Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

Is it possible that we have subscribed to the thinking that having an intelligent mind is a great thing?

Do we think that having a great memory, like being able to recall many things, is what makes us more intelligent than someone else?

What if we are more intelligent than what we currently give ourselves credit for, and what if this form of intelligence has nothing to do with the mind?

Serge Benhayon presents on ‘Whole Body Intelligence’ as something that we can all be connecting to and living from. This form of intelligence honours, loves and supports us and our body in a way that is beyond that which most are currently living. Whole Body Intelligence is everything working together so that every part of the body is harmony and love.

In anything we do in life, Whole Body Intelligence would look at how every aspect of that choice would impact on the whole body. It would consider how the body would respond and react in detail, right down to the tiniest of the body’s cells. Whole Body Intelligence is always communicating to us… however, we can very simply choose to not ‘listen’ to it. We seem to be trapped into a way of thinking that glorifies the mind and the decisions that it makes, but the mind is one part of our body and the decisions often made from the mind demonstrate that it does not consider the whole.

Cartoon Picture of a Man staring blankly out in ‘Mindfull Intelligence’ and a Happy Smiley Full-bodied Man with arms out wide representing 'Whole Body Intelligence'
Illustration by Joel Levin

Here are some examples of the things we choose to do which highlight that we often think about one aspect of the body rather than the whole body:

  • If we are tired we go for the quick pick-me-up; a sugar fix, a coffee or energy drink to keep us going. This may give us an instant energy burst, but what is it doing to our nervous and digestive systems?
  • We go out into a cold day without enough layers on to stay warm – how often do you see people out at a party or down the street with very little on when it is freezing cold? Being numb from the cold has consequences on the body.
  • We are allergic or sensitive to a certain food but we eat it anyway and then put up with the pain and reactions that inevitably occur in the body. We do not consider our stomach lining, gall bladder, oesophagus, liver or intestines when we make this choice.
  • We do not go to the toilet when initially impulsed to but hang on for long periods of time. Have you heard about grown men wearing adult nappies so that they can sit in front of a computer – gaming – not moving to go to the toilet? This places undue stress on our bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We injure ourselves while playing sport, using drugs and other means to keep the body moving and in the game. We only need to look at the use of drugs in sport and the necessary banning of such substances to know that we are pushing beyond our natural limits. Look at some of the gruelling sporting events we participate in; pushing the body to extremes, becoming delirious, disorientated or enduring heat exhaustion at one end of the scale, to frostbite at the other. We are putting undue stress on muscles, bones, ligaments as well as our heart and vascular system.
  • We drink so much alcohol that we make ourselves sick, pass out and suffer from a hangover and memory loss, or even worse resort to domestic violence. What does this do to our liver, heart and gallbladder? Let alone our relationship with others?
  • We choose to drive while tired, pushing on rather than stopping and resting. Often this can have dire consequences as driving while tired has claimed the lives of many people. This places tension in the body and enormous strain on our vision.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We smoke cigarettes and pollute our lungs with toxic smoke. Do we realise our lungs are made of very thin, transparent and fragile alveoli that cannot tolerate the poison that they are being exposed to?
  • We eat greasy, fast and unhealthy food regularly, regardless of how much weight we put on. The fact that we may have diabetes or heart disease or that our blood pressure may be sky high doesn’t seem to matter because we can pop a pill or go on a diet when we feel we have overdone it.
  • Too many commit suicide, thinking that this is the only way out or an answer to our problems; many highly educated people like doctors and dentists commit suicide.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We think it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal and this ranges from small things to big things, but it’s still being dishonest. Some people may live their whole lives in a lie and will rationalise that they have no choice. What pressure does living a lie place on the whole body and your mental health?
  • We allow our emotions to get out of control; we can burst into rage or get so angry that we commit acts of murder or cause grievous bodily harm to others. Our emotions do affect parts of our body, for example our lungs, spleen and pancreas.
  • We inject or take drugs that completely disconnect us from our bodies and the communities in which we live and then we carry out horrendous acts while under the influence of these drugs. Drug use places enormous stress on our body and our mental wellbeing.

Where does this intelligence come from?

Would our health and wellbeing improve if we knew how to make decisions based on the intelligence coming from our whole body? When we look at the types of choices we are making as set out above, is it not obvious that the mind is not that intelligent and can make not so wise choices? Have some of the choices that we make in life become so ‘normal’ ­– because we see people making these choices every day – that we don’t stop to think about the consequences on our whole body?

Whole Body Intelligence knows exactly what is needed for each one of us in life to make choices that honour, support, nourish and love ourselves and other people. It is an ancient way of being that has been lived by many people over the course of history; we simply have to re-connect to this wisdom that lives inside us all. There are people living Whole Body Intelligence today. Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and The Way of The Livingness, more and more are connecting more to their bodies and learning to love, honour and support the body in every moment.

