Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness

by Lyndy Summerhaze, Crabbes Creek, Australia

When I sat down to write about Esoteric Yoga and stillness the question naturally arose: “If we don’t know stillness how can we know true movement?” This almost felt like a basic tenet of what yoga is all about. We move and speak using the energy that is already present in the body – and if that energy is in disarray, then our movement and expression will be of that same quality. I have come to realise that to know and connect to the stillness within the body is first essential if I want to move and speak in a true way. 

Coming into that stillness at yoga has enabled me to become aware of the levels of stress, anxiousness and nervous energy that I was employing to function within life. And it has helped me to feel the disharmony and disarray this way of living brings and how it leads to illness.

  • Experiencing the stillness has helped me to observe the constant static of mental activity that I was using to overlay the true feeling that came directly and clearly from my body.
  • It has brought into focus for me the relentless driving of mental activity I lived by – ticking off lists to be done, constantly being on the alert as a way of dealing with the world, or ever on the ready to achieve endless outcomes which only bring momentary glimpses of satisfaction – then onto the treadmill again.
  • Through the beauty of this stillness I have been able to feel myself again. I have been able to hear what my body is communicating to me – what it feels and how it feels. For example, it was the tension in my arms and the way I was holding them that told me that I was in a constant state of bracing against what the world might bring. What a powerful reminder of how I have been living – always in apprehension of what might happen.
  • Now that I can feel my body I can appreciate it so much more. It now makes sense to choose to nurture it instead of neglecting it and running it ragged. This body has turned out to be like a precious lighthouse that reveals the dangers and rocks I can get caught on, instead of being a nuisance of a thing I thought I had to drag around with me and feed and put to bed.

I have found that as I’ve grown in awareness of the quality with which I meet the varying situations of daily life now, it has become ever clearer that I have a choice in how I respond to those situations. I can choose to react, resist, hide or be a victim of what presents, or I can align to and offer harmony, humour, observation and love to the situations I encounter. What comes to me in life may not always be pleasant or easy but what I’ve discovered is if I carry a known space from my body out, I remain knowing who I am and what I stand for. This feels like true liberation indeed!

I have attended yoga groups, inspired by Universal Medicine, facilitated by Jennene Greenall and Victoria Carter. These groups are very beautiful and have had the beneficial effect of a ripple out into every sphere of my life.

The group energy, along with the loving and skilled facilitation, is helping me to build a strong foundation of stillness and harmony in my body from which I can bring all that I am to the world. I can take what I have learned and felt in Esoteric Yoga out into the world in a most practical way.

I have found that living in the presence of my own stillness is by far the most practical way to live life as it has greatly improved the power of my observation, and I now have a clear perspective of what is going on. No time or energy is wasted on drama. When I am being truly present I notice that no energy is squandered and I feel more vitality coming back into my body.

Through conversation and sharing with each other in these groups I am learning so much and have been able to deepen my awareness of my true being and purpose here. The shared presence I experience with the group assists me in strengthening my confidence and commitment to staying with the bodily stillness when I am out amongst the tension and stress that can be there in daily life.

Esoteric Yoga has been the most valuable tool to assist in expanding my awareness of the kind of energy in which I am living my life. This has been a crucially important awareness to cultivate since it has brought to my attention that the way I live is constantly impacting not only on my own wellbeing and bodily health, but also other people’s wellbeing and the environment around me. It has helped bring universality into my approach towards life that is very practical and real. I am starting to understand that everything that I am, do and think is not just about me, but also about all of us.

The stillness I have found through Esoteric Yoga has been to me a true medicine. This medicine feels like a powerful preventative medicine – it has brought a deeper and richer sense of health and wellbeing than I have previously known.

413 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness

  1. Love the space offered by Esoteric Yoga. It allows me to feel my body from inside out, to clock how I’ve been living to that point and to restore the stillness within that is always there, no matter what.

  2. Lyndy what you shared feels very powerful and also accessible for all. Your experience opens up a complete different way to approach life that makes completely sense. It brings solidness, awareness, responsibility, but also joy and light. It feels like the choices we make can support us to return to our true way of being. Step by step with no perfection but a readyness and humble obedience with the body we carry that inspires me very much.

