The Cell That I Am 

What if the body of God contained the world as we know it? And not only our world, but the Universe and beyond… what would that look like? 

I began asking myself this as a hypothetical question. The more I pondered the more it dawned on me that there was, in truth, nothing hypothetical about it.   

The next question that followed was if the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?

It was a bit difficult for me to get my head around either question as at first I kept picturing God’s body in the human shape and form and initially I thought “No way!” But as I released the picture I was holding and I opened up to the possibility that the body of God does not necessarily have to resemble that of a human being, I began to consider the plausibility that there could be a ‘body’ of God.  

After all, there are more bodies we refer to than just the human one: we have a body of ocean, the body of a sentence, government bodies, etc. This body of God feels very much a living one, and I began to delve deeper into what this means to me.  

My walk this morning presented the perfect space to go deeper as I looked around me and above me and I could feel the vast presence of what was now, to me, coming to be the body of God. I didn’t see sky above me, I saw space. As I felt into how this space was feeling to me, I had a deep knowing that in God’s body I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.   

Looking at the possibility of being a cell in God’s body amused me because I have never really considered the cells in my own body let alone God’s – for the most part I very much take my own cells for granted but I immediately understood that to God, even the cells in his body are Divine. God is a Divine being in whatever shape or form that may be and if I am a cell in his body it means that I too am Divine. I smiled as I thought “How cool is that?” and I could actually feel the possibility of it.   

The body I am most familiar with is mine and so I related being a cell in God’s body to being a cell in my own. It was so awesome! I could feel that I was a part of this magnificent whole and that without my presence the magnificent whole would not be whole or magnificent. I could also feel how God loves each of his cells equally; he does not prefer or favour one cell over another and that to be held in God’s love is as awesome as it sounds – a returning home to the intimate familiarity of a love that is astounding and all encompassing.   

As I returned to the question I was asking myself: “If the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” I felt myself sobering up a bit. Good question.   

I elaborated on this question, getting a bit more specific: “If I am a cell in God’s body, am I living in a way that makes me a healthy cell or an unhealthy cell?” This to me felt a bit more relatable as in our human form most of us are very familiar with the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells.   

Raising and feeling into this question was not to judge or belittle myself in any way – it was a question that came from a deep contemplative love and sense of responsibility. Realising that this question was being asked in the energy of God’s love, I felt empowered to take a loving, truthful look at what my response would be.   

In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open. To not only take a look at how I have been living up to this point as a cell in God’s body, but to look at and understand how in re-aligning with God’s beholding love any wayward tendencies I may have had can be healed at the root cause and be released. This then allows me to lovingly return to being a productive intimate part of and a loving contributor to the magnificent, Divine whole as the divinely healthy cell that in truth I have always been.     

By Brigette Evans, Re-opening my eyes, heart and inner-doors – all of which had been closed for a very, very long time, Worcestershire, UK  

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354 thoughts on “The Cell That I Am 

  1. Thank you Brigette. A beautiful offering to deepen our appreciation and responsibility that we are all ‘a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.’  

  2. There is a responsibility to be considered in that if we are living in the body of God, are we a healthy cell or an unhealthy cell? I would say most of us are living as unhealthy cells, so have we stopped to consider what effect this would be having within the body of God?

  3. Inadvertently being caught in front of two TV 📺 screens while waiting at a hospital 🏥 as my wife was being admitted, it became very clear the screens were not providing any of the magnificence of God and the people looked like puppets

  4. Having read this article I could feel how we have allowed ourselves to be misled by the many religions that we have and do subscribe to. If we just bring everything back to the fact that God is the space that surrounds us then we cannot but have a relationship with him and so therefore how we move in the space that is the body of God will determine our relationship with him and that we can never stop having a relationship with him. That brings me to a realisation that my thoughts that I have walked away from God is pure illusion because how can I walk away from the space I live in which is God. It doesn’t make any sense.

  5. “In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.” We have no idea of the outcome when we align and say yes.

  6. “I could also feel how God loves each of his cells equally; he does not prefer or favour one cell over another and that to be held in God’s love is as awesome as it sounds – a returning home to the intimate familiarity of a love that is astounding and all encompassing.” I love this Brigette. A deep settlement when I really allow my body to feel this.