Inspired by the work and teachings of Serge Benhayon, who lives Whole Body Intelligence like no one else I know, in every aspect of his life.

By Sally Green

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494 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

  1. There is only one organisation that I have known of for a long time that teaches Whole Body Intelligence as a natural and normal way to be. This organisation is Universal Medicine and many more are catching on and starting to also offer a reflection of that way being lived. But this in itself is startling because the way of Living from our Body as a Whole Body Mind and not just our head is in truth natural and ought to be normal yet for majority of humanity it is not just unheard of but in many ways resisted.

  2. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and The Way of The Livingness, presents to humanity that there are two types of energies in the world and that we have a free choice in which one we chose. And this teaching is not new, it has been handed down through the generations by the masters that have lived amongst us by living in a way that proves this way to be true. Serge Benhayon comes from that same lineage of masters and again humanity has been presented with the truth of life. My question to humanity is are we ready to listen and make the choice to return back to the Universal mind which is God or will we choose to live in the irresponsibility of our choices? If we were to all stop and take a close look at the rot in our society it would appear that irresponsibility is the choice of the masses.

  3. Whole body intelligence is a way of living where there is no individuality but a knowingness that we are multidimensional beings and it is through the connection to our bodies we get access to the wisdom of the universe.

  4. When we observe something or are a part of something happening. If we pause for a moment and let ourselves feel from our whole body, it is remarkable how we receive much more awareness and insight than if we just solely rely on our mental intellect – The body really has an untapped, unlimited intelligence to support the human being.

  5. The fact that whole body intelligence is a practical and obvious way to live, is a cool thing. What is interesting is before Universal Medicine I had not heard anyone present on this subject or even talk about it, let alone live it. Once you do hear it though, you have to wonder how everyone in the world missed it. We are not in charge; we think we are making all these “intelligent” choices but we are owned by whatever we align to and there are energies that only allows us to see what it wants us to see. This blog is an asset to history, as it exposes how we, as a humanity have placed far too much emphasis to one organ, that to put it bluntly, is a glorified radio transmitter.

    1. It is quite something to realise how blind we are to the blindingly obvious which for me starts with a willingness to see what is there, rather than the convenient truths I have seen instead so I don’t stand out from the crowd.

  6. Whole body intelligence opens us up to feel and know the interconnectedness we have with all of life, our planet and the Universe.

    1. I agree Jill we are so much more! And it is only through the connection to our bodies that we can access that which is our natural right – to be the all-knowing beings that we truly are.

  7. Whole body intelligence seems so obvious and yet it’s so usual to compartmentalise out bodies and life. So splitting up the day into compartments and not seeing the connection between how I eat affects how I work, how I am at work affects how I am when I get home and so on in a continuous cycle that isn’t reccognised as such but more often than not seen as a linear forward line from one birthday to the next. How different it is to understand honouring myself in each movement is, something I never saw the significance until I listened to the teachings of Universal Medicine.

    Instead, I was caught up in perfecting one segment of life at the expense of another – so, for example, trying to do well in an essay but staying up too late and not eating well. And though I may have made the deadline, and I may have produced what was asked, the quality of the essay was impacted terribly and nobody got to feel quality in what was written.

  8. And we can become so attached to thinking that it’s all about the mind that we stubbornly refuse to see that ‘real’ intelligence is whole body intelligence even though we have fine examples here where we know we are abusing ourselves yet we carry on doing it.

  9. This is a great topic of discussion as more often than not as a society we champion intelligence to be that of having the ability to recall and know things but as we have all experience intelligent people have very little regard for their bodies and abuse is more common in their lives than the deep honouring that we all deserve. Whole body intelligence is the true way of living that allows us to connect deeply to what lives within and is encompassing of everything so there is no need for self but everything is for the good of all.

  10. Is there intelligence beyond the mind? Or is the mind the only repository of intelligence that exists? Is the mind the main and only gateway to it? Or is it the body as a whole, that is also its particles and nadis (energy centres)? What does open the doors to greater knowledge? Our capacity to know things by learning and relating? Or our innate knowing and wisdom, our capacity to connect to them by virtue of how we are living and, hence, moving? Is intelligence something we produce or something we connect to? These questions confront us with a more general question? What is intelligence and is it related to our body, our way of living, our choices; that is something we could all have equally, or simply an endowment that someone has and others do not?

  11. Every little detail matters in how we live and living with one area more prominent be it the mind or even our taste doesn’t work. It’s not intelligent despite what we might tell ourselves and we arrogantly assume we can get away with it but our wise bodies show us otherwise.

  12. Whole body intelligence really is shown here so simply and makes so much sense to our lives and the choice to live our innate way of being. It is here for us all waiting to be acknowledged, by bringing awareness and responsibility to all that we do and live.

