From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

by Bina Pattel, Aged 51, London, UK

My whole life I have been searching for Truth. I always knew my life and the whole world just made no sense.

Here is a laser update…

20’s I got into the spiritual stuff as religion was not for me. I was brought up Hindu, done a bit of Buddhist, Christianity, Catholic Church going and even visited monasteries. It was to find some kind of inner peace to my awful life that I had created.

30’s – I lived a wreckless life, trashing my body through food and alcohol and making lots of money and spending it faster than it came in.

Early 40’s – Still doing the spiritual new age stuff but with serious spending. I sold my house to pay for a £30,000 life mastery course and many other spiritual pursuits including another course that cost £35,000. My goal was to get the certificate at the end and then move on to another workshop or course that was going to “heal me and then others”.

It did NOT work.

I became so addicted to the new age therapies, spiritual books, workshops and courses around the world, that I sold all my assets including our 2 properties to fund this expensive habit. My drive to better myself and help/save others took such a hold on me that I just could not Stop.

Nothing was working.

My body was a mess. I was completely exhausted and numb. 

Nothing made sense.

2005 – a friend sent me information about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I went to a workshop and I did Not like this man – why? He spoke Truth and he made sense. His teachings in one morning showed me clearly my life was upside down.

So here was an ordinary man, not special with no followers or anything like that, talking sense and everything he said was like a reminder. I recognised that deep inside me I know this stuff and I was just re-connecting back to this wisdom.

I was still searching for Truth but at this point not trusting, as to me it was just another workshop or course.

Anyway, in October 2005, I went to a one day workshop and if what Serge Benhayon was saying was right, then it meant I was living a lie. I could Not accept that, so I walked away and convinced myself this was just more confusing spiritual nonsense.

I found a solution – I ignored him for 6 months, but deep inside me there was a constant pull to go back and do some courses and workshops. The feeling got stronger so I just went with what I felt was Truth.

I recall saying to Serge BenhayonThis is real, I can feel it”. This quote has stayed with me since.

What was different about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine from the start was that I was never “sold” anything. This was completely the opposite to every spiritual workshop and course I had attended.

What I mean is that there was absolutely no promotion about the next course or any other Universal Medicine event. I also noticed that they were not advertising.

I was shown how to connect to me and my body and this way I can check out anyone and anything by feeling the Truth. Not ignoring my feelings allowed me to build and develop Trust with me and then with others.

So here was a man showing me how to check him out and everyone else. I had never ever come across anyone so open and giving me the tools to discern what was Truth and what was Not Truth.

Again I knew that this was already inside me but I needed a reminder of how to connect back. Its like I had forgotten. This confirmed to me that I too had the power and Serge was simply reflecting to me what was True inside me. I felt inspired for the first time in my life.

This was real. This made sense.

2006 – 2012 – I was truly inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as they clearly reflect what is true in me.

Here is a very brief summary of my life today –

I do Not drink alcohol anymore to numb my pain.
I do Not eat sugar or have cravings – I was addicted to chocolate.
I do Not swear anymore.
I do Not want to have plastic surgery to fix my looks.
I do Not have acne all over my face – which I had for 25 years.
I do Not have exhaustion in my body.
I do Not have a sleep issue.

I am Not overweight anymore.
I am Not depressed anymore.
I am Not driven and I do not multi-task anymore.
I am Not checked out and numb.
I am Not attached anymore to my job title.
I am Not irresponsible with money anymore.

I no longer feel empty or miserable.
I no longer deny what I Know is Truth.
I stand by my Truth.
I Love Living and I Love my life.
I take Full Responsibility for All my choices
I am Truly Content with my Life.
I am no longer searching for Truth.

