Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

Is it possible that we have subscribed to the thinking that having an intelligent mind is a great thing?

Do we think that having a great memory, like being able to recall many things, is what makes us more intelligent than someone else?

What if we are more intelligent than what we currently give ourselves credit for, and what if this form of intelligence has nothing to do with the mind?

Serge Benhayon presents on ‘Whole Body Intelligence’ as something that we can all be connecting to and living from. This form of intelligence honours, loves and supports us and our body in a way that is beyond that which most are currently living. Whole Body Intelligence is everything working together so that every part of the body is harmony and love.

In anything we do in life, Whole Body Intelligence would look at how every aspect of that choice would impact on the whole body. It would consider how the body would respond and react in detail, right down to the tiniest of the body’s cells. Whole Body Intelligence is always communicating to us… however, we can very simply choose to not ‘listen’ to it. We seem to be trapped into a way of thinking that glorifies the mind and the decisions that it makes, but the mind is one part of our body and the decisions often made from the mind demonstrate that it does not consider the whole.

Cartoon Picture of a Man staring blankly out in ‘Mindfull Intelligence’ and a Happy Smiley Full-bodied Man with arms out wide representing 'Whole Body Intelligence'
Illustration by Joel Levin

Here are some examples of the things we choose to do which highlight that we often think about one aspect of the body rather than the whole body:

  • If we are tired we go for the quick pick-me-up; a sugar fix, a coffee or energy drink to keep us going. This may give us an instant energy burst, but what is it doing to our nervous and digestive systems?
  • We go out into a cold day without enough layers on to stay warm – how often do you see people out at a party or down the street with very little on when it is freezing cold? Being numb from the cold has consequences on the body.
  • We are allergic or sensitive to a certain food but we eat it anyway and then put up with the pain and reactions that inevitably occur in the body. We do not consider our stomach lining, gall bladder, oesophagus, liver or intestines when we make this choice.
  • We do not go to the toilet when initially impulsed to but hang on for long periods of time. Have you heard about grown men wearing adult nappies so that they can sit in front of a computer – gaming – not moving to go to the toilet? This places undue stress on our bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We injure ourselves while playing sport, using drugs and other means to keep the body moving and in the game. We only need to look at the use of drugs in sport and the necessary banning of such substances to know that we are pushing beyond our natural limits. Look at some of the gruelling sporting events we participate in; pushing the body to extremes, becoming delirious, disorientated or enduring heat exhaustion at one end of the scale, to frostbite at the other. We are putting undue stress on muscles, bones, ligaments as well as our heart and vascular system.
  • We drink so much alcohol that we make ourselves sick, pass out and suffer from a hangover and memory loss, or even worse resort to domestic violence. What does this do to our liver, heart and gallbladder? Let alone our relationship with others?
  • We choose to drive while tired, pushing on rather than stopping and resting. Often this can have dire consequences as driving while tired has claimed the lives of many people. This places tension in the body and enormous strain on our vision.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We smoke cigarettes and pollute our lungs with toxic smoke. Do we realise our lungs are made of very thin, transparent and fragile alveoli that cannot tolerate the poison that they are being exposed to?
  • We eat greasy, fast and unhealthy food regularly, regardless of how much weight we put on. The fact that we may have diabetes or heart disease or that our blood pressure may be sky high doesn’t seem to matter because we can pop a pill or go on a diet when we feel we have overdone it.
  • Too many commit suicide, thinking that this is the only way out or an answer to our problems; many highly educated people like doctors and dentists commit suicide.

Where does this intelligence come from?

  • We think it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal and this ranges from small things to big things, but it’s still being dishonest. Some people may live their whole lives in a lie and will rationalise that they have no choice. What pressure does living a lie place on the whole body and your mental health?
  • We allow our emotions to get out of control; we can burst into rage or get so angry that we commit acts of murder or cause grievous bodily harm to others. Our emotions do affect parts of our body, for example our lungs, spleen and pancreas.
  • We inject or take drugs that completely disconnect us from our bodies and the communities in which we live and then we carry out horrendous acts while under the influence of these drugs. Drug use places enormous stress on our body and our mental wellbeing.

Where does this intelligence come from?

Would our health and wellbeing improve if we knew how to make decisions based on the intelligence coming from our whole body? When we look at the types of choices we are making as set out above, is it not obvious that the mind is not that intelligent and can make not so wise choices? Have some of the choices that we make in life become so ‘normal’ ­– because we see people making these choices every day – that we don’t stop to think about the consequences on our whole body?

Whole Body Intelligence knows exactly what is needed for each one of us in life to make choices that honour, support, nourish and love ourselves and other people. It is an ancient way of being that has been lived by many people over the course of history; we simply have to re-connect to this wisdom that lives inside us all. There are people living Whole Body Intelligence today. Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and The Way of The Livingness, more and more are connecting more to their bodies and learning to love, honour and support the body in every moment.

Inspired by the work and teachings of Serge Benhayon, who lives Whole Body Intelligence like no one else I know, in every aspect of his life.

