The Master Jesus and Building a Body of Love

I remember when I was a very young child, my mother teaching me a little prayer when we prayed together to Jesus each night.

What I remember most is the wonderful feeling of being held lovingly by him (or a presence) whenever I said or heard his name. I attended Sunday school when I was young, although I don’t remember a lot about it except the connection I felt to Jesus.

When I was in first year at High School I was peripherally involved in an inter-school Christian fellowship, attending a couple of camps, where most of my memory is of the lovely bush walks we did in the area. And still the name Jesus resonates with me as a huge part of this memory.

As I grew up, married, and had children, I was not active in church attendance. Our first child was baptised, largely so he could attend a private Christian college that required pupils to be baptised before starting at the school.

When our second child was born we were living in an area a long way from the rest of the family and never got around to a baptism. It did not feel important and still doesn’t. I have never really felt tied to the dogmas of the institutional churches.

It is since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine events that I have again given some thought to remembering the way my body felt when I prayed to Jesus – or even just on hearing his name.

I know that Jesus was one of the very great world teachers that brought through to humanity the amazing LOVE OF GOD. I now know that this Love of God is the basis of my feelings that completely resonate right through my body, especially when I speak Jesus’ name.

Through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I now understand the absolute beauty of building a body of love that Jesus talked of, appreciating that it is within me and I can access it at any time.

Building a body of love begins with ‘Gentleness’ – being gentle in the way I move and do things comes before I can begin to feel the Love that is already there within me. By connecting to this during my day, to the best of my ability, I feel such a huge expansion of love throughout the whole of my body. This is a wonderful way to live, and that love is building evermore as I develop.

I do remember the word ‘gentle’ being in the little prayer I said as a child and it is so relevant to how I am now feeling gentleness in everything I do. However, this way of being and doing goes even deeper for me as a woman – it also encompasses the word ‘Delicate’.

Throughout my day I can feel the delicateness that is in me, from the tips of my fingertips to throughout my whole body. Just expressing and feeling Jesus’ name makes my whole body surrender and expand with love.

And the amazing thing is that the other word that now comes through for me is ‘Powerful’. To me Master Jesus is, and always has been, very powerful – as demonstrated by the way I felt so held by him as a child – and even more so now as an adult. Jesus showed us that we too can be powerful; we just have to let the LOVE that is in our bodies out, and live from that LOVE.

I am gradually putting this into practice: the more I live lovingly towards myself and towards others, the more I feel deep within an amazing Power that is also coming to the surface.

With deep gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for all the wonderful support and love that I have received over the past 9 years. If I had not met Serge, I would not have known how to access the amazing love that I have found within myself.

By Beverley Croft, South East NSW

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654 thoughts on “The Master Jesus and Building a Body of Love

  1. The “feeling of Jesus” can be deemed somewhat abnormal, we may be called weird, some may even assume we’ve lost the plot. Yet every single one of us is aware of energy and that this world is not just a physical reality.

  2. The words; “building a body of love” resonates so very gently through my body when I read and I when I speak them out loud. It feels like as they are spoken they are awakening something deep within me that has been waiting for the gentle wake-up call for such a long time. And I can feel that from that awakening, a sense of purpose is activated in my body and from that purpose the power that is mine to live in every moment is offered to me once again.

  3. How to build a body of love? That is indeed doing everything without perfection, with gentleness and love at least. Unloving acts, like for example swearing, will tear away the energy of love, because we call in an unloving energy.

  4. Once we have felt that holding presence of a Divine Master, such as Jesus, it is never forgotten. Unfortunately we think that we have to ‘get it’ from outside ourselves, when in truth it has always been within us, we feel the essence of the Divine Masters so strongly and clearly, because, inside we are the same.

  5. Gentleness is such a great place to start to build more love in your life. And you can start super simple if you’ve had a history of choosing hardness – you could choose one daily activity and bring a focus of gentleness to it, be that opening a door, cleaning your teeth, cooking a meal, driving your car, going to the toilet, walking etc….and see what happens.

