Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

A few months ago, I arrived early for a Universal Medicine workshop at the seaside town of Lennox Head, so I decided to enjoy a walk on the beach.

There were quite a few people out walking, many with their dogs, as it was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. The ocean was gently rhythmic and so the atmosphere was vibrant, yet very chilled and relaxed – everyone enjoying Nature.

As I walked along appreciating the fragrances of the beach and ocean mingling with my own breath, I noticed there were two sets of three people walking just ahead of me, all women. The closest trio, who were about 200m in front of me, were accompanied by a dog, who was delighting in catching and fetching a ball. 100m further on was a second trio of women, one of whom stopped to take off her shoes and let her feet enjoy the water while her two friends stopped briefly and waited until she was ready to resume their walk.

I could not help but observe the energetic quality of the two groups, as it revealed itself in the way each group moved. Each footstep of the furthest group connected sensitively with the earth and they walked with a sense of a unifying energy, in a quality of unhurried stillness and inclusion of all – not exclusively the trio, but all. Their bodies moved gently as though they were not disturbing the surrounds, with no jagged angles or abrupt movements to disturb Nature’s equilibrium; rather, there was a sense of flow, which felt lovely and was very easy on the eye. They were three people, and yet the energy in which they walked gave a sense of oneness, an effortless unity.

The closer trio were the three people walking their dog. They looked relaxed and yet the angles of their bodies seemed to deflect the flow of the surrounds, keeping them separate and very much as three individuals walking alongside each other. Particularly striking was the angle at which the ball chucker stick was held and moved, which was a little jagged and out of place with the rhythm of the day. I observed how one set of hips seemed to be pushing people away and one set of arms seemed ready for combat. Their footsteps were at times a little heavy. Undoubtedly, without conscious awareness on their part, it was clearly visible that this group was in an energy that was in marked contrast to their surrounds.

‘Spirit and Soul,’ I mused within myself.

The Ageless Wisdom has long presented that we have a choice of these two energies in everything we do in life; that we are aligned with one or the other energy in every given moment. Spirit is the energy of individualism where the ‘I’ is the centre and ruler of all ‘I’ survey, controlling my reality from the head, pursuing my own desires. Soul (essence/innermost) is a unifying energy, which under the impulses of the inner heart, impulses our activity to be in harmony with everyone else, and with our environment. ‘I’ and ‘we’ operate on equal terms under this energy as we realise that all we do affects all that is and that this relationship is reciprocated by everything around us, including nature.

Such talk of spiritual and soulful energies has long been dismissed as being unscientific with no evidential foundation, something for religious people to connect with in a church, a synagogue or similar perhaps. There’s often a sense that openly discussing the energies of people is something fanciful or new age.

And yet here were the two energies simply walking along the same beach in clear view for everyone to see.

How wondrous is it that the effects of our alignment with either Spirit or Soul are so clearly visible, and equally clearly felt in the simplest and most basic of activities, like walking. Would it not be reasonable to conclude, or at least be open to the possibility, that this same choice of energy is part of everything we do? If it’s in the way you walk, in the way we walk, as well as in every other activity we engage with during our day, notions that the two energies are nebulous, something reserved for religious people to cogitate about or energies that will be revealed after we pass on, can be completely dispensed with.

This brings a profound simplicity to life – we align with our quality of energy daily, in this physical reality here and now, and doubtless those choices and their effects will meet us in our afterlife and our next lives, also. Could this awareness and our choice of these two energies be the cornerstone for a true energetic science – a science that includes all of us and all that we do every day, and that this daily activity is a substantial part of our evidence?

Could science, its application and lived experience be so beautifully simple?

By Coleen Hensey

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476 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…

  1. If we were only to learn that the answer to everything starts not with thinking but movement, true movement in line with our Soul all the misery humanity is suffering no longer would need to prevail.
    Choosing the next move to be with Soul is the beginning of the end of spirit´s reign over the human being.

  2. ‘Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…’ I know when I am ‘out’ from the feel of my movements. How wonderful it is to feel my body light up and return to it’s natural state as I move and walk with love and purpose. Thank you Serge Benhayon for bringing the awareness of this subject, it is an incredible gift.

  3. It is the case that we can pick up the disharmony in another’s walk if you understand what you are seeing, the problem is the whole of humanity is reflecting the same to each other and, they believe this to be normal.

    1. That’s a great point, it brings an even deeper level of appreciation to being able to walk with Soul and all that this communicates to others who see the reflection, a communication through movement that is much more than words can convey

    2. Exactly Julie – most people are not aware how we affect each other energetically as this is not commonly taught in our societies.

  4. Thanks again Coleen for this great piece of writing. What stands out for me is how much there is to learn in an average day, no special activities needed, so much is revealed if we are present with the soul and observe. It makes sense that so much can be read in our movements, we already know the concept of body language, where we read and understand the subtleties communicated through the body that go unspoken, so your observations are another level of that – the body language if you like of what the Ageless Wisdom has been communicating across the ages.

  5. “Spirit or Soul?… It’s in the Way we Walk…” — it is amazing how a walk can be so revealing in its energetic makeup… and how that the walk we walk, our gait, how our hips move, feet touch the ground… attribute our thoughts that lead to our actions and way of relating.

  6. I have been observing flocks of birds lately and the flow and formation they hold has reflected to me not only stillness but a real sense of rhythm and how we all pulsate to a similar rhythm when we are in flow of our bodies moving.

  7. “… And yet here were the two energies simply walking along the same beach in clear view for everyone to see…” Observation brings enormous awareness, and the opportunity to see more is everywhere if we choose.