By Sally Green

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447 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – it Lives within us All

  1. Love the drawing Joel. There is such a difference in thinking we know something, and knowing it from the body having lived it. It takes awareness and re connection to the voice of the body to be truly intelligent.

  2. A body that is respected and listened to responds in kind, and there is a natural ease and flow in its movements. Whatever we feed it, how we speak to ourselves and each other, what fuel or energy we use to move it all has an impact. If you look around at the state of our bodies you can feel how we have laden ourselves unnecessarily.

  3. The cartoon beautifully demonstrates how the body gets forgotten about or lags behind when we just put all the focus and attention on mental prowess, compared to how the whole body has the capacity to be alive with intelligence.

  4. With true intelligence everything is very simple and includes all and the all. The other form of mental intelligence likes to make things complicated and focuses on self which is actually harmful and not intelligent at all.

  5. Sally, I can feel the huge difference between living from the mind and whole body intelligence, when I work I can work in an honouring, gentle way that is not rushed, where I know what to do next and feel connected to myself and others or I can be in my head, thinking what I should be doing, disconnected from my body, pushing myself, rushing, racing with time; I have observed that the latter is a common way to work, I have noticed with myself how awful it feels in my body and how tiring it is.

  6. When considering the many ways and reasons we choose activities that we think are what we want for whatever reason, that have no regard for our bodies well-being, then this is a moment to appreciate that we know the difference, and from here the next choice can include our whole body intelligence.

  7. The examples you give Joel of how we override the whole body for the sake of one part are really quite shocking. How is it that we have got to this point that we literally ignore the needs of the body in favour of our wants and desires? Whole body intelligence is always there for us to tune into, but it is up to us to make the choice to connect to it and not to override the bodies needs.

  8. A very strong question Sally; “What pressure does living a lie place on the whole body and your mental health?” Living a lie is to live without truth, in denial of who we are, and therefore is a constant pressure and impact to live out everything we are naturally not. This cannot but have a huge impact on our mental and emotional well-being, let alone the constrictions in our physical body too.

  9. Daily I am reminded of my choices (both loving and unloving) through my body. Through my body, I get an immediate message when something comes up for me to look at, of issues to clear, as well as confirmation when they have cleared, of who I am and where I am from through its natural intelligence. To me not to appreciate or celebrate this would be to not accept and appreciate that one of my greatest friends and allies is, in fact, my amazing body!

  10. Living from whole-body intelligence makes life so much simpler and easier as one is in flow and harmony of the body and thereby with the Universe.

  11. As Plato referred to many years ago, ‘the part can never be well unless the whole is well’. Yet even after so many centuries we have yet to embrace this simple teaching as a society…

  12. The drawing that goes with this article sums it up in a nut shell. You can either feel heavy and bogged down or we can feel light, alive and open depending on which intelligence we connect to. The Universal vibration of truth or not.

  13. It is interesting that we treat babies with such care and tenderness and attend to all their bodily needs as much as is possible when they need it, but as we grow older we do not treat ourselves in the same way. Our bodies still require this level of tenderness and caring, and send us messages all the time, but we seem to think that because we are older we don’t need it and so ignore the messages. But to our detriment though, as one day the messages will be so strong we won’t have a choice and will have to stop because we will end up getting sick.

  14. I love the way whole body intelligence takes everything into account. With equal consideration it includes us, everyone else, the universe, the future that is already coming towards us, universal laws etc. It is way smarter, broader and more harmonious than anything our mind can come up with.

  15. Whole body intelligence is exactly that – the whole body in communication with its every part and the greater body of intelligence it belongs to – the Body of God/ The Universe we all live within and that lives within us all.

    Therefore any part of us that is not in communication with all the other parts and the whole of which it is a part of, is operating under a reduced form of intelligence that is in reaction to, and a fragment of, the greater intelligence it has separated from.

    1. This is gorgeous Liane. You have captured the essence of what whole body intelligence is about so well.
      We are divine Sons of God living less than who we truly are. Our whole body intelligence connects us squarely to our true essence.

  16. Listening to our body is so simple, why is it that we find it so hard and prioritize the mind when the truth comes from our body not the mind?

  17. It has taken me a long time to see that the body talks to me all the time, yet now it is part of a way of living that is a solid knowing. I know that my choices have consequences and I am accountable for those consequences so they come with a responsiblity. I now see that as a gift not a punishment.

  18. So many times I have over-ridden the body, it’s fascinating how much self-harm we can inflict by constantly ignoring the messages from our bodies…

    1. We accept abuse from others because we are willing to abuse ourselves. Change the way we treat and love ourselves and we change what we allow from others.

  19. The mind if let run can be like an evil dictator completely out for itself, in the case of people gaming, there is absolutely no benefit to the body sitting in a chair all that time while the mind is stimulated in checked out land.

  20. What I love about working with whole body intelligence is that the more confident I get with it the less doubt there is in my life, and to start living free of doubt is remarkable and inspiring.