  7. There is no question we are a part of God, and starting to understand that as a Soul we are One together, thus One plus One equals One and therefore we are also One with God and “a loving contributor to the magnificent, Divine whole as the divinely healthy cell that in truth I have always been.”

  8. I love this ‘I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.’ as it puts so much into true perspective ✨

    1. We could use an aircraft as an example Vicky; the aeroplane is made up of many rivets, nuts, bolts, shims wires etc., each part goes to make the aeroplane and every piece has a part to play that makes up the whole. We too are a sum of parts that make up the magnificent whole.

  9. “…. I had a deep knowing that in God’s body I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.   ” This is beautiful Brigette. We are a;;unique parts of a jigsaw that make up the universe and every one of us need to complete the picture,

  10. This is a great beginning that we should all be taught as part of our education more important than reading and writing.
    “The next question that followed was if the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?”
    This to me is the building block of life having brought myself back out of self inflicted isolation to remember that we are all held in the body of God. This is utterly fascinating, the space of the universe is the body of God and he holds all the Planets, stars, moons and suns within his Atma. Just imagine how heavy our sun is and this super hot object is held as we are. How magically awesome is that. The air we breathe and take into our lungs is God so how is it possible that we could defile our lungs and clog them up with cigarettes and all the other things we inhale into those delicate lungs that are so delicate because they receive the delicate breathe of God. We take breathing for granted it’s something we have to do but its more than that it is our intimate relationship with God.

  11. Spending the day travelling around seeing loads of people and then reading this, I’m really observing how people are as a cell in God’s body. There is so much waywardness that goes unchecked – well actually everything that is not in harmony does has a correction. I’ve never appreciated this correction before but now I see it’s so needed if the body of God isn’t to become anything other than universal love.

  12. Sounds like a pretty Awesome morning walk to me ✨ It is possible we get either so obsessed with our own body or completely disregard it to even ponder on the far bigger picture of the Universe and Galaxy and what body (as well as our own) we are actually living in doesn’t even enter our knowing or understanding. I love the awareness you have brought here and shared.

  13. This blogs supports me in reflecting on how am I living as a cell within the body of God? Am I a free radical being destructive whilst racing around trying to find settlement? Or am I obedient to the flow that’s always calling us back to harmony.

    1. This brings us to responsibility – cos how we are and behave affects not only ourselves but others around us – other ‘cells’ – regardless of whether they are in sight or not. Our ripples can go out far and wide – we have no idea of the outcome.

  14. I love your willingness to be open Brigette, there is a trust there, a knowing that we are all cells of a large body, much greater than this physical one, and a realisation of a bigger picture, and simply allowing it to unfold.

  15. If we accept the integral part we are in a grand plan then we start to come into relationship with unity and responsibility. We have an innate sense of belonging together but at the moment that is being lived in a divisive way of being in this group or that group (be it down to skin colour, sports choice, university…) rather than keeping our view big and inclusive. Imagine embracing everyone as family, knowing that we are all the same on the inside…

  16. “What if the body of God contained the world as we know it?” And, what if we lived in a way that showed the world the truth of this statement, not to talk it, but live it?

  17. How am I living in the world, the body of God is such a great question. Recently I’ve realised how my attempts at living in it perfectly is such a set up to make disturbances, apologetic ones of course. So I still mess up but I don’t give myself a hard time. Instead I’m asking myself lovingly what’s up, and what there is to learn from my mistakes.

  18. The pictures we hold restrict and cap us from seeing truth. Let go of the pictures and we open ourselves up to truly get to know God and what that looks like and means in our daily lives.

    1. Caroline, I took part in a discussion the other day, a group of women discussing the topics, judgement, comparison and jealousy and we unpacked judgement how often we are judging each other seemingly all the time, how it is such a poison in our bodies. How is it possible to judge another person when we have no idea of them or their past history and yet we do it all the time. when we are in judgement, comparison and jealousy then we are out of sync with God because God is, he loves us all equally no-one is held less so why do we hold ourselves and others less? What lies have we bought into so that we are not living in sync with God?

