There is no Right and Wrong in God

Judgment has been exposed to me recently as being a very ill and very ingrained condition we hold in our general way of thinking. In short, a moment stopped me in my tracks as I got to feel how evil it really is to judge another.

I realised making judgments places others into a box based on what they have done or said in relation to my own perceptions of what is right or wrong, as opposed to seeing them for who they really are.

Judgments are essentially a put down, a way of making another lesser than me for their imperfections, and holds me as being greater when I know I too can at times make the same ‘wrongs’.

Whenever we judge or hold another less, the evidence is clear, it can be felt and seen throughout our whole body.

In my case, it can be seen through my facial expressions, my smile, which is not my full smile, and through my eyes, which are guarded and not fully allowing me to see the other person in full. It is also in my posture, which I realise now is often guarded as my shoulders are rolled in, keeping my heart closed. It goes to show that judgement can never be hidden!

Yet what is interesting about judgement is that it is based entirely on a perceived ideal of what is ‘right’ and thus what must be ‘wrong’.

Without any knowing of a right way to be, there cannot be any judgement as there is nothing to base the actions of another against. They cannot be judged ‘wrong’ as they are just what they are.

What strikes me is just how many unconscious judgements we place on ourselves nearly all of the time.

All are based on a perceived notion of what is right and what is wrong, never simply based on what is true. Some examples I have noticed myself using are:

Can I say that?”

“Is this the right thing to do?”

“Is this going to break some rules if I do this?”

“What will others think if I do this?”

“I should not have said that.”

Judgement is so insidious – I know I have often found myself not enjoying situations that I otherwise would have because of the weight of such thoughts over my mood and general state of being.

My body takes on a feeling of seriousness and dullness as a result of the judgements I continue to place on myself nearly all the time.

Then I realised, there is no right and wrong in God as there simply isn’t any judgment in Him. He is pure love so how can there be any right or wrong?

I was brought up through the Catholic Church and was taught their belief of sin; that we were saved from our sins with the coming and the death of God’s Only Son Jesus (Yeshua). This teaching does not, and never did, feel true to me.

The whole idea of sin and being a sinner is based on the ideal that God judges us for what we do. God would never do this simply because He is Love, and He will always hold us in Love regardless of the behaviours we choose to live. After all how can a super loving Divine being ever cast judgement on anyone or anything if all He is, is pure love?

In God there is just the understanding of what is true and not true; it just is.

Rights and wrongs are a haggle, a debate, a justification that forms the basis of a judgment or an issue we hold about another personCrazy as it seems, without the rights and wrongs, there would simply be no judgements. For how can there be when there just is what is true and what is not?

Right and wrong are the same sides of an illusionary coin, a coin that most perceive to have them on opposite sides.

Right is not better than wrong in God’s eyes, for it is not about perfection as there is no judgment. Try to say the ‘right’ thing, and failing and judging ourselves for saying the ‘wrong’ thing, or not saying something when we should have, are examples where right and wrong never seem to get us anywhere. We can be as polite and well-mannered as possible but even then the riddle of right and wrong never seems to be mastered.

None of this exists when we speak from love and understanding and this alone proves the fact that right and wrong actually do not exist.

There is only what is true and what is not true.

If right and wrong form the basis for most of our patterns of thought, it is just as insidious as an invisible mist that pervades our sight, unbeknownst to us, blocking our clear view of truth and love.

As quick as wildfire, when I have judged myself, held myself accountable and suddenly put myself less than who I am, I have committed a perceived ‘wrong’.

Such behaviour is nothing more than rubbish, because as I am learning, it is far more loving to pick myself up, dust myself off, and lovingly learn from the lesson presented before me than it is to hold a self-imposed ideal that I am no longer ‘good enough’ because of my recently committed imperfection.

God is accessible through nothing more than a True Loving Way of being with all: a way that I am learning is clearly laid forth through our re connection with our bodies, and the letting go of the held ideals and constructs that paint God as being some other way.

He is the supreme holder of love, offering us evolution out of our patterns, issues and creations so that Humanity returns to the One Whole, the Brotherhood we originate from.

