There is no Right and Wrong in God

Judgment has been exposed to me recently as being a very ill and very ingrained condition we hold in our general way of thinking. In short, a moment stopped me in my tracks as I got to feel how evil it really is to judge another.

I realised making judgments places others into a box based on what they have done or said in relation to my own perceptions of what is right or wrong, as opposed to seeing them for who they really are.

Judgments are essentially a put down, a way of making another lesser than me for their imperfections, and holds me as being greater when I know I too can at times make the same ‘wrongs’.

Whenever we judge or hold another less, the evidence is clear, it can be felt and seen throughout our whole body.

In my case, it can be seen through my facial expressions, my smile, which is not my full smile, and through my eyes, which are guarded and not fully allowing me to see the other person in full. It is also in my posture, which I realise now is often guarded as my shoulders are rolled in, keeping my heart closed. It goes to show that judgement can never be hidden!

Yet what is interesting about judgement is that it is based entirely on a perceived ideal of what is ‘right’ and thus what must be ‘wrong’.

Without any knowing of a right way to be, there cannot be any judgement as there is nothing to base the actions of another against. They cannot be judged ‘wrong’ as they are just what they are.

What strikes me is just how many unconscious judgements we place on ourselves nearly all of the time.

All are based on a perceived notion of what is right and what is wrong, never simply based on what is true. Some examples I have noticed myself using are:

Can I say that?”

“Is this the right thing to do?”

“Is this going to break some rules if I do this?”

“What will others think if I do this?”

“I should not have said that.”

Judgement is so insidious – I know I have often found myself not enjoying situations that I otherwise would have because of the weight of such thoughts over my mood and general state of being.

My body takes on a feeling of seriousness and dullness as a result of the judgements I continue to place on myself nearly all the time.

Then I realised, there is no right and wrong in God as there simply isn’t any judgment in Him. He is pure love so how can there be any right or wrong?

I was brought up through the Catholic Church and was taught their belief of sin; that we were saved from our sins with the coming and the death of God’s Only Son Jesus (Yeshua). This teaching does not, and never did, feel true to me.

The whole idea of sin and being a sinner is based on the ideal that God judges us for what we do. God would never do this simply because He is Love, and He will always hold us in Love regardless of the behaviours we choose to live. After all how can a super loving Divine being ever cast judgement on anyone or anything if all He is, is pure love?

In God there is just the understanding of what is true and not true; it just is.

Rights and wrongs are a haggle, a debate, a justification that forms the basis of a judgment or an issue we hold about another personCrazy as it seems, without the rights and wrongs, there would simply be no judgements. For how can there be when there just is what is true and what is not?

Right and wrong are the same sides of an illusionary coin, a coin that most perceive to have them on opposite sides.

Right is not better than wrong in God’s eyes, for it is not about perfection as there is no judgment. Try to say the ‘right’ thing, and failing and judging ourselves for saying the ‘wrong’ thing, or not saying something when we should have, are examples where right and wrong never seem to get us anywhere. We can be as polite and well-mannered as possible but even then the riddle of right and wrong never seems to be mastered.

None of this exists when we speak from love and understanding and this alone proves the fact that right and wrong actually do not exist.

There is only what is true and what is not true.

If right and wrong form the basis for most of our patterns of thought, it is just as insidious as an invisible mist that pervades our sight, unbeknownst to us, blocking our clear view of truth and love.

As quick as wildfire, when I have judged myself, held myself accountable and suddenly put myself less than who I am, I have committed a perceived ‘wrong’.

Such behaviour is nothing more than rubbish, because as I am learning, it is far more loving to pick myself up, dust myself off, and lovingly learn from the lesson presented before me than it is to hold a self-imposed ideal that I am no longer ‘good enough’ because of my recently committed imperfection.

God is accessible through nothing more than a True Loving Way of being with all: a way that I am learning is clearly laid forth through our re connection with our bodies, and the letting go of the held ideals and constructs that paint God as being some other way.

He is the supreme holder of love, offering us evolution out of our patterns, issues and creations so that Humanity returns to the One Whole, the Brotherhood we originate from.

Inspiration came from Serge Benhayon to write this blog. His very livingness is the richness of God that we all once have lived, and this connection is felt in his every word and gesture. He has inspired me to reclaim my own Divinity and connection to God, the natural absoluteness I lived as a child.

