Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

A few months ago, I arrived early for a workshop at a small seaside town, so I decided to enjoy a walk on the beach.

There were quite a few people out walking, many with their dogs, as it was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. The ocean was gently rhythmic and so the atmosphere was vibrant, yet very chilled and relaxed – everyone enjoying Nature.

As I walked along appreciating the fragrances of the beach and ocean mingling with my own breath, I noticed there were two sets of three people walking just ahead of me, all women. The closest trio, who were about 200m in front of me, were accompanied by a dog, who was delighting in catching and fetching a ball. 100m further on was a second trio of women, one of whom stopped to take off her shoes and let her feet enjoy the water while her two friends stopped briefly and waited until she was ready to resume their walk.

I could not help but observe the energetic quality of the two groups, as it revealed itself in the way each group moved. Each footstep of the furthest group connected sensitively with the earth and they walked with a sense of a unifying energy, in a quality of unhurried stillness and inclusion of all – not exclusively the trio, but all. Their bodies moved gently as though they were not disturbing the surrounds, with no jagged angles or abrupt movements to disturb Nature’s equilibrium; rather, there was a sense of flow, which felt lovely and was very easy on the eye. They were three people, and yet the energy in which they walked gave a sense of oneness, an effortless unity.

The closer trio were the three people walking their dog. They looked relaxed and yet the angles of their bodies seemed to deflect the flow of the surrounds, keeping them separate and very much as three individuals walking alongside each other. Particularly striking was the angle at which the ball chucker stick was held and moved, which was a little jagged and out of place with the rhythm of the day. I observed how one set of hips seemed to be pushing people away and one set of arms seemed ready for combat. Their footsteps were at times a little heavy. Undoubtedly, without conscious awareness on their part, it was clearly visible that this group was in an energy that was in marked contrast to their surrounds.

‘Spirit and Soul,’ I mused within myself.

The Ageless Wisdom has long presented that we have a choice of these two energies in everything we do in life; that we are aligned with one or the other energy in every given moment. Spirit is the energy of individualism where the ‘I’ is the centre and ruler of all ‘I’ survey, controlling my reality from the head, pursuing my own desires. Soul (essence/innermost) is a unifying energy, which under the impulses of the inner heart, impulses our activity to be in harmony with everyone else, and with our environment. ‘I’ and ‘we’ operate on equal terms under this energy as we realise that all we do affects all that is and that this relationship is reciprocated by everything around us, including nature.

Such talk of spiritual and soulful energies has long been dismissed as being unscientific with no evidential foundation, something for religious people to connect with in a church, a synagogue or similar perhaps. There’s often a sense that openly discussing the energies of people is something fanciful or new age.

And yet here were the two energies simply walking along the same beach in clear view for everyone to see.

How wondrous is it that the effects of our alignment with either Spirit or Soul are so clearly visible, and equally clearly felt in the simplest and most basic of activities, like walking. Would it not be reasonable to conclude, or at least be open to the possibility, that this same choice of energy is part of everything we do? If it’s in the way you walk, in the way we walk, as well as in every other activity we engage with during our day, notions that the two energies are nebulous, something reserved for religious people to cogitate about or energies that will be revealed after we pass on, can be completely dispensed with.

This brings a profound simplicity to life – we align with our quality of energy daily, in this physical reality here and now, and doubtless those choices and their effects will meet us in our afterlife and our next lives, also. Could this awareness and our choice of these two energies be the cornerstone for a true energetic science – a science that includes all of us and all that we do every day, and that this daily activity is a substantial part of our evidence?

Could science, its application and lived experience be so beautifully simple?

By Coleen 

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558 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

  1. “Soul (essence/innermost) is a unifying energy, which under the impulses of the inner heart, impulses our activity to be in harmony with everyone else, and with our environment.” Individuality may seem harmless in that a person may not be physically harming another or nature, yet it’s still very harmful as it’s living separated to the source of energy we all come from, and is out of rhythm with harmony and our natural interdependence. We can break it down to the quality of energy we are in that is either harming or healing for the collective.