  19. Given so many cells are completely wayward to the divine order that’s there for us, this brings me to an appreciation of just how magnificent God is, just how loving and so honouring of free will.

    1. I absolutely agree Ariana, as almost “one body” of peoples the Western world has either withdrawn from God to the point of being embarrassed and uncomfortable and dismissive when the term is mentioned, or affiliates to a picture of God which has become fixed in limited, rigid and very human mind based concepts. The questions asked in this article open up new possibilities and dimensions, extend us, deepen our awareness, bring us truly back home to ourselves, give us purpose, and a million new feelings and insights. For education especially what a great thing this would be to present for reflection, and it would merely confirm what younger children already feel and know.

    2. Yes, such unconditional love. Appreciating the amazing magnificence of God, that unbelievers are also loved. Power, awe beauty. Brings me to the responsibility I hold for my part in all this.

  20. I love exploring the reality of being a cell in the world, an integral part of humanity, that, as one, naturally works together in respect of all the other cells. We may be a long way from actually living this but the sense of it is very real and palpable.

  21. We limit our understanding of God and the universe I feel as an excuse to say we don’t know when in fact our bodies do registrar every movement of the earth’s rotation as it traverses in an orbit through the universe. Is it possible we don’t want to feel our irresponsibility and so to not feel the everything we cannot stop feeling we drown out the feelings by using any method possible.

  22. ‘What if the body of God contained the world as we know it? And not only our world, but the Universe and beyond?” Now there’s a show stopper of a question. This should be asked at coffee mornings, universities and all educational establishments. It should be asked in parliament and in churches. But people don’t want to talk about God, it’s not an ‘on-trend’ topic – it needs to be.

  23. ‘how am I living in it and what is my part in it’ How we are living is a really important question to ask ourselves and reflect on as all that we do has an impact on our environment and world.

  24. “If the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” This is a huge question for us all to ponder on what part we play in the bigger picture of the Universe. This makes me pause for a moment and feel it in the cells in my body, to feel our connection with the All.

    1. Helen it’s really interesting to look back and see how via education we have set ourselves up to be individual and not part of the whole. I have been contemplating how the education system encourages us all to look outside of ourselves for the answers and not within, when it is from within that all the answers are given.

  25. This is the inspiration to not get caught in the belief that as one person we cannot make a difference in the world. I am more aware of the impact we have, both from my own reach but also the endless inspiration I feel from others.

    1. We accept that cells make up a body and if one cell is diseased this has an impact on the rest and yet we choose to pretend that we cannot make a difference despite having so many examples to the contrary which are there to inspire and support us to take responsibility for the reflection we offer.

      1. Great point Helen. One bad apple can ruin all the others in a box, yet, as you say, we claim if we are a force for truth we can’t have a similar impact.

    2. Yes, every single one of is needed. Feeling less than is giving away the power I do have in my making a difference. I’m more aware of this too – especially in my volunteering work.

  26. Seeing space as we look at the sky brings multidimensionality to awareness, such a great way to bring this multidimensionality into everyday living.

    1. It is looking up at the sky that I have a constant support/reminder of the vastness of nature. It is definitely beyond my human understanding and whereas in the past that would have troubled me, I now enjoy realising that there is more to life than my human brain can comprehend – it encourages humility and respect.

  27. I used to want to be a cell that was seen, recognised for being different, amazing, standing out in a good way that people approved if and loved. The idea of just being a cell of great magnificence but with no applaud felt pointless and sad, I wasn’t getting what I needed. Just standing out for any reason was better than being invisible. So I’ve done things, even privately but with a mental commentary of, if people knew they’d be shocked, as a way of creating tension and being seen.

    But now I’m enjoying feeling a part of the whole; learning how beautiful it is to be aligned to the magnificence of God whatever other people think, and learning to heal all the small patches of where I do want to be a part from this grandness in an attempt to recreate it myself and take credit.

