Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

Is it possible that we have subscribed to the thinking that having an intelligent mind is a great thing?

Do we think that having a great memory, like being able to recall many things, is what makes us more intelligent than someone else?

What if we are more intelligent than what we currently give ourselves credit for, and what if this form of intelligence has nothing to do with the mind?

Serge Benhayon presents on ‘Whole Body Intelligence’ as something that we can all be connecting to and living from. This form of intelligence honours, loves and supports us and our body in a way that is beyond that which most are currently living. Whole Body Intelligence is everything working together so that every part of the body is harmony and love.

In anything we do in life, Whole Body Intelligence would look at how every aspect of that choice would impact on the whole body. It would consider how the body would respond and react in detail, right down to the tiniest of the body’s cells. Whole Body Intelligence is always communicating to us… however, we can very simply choose to not ‘listen’ to it. We seem to be trapped into a way of thinking that glorifies the mind and the decisions that it makes, but the mind is one part of our body and the decisions often made from the mind demonstrate that it does not consider the whole.

Cartoon Picture of a Man staring blankly out in ‘Mindfull Intelligence’ and a Happy Smiley Full-bodied Man with arms out wide representing 'Whole Body Intelligence'
Illustration by Joel Levin

Here are some examples of the things we choose to do which highlight that we often think about one aspect of the body rather than the whole body:

  • If we are tired we go for the quick pick-me-up; a sugar fix, a coffee or energy drink to keep us going. This may give us an instant energy burst, but what is it doing to our nervous and digestive systems?
  • We go out into a cold day without enough layers on to stay warm – how often do you see people out at a party or down the street with very little on when it is freezing cold? Being numb from the cold has consequences on the body.
  • We are allergic or sensitive to a certain food but we eat it anyway and then put up with the pain and reactions that inevitably occur in the body. We do not consider our stomach lining, gall bladder, oesophagus, liver or intestines when we make this choice.
  • We do not go to the toilet when initially impulsed to but hang on for long periods of time. Have you heard about grown men wearing adult nappies so that they can sit in front of a computer – gaming – not moving to go to the toilet? This places undue stress on our bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We injure ourselves while playing sport, using drugs and other means to keep the body moving and in the game. We only need to look at the use of drugs in sport and the necessary banning of such substances to know that we are pushing beyond our natural limits. Look at some of the gruelling sporting events we participate in; pushing the body to extremes, becoming delirious, disorientated or enduring heat exhaustion at one end of the scale, to frostbite at the other. We are putting undue stress on muscles, bones, ligaments as well as our heart and vascular system.
  • We drink so much alcohol that we make ourselves sick, pass out and suffer from a hangover and memory loss, or even worse resort to domestic violence. What does this do to our liver, heart and gallbladder? Let alone our relationship with others?
  • We choose to drive while tired, pushing on rather than stopping and resting. Often this can have dire consequences as driving while tired has claimed the lives of many people. This places tension in the body and enormous strain on our vision.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We smoke cigarettes and pollute our lungs with toxic smoke. Do we realise our lungs are made of very thin, transparent and fragile alveoli that cannot tolerate the poison that they are being exposed to?
  • We eat greasy, fast and unhealthy food regularly, regardless of how much weight we put on. The fact that we may have diabetes or heart disease or that our blood pressure may be sky high doesn’t seem to matter because we can pop a pill or go on a diet when we feel we have overdone it.
  • Too many commit suicide, thinking that this is the only way out or an answer to our problems; many highly educated people like doctors and dentists commit suicide.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We think it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal and this ranges from small things to big things, but it’s still being dishonest. Some people may live their whole lives in a lie and will rationalise that they have no choice. What pressure does living a lie place on the whole body and your mental health?
  • We allow our emotions to get out of control; we can burst into rage or get so angry that we commit acts of murder or cause grievous bodily harm to others. Our emotions do affect parts of our body, for example our lungs, spleen and pancreas.
  • We inject or take drugs that completely disconnect us from our bodies and the communities in which we live and then we carry out horrendous acts while under the influence of these drugs. Drug use places enormous stress on our body and our mental wellbeing.

Where does this intelligence come from?

Would our health and wellbeing improve if we knew how to make decisions based on the intelligence coming from our whole body? When we look at the types of choices we are making as set out above, is it not obvious that the mind is not that intelligent and can make not so wise choices? Have some of the choices that we make in life become so ‘normal’ ­– because we see people making these choices every day – that we don’t stop to think about the consequences on our whole body?