A summary of what I have learnt so far…

I have learnt about Self Love.
I have learnt about True Responsibility.
I have learnt about True Appreciation.
I have learnt about True Commitment.
I have learnt about speaking my Truth and not holding back.
I have learnt how to Trust and Express my feelings.
I have learnt how to make my life Simple.
I have learnt how to connect to my True essence and develop that connection.
I have learnt how to develop and build a true relationship with myself.
I have learnt how to Trust and Accept others regardless of their stuff.
I have learnt Truth about illness and disease and where it comes from.
I have learnt that I am enough and I do not have to do anything.
I have learnt how to Be me, the real me.
I have learnt how to care for myself deeply.
I have learnt the true meaning of the word LOVE.

Today, I choose to be a student of my inner heart and my Absolute Commitment is to Self Love first and then share with others, only what I know is True and works for me.

These teachings have inspired me so much that I use them in my work to support others to not give up and present another way of Living which is simple, practical, truly works and makes sense.

The sheer volume of positive feedback I have is a testimony that my Livingness based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine does work and has reached many people around the world. Fact.

To be gluten, dairy and sugar free without going on any diet and not having cravings is a revelation in itself. All my life I had a major self image issue about my looks and body shape.

I am 51 and I feel Amazing. My body feels lighter and younger inside and out. I can actually see my beauty and it’s there Everyday.

My husband said to me after 26 years that he feels I am real and it has inspired him to become deeply honest and real.

I have an Amazing Simple life that truly works.

This is what I call Absolute True Truth.

There is nothing out there I need as I KNOW – it is ALL inside me.

I realise now that ultimately everything that was and is delivered by Serge, I already know.

Enough said

In my opinion

Serge Benhayon is Pukka.
In my world Pukka means the Real thing.

I have lots more to share about my medical history, childhood, family, marriage, work and more.
So there will be more blogs.

Over and out for now…

Read my husband’s blog: Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame by Tim Bowyer

319 thoughts on “From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

  1. Serge Benhayon presents from a space that holds everyone equally. My body knew instantly that what this man was sharing was the truth, not by the words but the quality of love that felt deeply touching. No selling or promoting, just a clear delivering of a living way that makes complete sense.

  2. This blog was written when I was 51. I am now 57.
    So what has changed – well I have continued to deepen and apply everything that I have learned from Serge Benhayon – an incredible teacher and master of human life.

    Things no longer bother me like they used to and I have a deep settlement inside me that holds me steady.
    The ra ra and chasing the dream or other distractions are simply not there anymore.

    I know what the meaning of true purpose is and I am known for “getting on with it”
    I walk the talk and that means I live what I express – nothing more and nothing less

    Holding back when it comes to truth is not negotiable in my world. I just say it as it is and I don’t actually know how to hold back if I feel to say something and it does not matter who it is.

    Being practical and simple is how I live my life.
    I like the no nonsense style that I now have which is real and very relatable to so many.
    I know beyond any doubt that I have such an incredible life today because of Serge Benhayon.

    Life was never meant to be a struggle and to have so much joy every single day was something I never thought was possible.

    To feel and look so much younger
    To have my fitness level at this age
    To study and accomplish so much in my 50s
    To write 170 articles on line
    To have 22 books ready to publish
    And more…

    My deep heartfelt Appreciation for Serge Benhayon continues daily by Living the teachings that he has presented over the past 14 years.

  3. The spiritual New Age makes lots of promises, if offers many things, lots of modalities, practitioners, speakers, books, courses – the list goes on and on. I know for me it took me no where, after decades I realised there was nothing substantial to it because I was possibly worse than when I started… and I had spent heaps of money and got no where apart from temporary relief. As soon as I did my first course with Universal Medicine I noticed something very different, in both Serge and the way he presents (very gentle, loving and respectful), and also the quality of the energy in the healing modalities, like nothing I had felt before, very pure and I felt a stillness. What Serge offers really does work and it’s very self empowering because we all equally have the same love and truth within ourselves, we may just need the support to reconnect to it.

  4. How can anyone possibly argue with a person who teaches people to discern for themselves? This is the most liberating, or frustrating, if we are so used to being told what is right/wrong, and going along with it with no question and don’t like responsibility.

    1. Serge definitely doesn’t allow people to give their power away, I found this challenging at first because I was used to being told what to do and with Universal Medicine I was being asked to feel things for myself. It has been very self empowering for me to experience this.

