurt because others don’t get or see who we are. The more we deepen our relationship with the love of who we are in essence, we need less to seek love from another and instead are more open to share the joy of who we are and what we stand for as we know that by virtue of the love we are within, that in essence we are all of the same quality.

  4. Life is not about doing, but about being.. yet we have set up our world so that the doing is everything: how we define and know ourselves. But what if we knew ourselves, by our quality, first? This is how others mostly know us – we have a sense of what another person is like, even if we’ve only met them briefly. What if we made our quality our focus, before we did anything? Turning this around feels challenging because it means letting go of our pictures of how much we think we could or should be doing – totally surrendering and accepting that what we can do and get done in a day is enough, and doesn’t add or take away from who we are.

    1. ‘totally surrendering and accepting that what we can do and get done in a day is enough, and doesn’t add or take away from who we are’ Just what I needed to hear this morning, thank you Bryony. Having gotten behind with things I have felt myself deflate and this is only because of the expectations I put on myself in the first place and the judgements that can then compound everything.. It is ridiculous to set myself up in this way only to be shot down or get inflated when things go well. I am not what I do, and to identify with this in anyway is to let myself be dependent on it. When I stop to appreciate myself for who I am there is a wholeness in that, not needy of anything else. I feel the quality then and can continue in that quality. Today is an opportunity to focus on that quality and to deepen it as I go.

  5. I agree Nicole, it hurts us far more to not be and express the love we naturally are within our inner heart and we close ourselves off from each other creating false ideals of love from our false perception of it in the fear of getting hurt which makes love conditional, narrowing it from its pureness, simplicity and truth and the way in which it holds everyone equally in its beholding quality.

  6. When we hold back who we are in fear of being hurt, living in protection like many, I realised that the person missing out most was myself, because how can I be love if I am holding back who I am. When we let go of those hurts, we feel able to be open with others, which gives others the same invitation to be open back, as we hold them in love without judgment or need for them to be anything other than themselves.

  7. ‘To let go of any fear of being hurt, or that another may use my fragility and vulnerability against me at some point.” This is what we all need to be able to do, for otherwise the barriers of protection become our self made prison.

  8. I agree, Nicole. I recently let go of something that was keeping me in hardness and protection even though I was not fully aware of it until it shifted. What I can feel now is a strong sense of oneness, a joy in feeling how we are all the same, and I would certainly recommend it to everyone as a way of being in the world!

  9. To have no need from anyone, whatever the relationship is, is truly liberating for all concerned, and opens up so many possibilities that would otherwise not present themselves.

  10. What if we use not letting others in as an excuse to not take responsibility for the connection to who we within ourselves and hence what energy we are choosing to align to and express.

  11. My experience is the same Nicole, it hurts much more to hold back being who I am. Also, letting people in means we are no longer governed by our hurts and it is a joyful experience to fully let people in, no hiding, no holding back just being who we are is the biggest gift to ourselves and to everyone around us.

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