From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

by Bina Pattel, Aged 51, London, UK

My whole life I have been searching for Truth. I always knew my life and the whole world just made no sense.

Here is a laser update…

20’s I got into the spiritual stuff as religion was not for me. I was brought up Hindu, done a bit of Buddhist, Christianity, Catholic Church going and even visited monasteries. It was to find some kind of inner peace to my awful life that I had created.

30’s – I lived a wreckless life, trashing my body through food and alcohol and making lots of money and spending it faster than it came in.

Early 40’s – Still doing the spiritual new age stuff but with serious spending. I sold my house to pay for a £30,000 life mastery course and many other spiritual pursuits including another course that cost £35,000. My goal was to get the certificate at the end and then move on to another workshop or course that was going to “heal me and then others”.

It did NOT work.

I became so addicted to the new age therapies, spiritual books, workshops and courses around the world, that I sold all my assets including our 2 properties to fund this expensive habit. My drive to better myself and help/save others took such a hold on me that I just could not Stop.

Nothing was working.

My body was a mess. I was completely exhausted and numb. 

Nothing made sense.

2005 – a friend sent me information about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I went to a workshop and I did Not like this man – why? He spoke Truth and he made sense. His teachings in one morning showed me clearly my life was upside down.

So here was an ordinary man, not special with no followers or anything like that, talking sense and everything he said was like a reminder. I recognised that deep inside me I know this stuff and I was just re-connecting back to this wisdom.

I was still searching for Truth but at this point not trusting, as to me it was just another workshop or course.

Anyway, in October 2005, I went to a one day workshop and if what Serge Benhayon was saying was right, then it meant I was living a lie. I could Not accept that, so I walked away and convinced myself this was just more confusing spiritual nonsense.

I found a solution – I ignored him for 6 months, but deep inside me there was a constant pull to go back and do some courses and workshops. The feeling got stronger so I just went with what I felt was Truth.

I recall saying to Serge BenhayonThis is real, I can feel it”. This quote has stayed with me since.

What was different about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine from the start was that I was never “sold” anything. This was completely the opposite to every spiritual workshop and course I had attended.

What I mean is that there was absolutely no promotion about the next course or any other Universal Medicine event. I also noticed that they were not advertising.

I was shown how to connect to me and my body and this way I can check out anyone and anything by feeling the Truth. Not ignoring my feelings allowed me to build and develop Trust with me and then with others.

So here was a man showing me how to check him out and everyone else. I had never ever come across anyone so open and giving me the tools to discern what was Truth and what was Not Truth.

Again I knew that this was already inside me but I needed a reminder of how to connect back. Its like I had forgotten. This confirmed to me that I too had the power and Serge was simply reflecting to me what was True inside me. I felt inspired for the first time in my life.

This was real. This made sense.

2006 – 2012 – I was truly inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as they clearly reflect what is true in me.

Here is a very brief summary of my life today –

I do Not drink alcohol anymore to numb my pain.
I do Not eat sugar or have cravings – I was addicted to chocolate.
I do Not swear anymore.
I do Not want to have plastic surgery to fix my looks.
I do Not have acne all over my face – which I had for 25 years.
I do Not have exhaustion in my body.
I do Not have a sleep issue.

I am Not overweight anymore.
I am Not depressed anymore.
I am Not driven and I do not multi-task anymore.
I am Not checked out and numb.
I am Not attached anymore to my job title.
I am Not irresponsible with money anymore.

I no longer feel empty or miserable.
I no longer deny what I Know is Truth.
I stand by my Truth.
I Love Living and I Love my life.
I take Full Responsibility for All my choices
I am Truly Content with my Life.
I am no longer searching for Truth.

A summary of what I have learnt so far…

I have learnt about Self Love.
I have learnt about True Responsibility.
I have learnt about True Appreciation.
I have learnt about True Commitment.
I have learnt about speaking my Truth and not holding back.
I have learnt how to Trust and Express my feelings.
I have learnt how to make my life Simple.
I have learnt how to connect to my True essence and develop that connection.
I have learnt how to develop and build a true relationship with myself.
I have learnt how to Trust and Accept others regardless of their stuff.
I have learnt Truth about illness and disease and where it comes from.
I have learnt that I am enough and I do not have to do anything.
I have learnt how to Be me, the real me.
I have learnt how to care for myself deeply.
I have learnt the true meaning of the word LOVE.