  6. I remember feeling a similar way when I read/heard stories about Jesus and his life as a child. I remember sensing what a great life he lived but could not work out how or why so much harm was done in his name by organised religion. I remember feeling that the man Jesus and how he lived and the Christian religions were not in the same league. And as I grew older I realised that actually there were many world teachers over the years all actually presenting the same message to humanity and that Jesus was just one of them and that I could still connect with and honour what they lived and brought to the world without being in a major so called religious organisation.

  7. It’s such a simple concept but so profound: that we already have, within us, unfathomable access to love, and it’s just a matter of discarding a few layers of protective behaviours and tuning into what’s underneath. Discarding the layers can sometimes feel like an arduous process, because we think that they’re part of who we are.. but slowly, as we connect more and more to what it feels like to be underneath the turmoil of our emotions, and start to see them as layers – not an intrinsic part of who we actually are – we start to see the layers more clearly as just that, and they lose their grip without us even trying.

  8. I don’t think if it were not for Universal Medicine that I too would not have found the amazing love that is within me (and each and everyone of us).

  9. “we just have to let the LOVE that is in our bodies out, and live from the LOVE” – this so resonated with me.

    “The more I live lovingly towards myself and towards others, the more I feel deep within an amazing Power that is also coming to the surface” – this reflection offers others the opportunity to be the same.

  10. Gorgeous to read Beverly, about your connection to Jesus from a young age and how that love resinated throughout your body. As our gentleness in the way we care for ourselves grows so too does our body of love grow, we can feel the expansion of this love throughout our bodies.

  11. The interesting thing about Beverly’s experiences throughout her life with Jesus is how she held that connection with him regardless of any Christian upbringing or teachings. This proves how we all have full access to Jesus and other masters throughout history when we surrender to the love that is within us and connect to them, beginning with gentleness as Beverly has shown.

  12. I could really feel the holding love you spoke of when you heard Jesus’ name. This is a far cry from the often traumatic experiences kids have with religion. I like the way you have realised that it’s not about Jesus or anyone else to provide this loving feeling. We need to build a body of love ourselves. I have also found gentleness to be an amazing way to become more feminine, delicate and tender with myself and others.

  13. Awareness of the power of love, offers an awareness of the power and responsibility to feel and share our Divine love with all.

  14. No mistake I came across this blog this morning. I only just started to read the article bout Yeshua | Jesus that was just published on Unimed Living last night I have not completed reading it because I went to sleep. I tell you what an absolutely amazing story to read on embodying love. As Beverley expresses, I too felt held and the warmth of Jesus’s love. Jesus is with us more than we realise – I sincerely love how he makes his presence known – a glorious servant of love.

  15. One of the best gifts I gave to myself was giving (and allowing) myself support – and in the knowing that I had much clearing and healing to do – I attended the workshops and presentations of Serge Behayon and Universal Medicine, which hugely supported me to make different choices, as I came to understand myself and my old ways and habits were no longer serving me – thus it was time to change.

  16. Yes we do need to let the love out that is within us, but I’d like to add a point that we also need to let the love in. This can be challenging when you’ve put up walls of protection if you’ve been hurt before. This is where, gentleness can be the perfect antidote to that hardness, to support letting the love in and out.

  17. “Building a body of love begins with ‘Gentleness’ – being gentle in the way I move and do things comes before I can begin to feel the Love that is already there within me.” When I feel the delicateness of my touch it reflects to me a true confirmation of where we have come from and who we are and that is truly divine. Our movements hold a quality unto which we can express our true connection to the divine and that is truly incredible.

  18. I spent most of my childhood going to church and hearing about Jesus but never feeling any connection to him in anyway. It wasn’t until I started attending Universal Medicine presentations that I really began to feel the truth of Jesus and then naturally I began to build a loving and true connection with him.

  19. Beverly you raise such a great point that Jesus holds power and that what he showed us is we too hold such power. Thanks to Serge we are shown in such a practical way how to live this power and that it resides in all.

  20. With all the many religions in our world how many serve to confirm the light of God we already are within? For the true message that Jesus shared with us through his Livingness was that we are here to embody who we already innately are, as Sons of God, and live our divine Light on Earth. As you have beautifully shared Beverly, in building a body of love through developing a relationship with our gentleness and our delicateness, we allow our ourselves to be moved by an inner-quality that emanates from the love of who we are, our Soul, the Lightness of our being.

