Natalie Benhayon: Ancient Wisdom through a 24-year old Woman

Katinka de Lannoy
Katinka de Lannoy

I first met Natalie Benhayon in 2009 where she was presenting at a Retreat of Universal Medicine in Vietnam. I remember being amazed and inspired by the purity, power and wisdom with which she was presenting. At the time Natalie was only 19 years old.

Through the years I have seen Natalie develop into the woman she is today: modern, soulful, inspiring, steady, sexy and sacred. With natural leadership qualities she continues to inspire women of all ages around the globe. Not by presenting through acquired knowledge but by presenting from her heart and from her livingness.

As a mature woman of forty-three, academically trained and with a level of wisdom myself, I have no trouble accepting that a woman nearly 20 years younger than me actually has access to a deeper level of wisdom than I have at this time. Not because she is more special than any other woman I know, but because of the consistency with which she lovingly holds herself, honours herself and cares for herself.

Natalie Benhayon undoubtedly inspires every man and woman she meets to be in their power, to express from their hearts and to never apologise for what they know is true for them. In a world where kids are pressured into being a certain way through education, cultural ideals and religion, it is essential that they are inspired to connect to the wisdom of their inner hearts.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

So can we only learn from people with an extended list of educational credentials? How well is humanity doing relying on the so called intelligence of the mind? As a mother I am inspired by children every day, reminding me what life really is about: joy, playfulness, simplicity and love.

So could we say that age has nothing to do with wisdom?

Could we say that anything and anyone can reflect to us the wisdom and beauty we all have inside of us?

Natalie Benhayon inspires us all to be all that we are and is humbled to be inspired herself by every living creature she encounters.

Let us lose the pettiness of judging any person we meet by their age, educational/professional background or ethnicity. Let us be open to be inspired by the Beauty and Wisdom of All.

By Katinka de Lannoy, The Netherlands

760 thoughts on “Natalie Benhayon: Ancient Wisdom through a 24-year old Woman

  1. Hear Hear! So well said. Age means absolutely nothing. If we look around us, we have adults in positions of power causing more trouble than ever as they behave in the most immature of ways. Wisdom is not gained by number of years alive.

  2. This is so spot on, Natalie Benhayon delivers time and time again nuggets of gold that leave you pondering for quite some time afterwards because the depth of what she is sharing is full of so much wisdom it can take a little while to let it integrate into your awareness.

  3. A meeting with Natalie Benhayon is life changing as she meets everyone as an equal, whatever their age or circumstances, and shares her deep love and wisdom freely with all. I am in my seventies and consider Natalie as one of my role models and often consult with her when challenging situations arise in my life.

  4. Age is not a pre-requisite for wisdom. Wisdom is when we live what we know to be true, and in that inspire others to do likewise!

  5. Natalie Benhayon is a great representation of the living wisdom from your heart. Through this inspiration we have a way of living that frees us from the age old behaviours that are not working and are the cause of our ills we are living in today in our society. The young if encouraged and embraced to be who they naturally are will be our true leaders of tomorrow. We should accept this to truly support our future.

  6. We so limit ourselves by only looking to certain people for wisdom when God brings divinity through anyone choosing to be love in any given moment. Maybe I haven’t liked to acknowledge this because I’ve wanted to think that I am on a journey of getting better with each step towards my goal meaning I now own and rest on my laurels if I want to – rather than being responsible for every moment knowing what I choose next isn’t guaranteed by the previous moment and I actually have to choose to be loving constantly if I want to feel this connection constantly.

  7. The wisdom of our inner hearts is ageless and never truly limited by what is imposed upon us by ideals and beliefs from the world. You only have to see Natalie Benhayon and you know she lives in the wisdom from her inner heart and there is nothing and no one who can stop her to be the inspiration for many, young and old.

    1. That is true Annelies, no one and nothing can stop Natalie Benhayon to be the inspiration for many, but actually we all are one and the same and in that perspective unstoppable too.

  8. I can’t imagine my life without Natalie Benhayon she brings so much and is super inspiring. Just by the simplicity thing the wisdom Natalie shares is very powerful and she knows how to make it fun.

  9. Natalie and her deep wisdom challenges any belief or idea that we, or society, may hold about age bringing wisdom. It clearly does not; “the consistency with which she lovingly holds herself, honours herself and cares for herself” clearly is far more potent than any university course or academic graduation.