  2. What I am feeling is how important it is to express what we are perceiving and sensing, because we do. Science might try prove us wrong and argue it cannot be seen therefore does not exist, but we do feel it all.

  3. How we treat our bodies in everything is of importance. And if we ever have the opportunity to people watch, you will see it in the way they walk.

    Whilst at the gym one morning (we have a gym at work), I observed this person’s silhouette on a window whilst he cycled. He was already hunched up, and his head could easily rest on his chest, and that’s how he walked as well. Whilst he was cycling, his silhouette was so interesting to observe. He was painfully trying to speak, but there were no words or sounds coming out of him, his body was desperate and crying out. At one point I knew he was crying because his desperation to voice himself was or being shut down.

    I learnt so much by reflection of another person’s body language, it’s clearly there, if we are prepared to observe it. Every body speaks a language, are we willing to see and read what it’s saying?

  4. There are ways to subtly miss the truth. A flowery language is an imperfect but useful pointer towards it being more of a mental image and less of a description of an observation.

  5. If we understand true science and how it works then we may understand that we are also living the simple application of science everyday.

  6. I love observing people. When I used to visit South East Asia on a yearly basis, I loved people watching. I could be sitting in a cafe and watching the people on the other side of the road. They way they moved would speak a thousand words, sometimes it was humorous to observe.

I find where I work, I know how a person is as soon as they walk into the place. I also observe and feel the flow of the ward as soon as I step into that place too.

    The question to ponder on is, do I want to be part of what has been created by someone else, or do I want to be a part of my own rhythm?

  7. I loved reading this blog about the observation of people walking on the beach. This may be different yet same same, I see it in the way people drive their cars as I am heading to work in the mornings. Just the way they move their cars from one side of the lane to the other. And when I see the abruptness, it kind of disrupts the flow of energy on that road, it’s quite palatable and can easily be caught in if not present with ones’ own driving.

    Do people ever wonder how this effects the other cars travelling later along that same road? Just something worth pondering on.

  8. Thank you for making conversations around energy of people, and the energy of the soul and spirit, more part of our every day life.

  9. When you choose to live your truth, and can feel purpose in everything you do, making life about service, life does become simple and in that all our needs are taken care of, we just have to allow ourselves to receive in the knowing that we are deserving and worthy of God’s love.

  10. Awareness of the two different types of energy; i.e. spirit and soul, brings so much understanding and clarity to one’s life and life in general. Spirit is everything that is not love, whereas Soul is a holding, all encompassing love where we are all equal.

  11. The energy of individualism is the norm presentation in the world and so be it, but the energy of unity is what is natural to us and the expression although less familiar as a reflection is sorely needed. We choose our energy first and foremost for how we express in life.

  12. ‘Could this awareness and our choice of these two energies be the cornerstone for a true energetic science’. Absolutely Coleen, to become aware of the two energies is so profound and life changing, one day in the future it will be taught in schools, as people will be ready and waiting to hear this truth.

  13. The difference is quite profound between those that walk in connection to themselves and those that dont.

  14. “Energy is our responsibility to understand” so that passing-over becomes a joy-full affair “provide a great opportunity to evolve” and that we come back to that same joy-full way of being in our next life. When we see the multitudes of different attitudes that our youth has it makes sense when we understand how we live is a responsibility that we feel in our next incarnation.

    For more on passing joy-fully go to;

  15. Energy is our responsibility to understand as when we “pass on” our understanding of how our life can provide a great opportunity to evolve in our next incarnation should be taught from a young age so that passing is a joy.

  16. Similarly you can experience the difference between Spirit and Soul in the sound of one’s voice. It is not always in the words but can be distinctly felt and heard in the tone. I immediately notice my voice sounds different when I am not myself and that of others too.

  17. Living science, do we move in flow with our surrounds or against it? And we all do know when we move in that flow, there’s a magic that is tangible and felt in our bodies and a joy in our hearts.