    1. Karin, I have to ask the question which is why wouldn’t we want to be a part of God, a part of the magnificent universe. Where does this need or desire to be an individual come from? because it is such a lie that we have all fallen for, in the same way that we have fallen for the lie that there is just one life. We have been completely set up deliberately so to step away from the grandness that we are, and instead we look outside of ourselves which creates the emptiness we can never fill.

  28. As a very real and important shift from thinking that I am insignificant as just one person up against all the world’s problems, embracing the responsibility of being a cell in the whole, brings so much sense and purpose to life.

    1. For me in this moment it also brings a feeling of release in my body. I have been feeling slightly off today, nothing specific, just not my usual self. But reading your comment Matilda supported my body to breathe what felt like a very physical sigh of relief. I got to feel how even though I am feeling out of sorts, I am no less a part of the whole.

  29. Today I was reading how the world expands and felt a profound feeling of wow, this love is really it. For years I was a disconnected cell running around in its own spin with little awareness. This felt devastating to be so separate from God. Coming to accept the grandness we are from, is such a thank God moment and I can feel how much I’ve resisted the beauty of this. I’m starting to see this beauty in my everyday life which is amazing.

  30. Every cell, every fibre must come from one source. If it isn’t God then what else can it be? For me it is the same as love, the true love, which contains no emotions is within us all. That love is reflected to us all the time by God, through God and from God, so what are we doing with it, is the question? Reflect or retract?

  31. ” But as I released the picture I was holding and I opened up to the possibility that the body of God does not necessarily have to resemble that of a human being, I began to consider the plausibility that there could be a ‘body’ of God” It is interesting how we try to reduce everything to human level and make God all that he is not, and in doing so, lose the magnificence and stupendousness of what is really on offer. If we did stop to feel this, we would be overwhelmed by the absolute love that is on offer to us every single moment of the day.

  32. I love how this embraces how we are all a part of God and the Universe and how this brings with it deep joy but also a responsibility to explore how we are living and reflecting to others around us.

  33. Thank you, Brigette, for writing down with such common sense what so many keep as a theoretical thought, that we are truly part of God, in Him, all of us. We should have reminders like this blog all over, instead of adverts for all sorts of goods, because it is so simple and close to us and really so easy to feel and know – that we don’t see or feel it because we make it complicated and difficult.

  34. For anyone to be asking themselves what they are contributing to the whole, the big picture, knowing that everything is everything is a great thing and surely leads to greater responsibility which in itself can be a Joy.

    1. Love it Andrew, and we know how well the cells in the body communicate to each other, and that communication between us all is also so crucial as an integral cell in the bigger picture of God’s love.

      1. Yes if the communication between cells breaks down then the health of the body breaks down and likewise if our communication breaks down between people then the health of our society and communties, families, relationships also breaks down.

      2. Yes, love this. If we act like we’re single cells disconnected to one another then they’ll be a lot of disharmony. Today I saw this in the swimming pool. Our ripples go out far and wide, hit the sides and return to us. We even swim back through our wake so what we leave we reap. We have a responsibility to us all.

  35. Seeing myself as a cell in God’s body is heart-warming. Knowing that every cell in my body is made of God is inspiring. Together the responsibility of these truths spark my purpose in life.

      1. So beautifully and simply expressed, Gill and Steve. To explore deeply is to evolve and to evolve is to continue to explore deeply.

  36. This is a powerful expansive inquiry and exploration that lets us know with no doubt that there are no contradictions in placing God, and Science, and Love, and Religion, and Philosophy as equally part of the whole, and part of one another. And that it is wise, simple and astute to do so.

    1. I love that, Henrietta. If you can feel the stillness and spaciousness in and around you that is God’s presence. Very settling and no need to believe because it is deeply felt.

      1. Love these comments. Feeling the stillness, the harmony and love deep in my body- therefore no need of pictures or beliefs about God.

      2. This is an immense sharing to stop and feel the stillness that surrounds us and know that we all live in the presence of God. To think otherwise is to know that we have fallen for the lies that false religions have set up to take us away from God, down a Rabbit hole of spiritualism which is as the name infers all about the spirit and not a shred of God in its meaning, deliberately so.

    2. So true Henrietta – Learning to know what we feel allows us to know without any thinking therefore eliminating belief as this is only a mental construct.

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