By Joshua Campbell, 23, IT Professional, Tauranga, NZ

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816 thoughts on “There is no Right and Wrong in God

  1. There is no way to know what another person would think, and our judgement of what they think is usually a judgement we have on life, on us and others.

  2. It’s important that you say “through my eyes which are guarded and not allowing me to see the other in full”. Often we can go into the pity of guarding ourselves and thinking it is because the world is doing us wrong, so we ought to protect ourselves. But there’s another side to the coin like you have mentioned – we are distorting our perception when guarded.

  3. It startles me to know that other people can feel my every thought and movement. Although we may not be aware of it, although we may not register it consciously it is true that we are all feeling everything and there is no hiding. We have just agreed to play this game where we pretend we are clueless.

  4. Judgments lock us into the game of comparison – right and wrong, good and bad, better and worse which effectively blinds us to the games actually at play.

  5. I know for a fact that judgement feels awful in my body whether I express it to another or feel it coming back from someone it still stinks – this is enough evidence for me that it does not belong in the grandness of the universe and that God does not play ball with judgement.

  6. Beautiful blog Joshua and I can really see more clearly now how much of a set up it is to have a picture or notion of God as being judgemental for then it normalises and justifies us being judgemental with each other and with ourselves.

  7. Right and wrong are substitutes for truth and untruth. There is a similarity between the concepts but no more than that and we can and do go badly wrong on mistaking one for the other.

  8. What I find fascinating reading this is how we create our own concept of God base on our own judgements; and of course this applies to everyone, so we have our view of the world and how we think it should or even shouldn’t be and then we assume everything else works from those views, so the foundation of all this is false, and it exposes how our want to get things right or not wrong is based on a false platform from the beginning.

  9. “There is only what is true and what is not true.” There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in truth, it just is. This is a powerful truth I have learned from presentations and life lived by Serge Benhayon.

  10. That right and wrong thing, it feels like a blob of interruption that comes in and stops truth from being received by the heart. It seemingly settles an argument by putting me in a certain position, but I am left unsettled.

  11. Judgment is so disallowing. It freezes us in a specific moment and in its flavour and gives no space for evolution.

  12. Reading through your blog today Joshua, it struck me how insidious right and wrong consciousness is, that it’s part of the foundation of judgement. Seeing things as right or wrong is deeply entrenched in society, we have for such a long time lost connection to our innermost loving essence that we can only judge things as right or wrong, instead of seeing with clarity if something is true to the love we are, or coming from outside of this love.

  13. Judgement is based on a false idea of love for love, in truth is a beholding and as such an observation, so can never ‘judge’ another or even ourselves as right or wrong. There is only truth or not and love observes us in both, with the understanding that ultimately we all come back to the truth, a one unified truth we are all from.

  14. ‘The whole idea of sin and being a sinner is based on the ideal that God judges us for what we do.’ Having been bought up a Catholic it was drummed into you that you are a sinner, I always knew it wasn’t true. It is amazing the lies that get told and still people fall for it, this is evil in action to reduce people’s awareness and true connection to God.

  15. This word judgment is crippling the whole planet and everything that lives on it.
    Who knows the truth than God. If we are really honest within our own bodies we know how it leaves us feeling when we judge another, for when we do not, it feels inclusive of all and to me that is where God resides.

  16. Right and wrong complicate things no end, and when we try to get things right, we actually end up getting them ‘wrong’ because the right and wrongs are judgments based on pictures. In trying to get something ‘right’, we’re striving for a picture that isn’t true or real, but something we’ve created – an expectation that we’ve set for ourselves, and usually set up for ourselves so that we can fail.

  17. Judgement is as varied and indiscriminate as people’s subjective opinions on artwork. How can there be any Truth to something that is all over the place and based on a million belief systems?

  18. I love this statement, ‘In God there is just the understanding of what is true and not true; it just is’. This makes me realise that we are placed with the impositions of right and wrong from the day we are born, the culture we grow up around and the teachings of the education systems. A battle I have lived with and at times become entangled in, even today when there is simply only the truth and not to project this on others. I can only offer this truth and leave the rest to the individual as to what they do with this simplified truth, with no judgment.