  18. How poisonous is this “I”, we get scared that we’ll be worse off, we want to make sure that the I is better than everyone else first and foremost before we commit to doing anything, when we commit to doing anything we do so only if it benefits the I. Even in our most “selfless” moments, we can be drenched in a need for recognition, which makes these moments even more poisonous than those in which we openly say “I’m doing this because I want to get something out of it”.

  19. One energy will hide this fact of life – that movement gives away the energy powering human life – and the other allows it to be clearly seen. Universal Medicine works in and with the latter to help us re-learn how to read this communication.

    1. So true Donna, we are reflecting so much in our movements and this reminds me that we can take responsibility for what we reflect, is it either healing or harming.

  20. I would agree with you that life and science is this simple, it is the willingness to see what there is to see that is key.

  21. It truly is fascinating to observe, when we are open to it, how we all live aligned to an energy be it our Soul or our spirit and how our movements are evident of what we are choosing. This is what is so beautiful to realise, that whenever we want to know the truth of who we are and how we are living, it is there for us to see and feel through our bodies that knows only to reflect what is true.

    1. And the next breath : ) it doesn’t get any simpler and I guess that is what we dislike so much as it shows how often we simply don’t choose to breathe gently and lovingly.

    2. Bringing it back to the basics and being aware of how we breathe, being aware of our posture and how we move and hold ourselves makes a world of difference to the quality of the energy that flows through us.

    3. Yes, Simon, life is so simple when we understand how energy works and become aware of what energy we choose to align to.

  22. Being open to observing life and understanding what is playing out has been very supportive. I find through observation I am able to depersonalise things and be more open to identify what is running the show, our spirit or soul.

  23. Although we may not consciously notice them, there are angles everywhere, made by the way we have placed things in a room or the way we move and position our bodies. If we see everything as energy, as it is, we get to feel the importance, precision and ripple effect of every angle we create.

    1. This is so beautiful Fiona and makes sense of my new impulses to just move something slightly this way or that, it seems almost petty but it is actually being so attuned to the environment you are moved and it’s not a thought process, it’s an energetic flow that needs to be obeyed.

      1. Spot on Vanessa, I relate to the impulses to move something slightly, or move to a different place in the room, or remove it altogether, but it is as you so eloquently described; ‘it is not a thought process, it’s an energetic flow that needs to be obeyed’. Beautiful!

  24. Simplicity and a sense of being in the flow can be a great confirmation of connection to the soul, as is complication and a lack of flow in life indicative of being caught up in individualisation or the spirit.

  25. There is a natural simplicity and steadiness felt in the quality of connection in our movements when we are aligned with our soul that is equally uniting and inclusive of everyone.

    1. Yes and that is the beauty of life, what can be offered to another person through the quality of our bodies, It is true magic.

  26. We can never stop moving. Even when we are asleep we are moving with our breath, every movement/moment is an opportunity to choose to align to either soul or spirit.

    1. Life is deeply loving when you put it like this Jill, it means we are constantly offered an opportunity to choose and there is no judgement or feelings of being imposed upon, it is always our choice which energy we choose to align to.

  27. Watching body posture and the way we walk and the way we move is very telling in terms of how much protection or openness we carry in our movements.

    1. And we don’t have to be constantly watching ourselves in every shop window, being with ourselves as we walk and feeling how our walk changes if we go into thoughts of future happenings or past situations and right back into the moment can be very telling.

  28. We have made simple facts of life mystical and somewhat taboo to talk about, yet like you say they are so evident in all that we do. We can tell when a person at work has rushed through their job just to get it done and go home, or when a person has taken care. We can tell when a doctor welcomes us with understanding and care, or when they’re just ticking the box so that they can go through the long list of patients waiting by their door. No question that there is a distinctive difference in how we do things, yet we don’t want to know the answer.

  29. Similar to watching ants move around their mounds where there is a flow and unifying purpose to their movements and actions. We can choose to move as individuals or as part of the unifying whole.

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