  3. “Now that I can feel my body I can appreciate it so much more. It now makes sense to choose to nurture it instead of neglecting it and running it ragged” – what I can feel is how stillness is the observation point where clarity prevails and that, we know so well and find inconvenient if we wanted to carry on void of responsibility and purpose, and that is why we try avoiding it at all cost – even by trashing our body.

  4. “then onto the treadmill again.” Esoteric Yoga offers a way to live in connection to yourself rather than at the mercy of the chaos created all around you.

  5. You sound like an out of tune radio with a ‘constant static of mental activity’ and I feel we can all relate to the mindless chatter that happens to us at times. As you have shared Lyndy, it is not until we experience stillness that we can feel the out of control mental activity.

  6. If you ever want to know how your day is going, how your week has been, just stop and feel your body. Register your thoughts and you’ll be able to get a sense of how you have been moving prior to that moment.

  7. Stillness is a quality and a slight misnomer as it is possible to move in stillness, i.e. to move in the quality of stillness.

    1. Seems like a contradiction of words, but stillness is a quality we can live in; it’s the opposite to racy so eliminating those racy thoughts, and moving a ‘quality of stillness’ as you have shared Christoph, becomes simple when we understand how to move in conscious presence with a mind that is then obviously not thinking ahead of itself. A simple or slight misnomer because as we deepen our stillness, stillness becomes a known quantity as a lived quality.

  8. The beauty of practicing esoteric yoga is a gateway to establishing a consistent and true quality and stillness to the way in which we are able to live in harmony with our body and everything around us.

  9. Becoming still inside is the foundation for life, although few know this at this point in time. From this inner quiet you are able to feel and be aware instead of moving without awareness of what’s best for you and your body.

  10. It is through the stillness of Esoteric Yoga that I have become more aware of my body and how my body feels, it highlights the areas I have been holding in protection and as I let go I realise that there is no need to hold the body in any tension as the tension is counterproductive to its natural rhythm.

  11. Sharing with other people from that quality is so supportive as everyone brings their own angle on life which can help us be more aware of things.

  12. “This body has turned out to be like a precious lighthouse that reveals the dangers and rocks I can get caught on, instead of being a nuisance of a thing I thought I had to drag around with me and feed and put to bed.” – what a vast difference between these two ways of living. It also represents a vast difference in how you feel within yourself and how you think about yourself

  13. Esoteric Yoga offers us a foundation of understanding life from our body instead of having to negotiate it from what we think, or rather theorise in our minds. From this understanding we can develop a truly solid way to be ourselves in life and not live at the mercy of life.

  14. Lyndy, I love your blog and how you take us the readers on a journey into the depths of what Esoteric Yoga truly is, and from here the blessing, medicinal qualities and power of this modality can be known and felt by us. For me the practice of Esoteric Yoga has supported me to feel and connect with my body and my innate stillness and to live my life from this quality to the best of my ability.

  15. I think we’ve made the stresses of life a normal even though it’s not really a true normal. We need the stillness to awaken the innate source of vitality we have within us. When we run on sugar and carbs we’re always running behind, catching up an ever underlying exhaustion. When we stop and feel more and allow stillness in our lives, our bodies are able to regenerate and eventually we will be powered from the inside when we unleash the power plant that lives in our cells.

  16. The question that comes to me as I read this is how it is that we are not consciously aware of our innate stillness and that living in connection to this quality is our innate way of our being? This is a fundamental for living life, for truly living our full potential. In developing an honoring relationship with this quality, our essence, we are then able to move through life with greater connection and confidence as such we can living Soulfully becomes our normal.

  17. Well said Lyndy, the Esoteric Yoga is a modality that got me to feel what stillness truly was, having run from that quality for many years I have now learnt to embrace it more and to feel how powerful and deeply healing stillness can be in our lives.

  18. “If we don’t know stillness how can we know true movement?” – wow. This, I will be taking with me today. Thank you, Lyndy.