  5. I am staggered to hear you sold your house in pursuit of the ‘thing’ that would be your answer but it goes to show just how desperate we are to ease the unsettlement we feel in our bodies. It is all consuming and leads to irrational decision making. What I love about what you share is that Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom is so much simpler!!! Live simply, return to who you are and live in honour of that relationship within the greater whole we are all from.

  6. Thanks Bina, reading your blog again today I was able to relate to your list of how you now feel after applying the work of Serge Benhayon to your life…. wow, there is much for me to reflect upon and appreciate as well. Feeling amazing actually is quite natural because we are simply returning to our true selves, even though it’s definitely not society’s current “normal”.

  7. Absolutely I concur with all you have shared Bina, may I add that so many students have a life that has been turned up-side-down or probably better said in Truth, the True-way-up so everything is understood when the student is ready, so no imposition by anyone.

  8. We can all make changes in our lives, diets, exercise, jobs and moving homes – it can all look like things are changing but if the root is not sought and changed, then nothing can truly be different.

    1. So true, we can change everything on the outside but if we do not address why we have those behaviours in the first place, then we will forever be finding other coping mechanisms rather than addressing the root cause where true freedom from the tension is found.

      1. Mmm we can fool ourselves and think that because we no longer live with our parents (for example) we have dealt with childhood hurts, we have our own family to take care of now (hypothetically) and so our focus is there, we repress all of the things which we felt hurt by, the things which we may be resentful about and live our lives. But what happens if we don’t really deal with things? Is it possible that all of those undealt with emotions are still running in the background, that’s why whenever we spend a day or two or a few more with our parents the arguments, disagreements and roll of the eyes is unavoidable? Is it possible that all of that is transferred into our parenting styles and that in the pursuit to be better or different to our parents we are actually hindering our children? So many questions, so much for us to understand and reflect on in our lives.

  9. “So here was a man showing me how to check him out and everyone else. I had never ever come across anyone so open and giving me the tools to discern what was Truth and what was Not Truth.” Serge Benhayon’s openness, willingness to share and expression of love is off the Richter Scale, it knows no bounds

    1. To be able to discern energy is the most important life lesson a person can receive. Many of us underestimate the importance of this, perhaps because we are not aware of the impact it has, but as soon as we start to see it it becomes such a crucial part of our every day.

      1. Discerning energy, the source of energy, what is running something, someone is such an important life lesson, and tool for our everyday lives.

  10. I also had a brief dabble with some spiritual new age modalities. There was always the feeling that you weren’t there yet and had to go on to the next course. This has never been the case with Universal Medicine. Each session or workshop empowers us with the understanding that we are all able to evolve through our inner connection, which guides our movements and choices – the way we live.

  11. Bina your addiction to new age courses sounds like it led on an arduous merry-go-round that only served to drain your bank accounts and lead your body into exhaustion.

    1. I found it powerful that Bina shared about selling her house to pay for a course. Although as an outsider this sounds like insanity it shows just how empty and addicted the spiritual new age can leave you feeling.

  12. ‘if what Serge Benhayon was saying was right, then it meant I was living a lie. I could Not accept that, so I walked away and convinced myself this was just more confusing spiritual nonsense.’ And even feeling you had been living a lie could not stop you and so many others and that is a joy to behold, the truth will always be the truth.

  13. How confused we get when we allow our way-ward spirit to take control we end up in a distracted mess with a looking looking looking always for more and as you have shared usually penny-less and depleted energetically and physically.
    Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon on the other-hand energetically and there-fore we also get the physical benefits that support our true wealth and well-being as we develop our own Livingness.

  14. I had this constant drive to improve my life, to better myself as life constantly felt a struggle. This drive had me trying all sort of new agey things, which to my discovery only ever buried my issues deeper to resurface at a later point. The day I met Serge Benhayon, was the day my searching ‘out there’, ceased as my body could feel the truth of all he presented and lived. Serge Benhayon walks his talk.