Inspiration came from Serge Benhayon to write this blog. His very livingness is the richness of God that we all once have lived, and this connection is felt in his every word and gesture. He has inspired me to reclaim my own Divinity and connection to God, the natural absoluteness I lived as a child.

By Joshua Campbell, 23, IT Professional, Tauranga, NZ

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697 thoughts on “There is no Right and Wrong in God

  1. And this reminds me of why I decided I wanted nothing to do with religion or God as a child. Growing up with a muslim and christian influence and then later going to a catholic high school all confirmed for me that something about religion and god did feel very off. Today I have a far clearer understanding of what God actually represents in truth, which as stated here in this article is most certainly not about right and wrong, or about all the different ways one will be punished if they do not follow a certain code. It makes perfect sense that we are all equal and equally loved regardless of our choices.

    1. The many bastardisations of truth in terms of what religion and God truly are, serve to either incarcerate us into a strict dogma of beliefs or turn us well against them. The goal here being to separate humankind from their divinity and not to truly support our reconnection to it. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the Body of God (the Universe we all live within), there is only what is true and what is not.

    2. As we are also born from God, as we come to truly know God as love we truly then know who we are. This then gives a clearer understanding of behaviours and ways of being that don’t fit (such as judgment) and those that do, such as being loving, truthful and harmonious. The more we know God as Love the more we know ourselves.

  2. I very much relate Joshua to feeling the weight of judgemental thoughts on the body and our whole way of being, it puts us into a false configuration that dulls us and separates us further from connecting to our essence and living a true way of being with an open heart knowing we are all equal no matter how we choose to live our life.

  3. ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ operates at so many insidious levels that we can sometimes be unaware of. It nearly always involves us having a ‘image’ of the way things should be and if that is contravened then the judgment comes in. This is the little world, the reduced world that we have constructed around us to keep us safe, but when we surrender the bigger picture (which is actually picture-less!) a whole new dimension of wisdom comes with the freedom to truly serve.

  4. I love what you have said here Joshua: ‘Right is not better than wrong in God’s eyes, for it is not about perfection as there is no judgment.’ This has been one of my greatest learnings since I came to study the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon. Certainly the truth sets us all free of this imposed thought paradigm.

  5. I can feel how I have been trying to avoid mistakes and being ‘wrong’ by investing in being ‘right’ and how that causes anxiousness and is detrimental to my nervous system. And how devastating that is when I don’t get rewarded for being right!

  6. As I was reading this I was nodding off on the train, fighting and judging myself that this was wrong and trying to stay awake. So I stopped reading, stopped judging and allowed myself to feel what was going on. My body stretched and shifted position and the sleepiness vanished, all without the need to be right and the wrong allowed it to continue. When we drop the judgements on our actions or feelings we open up beyond those right and wrong boxes.

  7. Yes judgement is not pretty and harmful for all concerned. However simply and clearly expressing the true truth is loving and not judgemental. Another of the great harms of judgement is when we use it to stop people speaking the truth.

  8. Judgement exists to counter our ability to read the truth of all things and thus know that the source of all truth is the Universal wisdom – the love of God – that lives within us all.

  9. The antidote to judging ourselves and or another commences with us choosing to love and care for ourselves. As these qualities deepen within us, the need to see ourselves as right or wrong or separate from another start to fade, as we begin to feel and clearly see the deeply harming and crippling effects that judgement causes within ourselves within our society.

  10. Now when I become aware that I am judging another I stop as I know that this is a reflection, that on some level I have judgement towards myself which I need to uncover and discard.

  11. ‘The whole idea of sin and being a sinner is based on the ideal that God judges us for what we do’ – which is a belief that cannot be further from the truth.

  12. Thank you Joshua, the concept of right and wrong and how beliefs, ideals, and pictures we hold of how life should be is a very interesting study. When we choose judgment of ourselves or others we miss out on the learning that observation and understanding can bring, and the love that we can hold ourselves and others in.

  13. Being right and wrong is such a set up as it positions us to hold ourselves in a constant judgement and then all others too- whether consciously or not. To see each situation as an opportunity for learning and evolving changing this as the lack of judgement allows the space to make a different choice.

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