Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame

by Tim Bowyer, Age 50, London, UK

In 2005, my wife – Bina Pattel was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Up until this point she had done over 15 years in spiritual new age modalities and she always felt there was something missing from these groups. She tried to get me into it but I was very resistant. I eventually went along to one of the workshops but never felt it was for me.

When my wife started doing the Universal Medicine workshops and courses, I thought it was just another modality. Initially when she started doing the workshops she was faced with looking at a lot of her past choices and this was very challenging for her, but she stayed committed to herself and after 2 years I felt so inspired by the changes she had made in her life which had a direct effect on our relationship – I attended my first course.

Much different to my wife’s other spiritual pursuits, Serge Benhayon’s presentation felt very simple and it resonated with me. Since 2007 I have been attending the courses and workshops on a regular basis.

Living the teachings of Universal Medicine has changed my life so much that

I have lost over 6 stone (90lbs) in weight,
I no longer drink alcohol,
I no longer have caffeine,
I no longer eat dairy/wheat/gluten/sugar,
My sleep pattern has changed,
I am deeply loving and nurturing towards myself,
I have more vitality than ever before.

All of the above has come about from what Serge Benhayon and UniMed have presented. Serge has given me an understanding and with this understanding I can make better informed choices.

In all the time I have been a student of Universal Medicine, at no time ever has Serge Benhayon told me to do anything i.e. go to bed early, do not drink alcohol, dairy… etc.

It has only EVER been presented and then I discern if what has been presented feels true for me or not.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. When I first saw my hospital consultant, he seemed very surprised that I did not require any medication for it, as I had no pain or discomfort doing daily activities like walking and getting in and out of my truck.

Granted, I will not be ever running a marathon or even a 100 yardathon, but that’s ok.

I know the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped my knee considerably – from the weight loss, the understanding why I have this disease and the regular treatments I have from the Universal Medicine practitioners and in particular a UniMed physiotherapist – Kate Greenaway. She has given me some exercises that are really beneficial which I do everyday.

For me, the biggest thing I have learnt from UniMed and the teachings of SB is about Responsibility.

Understanding that I am responsible/accountable for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that happens in my life means that when an issue arises, I know I am the one who has created this issue and therefore I know I can deal / resolve the issue.

It takes away the culture of blame that we / most are so content on fostering.

The presentations, courses and workshops of UniMed have improved my life so much that to go back to my old ways would be unthinkable.

This way of Living is how I choose to live the rest of my life because it brings true meaning and joy to my life everyday.

Thank You Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Read my wife’s blog: From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth by Bina Pattel

230 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame

  1. “This way of Living is how I choose to live the rest of my life because it brings true meaning and joy to my life everyday.” A beautiful testimonial for all that is presented by Universal Medicine.

  2. I’ve never truly contemplated the words “culture of blame” but it is a very powerful term. I can see how I’ve been in that, and even when I have not actively blamed but I’ve felt I was the victim, it’s really the same thing because I’m passing the buck to someone else to be responsible for where I am at. The truth that Serge shares is simple in the sense that we are all responsible for ourselves, and the changes we can make as a result of living responsibly and with love for ourselves is immense. The truth is we are always having an affect on ourselves so we may as well embrace it and make love the fuel powering every choice.

  3. This culture of blame is an interesting one. The way I used to see it is that if I could not blame someone, then that would make me the guilty one, like, it had to be someone’s fault, and I didn’t like the idea of being ‘wrong’. I can feel how this would only trap me in an endless spin that keeps narrating a story to convince myself and I am keeping myself away from truth. In accepting responsibility, we are accepting how powerful we are.

  4. Choosing to take responsibility for your choices rather than blaming someone or something else is massive and the way you have turned your life around is truly inspiring and demonstrates what is possible when we are willing to make changes and treat ourselves lovingly.

    1. Bringing responsibility into our lives is needed by all of us, ‘Understanding that I am responsible/accountable for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that happens in my life means that when an issue arises, I know I am the one who has created this issue and therefore I know I can deal / resolve the issue.’

  5. Thank you Tim, this is a simple truth that you have presented that is also True for many other students, and being at-least gentle as our first stepping stone to self-love has provided a foundation that we can always return to.

  6. To know that we are responsible for whatever it is that has happened to us can very much be taken as a self-bashing tool. But that’s not the point, that’s actually avoiding the responsibility and avoiding to truly see what we’ve done to create the ill we’re in. What is true, is that if we’ve created it then we can resolve it – and that’s the empowerment behind responsibility – knowing that we are capable to deal with whatever presents our way.