    1. The desire to improve our life, our relationship, ourselves, is what keeps many on the new age hamster wheel going round and round, but with nothing truly changing.

  15. It’s a bit remarkable that no one that I know of has made a proper news coverage of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presents and the effect it has had on people, the changes many have made in their life is remarkable. I know of people that have turned around life long conditions just by applying simple things presented by Universal Medicine which have opened up so much for them, saving them lots of suffering and also saving society lots of money.

  16. I too knew after my first workshop with Serge Benhayon what would now happen in my life if I choose the feel the truth. Something that I tried desperately to ‘bring into’ the life I had created, however the truth that I knew was that the life I had created needed to be completely deconstructed, for the truth I felt to be lived. It took some time, but the absolute feeling in my body eventually guided me to accept, and begin the deconstruction and rebuilding. Both a humbling and extremely powerful experience.

    1. Powerfully expressed, I too felt the pull to truth which involved deconstructing the life I had built up and it has been a journey, but now am feeling the steadiness of being supported in living the truth I can feel in my body.

  17. Looking at the list of what you have learnt makes me see how we live what we are not, and we do not live what we are and call that a life. And we say we are seeking truth, but the hold of comfort often outweighs the unknown territory of Livingness so we cruise on. I know it is not about being convinced or converted, but something very special happens when we are met by a true reflection in a body of Love.

  18. Know the feeling, Bina ‘I found a solution – I ignored him for 6 months, but deep inside me there was a constant pull to go back and do some courses and workshops.’ I even got annoyed that there was no advertising, no promoting of the next course and workshop…I mean, c’mon! It meant I actually had to take responsibility for finding out what the next course or workshop was and when it was taking place. Didn’t like it one bit. Until I actually started taking responsibility for my choices – with that came the understanding that this taking responsibility is in all areas of life including one so seeming inconsequential as the next course or workshop.

    1. There is no organisation yet that I have come across that is not interested in marketing and advertising their services to promote their business. Serge Benhayon is turning things upside down in the way he conducts his life and business life – BOTH of which for the record are completely Transparent.

      I realise now that my initial reaction and aversion to this man was because I had Absolute Truth in my face and the lie I was living would be exposed if I dared to continue so I took the easy option, ran for the hills and disappeared battling in my head for 6 months.

      THANK YOU GOD for getting me back to Serge Benhayon as my life has transformed beyond any dream, vision or expectation. No longer do I need to dream, wish for a holiday to check out and self medicate or take time out to reward myself. Gone are those wasted days and in are the Glory days full of joy.

      There is not an ounce of misery or agony in my life and I know what I am here to do and not do.
      Finally, I use Universal Medicine as a role model and template for my own business and that in itself speaks volumes.

      1. What a blessing it is to finally in life have a divine connection and be able to say the words without the usual illusion of being lesser than but feeling the equality with a deep Humble-Appreciative-Ness of our Godly essences so Thank You God and Serge Benhayon for sharing the fore-ever deepening Loving Truth.

    2. The fact of no advertising and that one has to take responsibility for oneself, the date of the next course is testament to the fact that there is absolutely no coercion or recruiting by Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon.

      1. This is a great point you make Jonathan because our world today is full of marketing. We have solutions and strategies to get people buying what we are selling in our business.
        I get non stop emails and then phone calls on top to book the seat for the next seminar or presentation with bigwigs that they call keynote speakers in their chosen field.

        I’ve done a bit of investigation and found out it is a private organisation that run these big seminars on behalf of the government and it really is about making money. The prices are way too high and you got this ‘early bird’ stuff going on. To me these are signs that it is about profits before people.

        Totally opposite to how Universal Medicine operates. They are most certainly about growing people and it is people before profits. I have taken this to my own company and have to say it feels very true to run a business in this way. Not a single second is wasted on marketing our business or where the next dollar is going to come from.

      2. So True Jonathan, Truth find those who are ready without all the usual hype so Serge Benhayon is a living testament to the power of living with Love as being Loving in all we do is reward enough and as it has been said our cup runneth over.