  19. Esoteric Yoga not only supports us with feeling where we are at but it also provides the answer and healing to move forward free from the tensions we might have felt before.

    1. Very true Eduardo – through our connection to our Soul we know precisely what is and what is not going to support us living and moving impulsed by this quality. This is how we live with true empowerment.

  20. For me Lyndy, as it has been for you, “Esoteric Yoga has been the most valuable tool to assist in expanding my awareness of the kind of energy in which I am living my life.” In fact, my awareness has increased ten-fold and with it, the deepening of my relationship with my body. I have finally realised that my body is indeed my best friend, and although at times what it shares is very uncomfortable to hear, I now know that every single message is gold and not to be ignored.

  21. “Through the beauty of this stillness I have been able to feel myself again. I have been able to hear what my body is communicating to me – what it feels and how it feels” – absolutely Lyndy and also, feeling my own body, its senses and being attuned in this way has also brought this sensitivity towards other people too where I’m able to feel them more or what they may be going through for example. Esoteric Yoga affects us all.

  22. Esoteric Yoga is a true way to support our body, and builds a marker that guides us to express and move with a true quality of being establishing a spaciousness and flow that is truly vitalising.

  23. “I have come to realise that to know and connect to the stillness within the body is first essential if I want to move and speak in a true way” – love this simplicity Lyndy, before coming to Esoteric Yoga myself, I often charged on with life not paying attention to anything about the quality or ramifications in moving in such a charged, emotional or disconnected way. Connecting to the very fact and science of one’s quality both the great and not so great type has allowed me to live life with truer understanding and when we understand something we can let things go or pass as opposed to otherwise holding on. Esoteric Yoga allows true freedom to be inside the body…to move with freedom.

  24. I like here how you state that we cannot know our movements unless we know stillness – this is rather profound for if we do not know the quality of how stillness feels in our body then how can we know the quality of our movements? So without stillness we have no reference point or marker to guide us and our movements and actions can then rapidly decline or reduce in terms of quality and we may not even notice it or register it.

  25. True medicine, indeed. The Stillness I feel when participating in Esoteric Yoga sessions can vary in depth and consistency yet each and every time I am amazed at the ripple effect and how it flows from within my body, into my movements and speech and into my relationships as I go about my day…I don’t always hold it as the precious lighthouse it is, but it holds me no matter what. Sometimes I race ahead of myself, other times I lag behind yet the Stillness is always and ever present around us and it doesn’t take long for my body to stop and actually be with it. It’s a beautiful rhythm that builds the more I welcome it.

  26. Thank you Lyndy, exactly what I needed to read today. I often wonder about that constant mental chatter and why I seem to use it as a tool, so your words about it being a preventative to connecting to what we feel makes sense. I also appreciated your words on how the constant movement away from stillness through reaction, anxiety, etc becomes something we then have to continually recover from which depletes our vitality.

  27. ‘The stillness I have found through Esoteric Yoga has been to me a true medicine.’ Beautifully said and very true Lyndy, after spending many years doing a very rigorous style of yoga and never once feeling stillness, I can agree to all that you share about the Esoteric Yoga Modality and the enormous opportunity it offers our body – true medicine indeed.

  28. I absolutely love the description of your body as “a precious lighthouse” Lyndy, and as I read it I could feel that this is what my body is too; in fact it had me smiling. And it follows that the deepr we care for ourselves, like attending regular Esoteric Yoga sessions, the more light that is going to shine forth from us. In a world that is very ‘dark’ at times this light is truly needed.

    1. Thank you Ingrid for high-lighting 🙂 this as I hadn’t noticed that quote that the body is a “precious lighthouse” – so true, it constantly communicates the truth to help us avoid the rocks in the sea of life!

  29. Not knowing stillness is the key to keeping mankind separated from their truth. For most of my life I had no concept even of stillness so far as my body was concerned being addicted to constant motion. Esoteric Yoga is a great way for someone like me to come to know stillness.

    1. Thank you Doug it makes sense what you have shared here, most people (and even kids) are in a state of constant movement, doing and motion, recognising that confirms how powerful Esoteric Yoga is as a modality to support people to come back to their own inner Stillness and start living from their own truth.