      1. and then repeat, repeat, repeat until . . . we decided to choose again how we treat out bodies.

    1. It really is that simple, feel, feel, feel…. we all have access to the same intelligence if we so choose

  21. ‘Harmony and Love’ provide the platform from which the body movements can be felt so that our true expression can be appreciated cementing the way we move in our Livingness. Then is it possible to move in a way that aligns our intelligence to our body? And if so what impulses this way of moving, could it be our Soul which has always remained as a reflection of God on earth? Then our Soul, which is Harmony and Love must be embodied in part or in full, so we can be connected to true body intelligence to the best of our ability and anything less we are completely open to a way of thinking we are it.

  22. We limit ourselves vastly when we think that our mind is it; whole body mindedness is what delivers a lived, sensed and felt way of knowing what is of truth and what is not. The mind just succumbs to what is normal, accepted and meets the preconceived ideas and pictures of how people and things should be.

  23. Sally this is an excellent blog, thank you for writing it and highlighting just how unintelligent our minds are, to me you have completely unwrapped and exposed the games the mind is playing with our bodies. Somehow been hoodwinked into believing that our minds are more intelligent than our bodies, however science has shown that the body is just as intelligent if not more so.

  24. One simple fact that is a great example of many facts that I have encountered, developing my body awareness and intelligence….”We are allergic or sensitive to a certain food but we eat it anyway and then put up with the pain and reactions that inevitably occur in the body. We do not consider our stomach lining, gall bladder, oesophagus, liver or intestines when we make this choice.” I didn’t listen to my stomach…I do now, its with me, I am with it, I do not discount, ignore or deny areas of my body, I am becoming a whole aware being, not a separated human stuck in my head.

  25. To not listen to our whole body and the wisdom it offers, is missing out on the opportunity for change on the deepest level .

  26. I’ve often heard that we only use a small percentage of our brain so I always thought there was more possibility to expanding our intelligence. What I didn’t appreciate before is that this actually comes from the whole body and not just one part. The body is amazing and the millions of things it gets on and does every day is huge. So it really is a question of when will the way we live, walk,move, eat, sleep catch up with the wisdom we hold within.

  27. Listening to our whole body and all that it communicates to us is an amazing way to live and bring the understanding and love to our life and that of others by reflection.

  28. If I listened to my body my life would be simple and harmonious – so why am I choosing to fit in with the world’s appetite for complication? Is there something I am actually enjoying – the intrigue of being able to create and dictate my life according to my actions, that no matter how obscene these actions may be at times, there is a part of me relishing in the fact I can choose to make them. But there is another part of me that is suffering greatly because of the physical toil and the knowing of how irresponsible I am when I am like this and how much suffering I am effectively fuelling and condoning.

  29. It’s true. A great deal of our behaviour is not very intelligent at all. If all our choices were made from the respect and love for the body our lives and behaviours would look very different.

  30. You’ve described two very different types of relationship we can have with ourselves; 1) where our decisions are based on instant rewards and outcomes, e.g. living in a way where we eat foods which taste the best, do things which earn the most money etc., and 2) a universal approach to life, considering the after effects our choices have on us, others and our environments. Is short term relief really worth long term emptiness, sadness, discomfort or irresponsibility?

  31. ‘We seem to be trapped into a way of thinking that glorifies the mind and the decisions that it makes, but the mind is one part of our body and the decisions often made from the mind demonstrate that it does not consider the whole.’ There are so many examples of when I have allowed my mind to take over at the detriment of my body some of which have been quite serious and I’m fortunate that the results were not more severe. So why do we give so much importance to the working of the mind and dismiss or override the wisdom of the body?

  32. Whole body intelligence does not need a university degree; it lives within us. We can all access it when we listen to the body and not allow the mind to take over.

  33. “…Whole Body Intelligence is always communicating to us…” Yes, agreed, communication that is displayed in a number of ways, from physical responses relating to reactions, to those quiet subtle felt impressions, as absolute as a knowing, a sense, a word, a repeated dream… there are many to discern and pay attention to what is being presented.

  34. The Way of The Livingness all in all is quite simple, but quite detailed in how it applies to life and all that we need to do.

  35. Truth comes from our body, which is always communicating with us. The more I take care of my body the more I connected to it and understand it’s messages, unlike my mind which can take me off on tangents through lies.

  36. Susan, this sentence caught my attention today
    “…but the mind is one part of our body and the decisions often made from the mind demonstrate that it does not consider the whole.”
    To me the mind is very cold calculating and selfish, and we can all relate to this and have stories to tell of just how cold and disregarding to the body it can be. I remember seeing photographs of young women in the National papers who were lying in the streets with very little clothing on in winter after a night of drinking too much alcohol to celebrate the New year. Too me that is the mind being in total disregard to the body, where we can kid ourselves it’s okay to get drunk and the body is allowed to become so cold because all awareness of ourselves and surroundings have been lost. If we listened to our bodies I’m sure it would not put us in such danger.

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