  19. Without right or wrong there can be no judgement and also no forgiveness, it exposes the separateness of being on one side or the other and the falsity of the path of right or wrong. Both are equally false, and when we find ourselves in them, it’s about coming back to understanding and knowing that neither are true and lovingly learning how we allowed this and taking responsibility for how we are, no beating up, just an honesty in us for what was chosen and the fact that we can now choose differently.

  20. God is Love and loves us all for who we are and not for anything we do, be it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in our human thinking.

  21. ‘My body takes on a feeling of seriousness and dullness as a result of the judgements I continue to place on myself nearly all the time.’ I can relate to this Joshua and it is something I need to be more aware of as these judgements holds me back from becoming the love that I am and to reflect this love in connection with others.

  22. It is awful how we impose the beliefs of right and wrong onto others and on to ourselves. Punishing ourselves for our mistakes over and over, often revisiting them to torture ourselves some more – it just isn’t worth it, and it makes no sense.

  23. When we go into judgement we put ourselves above God and what is True. Letting go of all the constructs and beliefs that have keep us trapped in old patterns is so freeing and allows for a deeper connection with God.

  24. I reckon that one of the greatest ways to dissolve judgement is to be honest about one’s own mistakes, weaknesses, and imperfections. This way we are all together, making mistakes and learning from them. With no one better or more supreme, we are all just figuring life out…

  25. By this blog I am becoming aware of how much I judge and not even been consciously aware that the way I view my everyday choices have come from a source of right and wrong.. Feeling the enormous tension from this in my body as you shared your experience. How I am left now to feel that there is another way of approaching the choices I make in my life – from more understanding and accepting – choosing to leave behind any right, wrong or good behavior or judgements.. Beautiful this is and will be.

  26. Doesn’t that make it all so simple when it boils down to – “Is it Love or not Love?” not right or wrong in sight.

  27. Serge Benhayon is the epitome of this. In the many years that I have known him I have never, ever heard him pass judgement on anything, anyone or any situation – even when we are discussing the most extreme of human behaviours because he knows that behind whatever the human expression may be at that time, is a soul of unbridled love, equal to his and equal to all of ours’.

    1. Yes I have also noticed this – even despite the internet bullies and the media saying the most despicable lies about him and his family, I have not heard one word of judgement about them from him. That is inspiring as I know for me that would be a very difficult thing to do!

  28. I looked at the title of this article this morning and considered further the very exposure of this blog around judgement. Even if someone uses the word ‘god’, it brings to us a view or a picture or belief towards them and colours anything they say next. It would seem we are always attempting to push others somewhere, other then simply accepting where they are no matter what. I watch things around me and how freeing it is to be ‘left alone’ to be yourself no matter what the heading. This is more and more rare in this world and I am seeing with this article that we are going against what we may now consider normal in life. As was said, no matter what the heading or the purpose, allowing yourself and others to be where they are and offering through a living inspiration another choice without judgement, is a beautiful blessing for us all.

  29. Is judgement borne from comparison and competition as we pit ourselves against one another to get ahead; I see this more acutely than ever… from the outset in maternity units around the world we start to set this up with ideals about the perfect picture of mother and baby… then in toddlers groups we judge ourselves and our children alongside others, checking the developmental markers and ‘grading’ ourselves, often harshly and competitively. This is the start of a trajectory through our education system and out into our work places and adult relationships. And as you say, Joshua this is all counter to the truth. There is no right or wrong and therefore no judgement with God.

    1. So true and amazing that it starts from T=0. I’m going to open my eyes wider to this and really commit to clocking it more; and by clocking it, it then loosens its grip on me and all of us.

  30. Right and wrong, good and bad, all go out the window when we realise that the only thing that really counts is whether or not we are being true to who we truly are.

  31. One of the greatest liberations I have ever experienced is the release of the necessity of right and wrong – a state of being that has been indoctrinated into every school child with such force. Now I simply express what I feel, without the need of anyone else to agree, or be right! It is deeply beautiful.

  32. Joshua, thanks for this blog and these lines because I often catch myself judging myself and putting my self less than who I truly am. This is something to observe in more detail.
    “As quick as wildfire, when I have judged myself, held myself accountable and suddenly put myself less than who I am, I have committed a perceived ‘wrong’.”

