My Guide

by Rod Harvey, Marketing Manager, Gold Coast, Australia

Throughout my life I looked to others for inspiration, or to be my guide. They included teachers, work colleagues, sport coaches, team-mates, self-help dudes and the myriad of ‘successful’ people I read stories about.

While I enjoyed their stories or accomplishments, little they said or did really rubbed off on me.

In early 2007 I listened to a presentation by Serge Benhayon and there was enough in what he said to intrigue me to go back again. I liked how Serge spoke in an assured yet humble manner. He was totally different to any of my previous role models.  

I kept returning and was fascinated with his perspective on the world, philosophy, and life. There was much I was uncertain about, however I appreciated the way Serge lived his life with total integrity and love for humanity. I now know that he was (and still is) presenting us with a wonderful gift…The Way of the Livingness.

These teachings have helped me to unravel and understand many of the questions I had about life while also providing me with a number of simple and practical tools to take care of the occasional glitches that life delivers.

I now have a deeper understanding about life and death, the universe, God, religion, humanity, love, energy, health and vitality, our connection with each other, emotions, relationships, harmony, stillness, the future, the past and the present, brotherhood, divinity and purpose. Yet I have only experienced a glimpse of the wisdom that is available to us all. As a consequence of embracing these teachings I find there is much more meaning, joy and love in my life.

Throughout the early days I saw Serge as my guiding light and looked to him for inspiration and his approval. I would often say to myself, “I wonder what Serge would do in this situation?” and when an answer emerged, I’d be grateful to Serge, rather than acknowledge the answer came from within me.

Yet all along, Serge has discouraged any such following or devotion. Universal Medicine consistently promotes self-responsibility.

I realised I had built an expectation of what my life should be, based on other people’s lives. So now it’s up to me to be me, and I am grateful to Serge Benhayon for bringing this to my awareness.

Although I will continue to be inspired by The Way of the Livingness, I now live by being my own inspirational guide. Does that mean I’m up myself? Not at all – I make plenty of mistakes and bad choices, but at least they’re mine. After all, if I spend more time with me than with anyone else then surely I am the one who really knows what is going on within me. So it makes sense to be totally honest with myself and be my own leader rather than look to someone else.

Through Serge Benhayon’s inspiration I have come to the conclusion that within every one of us is a shining beacon, ready to hold up a guiding light for humanity.

Sometimes all we need is a nudge to flick on the switch.

324 thoughts on “My Guide

  1. When my children were young and they were confronted by a difficult choice they would go looking for someone to help them. One day when they came to me I decide to ask them what they think they should do – their response was I don’t know. I then asked them to have a guess about what felt like the true thing to do and they always came up with the most amazing and loving choice. This taught me that we are all deeply connected to the wisdom within and when we chose to not doubt our inner connect then the answers were always waiting to be lived out in the world.

  2. “Know thyself” it said over the oracle temple at Delphi in ancient Greece… We are in truth, all our own guides – the key is to live in a way as to be in touch, if not communion, with the guide that offers a way of true love in every aspect of our lives. This is what The Way of The Livingness represents, and I agree absolutely Rod, that in this way of Love, there is nor cannot be any giving away of oneself to another.

    1. This is one of my favourite inscriptions left behind by the ancient Greeks. For if we truly ‘know thyself’, we will know the moment something enters that does not equal such magnificence. In other word, if we know ourselves in full then we will also know exactly who or what we are not and therefore cannot be played to live a lesser version of who we are.

  3. Universal Medicine teaches the ultimate in self-responsibility when it comes to all aspects of life. As for being our own guiding lights as well as a beacon for others, it is only in the sense that they also discover that they are also their own ‘saviour’.

    1. So true Jenny. Knowing who we are, who we truly are, is how activate our purpose in here begin, so we can begin to embody the full potential of our beingness, our Soulful way and magnify our Divinity through all that we do, and as such into the world.

      1. Yes well said Carola… we are multidimensional beings, divine in our essence. Living that in everyday life is the key… and the challenge!

  4. I have had many a conversation trying to get answers out of Serge Benhayon over the years and he humbly reminds me that I have all the answers I could ever need within me. The reason his presentations have a different quality to others is because they come with a lived experience of what is being shared, rather than a theory. I am very grateful that I have been reminded of my grandness and my insight, we all have it but I agree, sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction.