  21. It’s interesting for me that I grew up in a catholic faith, went to church, a catholic school and all the trimmings and yet I didn’t really take in or understand who Jesus was. I knew he apparently did a lot of things then died and then came back again was pretty much my understanding. I knew the way I felt about him was something external to myself. It was like he was no human but a special person, a special man that could never be repeated again. I have more understanding for who Jesus truly is from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, he was indeed a man but a man like every other man and like all of us, he chose to live a way, live a quality of life that supported everything and everyone around him. The miracles as I understand it was that there were people around him that also chose to live this quality and their lives changed miraculously. Jesus and how he was now make sense because I have a living experience of what it was he was doing, he was truly living the quality we all are.

  22. What a beautiful blog Beverly, every time I think of Jesus I get this sense of “it’s okay, you are okay”, it’s soothing and very, very loving.

  23. All so beautifully expressed Beverly, I had goosebumps reading your words. Building a body of love, in a very human and practical way, allows us to see, feel and know the Kingdom of God that resides within us all. This is simply due to the fact we are no longer encumbered with movements that take us away from the essence of who we are and that have shrouded the truly glory we all hold deep within. The absolute truth here is that light of the Christ is within us all regardless of whether we choose to follow a religion or not. As you have so gorgeously stated: “…we just have to let the LOVE that is in our bodies out, and live from that LOVE.”

  24. I have been praying in the church or late at night in my bed when I was a young child but never truly felt connected with myself and my body, it was always a kind of a story that I played out in my mind. Now I know that it is about my connection with my body, to love my body and to feel that inside me is the love of God. We are Sons of God.

  25. It is through gentleness that we connect through our bodies to the same level of love and awareness that many many masters have walked with in the past, for our particles naturally resonate to that which is divine and living against this is an attack on our bodies and a resistance to the pull of evolution.

  26. I remember reading about Jesus in the bible, his tender love, care and compassion for mankind was in stark contrast to the way God was portrayed in the old testament. this was when I thought he was God, today I know him as the Master of true brotherhood holding all mankind with an enormous amount of tender love.

  27. “Through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I now understand the absolute beauty of building a body of love that Jesus talked of, appreciating that it is within me and I can access it at any time.” How wonderful Beverley that you have come to this understanding for yourself, and have started to bring this quality into your life. What is so gorgeous is that everyone gets to feel that quality in you whether they realise it or not, and then have the opportunity to take it further for themselves if that is what they choose to do.

  28. I have never prayed, I had no real relationship with Jesus either growing up, as I was not religious. I do remember as a child building a baby manger at Christmas time and loved the idea of a special baby, I would play games around the concept. Later when I met Serge Benhayon I realised that we are all special babies and special people. I love that Serge explains the true history of Jesus and that he was just a man, a carpenter and a philosopher and that there were many more like him, I could really relate to what he shared, unlike the walking on water Jesus that I had seen on the cross.

  29. I too as a child also loved hearing the name Jesus- I got the impression of a very humble and loving man – very fatherly in his way and very holding of others. There is a warmth and very personable feel with Jesus that I felt was very accessible – very different to how God and Jesus are portrayed by the church. If God is love then that is totally accessible by anyone.

  30. It’s wonderful and powerful to connect to what we know is true for us. To say yes to what resonates and no to what doesn’t, supports my connection and openness to more of what is true and divine in my connection to God and the love of Master Jesus.

  31. When we have those experiences of connection with someone from history, you can’t help but wonder and feel that there is so much more to life and living life that what we physically see and experience. The familiarity with a place never visited or a person never met and we could swear we know them. The truth is we do.

  32. When we are rushed we can become rough and hard in the way that we move – and this can cause a ripple effect that kind of flattens everyone around us with its momentum. But when we are gentle it allows a grace founded on respect and harmony that on so many levels tenderises the harsh world around us.

  33. Jesus taught that love is simple and how we are all the same, not one of us is more, bigger, more powerful than another, we are all Sons of God, there is no one special or chosen. And we are all very capable to rebuild a body of love.

    1. Yes, and it’s a shame just how his teachings have been bastardised to create the exact opposite in the world today. With mainstream religions making it all about somebody else saving us, completely taking away our power and responsibility in everything that “happens to us”.

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