Whole Body Intelligence knows exactly what is needed for each one of us in life to make choices that honour, support, nourish and love ourselves and other people. It is an ancient way of being that has been lived by many people over the course of history; we simply have to re-connect to this wisdom that lives inside us all. There are people living Whole Body Intelligence today. Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and The Way of The Livingness, more and more are connecting more to their bodies and learning to love, honour and support the body in every moment.

Inspired by the work and teachings of Serge Benhayon, who lives Whole Body Intelligence like no one else I know, in every aspect of his life.

By Sally Green

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532 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

  1. We have subscribed to a way of thinking that is based on recall and regurgitation of information and figures; we have fallen for the mandate that a good education is necessary to get us all secure jobs for life. We are becoming more like machines and less like Human-beings. Why hasn’t anyone stopped to wonder what is this way of life actually doing to our health, both mentality and physically? I know that it wasn’t until Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine came along and started to quietly question life and how we were all living did I stop to consider that actually maybe we are not so smart and intelligent as we think we are. It is a proven fact that we are getting sicker and sicker and yet we obstinately stick with a way of life that clearly isn’t working. If it was working, then can someone tell me why are we all so sick and unhealthy?

  2. Consideration of anything less than intelligence being from our whole body reduces us to the Darwinism intellect of the survival of the fittest and finds us involved in things that are less than True-love for our bodies.

  3. Thank you Sally, there is a lot to ponder on here and it really challenges the common ways we abuse and neglect the body, ways of treating ourselves that are considered normal. But if you consider the care we take with our cars, yet not with our bodies, then self abuse and self neglect doesn’t make sense at all. This is a great line “Inspired by the work and teachings of Serge Benhayon, who lives Whole Body Intelligence like no one else I know, in every aspect of his life.” Serge is very inspiring and it’s a wonderful reminder of how much more I have to learn from my body.

  4. I love the illustration that goes with this article, it highlights how crazy and unnatural it is to use only our head to guide us. Using our whole body to guide us and make decisions makes much more sense.

  5. This is beautiful; ‘more and more are connecting more to their bodies and learning to love, honour and support the body in every moment.’

  6. Whole body intelligence is so important, having not honoured and listened to my body last week I now have a cold, when I listen to my body and use whole body intelligence I stay cared for and well.

  7. Sally, this is a great question and the simplicity with which you write helps me understand whole body intelligence because we are basically making the decision from only our mind and not with care for the rest of our body; ‘If we are tired we go for the quick pick-me-up; a sugar fix, a coffee or energy drink to keep us going. This may give us an instant energy burst, but what is it doing to our nervous and digestive systems?’

    1. You raise such a good point Rebecca, that when we are tired we go for the quick pick-me-up; a sugar fix, a coffee or energy drink to keep us going. This may give us an instant energy burst, but what is it doing to our nervous and digestive systems?’
      I know from the way I was running my body it was in constant nervous tension and the more nervous tension I felt the more I would load my body with something sugary as I felt it would take the edge off what I was feeling and of course it did. But when the sugar levels dropped the nervous tension kicked in again. I was on a treadmill which definitely harmed my body without me even considering what I was doing, it was so automatic. I know I’m not the only one who lived in this way, we all do it as a way to survive and that’s the problem, we are in survival mode, ticking boxes and not actually enjoying life. I have discovered thanks to Universal Medicine that there is such an incomparable difference between surviving and enjoying life.

  8. Your picture of mindfulness vs whole body intelligence says it all Sally for we are so much more than just our mind.

  9. We have to question again and again the intelligence that has us making decisions that harm the body we live in. We know what is supportive and we know what is not, therefore when we find ourselves doing things that are not supportive, just taking a moment to ask I wonder why, offers a momentary pause of potentially enormous healing.

  10. I didn’t understand this whole body intelligence until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I started to connect with my body and yet all along it was communicating the whole time, I just chose to ignore it despite the ramifications it was having on my body.

    Even though I am not perfect, I certainly know I now treat my body much differently to how I used to treat it many years ago. The kindness I bring to my body, yet my mind loves to interfere has evolved. This process is being refined every time and it’s never too late to start this, just ask your body and it will tell you. It is that simple.

  11. The mind wants to concoct a solution and it thinks time is of importance, but the body already knows the answer and it is just waiting for us to surrender into that vast well of wisdom known as space.

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