  10. It’s so true Katinka that beauty and wisdom is inside each one of us, no matter the age, gender, lifestyle, etc, so let’s stay open to everyone.

  11. It can be exposing for us regardless of any age. My kids who are aged 7, 9 and 11 pull me from time to time as I do with them and it is uncomfortable just like being pulled up by a grown up but I know I cannot hide from them, they can feel so I allow myself to be as transparent as possible even if I find it a little uncomfortable to acknowledge it and express what I feel is to be expressed.

  12. “Could we say that anything and anyone can reflect to us the wisdom and beauty we all have inside of us?” A resounding yes. Natalie Benhayon is an inspiration to equally connect to the wisdom of the Universe that is constantly passing through us.

    1. Beautifully said Mary. The wisdom of the Universe is so huge it is unfathomable – you can see it in Natalie’s eyes and connect to how we too have that constantly passing through us.

  13. Indeed Katinka, we tend to base the value of someones qualities and maturity on their age and education and in that completely forget that every child already comes into this world with a wealth of knowing, lived experience and a wisdom that is beyond what we can comprehend with our minds. Just outdoing someone’s value to humanity because of age, is us missing out on the opportunity to start to change this world into a better place, a place where we can prosper and evolve to the beings we naturally are and where everybody is of equal value.

    1. Wisdom is ageless and is not reserved for the elderly, or of godly images of those with grey white beards! I have heard children come out with the most profound of statements. Natalie continues to this day be the utmost of inspiration to me, her beauty, wisdom and natural way of being shows me a way I can tap into mine.

  14. ” So could we say that age has nothing to do with wisdom? ” This will be for ever true, wisdom comes from within and age has no bearing.

  15. Let’s not judge ourselves or anyone for any reason as there is never a reason to judge. Appreciation is another matter and YES Natalie absolutely inspires and rocks!

    1. Or if we do, find out why we feel the need to judge when being aware of and responding to what others are doing is a more harmonious approach.

      1. ha ha good point – yes there must be a reason to judge if we judge and great to become aware of what is triggering it.

  16. What is absolutely amazing with Natalie Benhayon is that she is deeply wise and doesn’t hold this back and shares this with so much love. Natalie supports you to see and feel the all and invites to claim this with out doubt or hesitation. I always walk away knowing and feeling a deeper part of me.

  17. Katinka I can only but concur in what you share about Natalie. When I first saw Natalie a few years ago I could not see past the wisdom she possessed, her beauty, her womanliness and the many other qualities she presented with. Over time whilst I observed her, her womanliness was an inspiration and slowly through her reflection I started to discover the womanliness I had hidden/shyed away from and her wisdom is unreal for a woman of her age and I know I possess the same – its just hidden at the moment but I can confess over space, it will shine through.

  18. Natalie shows that there is a quality that is orthogonal (i.e. unrelated to) other qualities like mental intelligence, capability in the world etc and that this quality then has a profound influence on how we live.

  19. Natalie Benhayon reflects to us all what it means to live true to ourselves as she is the walking, talking embodiment of this. That is why it is so easy to be inspired by her to live our own truth.

  20. Natalie Benhayon is living proof that we are all far older than our current life portrays us to be. Wisdom is not gained through years on the planet, in fact many let go of their innate wisdom and sell out to their mind as they grow into adulthood. If we seek true wisdom we will find it in the most unlikely of places.

  21. There is nothing so inspiring as people living the wisdom of the inner heart, I will trade that any day for all the knowledge, status and power that is on offer.

  22. Beautifully said Katinka. It was just last night that I was having dinner with friends and their 6 year old daughter who was wise beyond her years. She was incredible to observe, the way she moved the way she considered what was needed to set the table for dinner, the responsible way in which she hung her clothes to dry after having been for a swim. The way she asked questions to learn more about something and then offer her own opinion on the matter. It was a amazing, and she was only 6. So yes, let’s not assume those younger than us can’t teach us anything, because if we let them, they can easily blow us away with their own wisdom.

  23. Natalie has equally been an inspiration for many youth including myself. She holds herself in such a way that she never belittles or thinks of herself in a negative way and this alone is deeply inspiring

  24. There is no doubt Katinka that what you share is the truth. Wisdom comes in all ages Natalie being the living truth of this.

  25. A beautiful call Katinka, to be inspired by the beauty of all, no matter who they are or what their background ‘academic’ or otherwise … there is an innate wisdom in all of us ready to be lived if we allow it.

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