Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame

by Tim Bowyer, Age 50, London, UK

In 2005, my wife – Bina Pattel was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Up until this point she had done over 15 years in spiritual new age modalities and she always felt there was something missing from these groups. She tried to get me into it but I was very resistant. I eventually went along to one of the workshops but never felt it was for me.

When my wife started doing the Universal Medicine workshops and courses, I thought it was just another modality. Initially when she started doing the workshops she was faced with looking at a lot of her past choices and this was very challenging for her, but she stayed committed to herself and after 2 years I felt so inspired by the changes she had made in her life which had a direct effect on our relationship – I attended my first course.

Much different to my wife’s other spiritual pursuits, Serge Benhayon’s presentation felt very simple and it resonated with me. Since 2007 I have been attending the courses and workshops on a regular basis.

Living the teachings of Universal Medicine has changed my life so much that

I have lost over 6 stone (90lbs) in weight,
I no longer drink alcohol,
I no longer have caffeine,
I no longer eat dairy/wheat/gluten/sugar,
My sleep pattern has changed,
I am deeply loving and nurturing towards myself,
I have more vitality than ever before.

All of the above has come about from what Serge Benhayon and UniMed have presented. Serge has given me an understanding and with this understanding I can make better informed choices.

In all the time I have been a student of Universal Medicine, at no time ever has Serge Benhayon told me to do anything i.e. go to bed early, do not drink alcohol, dairy… etc.

It has only EVER been presented and then I discern if what has been presented feels true for me or not.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. When I first saw my hospital consultant, he seemed very surprised that I did not require any medication for it, as I had no pain or discomfort doing daily activities like walking and getting in and out of my truck.

Granted, I will not be ever running a marathon or even a 100 yardathon, but that’s ok.

I know the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped my knee considerably – from the weight loss, the understanding why I have this disease and the regular treatments I have from the Universal Medicine practitioners and in particular a UniMed physiotherapist – Kate Greenaway. She has given me some exercises that are really beneficial which I do everyday.

For me, the biggest thing I have learnt from UniMed and the teachings of SB is about Responsibility.

Understanding that I am responsible/accountable for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that happens in my life means that when an issue arises, I know I am the one who has created this issue and therefore I know I can deal / resolve the issue.

It takes away the culture of blame that we / most are so content on fostering.

The presentations, courses and workshops of UniMed have improved my life so much that to go back to my old ways would be unthinkable.

This way of Living is how I choose to live the rest of my life because it brings true meaning and joy to my life everyday.

Thank You Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Read my wife’s blog: From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth by Bina Pattel

238 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame

  1. “This way of Living is how I choose to live the rest of my life because it brings true meaning and joy to my life everyday.” A beautiful testimonial for all that is presented by Universal Medicine.

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