  8. Spirit or Soul, it’s in the way we walk, I love your observations Coleen, we communicate so much with our body and always with the choice to align to the whole, our Soul, or the other way to self, our Spirit. Just the choice between simplicity and complication, between togetherness and individualism, the choice is always ours.

  9. ‘How wondrous is it that the effects of our alignment with either Spirit or Soul are so clearly visible, and equally clearly felt in the simplest and most basic of activities, like walking.’ – Walking is in itself a true disclosure.

  10. The Ageless Wisdom has wisdom that transforms modern living with understanding of the ages that are completely relevant for now.

  11. Coleen, it is great to bring it back to a simple choice of either aligning to spirit or soul, I love the clarity with which you explain how this choice is then played out – whether it be with the way we walk, it could be how we work, how we communicate – this choice is evident in everything we do; ‘How wondrous is it that the effects of our alignment with either Spirit or Soul are so clearly visible, and equally clearly felt in the simplest and most basic of activities, like walking’.

  12. I find there is such a vast difference between when I am walking feeling myself and connected to when I am just trying to get from a to b, or worse still texting on my phone as I walk etc.. I find I either walk aware of what is around me, feeling every step or pretty much the opposite and the way I feel and interact with others along the way completely changes. When I am open there is time to connect but when my focus is on point b I almost dismiss others in my path. It is fascinating, the more I break it down the more I feel how disregarding it is when I walk without connection.

  13. ‘there was a sense of flow, which felt lovely and was very easy on the eye.’ – We all recognise true flow as it is one of our innate qualities, however for some people that is challenging to accept or connect to, as stress and a sense of drive and control is the norm in our society.

  14. To simply understand the difference between spirit and soul is truly life changing, yet it is a distinction not commonly understood to our great detriment as a society.

    1. It is indeed life changing Thomas, and understanding and knowing that difference allows for us to make a choice between the two.

  15. The quality of our movement is not necessarily something we can see with our eyes, but we can feel it or sense it. What I am learning more and more is to trust more of what I feel than what it is that I see.

  16. Simplicity brings flow and expansion in our lives which also allows for a greater learning and exploration through our choices to either say yes to love or no. Simplicity is king if we are obedient to it’s rhythm and relish the exploration of who we are forevermore.

  17. The way in which perceive people is also influenced by our own quality at that point in time, the more clear and with our Soul we are, the more clearly we can discern the quality of all else.

  18. One thing I will be bringing a lot more focus to in 2018 is my movements, and since I walk a lot, a tremendous focus on how I walk.

  19. Movement can be obvious, like walking and moving arms, and yet it can also be subtle, like the movement of our rib cage when we breathe, a slight adjustment of our body, shoulders, back, hands, neck (etc) in our seat… We have so many moments of re-connecting and being with our Soul. Its always there, we simply come back to it simply through our movements.

  20. If we focus on the quality in which we walk, our destination and journey will be guaranteed to be sweet. Staying set on ‘getting there’ just leads to inevitable disappointment. The answer lives in your next step, and the one after that, and so on. Thank you Coleen.

  21. I like the idea of being a scientist of your own body. Last night I did an experiment and had something for dinner that I don’t normally have and afterwards I did not feel so flash (bit tired, and bloated). Experiment complete – ate this, felt like that.

    I have also been experimenting with how I move and focusing on the quality of energy in which I am moving (and living my life). It makes a huge difference when I move in the quality of connection and when I move in the quality of disconnection. When I move in the latter I am often left wondering how I got from point A to point B and sometimes I find myself with bumps and scratches as I’ve not paid attention. When I move in the quality of connection I feel steady, connected and energised.

    I am sharing this because I am not wanting the world to confirm that this is either right or wrong, that there are different energies in which we can move. I know it because I confirm it in my own body for myself. As you did when you observed these women walking.

  22. I loved your observation Coleen, as you say the way both groups moved it was obvious to see who was aligned to Spirit and who was aligned to Soul, and how we either honour those around us by not disturbing the flow, or disturb everything around us without even noticing.

  23. “Could science, its application and lived experience be so beautifully simple?”- I would answer this question with a profound YES, for a number of reasons. First, all the evidence we scientifically need is the lived experiences that people have had and observations they have made in their lives, just like Coleen witnessing the differences in the way the two groups of people were walking. No need for complex double blind repeatable experiments or peer reviewed papers in the journal ‘Nature’. Just like we take a criminal witnesses testimony as proof of evidence to convict someone of a crime in court, we can do the same with our approach to science being based on anecdotal observations and conclusions people have come to with their everyday life experiences.

  24. Every step we make either takes us closer to all the love that we are, or further away from it. And although it is our spirit that has walked away from the love and light of our Soul, it is the one and same spirit that makes the call to return home to this.

  25. Yes, this is exactly what we are faced with and asking of ourselves everyday, we are energy before anything else….”And yet here were the two energies simply walking along the same beach in clear view for everyone to see.” There is blanket normalisation of the physical first and foremost, but it does not make it a truth. All is energy first.

  26. There is so much we puck up from observing the angles of people’s bodies. The marker that you noticed of oneness between the people, harmony with the surroundings and a sense of flow can all be felt from the angles we create in our movements as individuals and a group.

  27. I observed a friend walking yesterday with so much grace, power and authority and it reminded me that these qualities are naturally in me too.

  28. I find our bodies offer us scientific evidence every moment of every day. It is organic and honest, it knows no other way. Our brain on the other hand has the ability to choose to over-ride what our body tells us. To justify its point of view, our body hardens to respect the choice the brain has made in over-riding the communication, and to cope with the outplay of the decision. Our body offers us free-will but that free-will is never without consequences.

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