  7. Thank you Tim.

    Who can’t relate to seeing a problem in our life and feeling ill equipped to deal with it? That feeling of a problem being far grander than us? A mountain or bottomless pit right in our face?

    When I see a problem, I get anxious, I get worried. This is when I do things that don’t support me.

    But there is the tool of responsibility – the biggest in the tool box.

    I’m inspired by reading this blog because it reminds me that everything I feel challenged by has been created by my own hand. And this is exactly why I am the only expert with the know how and understanding to deal with it.

    1. When we choose to pick up the tool of responsibility we have a multi-way tool that can access all areas of our lives to great benefit.

  8. How do you tell people this is the truth? Lines like this ?! “This way of Living is how I choose to live the rest of my life because it brings true meaning and joy to my life everyday.”

  9. To hear someone having made long term lifestyle changes is very inspiring and it highlights that no matter what we hear it is we who make the choice to change and we who decide what we do in our lives.

  10. What I love about this, is that you were presented with the possibility of living as a fully responsible person in every sense of that word, and you did not run a million miles away but embraced the opportunity instead.

  11. When we start taking responsibility for our choices we realise that we cannot blame others, as we are the makers of our destiny. The great thing is, responsibility allows us to change our choices, which in turn changes many other things too.

  12. When we perpetuate a culture of blame we just continue on the same merry-go-round and nothing will ever change.

  13. ‘when an issue arises, I know I am the one who has created this issue and therefore I know I can deal / resolve the issue.’ … and that’s it very simply, we create our own dilemmas and we have the power to address them, and so life becomes so much simpler, and we’re presented with the responsibility we all carry to take care of how we live, and that the best medicine of all is how we live.

  14. A great blog Tim showing that it is our irresponsibility that fosters the blame game that we see in so many situations throughout life in general, once we become honest and take responsibility for all our actions, then true change can take place, as it has in the amazing changes you have experienced.

  15. Our Responsibility in life is to be responsible for the deep understanding that we are eternally in a forever deepening relationship with God and thus The Way of Our Livingness will therefore expand or evolve us in a deeper reflection of our true essences.

  16. What I have learnt from Serge Benhayon is that change is possible when we understand. And understanding is key to having no judgement or blame. Understanding my responsibility for my choices has had a huge impact on my life and that of others.

    1. Absolutely Matts, extremely simple when we understand the playing field that has been set up to keep us in he illusion, glamour and maya, and thus lost in our endeavours to find who we are.

  17. Love the title of your blog Tim.’Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame’. What is very revealing is that both Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine have been under attack for sometime now for simply being honest and exposing our irresponsibility… a case of shoot the messenger.

  18. Serge has given me an understanding and with this understanding I can make better informed choices.” This is greatest healing there can be, because we are empowered to become able to take responsibility for ourselves.

  19. Once one has felt the truth that Serge Benhayon offers, it does bring up the fact of how true, or untrue one has lived life. It exposed a lot of untruth for me and it took several years to accept this and begin the process of building the foundation of truth that I now live from. One I will never waver from again.

  20. In blaming something/someone, I am basically saying ‘You are wrong, you need to change’ and in that judgment I am burying my hurt. I can feel how that takes away the power from what might have been true observation, and its potential for healing.

  21. How beautiful for you to respond to the reflection given to you by your wife Tim, and to come to realise the responsibility we have for all the decisions we make, bringing many loving changes to your life without blame being a part of it.

  22. This is such a great testament to Serge Benhayon, showing how the responsibility and choices are all ours as to what we do and live with what he presents.

  23. The fact that we hold the key to addressing the issues we ourselves have created is an absolute gem. A great reason to forget about blame and get on with it.

  24. What you say about ‘the culture of blame that we / most are so content on fostering.’ is right. It is so easy to go in blaming and talk about it, not feeling how we each time when we talk about what has happend and how awful such and so has behaved him or herself etc. and we don’t want to look at our part of the story, we add to this culture and keep stirring in the same soup while nothing changes or better say everything gets worse.

  25. Thank you Tim, Serge Benhayon’s work is definitely based on simplicity and self empowerment. No one can change our lives for us, yes we can have support but each daily choice or move is up to us. We can make our lives about love or self neglect and self abuse, either way it confirms the power we have to align to soul/love or not.