  30. I know what you mean Lyndy. Every day everywhere almost we will run into what is not true and loveless, we can choose to be knocked down by this, what collectively we have made normal in the world; or we can be clear about what these things are, express, and keep on being ourselves–free from the control of what the world wants us to be in–hurt. We can choose instead to be the truth of who are, love.

  31. “Now that I can feel my body I can appreciate it so much more.” I love how esoteric yoga enables us to feel and embrace a deeper quality of presence and awareness that naturally builds true value in the way we hold and express from our body.

  32. Lyndy I loved what you have shared on this blog. I’ve been having the pull to Esoteric Yoga for some time and decided not only did I need and feel to bring this stillness into my own body and rhythm but also take it in particularly to work, a place I can often become caught in the calamity of it all.

    I took it upon myself to do a program of 2 sessions a week, one the day before work and one in the middle of the week and it is beautiful to observe the difference in my body and people around me.

    Observing the signals of my body when things become burdensome and observing the subtle changes around me.

    I’m loving Esoteric Yoga….

  33. Esoteric Yoga is an opportunity to feel the inner stillness and feel the warmth of love flow through your body.

  34. What a gorgeous, gorgeous blog to read, the stillness in which you have written is deeply felt, as I feel more still after reading. Having done Esoteric Yoga many times, I have to agree that it is a true medicine and one in which the body truly responds to.

  35. Connecting to stillness deep within our body through esoteric yoga reveals how our body’s true rhythm flows from a natural harmony and balance that works in alignment to the whole of our being bringing a true quality to our movements.

  36. Achieving stillness into our bodies when life is so super busy and full is at times a challenge. Esoteric yoga as you have explained here Lyndy is an amazing way to support the body to become still and then you to be able to move from there.

  37. Lyndy this is a beautiful testimony on the power of the Esoteric Yoga modality and the awareness it brings to our bodies and all areas of our life. The stillness felt during a session allows me to slow down and to carry this feeling with me throughout the day allowing a different quality into all of my movements.

  38. I’ve found Esoteric Yoga to be very valuable to the quality of my everyday life too – it’s helped me to be more aware of the way in which I move my body – the energy that I’m expressing with and how this impacts how I relate with everyone.

  39. Esoteric Yoga is a very beautiful and powerful modality by which we can come back into our bodies with a deepening awareness of what it feels like to connect to our stillness within, our true divine essence thus learning to bring this into our day to day movements of life.

  40. I agree Lyndy, the key to building a quality in our connection with our body is through surrendering to our inner stillness thus enabling our movements and expression to reflect the same quality and truth we feel with.

  41. Perfect read for me at the moment. I could really feel how I have been enjoining what’s happening around me and allowing that to affect the way I am, how my movement doesn’t always come from that place of stillness, but instead ‘stillness’ is being held as something I would go to connect with when I think I am out and I need to. I realise it is a quality that I hold innately within me and it is something that I am made to be externalising through the way I live.

  42. Very powerfully said Lyndy Summerhaze. You have surmised with such astute self-awareness, that without a foundation of stillness – known and fostered within – we are effectively left flailing in life. The image I have (and have known previously also myself – all too well !) is of a small boat in turbulent seas, rudderless, without sail, and at the mercy of winds and movements around it.
    In stillness – and without perfection – we know who we are, and we hold the capacity to stand as the light-house, strong amongst whatever winds may come, and yet in no way protected or curbed in our radiance, letting all in to this quality of the divine so deeply needed today.

  43. Esoteric Yoga is the first modality to bring an environment and true understanding of what stillness is and the experience of that in my body – It has created a true marker in the body for what is possible and brings more clarity to what is not stillness absolutely exposing the agitation, anxiousness, raciness we accept living in our body everyday.

  44. Esoteric Yoga is such a powerful tool in reflecting on how we are living and learning about how we can come back tour own rhythm and not that of all that is happening around us. There are times when I want to avoid this modality because of what it brings up and asks me to feel- nothing can be hidden.

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