Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

A few months ago, I arrived early for a Universal Medicine workshop at the seaside town of Lennox Head, so I decided to enjoy a walk on the beach.

There were quite a few people out walking, many with their dogs, as it was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. The ocean was gently rhythmic and so the atmosphere was vibrant, yet very chilled and relaxed – everyone enjoying Nature.

As I walked along appreciating the fragrances of the beach and ocean mingling with my own breath, I noticed there were two sets of three people walking just ahead of me, all women. The closest trio, who were about 200m in front of me, were accompanied by a dog, who was delighting in catching and fetching a ball. 100m further on was a second trio of women, one of whom stopped to take off her shoes and let her feet enjoy the water while her two friends stopped briefly and waited until she was ready to resume their walk.

I could not help but observe the energetic quality of the two groups, as it revealed itself in the way each group moved. Each footstep of the furthest group connected sensitively with the earth and they walked with a sense of a unifying energy, in a quality of unhurried stillness and inclusion of all – not exclusively the trio, but all. Their bodies moved gently as though they were not disturbing the surrounds, with no jagged angles or abrupt movements to disturb Nature’s equilibrium; rather, there was a sense of flow, which felt lovely and was very easy on the eye. They were three people, and yet the energy in which they walked gave a sense of oneness, an effortless unity.

The closer trio were the three people walking their dog. They looked relaxed and yet the angles of their bodies seemed to deflect the flow of the surrounds, keeping them separate and very much as three individuals walking alongside each other. Particularly striking was the angle at which the ball chucker stick was held and moved, which was a little jagged and out of place with the rhythm of the day. I observed how one set of hips seemed to be pushing people away and one set of arms seemed ready for combat. Their footsteps were at times a little heavy. Undoubtedly, without conscious awareness on their part, it was clearly visible that this group was in an energy that was in marked contrast to their surrounds.

‘Spirit and Soul,’ I mused within myself.

The Ageless Wisdom has long presented that we have a choice of these two energies in everything we do in life; that we are aligned with one or the other energy in every given moment. Spirit is the energy of individualism where the ‘I’ is the centre and ruler of all ‘I’ survey, controlling my reality from the head, pursuing my own desires. Soul (essence/innermost) is a unifying energy, which under the impulses of the inner heart, impulses our activity to be in harmony with everyone else, and with our environment. ‘I’ and ‘we’ operate on equal terms under this energy as we realise that all we do affects all that is and that this relationship is reciprocated by everything around us, including nature.

Such talk of spiritual and soulful energies has long been dismissed as being unscientific with no evidential foundation, something for religious people to connect with in a church, a synagogue or similar perhaps. There’s often a sense that openly discussing the energies of people is something fanciful or new age.

And yet here were the two energies simply walking along the same beach in clear view for everyone to see.

How wondrous is it that the effects of our alignment with either Spirit or Soul are so clearly visible, and equally clearly felt in the simplest and most basic of activities, like walking. Would it not be reasonable to conclude, or at least be open to the possibility, that this same choice of energy is part of everything we do? If it’s in the way you walk, in the way we walk, as well as in every other activity we engage with during our day, notions that the two energies are nebulous, something reserved for religious people to cogitate about or energies that will be revealed after we pass on, can be completely dispensed with.

This brings a profound simplicity to life – we align with our quality of energy daily, in this physical reality here and now, and doubtless those choices and their effects will meet us in our afterlife and our next lives, also. Could this awareness and our choice of these two energies be the cornerstone for a true energetic science – a science that includes all of us and all that we do every day, and that this daily activity is a substantial part of our evidence?

Could science, its application and lived experience be so beautifully simple?

By Coleen Hensey

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425 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

    1. Our Soul never leaves us it is always with us, it is us who choose to not walk with our soul but choose our spirit. It is simply a matter of choosing what energy we align too.

    2. Beautiful Doug, this is so true. We either walk with our spirit or with our soul, and God is always walking beside us no matter which one we choose, how deeply loving is that?

  1. I love the feeling of walking from the core of my spine, I find that when I do that my legs don’t feel tired and I am more energised, and everything changes and expands when I choose this.

  2. “the angles of their bodies seemed to deflect the flow of the surrounds” as I read this I get to understand the feeling of walking in a natural flow that disrupts not the surrounding space or anyone in it, I can feel how this is different to moving in a way that seems to ‘use up’ the space around everyone, rather than let it be.

  3. The truth we are often not willing to not take note of is, that our bodies always reflect the quality of energy we align to, the vibration we allow to pass through us. Whether we are willing to be aware of it or not we can never escape the quality of our choices, we can however dull our awareness to the effect they have on our lives.

    1. Carola that’s so true “we are not willing to take note that our bodies always reflect the quality of energy we align to, the vibrations we allow to pass through us.” If we just stopped and clocked this more often, we would be making different choices in our movements.

  4. We walk with one of two qualities, the Soul – which is power, joy, knowing, light hearted and steady, whilst the spirit will find anything and everything to justify itself in whatever it wants to choose, whether that is good bahaviour or ill patterns in relationship.

  5. The truth is in the way we walk and this says everything with the quality of our connection to our soul or not with our choice of energy first as our foundation in every moment lovingly.

  6. From my own experience, what a difference it makes to not only how we feel, but how our whole day unfolds when we choose to align to our soul when we walk. And as walking is such an integral part of our day, the impact this can and does have is huge. And equally the opposite is true if we do not choose it.

  7. Beautiful Coleen, there are just these two choices the whole time. How complicated our spirit makes it but essentially it’s just as simple as choice A or choice B. Being honest about which one we are in is the key.