  5. “every one of us is a shining beacon, ready to hold up a guiding light for humanity.” this is our responsibility to make the choice to connect to the divine wisdom within us and let this be our guiding light, Serge has offered to us a true reflection of the quality of love that can be lived by each one of us, as we live connected to our inner heart our reflection we can be a guiding light for humanity.

  6. Our eternal guiding light is our Soul. Serge Benhayon is the embodiment of how it is not only possible to live the light is our Soul, but that this is our natural and divine way of being. To be open and willing to understanding that returning to this way of being is our purpose in life, has been empowering and liberating to no end, and continues to be so, as there is no end to exploring All that we already are and are intrinsically part of.

  7. ‘As a consequence of embracing these teachings I find there is much more meaning, joy and love in my life.’ The Way of The Livingness brings great purpose that is always expanding and is ours to embrace.

  8. Beautifully said Rod and very true, learning to be truly responsible for me and my life has been key to developing a relationship with me and in building a confidence and a trust within myself as well.

  9. Thank you Rod. There was much you touched on and much we all can expand on here. That beacon of light within is everyone’s guide – we all feel it from each other. The fact is we have been guided by the wrong light for too long with almost everyone aligning to that false light. The more that connect to the true light within the more truth will arise within from us all to the all.
    Thank you Serge Benhayon for being that masterful guiding beacon of Light.

  10. Being inspired by Serge Benhayon, I am learning to deepen my awareness and relationship with myself so that I feel the importance of taking responsibility for myself and my choices and understanding how the way we are living has an energetic effect on everything around us.

  11. I used to give my power away to others to identify myself with but through learning the practical tools presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I am building a deeper relationship with myself and the self-confidence to engage with life to take more responsibility for myself and my part in it.

  12. Thanks for your honesty Rod. It’s awesome to read about what it looks like to be self responsible and not give your power away to another.

  13. “As a consequence of embracing these teachings I find there is much more meaning, joy and love in my life.” The Way of The Livingness teachings are a role model for reconnecting to the purpose and magnificence of all that is offered to us.

  14. To really claim that we are our own saviours is so powerful. We give far too much credit to what is on the outside, rather than appreciating that we have our own internal compass, one that given the space and attention it requires can guide us back home every time.

  15. So true Rod, we tend to look outside of us for the answers to the question we encounter in life but actually we ourselves are the beholder of all the knowledge and knowing we ever would need to make our life successful. Successful not in the way of any material or temporal success but in our return and re-connection with the core of our being, our Soul.

  16. Over the years I’ve given my power away to other teachers, gurus, etc thinking they could help or show me the way to what was missing in my life. None of them made any difference to my life.

    It was only when I met Serge Benhayon and attended Universal Medicine workshops that I began to realise there was more to life, life just doesn’t happen. Its like that saying ‘what goes around comes around’ – I had a responsibility but reflecting this to others – I am that beacon, showing others a way out of the darkness if they are willing to take the responsibility too.

  17. A nudge alright…sometimes many many nudges! We can be very good at digging our heels in, in the dark, refusing to shine any light on any thing just so we can stay wallowing in our misery. HA!! It’s such a dramatic way to live, and a way of living I chose for myself for a looooong time. Turning the light on was the best thing for me. Today, life doesn’t feel like a massive burden, it just feels normal and ordinary and there is an acceptance around how things flow that means I no longer feel insatiable with what’s on offer, and feel more appreciation for everything. Gosh it’s simpler this way.

  18. I agree with you about making mistakes. I used to not make decisions for fear of getting things wrong but I am learning that this only brings in layers of unnecessary complications. Thanks to Simone Benhayon for showing me how I do this. Far better to make a wrong decision and then get on with learning from the error.

  19. Yes looking at others there are so many ways to live, but one thing I see is that struggle is very much a part of life we collectively have accepted (me included). It is very wise to stop, feel and wonder if that is how we truly would like to live and if this feels true to us, and then what other way we can live.

  20. ” I now know that he was (and still is) presenting us with a wonderful gift…The Way of the Livingness.” This is so true Rod thank you for sharing.

  21. It is very inspiring when you meet someone with true confidence who is prepared to back themselves and stand steady in all of who they are.

  22. It makes a lot of sense Rod, we know our own body best and in building a deeper awareness and relationship with our body we are able to connect to and appreciate its wisdom and how it truly guides us when we allow it to lead the way.

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