Today, I choose to be a student of my inner heart and my Absolute Commitment is to Self Love first and then share with others, only what I know is True and works for me.

These teachings have inspired me so much that I use them in my work to support others to not give up and present another way of Living which is simple, practical, truly works and makes sense.

The sheer volume of positive feedback I have is a testimony that my Livingness based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine does work and has reached many people around the world. Fact.

To be gluten, dairy and sugar free without going on any diet and not having cravings is a revelation in itself. All my life I had a major self image issue about my looks and body shape.

I am 51 and I feel Amazing. My body feels lighter and younger inside and out. I can actually see my beauty and it’s there Everyday.

My husband said to me after 26 years that he feels I am real and it has inspired him to become deeply honest and real.

I have an Amazing Simple life that truly works.

This is what I call Absolute True Truth.

There is nothing out there I need as I KNOW – it is ALL inside me.

I realise now that ultimately everything that was and is delivered by Serge, I already know.

Enough said

In my opinion

Serge Benhayon is Pukka.
In my world Pukka means the Real thing.

I have lots more to share about my medical history, childhood, family, marriage, work and more.
So there will be more blogs.

Over and out for now…

Read my husband’s blog: Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame by Tim Bowyer

252 thoughts on “From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

  1. It is interesting the extent to which unsettlement in the body lead to patterns of addiction to try to counter it without really addressing its cause. It is only when the unsettlement ceases that the addictive pattern ceases as well.

  2. It is crazy how we create lives for ourselves that are so unhealthy and so complicated and then spend lots of money trying to make everything better. All we really have to do, as you have shown, is unpick everything we have loaded ourselves with even though it may be the accepted norm in our world. Taking out gluten and then dairy and alcohol and then sugar, as I felt I could, has had an amazing effect on the way I think, move and feel. It has created clarity and a lightness in my body and made me aware of other things that are not supporting a healthy and vibrant life but this is really just the tip of the iceberg and like you I so appreciate all the other changes that I have allowed that are bringing me to greater awareness and a more fulfilling life and the way this ripples out to others means that they often get inspired also.

  3. What a wonderful blog Bina and a real inspiration to read again. I love your truthful sharing and am inspired by your amazing turn around after meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  4. Wow Bina what a beautiful testimony of the Esoteric Modalities and the Ageless Wisdom. This is a great example of one person discovering truth and love, imagine the thousands of students worldwide that have transformed their lives as well since meeting Serge Benhayon and the powerful reflection this can offer others.

  5. Thank you Bina, this is a powerful testimony to the simplicity and truth Serge Benhayon presents, and that it’s equally accessible inside us all. The spiritual New Age does not present the truth, I know because I spent $1000’s on its merry-go-round only to come out the other end after decades in an even worse state, and with a severely damaged bank account. The people I met were good people, but what is shared and “sold” in the spiritual New Age is not it, I know because I finally have healed my past through the Universal Medicine therapies, and my life has changed profoundly – and not through bettering, changing or improving myself but by simply discarding all that is not truly me. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are indeed “pukka” – the real deal. At the end of the day the truth is in how we live and the quality of energy we live in.

  6. “I felt inspired for the first time in my life.” This is exactly how I felt during the first presentation by Serge Benhayon that I attended.

  7. I also met Serge Benhayon in 2005 after participating in many, various ‘new age’ spiritual courses. What’s interesting is that when I met Serge I didn’t feel the need to carry on a search looking elsewhere for something I knew within but couldn’t explain. I had found without a shadow of a doubt what Serge Benhayon was presenting was the absolute and whole Truth.

  8. The title is interesting as spiritual addiction is common and when you understand the energetics behind it, it makes sense. It involves a constant seeking outside of yourself. Because what we are seeking lies within, if we’re searching outside and given crumbs of what looks like truth, addiction sets in as we are wanting more and more of those crumbs. But they can never fulfil us as they are not the real deal.

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