The Master Jesus and Building a Body of Love

I remember when I was a very young child, my mother teaching me a little prayer when we prayed together to Jesus each night.

What I remember most is the wonderful feeling of being held lovingly by him (or a presence) whenever I said or heard his name. I attended Sunday school when I was young, although I don’t remember a lot about it except the connection I felt to Jesus.

When I was in first year at High School I was peripherally involved in an inter-school Christian fellowship, attending a couple of camps, where most of my memory is of the lovely bush walks we did in the area. And still the name Jesus resonates with me as a huge part of this memory.

As I grew up, married, and had children, I was not active in church attendance. Our first child was baptised, largely so he could attend a private Christian college that required pupils to be baptised before starting at the school.

When our second child was born we were living in an area a long way from the rest of the family and never got around to a baptism. It did not feel important and still doesn’t. I have never really felt tied to the dogmas of the institutional churches.

It is since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine events that I have again given some thought to remembering the way my body felt when I prayed to Jesus – or even just on hearing his name.

I know that Jesus was one of the very great world teachers that brought through to humanity the amazing LOVE OF GOD. I now know that this Love of God is the basis of my feelings that completely resonate right through my body, especially when I speak Jesus’ name.

Through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I now understand the absolute beauty of building a body of love that Jesus talked of, appreciating that it is within me and I can access it at any time.

Building a body of love begins with ‘Gentleness’ – being gentle in the way I move and do things comes before I can begin to feel the Love that is already there within me. By connecting to this during my day, to the best of my ability, I feel such a huge expansion of love throughout the whole of my body. This is a wonderful way to live, and that love is building evermore as I develop.

I do remember the word ‘gentle’ being in the little prayer I said as a child and it is so relevant to how I am now feeling gentleness in everything I do. However, this way of being and doing goes even deeper for me as a woman – it also encompasses the word ‘Delicate’.

Throughout my day I can feel the delicateness that is in me, from the tips of my fingertips to throughout my whole body. Just expressing and feeling Jesus’ name makes my whole body surrender and expand with love.

And the amazing thing is that the other word that now comes through for me is ‘Powerful’. To me Master Jesus is, and always has been, very powerful – as demonstrated by the way I felt so held by him as a child – and even more so now as an adult. Jesus showed us that we too can be powerful; we just have to let the LOVE that is in our bodies out, and live from that LOVE.

I am gradually putting this into practice: the more I live lovingly towards myself and towards others, the more I feel deep within an amazing Power that is also coming to the surface.

With deep gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for all the wonderful support and love that I have received over the past 9 years. If I had not met Serge, I would not have known how to access the amazing love that I have found within myself.

By Beverley Croft, South East NSW

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676 thoughts on “The Master Jesus and Building a Body of Love

  1. There have been many great world teachers throughout the eons with Serge Benhayon being the current one. Reading this I remember clearly the connection I had when I was growing up with Jesus (Yeshua) well it was many that I could feel were very present and I knew them well but they were not on this plane of life and instead of nurturing this connection I disconnected!!! However, now I am re-connecting this relationship with myself and others I know to be true and allowed myself to feel this while walking to day. It felt really beautifull because with this what I got to understand more is there is zero control here but instead it is all about surrendering and listening to my inner heart.

  2. When I first heard about Jesus from Christianity, every part of me was saying ‘hang on a minute, this guy doesn’t exist’ but years and years later when I heard Serge Benhayon talk about Jesus, I felt I knew him intimately and I felt he was just like you and me.

  3. It is through building a body of love that we re-establish our true expression and deepen our awareness and understanding of our own divinity and interconnectedness with everyone.

  4. Jesus has always been somewhat unreal to me even though I was taught that his birth marked the beginning of the calendar that is recognised as THE calendar worldwide, the story I heard about him just made no sense – so reading your words and feeling the quality of connection you have with him was very beautiful, and I could feel my heart softening and expanding as I allowed it to be felt as the truth of the man. So, thank you.

  5. “Building a body of love begins with ‘Gentleness’ – being gentle in the way I move and do things comes before I can begin to feel the Love that is already there within me.” Very practical advice here about how to connect to the immense love we have within us all. It could be as simple as gently rearranging cushions on your couch, or gently starting your car/putting on your seatbelt, or the way you open a toilet door…there are many simple easy ways we can start to bring more gentleness into our lives. It is a great bridge to love.

  6. ‘Building a body of love begins with ‘Gentleness’ – being gentle in the way I move and do things comes before I can begin to feel the Love that is already there within me.’ This is gold Beverley, thank you for this beautiful reminder of building a body of love that continually feeds us back.

  7. Reconnecting back to our inner selves, we feel the stillness of love, and as we build on this foundation we feel the strength and power of the love we hold, no different to how Jesus felt.

  8. When we connect to the same divine source as the Master Jesus did we are in truth no different than him.

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