  19. It’s such an awesome blog, thank you Bina. You are so open and that’s why it’s such a healing read because of the realities you have shared of life before and after the work of Serge Benhayon. There are so many things that stand out about Serge including the deep empowerment he offers people, to feel and decide the truth for themselves, and not selling anything, no self promotion, and not needing anything from attendees.

  20. Everyone knows the truth. It is only a few who are prepared to own that they know and take responsibility for having brought so deeply into the lie.

  21. What is so very inspirational about what you share Bina is that even though on first meeting Serge Benhayon, you “did not like this man” and then despite ignoring him for six months you finally answered the call of truth. And how wonderful that you did as the world desperately needs more people like you, people who are not afraid to stand up and stand out wherever truth is being called for.

    1. Thanks Ingrid for your appreciation.
      Well there is more – I never told the world WHY I did not like this man called Serge Benhayon on first meeting?
      I was so busy into comparison and coming from a trip in the Bahamas with a spiritual rock star guru on a new age expensive, intensive mastery course, I was disappointed. There was a man so ordinary and just nothing fancy, not even his venue or his shoes. I thought this cannot be the real deal yet my body was pulling me so much and this internal fight was going on inside me.

      You are right I did hear the call for Truth and answered it by attending a presentation 6 months later and have never looked back. The rest is history as they say, but a history well worth sharing and that is my duty to God and humanity. I was never given this incredible life to sit on the fence and not share everything that I am now aware of. So far doing a grand job of expressing.

      You are also right Ingrid when you say I am “not afraid to stand up and stand out wherever Truth is being called for.”
      As a radar for Truth, absolutely nothing comes in my way and I am not bothered if that means I get fired or lose out on something spectacular because I chose the Truth above anything this world can offer me.
      I wonder how many people could say that and mean it.

      1. Thank you so much for your awesome reply to my comment, Bina. There is definitely another wonderful blog in what you have shared. As I was reading about sitting on the fence I realised that I have done way too much fence sitting and it has been very painful in many ways. I have finally made the choice to get off and get moving, in truth, and you have provided so much inspiration to stay off it; forever!

  22. Bina I love how you have shared that the older you get, the younger you feel! This is about embracing aging gracefully and also connecting deeply with yourself and life.

    1. This really is true. I am getting older but yet I look and feel younger.
      Ageing gracefully were words out there BSB – Before Serge Benhayon

      Only yesterday I was thinking how amazing it will be to celebrate my 60th birthday in a few years time.
      The dread of my dress size, wrinkles and what to wear is no where on my radar now.

      I am certain without any doubt that the teachings of Serge Benhayon, which are the absolute Truth if lived, can give us all a graceful ageing process. So many including my husband look and feel amazing in their 50s and 60s and beyond.

      The other thing is my list of claims in this blog is huge now and well deserving of a book.
      As I came up with the phrase BSB and ASB that is probably the best title, so I will add it on my list of books to write and complete before I pop off. No signs of that yet so there is plenty of time to get on with it.

  23. This one is a beauty: “I have learnt how to make my life Simple.” – something I am learning and working on all of the time. With complications we lose the joy in life but when we bring it back to simplicity then all falls into place and we connect back with the natural rhythm of things.

    1. Great you like the Simple bit Henrietta.
      I LIVE SIMPLE so it made sense to call my company Simple Living as all I have to do is present what I know and live.
      The head stuff is way too complicated and it gets messy and my body feels hard. I see no point going there and spend little time as I can in my head.

      A classic example would be writing comments online. Having done over 6000 now, I never think or plan or write notes or anything like that. I just read what I am responding to, be it the blog or a comment like yours and start typing. No thinking, no head engaging needed. I just go and it is all there like a package download and as long as I stay with it then it completes. The thing I love is the quality of expressing in this way as it rarely has a mistake and it is just perfect without being perfect. I trust you get what I mean.