  8. Coleen, I love this, it is so simple and clear to see and feel this; ‘Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…’

  9. Harmony / disharmony… Ease / Dis-ease… Interesting to note how any one of these can be seen reflected in body movement and posture, confirming so clearly how ‘our body is the marker of truth’…

  10. Never has a walk or gait been so revealing about the actual quality of life we’re living with i.e, either spiritually (caged) or soulfully (free). For example you can be dressed in the finest clothes, make-up, hair, have the best residence, job, title etc. that may depict a life of joy and success… though the walk and gait revealing a counter to that, and thus the actual truth of that ‘successful’ life lived.

  11. It is such a gigantic shift, to go from needing all that ‘I’ want and desire, to being aware of all that ‘I’ can offer to the whole and seeking to live that way instead of the former. The joy that follows is pure delight, as being a part of the whole is place of wonder and awe, where ‘I’ can come to learn and see the stupendousness of the universe, a place where we all belong.

  12. When we allow ourselves to see what is before us and look beyond the actual out play but like you have done hear and look at the energy that is moving people it starts to become very clear and very obvious that there are two types of energy at play. One that is harmonious and fluid and one that is dis-harmonious, jagged, jolted and harsh. When I started to attend Universal Medicine and start to become aware of this life and how it has a whole other dimension that I find fascinating. One that I had sensed but hadn’t really been able to understand it like I do now.

  13. It is interesting how important our movements are. On a difficult day I made sure that my movements didn’t magnify the difficulty of the day and by the afternoon things were getting easier.

  14. Our movements reveal everything about us, that is they show us where we are in a divine flow or not. Anything that is in a divine flow feels ordered, harmonious, supportive and playful.

  15. What you show us here Coleen is that even with our bare eyes we can see that there is a world at play beyond our physicality. It is not hard to see/notice, it is only a matter of allowing ourselves to see more there is than we have settled for.

  16. Amazing observation of the beautiful living harmony when aligned to the source of Soul, and the non- harmony when aligned to anything other.

  17. ‘Would it not be reasonable to conclude, or at least be open to the possibility, that this same choice of energy is part of everything we do?’ – Indeed it is Coleen, and every choice we make, no matter how private or personal it may seem, affects not only ourselves but everyone else equally.

  18. “…I noticed there were two sets of three people walking just ahead of me …. I observed how one set of hips seemed to be pushing people away and one set of arms seemed ready for combat. …” It is very interesting how our body may display a posture, a movement, a holding position taken on from a historical experience at some point in time, and yet there is a deep natural propulsion from our hearts that is always pulling us to come together.

  19. When we allow ourselves to be still, a quality we all have from within, we are able to observe life and as so clearly stated in this blog, the energetic qualities of how somebody lives can clearly be felt. With that the existence of energetic qualities are revealed in front of our eyes, a reality that cannot be ignored anymore but becomes the obvious we live with.

  20. Walking in connection – do we choose soul or spirit? If I walk from my body and my heart it’s my soul. I know when I’m in my head it’s my spirit, trying to lead me off track.

  21. There is nothing wishy washy or airy fairy about energy. It is a scientific fact of life. Just ask any astronomer or physicist. And it is so obvious in every aspect of our daily lives if we allow ourselves to be aware of it.

  22. Indeed Coleen – life can be truly simple when we have the understanding that there are only two energies that define our movements in life and we learn to live accordingly.

  23. It is very beautiful to witness someone who is walking in connection with their body and soul, as there is a grace and harmony emanating from them that is in tune with their natural surroundings.

  24. Thee is only one choice, which energy to align to, spirit or Soul, and then we get everything in that package thereafter unless we choose again the other energy, by saying yes to it. Hence, how we walk, is aligned to Soul, or not with great learning along the way.

  25. I had some movements pointed out to me that were not loving and it was interesting how oblivious I was to them. It was great to simply observe this fact, so I can learn and feel my movements more, and what energy I am moving in. Being able to observe the 2 groups simultaneously helped your observations Coleen, and once felt, it is in the body, never forgotten.

  26. More and more I feel and observe how profound energy is and that we are choosing the source of energy all of the time. Movement is so key to this and can hugely impact how I am.

  27. As we become more aware of movements and the way our body moves there is a greater awareness of the impact this can have on the space around us – and to feel whether we are in harmony with the Universe of not. Reading energy and observing movements is an innate science that we all have within.

  28. Realising that our bodies are vehicles for the Divine energy to flow through and that if we forget to honour that commitment to our soul then we become empty, and the other energy of spirit, mind, and complication inhabits us. This energy does not flow, it becomes stuck inside us as we create more issues because of losing connection with ourselves and the world around us. When we walk in this energy certainly we have no flow or harmony in our body. We can heal all this if we choose to walk ensouled.

  29. In the way we move we can learn to recognize who is moving the body, the spirit or the Soul, as both express in a certain quality and through a certain movement – it opens our awareness for the fact that the body is a vehicle of expression and we as a person are what and who we are aligned to. This can be challenging for the ‘I’ that considers itself to be independent and free-thinking but nevertheless, we are moved before we move.

  30. We may think that we are shakers and mover of our life but actually we are shaken and moved by the forces we allow to make us move.

  31. When we walk in the flow of everything around us there is something that catches peoples eye, they may not know what it is, but it is something that resonates with them and it stands out from the ‘norm’ of what is usually seen and felt around us.

  32. I am really loving walking more and more in a true way that expresses more of who I am. I know there is much more to unfold of this way of walking yet but it has started to unfold and is quite magical.

  33. The simplicity shown here of our choice of energy and the way we walk is magic as it says everything and offers us an amazing refection of the love we are and can chose in every moment and movement we make with our soul. A real inspiration.

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