  26. That’s some serious changes there TIm. I join you in now having a very clear understanding that I am responsible for myself and all my choices and (without punishment), always need to accept the consequences and not look to point the finger.

  27. As I commit to my unfolding it is inevitable issues and hurts arise but as I deepen the relationship to self I am most of the time able to stay steady. I know and feel in my body that no issue or hurt is greater than I and with patience and a knowing that I can overcome what is in front of me supports me to accept, surrender and allow the unfolding to take place.

  28. “Serge has given me an understanding and with this understanding I can make better informed choices.” The understanding that my life is how and what it is because of every choice I have made brings a true understanding of responsibility as how I am and the choices I make affect everyone else.

  29. ‘Serge has given me an understanding and with this understanding I can make better informed choices’. This is a great way to explain what Serge Benhayon offers. He presents possibilities that we can feel for ourselves if true or not, deepening our understanding of how life works and from there we are free to move and make choices at our own free will.

  30. Thank you Tim, Universal Medicine offers true change. I also did the New Age / Spirituality circuit for decades but came out of it feeling as miserable, if not worse, than when I started. I also cannot believe the changes I now have made in my life compared to before I began attending. Universal Medicine courses never tell people what to do, they are simply an offering, and because all true change comes from our own ability to take responsibility for ourselves it’s up to us to make our own choices. Everything Serge Benhayon presents is very common sense, but it also challenges the status quo of what we have accepted as normal – that’s what truth does. The proof though is in the whole student body – vital, loving, healing our past trauma and current unhealthy behaviours, and committed to life and our communities. This is hugely different to how many of us were prior to Universal Medicine.

  31. I love this story, because at no point were you coerced to go along to a Universal Medicine presentation, you chose on your own accord to experience something that intrigued you via the changes you experienced first hand from your wife! What a testimonial!

  32. It is beautiful to read how your wife Bina’s transformation inspired you to discover for yourself the truth and wisdom that the Ageless Wisdom offers – and the fact that leading a more responsible life brings more love and joy to yourself and your relationship.

  33. You and Bina are an amazing couple and I have seen the changes you’ve made and truly inspiring. These stories how people have changed because of becoming aware of the responsibility they have in their lives are inspirational and never are boring. It is always a joy reading them!

  34. Inspiration is the way. We tend to use persuasion, dictation, etc. to try to get another person in doing something that is ‘good for them’. These attempts, however, do not work since they trigger something unhealed in the other person. Inspiration of feeling the extraordinary changes a person is undergoing changes everything.

    1. I agree Eduardo, people need to be free to choose the life they want for themselves, living our own love and joy provides a reflection and inspiration to others to realise what they too can choose.

  35. Thank you Tim for a beautiful blog, sharing with us the power of your wife reflecting the love you are back to you. and the loving changes that you have made in your life, through being responsible for all your choices, certainly a power couple you and your wife are.

  36. You are spot on Tim in highlighting that we foster a culture of blame. It is crazy when you break it down as we are actually denying our power, through avoiding embracing our responsibility. When we are willing to be honest with ourselves and how we feel in our bodies, we bring awareness to the choices we are making. It’s then clear to see how our every choice is a result of an energy we have chosen, and how our every choice is reflected though our body. In being open to healing why we are making loveless choices, we begin to embrace responsibility as the empowerment that it is, knowing that we, and we alone, are the ones that can adjust the way we are living, to make choices that support us to live in connection to the quality of love, which is who we are in essence.

  37. Hearing a mans voice, a husband, a partner, talking about what he saw his wife go through before and after Unimed is very cool but whats even more awesome is the amazing benefits that you have also received through your involvement with Universal Medicine.

  38. Simple, clear and straight from the horse’s mouth: open up to a few universal truths and common sense understandings and, hey presto!, life will change. A modern miracle indeed – thank you for sharing your story Tim!

  39. The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are universal. To actually go into what Serge has been the custodian of and given to the world, and with now many living his words, has changed the world of many in such a remarkable way words cannot describe it.

  40. When in the presence of true love we are given the opportunity to open up and start living that which is already within us, releasing this is super healing and evolutionary for the all- resisting it is saying yes to the comforts and indulgences of the self.

    1. Yes Francisco – beautiful. In the presence of true love, we are met with the quality of who we already are, as it is only true love that confirms our divinity.

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