  33. In the beginning when I heard the saying, there is no right and wrong but only what is true, I did not know what that meant, as it was such an unfamiliar feeling in my body. I was configured by right and wrong! But when I slowly started to accept myself more and more, I am letting go more of what I judge myself is right and wrong, good or bad, and slowly I am understanding this is a process and never such a black and white situation. If in any situation I honor my feelings from the body, I am being true to myself. This is a trust and a confidence I am re-building with myself in this world.

  34. That’s just it Joshua, right and wrong just trap us, and if we in fact observe and honour that (to paraphrase) (‘it is far more loving to pick ourselves up, dust myself off, and lovingly learn from the lesson presented before us’, then we offer ourselves true healing. And there is nothing in God which condemns, so why would we condemn ourselves to the merry go round of right and wrong.

  35. Right and wrong have been so embedded in our psyche. If you think about it where did it even come from? certainly not from God. What God does offer us is an opportunity to learn and if we choose unwisely, then another opportunity is offered. We are continually being offered opportunities and if we do not take them up, we are not punished or made wrong. This is true love, where right and wrong do not exist.

  36. ‘Judgement is so insidious.’ I agree Joshua. Bringing understanding to any situation where we feel the inclination to judge makes a big difference.

  37. This blog supports my body to settle. I’ve always prided myself on not being judgmental, but your words remind me that judgment is evident in protective tactics, and I know I still use a lot of those. Thank you for so beautifully opening up this topic.

  38. When we enter into judgement we allow ourselves to live lesser lives as that is what judgement is doing. It makes us measuring our life against the ideals and beliefs we are holding which tend to be void of any truth but instead are based on right and wrong, the man-made bastardisation of truth.

  39. Right and Wrong is such a construct of the individual self which uses it as an armour to keep itself moving in false angles and thus from flowing back into the universal sea of Love.

    1. As I read your comment Lyndy I felt the difference as a vibrational movement of energy either one of discordance or harmony. Our movements in accordance with the flow love do not impose on all around us.

  40. How true is this, “What strikes me is just how many unconscious judgements we place on ourselves nearly all of the time.” These “unconscious judgements” we carry out like a blanket in our view of the world and in that they become how we see the world. Take care of these ” unconscious judgements” and your view of the world will automatically change. Use the world as a mirror and whatever is coming back to you in that reflection is the next part for you to move into or out of.

  41. Right and wrong always comes from ideals and believes that we have. Always from something we have heard, read or saw someone do and not have felt ourselves if it is true or not. We think right is how we should be but it is actually about what is true.

  42. I love the title of this blog. There is no right and wrong in God or in our one Soul. There is only right and wrong in the arrogance and pride that we do not want to let go of.

  43. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the Body of God – only all that is true and all that is called in to resist our expression of this.

  44. When we are born there is no right and wrong, there is only truth which means to me that right and wrong are made by human to rectify and to keep ourselves in the belief that living a human life is our natural way of being while in truth this is not, as we are so much more than that and actually do not belong here.

    1. So true and “there is only truth” and all else comes after that. We hold an idea of how something needs to be for us and it grows and grows to the point where it becomes a reality or normal and yet when we hold it to truth it doesn’t step up to the mark. Our truth at any point is the marker and just as an idea grows so does the truth expand. We don’t look back from one day to the next and compare how we were, it is always just another part of an ongoing expansion where all we are is to be naturally appreciated.

      1. Indeed Ray, there is no need to look back and compare as this will never meet that what we have expanded to. We can only appreciate this fact, even if it takes us out of our comfort of having control over our lives, as when we truly surrender to the forever unfolding aspect of our being we understand that the comfort of control in life is simply a holding back of the potential we can live.

      2. Exactly and it only serves to hold us back and “control”, well said. To keep ‘on a roll’ so to speak or to stay in the true flow of life we need not “look back and compare” but more start living how you want or see things need to be now. Only when we bring forward to ourselves and appreciate all we are and how consistently does life be seen to be turning back to us in place of us walking forward to it. We only need to walk knowing and preparing for all to be unfolded back to us.

      3. I love the way this discussion expands. It shows to me that we do know so much more when we do go beyond the right and the wrong that is keeping us restricted in our thinking and does not allow us to expand to the grandness we all belong to.

      4. I agree and it shows us that all relationships are important and equal. No matter who it is or what it’s about, there are always opportunities to ‘grow’ the discussion out “to the grandness we all belong to”.

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