      You can feel when it is complete and then you move on and say ‘whats next?’ Simple

  24. Love what you have shared here Bina – your honesty and your openness are very refreshing! Thank you!
    You also shared that “What was different about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine from the start was that I was never “sold” anything. This was completely the opposite to every spiritual workshop and course I had attended.” – this is so True! Serge does not need to market or advertise as people are drawn to the genuine nature of what he presents, which essentially is nothing new, but a deep reminder of the true old ways of living that we all have a distant memory of, but cannot always grasp and bring into lived presence. With Serge you get to re-develop a relationship with this Ageless Wisdom that lies within us all, and little bit by little bit we can bring this back to an everyday expression. And this is a gift to ourselves beyond words.

  25. Reading your comment here Jane and re-reading this blog which tells you about my searching days I just realised how many are caught up in this seeking stuff and spending heaps of money and wasting time if you ask me. I have walked that road and I know for a fact that it leads to nothing but further illusion.

    Turning back was not a one day thing. It was something I had to feel and without the reflection of Serge Benhayon it would not be possible.

    I was at dinner recently talking about BSB and ASB – life before and after Serge Benhayon.
    My life was such a mess and then add to that my husband who was morbidly obese, we were both medical statistics. So much has changed for both of us and to live a life today that is deeply content speaks volumes. There is absolutely nothing I want or need that is out there now.

  26. When I dabbled in the spiritual new age and eastern complementary therapies I noticed no-one was truly making any progress. Some physical ailments may shift, there was a lot of crying, screaming, or bliss around but in the end, the real issues people worked with did not seem to shift. Since I have been with Universal Medicine I have seen major and continuous shifts in all who commit themselves to it. The difference is vast and the choice therefor, exactly, a no brainer.

  27. The miracle line for me in this blog is “I no longer feel empty or miserable”. Surely there are millions in the world today who would love to be able to say that sentence…? What is great is it is available to anyone who chooses to follow their inner wisdom with the support of Universal Medicine.

    1. And 5 years later Heather that statement stands. Empty and miserable are not even on my radar.
      Deeply content and alive are. ‘Getting on with it’ is probably the best way to describe me today – thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

      I realise the world is in such a mess. I also realise I have a lot of awareness now and I have a grand job to do on earth and I have the skills and know what to do and not do. The great thing is I am forever learning so if things go wrong it is not a big deal.

  28. The title is interesting as spiritual addiction is common and when you understand the energetics behind it, it makes sense. It involves a constant seeking outside of yourself. Because what we are seeking lies within, if we’re searching outside and given crumbs of what looks like truth, addiction sets in as we are wanting more and more of those crumbs. But they can never fulfil us as they are not the real deal.

    1. You are so right Nikki and thats the hook – looking outside of ourself when its all inside and what we need is the recipe to connect to our inner most and this is what we get from Serge Benhayon on day one.

      When I think about it, this man really is incredible. I have been watching him and clocking how he walks, talks and engages with people. He is so consistent and so deeply caring and the time he gives everyone is beyond anything I have ever seen before.

      There is no organisation like Universal Medicine out there in the world that I know of. No advertising or marketing ever. They are not in it to get bums on seats and do special offers and deals to get you hooked. For me, this was so opposite to all the spiritual workshops and courses. What integrity and openness to run a company in this way. Super amazing and 12 years on they are still the same and growing fast.

  29. I also met Serge Benhayon in 2005 after participating in many, various ‘new age’ spiritual courses. What’s interesting is that when I met Serge I didn’t feel the need to carry on a search looking elsewhere for something I knew within but couldn’t explain. I had found without a shadow of a doubt what Serge Benhayon was presenting was the absolute and whole Truth.

    1. Well you are not the first Caroline to say this, there are so many of us saying that the searching stopped when we met Serge Benhayon.
      The proof is there as both of us have been around since 2005. This in itself speaks volumes.

      If it was new age spiritual stuff, I cannot imagine where I would be right now in my search for Truth.

  30. “I felt inspired for the first time in my life.” This is exactly how I felt during the first presentation by Serge Benhayon that I attended.

    1. Yes, what Serge Benhayon shared in the first workshop I attended back in 2005 made such sense, it was like, yes I know this is true at some level deep inside.

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