  13. When we commit to our body being the most intelligent part of us we find ways of being and doing things that we have never before thought of. Our mind is truly very limited, where the intelligence that our bodies offer is limitless.

  14. In all the examples you have laid out here Sally, clearly the mind is not so intelligent. The body will show up the abuse, whether manifesting in illness, psychological disorders or emotional outbursts. We have been shown a more expansive and wise way to live which not only brings vitality and purpose to our lives but to everyone.

  15. Whole body intelligence makes perfect sense to me, if more began to live this truth we would have a decrease in the illness and disease statistics I am sure.

  16. I experience whole body intelligence in a very physical way. When I put all my efforts in understanding or communicating something from my mind, my body contracts and I feel pressure in my head (sometimes even headache). When I surrender in the feelings of my body and express from there, I feel expansion and unity in my whole body. Something that feels very natural and without any ounce of effort.

  17. The definition of true intelligence needs to be redefined to be that which comes from the connection of our bodies, for it is only then that we can truly honour and appreciate the wondrous nature of who we truly are.

  18. Your list here really exposes how much of what we do and accept as normal just makes no sense to our body. Really, where do they come from? Who is in charge of our body?

    1. So what you actually say Eduardo is that it is our individual choice to accept what is on offer or not. So no one to blame at the end when our choice did not bring us what we thought it would bring. Only honesty to the fact that we are the creators of our own life will help us to make the choices that will make us equally ‘bright’ as the end point of our evolution here on earth.

  19. I have been observing people on a ‘smoke break’ standing outside a building in the freezing cold without a coat, hat, gloves or scarf. It is seemingly more important for them to have a cigarette than it is to stay warm. So back to your question Sally where does this intelligence come from?

  20. I’m currently on a sales course and it is all about the mind, regurgitation of knowledge, and getting it right. The body doesn’t get a look in at all, I have this vision that soon we will just be floating heads, I have an image of a jelly fish. We do seem to live in such disregard to our bodies and I have to wonder why this is.

  21. I was recently able to view a Kindergarten child’s school award and it was begging the child to become a good student and concentrate as it was priding the child for doing exactly this while calling them super, awesome, fantastic and another eight similar descriptive words…. the way we think can be soo sneaky, but made to look “good”/supportive/encouraging…..

  22. ‘It is an ancient way of being that has been lived by many people over the course of history; we simply have to re-connect to this wisdom that lives inside us all.’ This is what I love, that this intelligence is inside us all, waiting for us to connect to and listen, and the potential for the vastness of this wisdom to guide us to live truly loving lives and the impact this would have on us as a humanity and our world. It is within, waiting for us…

  23. I can definitely say that I overrode what my body was trying to tell me. When my friends suggested I should be drinking alcohol, it tasted ghastly and my body immediately reacted. S, sugar in the way of a cordial was mixed with the alcohol and my mind over rode what my body was trying to tell me, which was no matter how alcohol was disguised it was still not good for the body. Looking back, I can say without question, my mind did not consider the whole of my body at all.

  24. “It would consider how the body would respond and react in detail, right down to the tiniest of the body’s cells.” So very beautiful, down to the smallest cell, every thing is considered and honoured and included. And the beauty is when we live this with ourselves, we quite naturally bring this quality to everyone and everything else. It shows the power we have in the choices we make.

  25. I know the discrepancy between mind and body very well and there is such a strong mental will – that seems to be fostered from every angle of society – that overriding the body is not only the normal but often championed as being a ‘strong person’. There is nothing glorious about defeating the body as in truth it comes at great loss of love, health and wellbeing.

  26. Yes.. amazing how making a choice that nourishes and supports us then supports others, because we’re more vital, more connected to what’s actually needed in that moment.. all our choices have a ripple effect.

  27. While we may think that all behaviours that are listed in this blog are normal to human’s because of the number of people doing it, the truth is that all these behaviours are there because we live from our mind, in complete disconnection of, and without any respect to the body we live in. The body that is actually our true saviour if we are ready to go that way and let go of the insidious way our mind wants us to make life to be.

  28. The one thing we seem to fight the most is our own bodies, I say that because we seem to trash our bodies to such an extent that they become ill and diseased. But what if, as you say Sally, we are more intelligent than what we currently give ourselves credit for, and what if this form of intelligence has nothing to do with the mind, but is actually our bodies? What if we have all got this round the wrong way? What if we took more notice of our bodies than our mind? What if when the body throws up because we have drank too much alcohol, it does this because it’s the quickest way to expel the alcohol from the body? What if we took notice of this? I wish I had taken notice, I wish I had taken notice when my body was telling me loud and clear about so many things, but I chose to ignore it. But not any more, I have made friends with my body and we are now best buddies. No more listening to my mind.

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