Working for God not Self

From a young age it seems our only real directive is to get on and do well at school: get a good job, buy a house and get married, build a family and go on holidays, eat out, and generally succumb to life.

This enjoyment of life seems to stem from money and how much you have of it, or not. Many profess to being happy without it, meanwhile others need to feather their nest with as much as possible so that they can eventually leave the rat race and do what they want to do.

For a large part of my life I have lived with that inner struggle to get wealthy – otherwise you are missing out, you can’t keep up. Feeling like the rat at the back of the queue, you get very good at inventing and finding means to accelerate yourself to the front of the pack.

I get this image of a rat running and jumping across the top of a long line of rats all shuffling forward, which seems to me to be apt and very close to the truth for me.

How many of us have run on this treadmill? And how many have we trodden on?

What is interesting to note is that this agenda isn’t there when we first arrive, born back into the world. Landing as we do, we come unclothed and unhindered by the material goods that we then quickly learn to engage with.

Is it possible that at some point we start to replace our missing feelings of love with ‘stuff’ to own, in order to fill the gap?

Recently I had a session with an Esoteric Practitioner that allowed me to feel how much the need of gaining more has been such a drain, not only on my physical body, but also on my energy levels – feeling the never-ending wells that have literally drained me of who I am and who I came here to be.

I left the session having a deep sense of belonging, knowing that I was here for a very different purpose to the $$$ –– the $$$ security that we have all been taught makes us someone or something.

I sat with myself and felt that I work for a very different purpose.

I work for God, not myself.

It dawned on me that we are all here to bring the presence of God to all that we do and everyone we know.

Not by preaching, but by Being – simply who we truly are.

Our first job is about being us, with no expectations whatsoever.

The pay is amazing, for we get eternal support. We get to step into the grandness and glory of US in every moment, if we so choose.

I am shown things about life constantly if I stay open and keep saying YES to the work that is constantly provided.

Reflections and guidance through nature and other people are the on the job training that is such a learning and deepening. Every step of the way God has been there waiting for all of us, patiently, and without judgment.

The abundance of life is there truly for everyone – there need not be a struggle.

Inside we know intimately what we can bring to the All. We just have to say YES.

Life feels very different after spending the last decade hearing, feeling and working with the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Thank you. I appreciate the ever-deepening relationship with my Self and our Father.

By Lee Green, business owner, Melbourne, Australia

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1,792 thoughts on “Working for God not Self

  1. More and more I am coming to feel that my job is simply to be a fleshy portal for God and that’s it. ‘I’ don’t actually have to do anything other than stand back and watch the magic of God do the rest.

  2. We have so many pictures around what ‘working’ actually is. A picture that’s common to most of us is that work is something that we only choose to do because we need the money, but that condition doesn’t apply when we’re working for God. One day we will all be working for God and we will do it because there is nothing more that any of us wants to do. We will be doing it for the sheer love of it and the absolute love of Him.

  3. Being ‘patient and waiting’ are two things that God doesn’t do, these are human traits and don’t exist in the immediacy of God. Sure we like think that God is waiting for us but He’s not, He knows we’re Him already, there’s nothing to wait for. God’s expansion, waiting is a contracted state, a stalling, God just wouldn’t and doesn’t wait.

  4. Reading this blog again I was caught by the words
    ‘Every step of the way God has been there waiting for all of us, patiently, and without judgment.’
    In a Nano second I got to feel how we are taught from an early age the complete opposite, that God judges us and some religions have God as being wrathful, vengeful and not someone to get on the wrong side of.
    So we need intermediaries between us and God. I have known since I was a child this is complete bunkum. We judge each other, God does not. God is pure divine love. There is not a speck of judgement in his entire body which encompasses our universe. And when we reconnect back to this love we know this to be true.

  5. “Is it possible that at some point we start to replace our missing feelings of love with ‘stuff’ to own, in order to fill the gap?” I feel this is entirely possible. Looking at the myriad of things we can do and consume to avoid that feeling of emptiness leads us to load up with even more stuff, most of which can drain us of energy.

  6. I can’t express how much I loved this – “The pay is amazing, for we get eternal support.” Money up or money down, at the end of the day, I want to be buried with my heart in tact rather than a pocket full of cash.

  7. There is such a chasm in the quality of life between functioning for security and living from a quality that is about love and truth. We all yearn to find or connect with the latter but find it incredibly hard to let go of that need to put security ahead of truth.

  8. Thank you Lee, adding to what you shared, is that to have appreciation it is first and foremost on a scale of deepening our association with God, and to appreciate is to understand we are a Soul-full being first and human second.

  9. The moment we consider that our movements, and that may be physical, emotional, verbal, non-verbal, that everything we do and say matters, then we are aware that we are working for something grander than the world we can see with our eyes.

    1. Yes Lucy – living in this awareness certainly supports with the bigger picture. From there it is about learning to deepen in that awareness as we learn to let go of the need to be an individual.

      1. The more we learn we do not need to be an individual the more we see how much fun and fulfilling it is to be part of a team, working to a common purpose.

  10. ‘Our first job is about being us, with no expectations whatsoever’ This reminds me of how we are led astray from very young to believe the only thing that matters is what we do, not who we are on the inside. I feels a like a crime against humanity to not be given the guidance and tools to support a truer way of living away from drive, ambition and competition.

  11. ‘we are all here to bring the presence of God to all that we do and everyone we know” This simplifies life and takes us away out of the drain and strain lane. This way feeds us and equally feeds others too.

  12. Yes, when you work for God there is no start or end to the contract, it’s a rolling contract with no hours. The pay is amazing and unquantifiable and the respect offered to staff is the same as the respect in senior management. That needs to be our normal.

  13. Money security is something many of us struggle with. My whole life I professed that I don’t need money & it’s just a tool of manipulation so I want nothing to do with it. With some arrogance, I thought I was above it and I didn’t want to look at my relationship with it, but at the same time I always struggled with keeping my balance above 0. Even when my parents were supporting me financially while at University. As soon as I had to manage my finances, things just went down the drain and I had no idea where my money went each month. Then I went very strict and wouldn’t spend anything on anything, I became stingy and counting every penny – that didn’t work either in boosting my bank balance – at the moment I am learning the importance of investing my money into myself – wisely, choosing the products i spend it on & where it goes. I’m not making it about being scared of spending too much, but deciding on whether to spend money if something supports me or if it does not. Let’s see what impact that has on my bank balance.

  14. I am starting to see how we are fed a fear of security and a need to fit in regardless of the impact on our mental and physical health. This is not done consciously, it has just been done that way for so long that we don’t question it any more. We simply mould ourselves to fit in. How wonderful, and I have to say what freedom, to realise you are not born with a requirement to mould yourself into something you are not. You are you and what you bring is something no-one else can bring, own it and celebrate it so the rest of the world can do the same.

    1. Yes we are moulded, as many of us accept “his is the way it is” and has always been thus.! How refreshing to realise it doesn’t have to be this way at all and to rediscover the freedom of making new choices.

  15. The urge to do what everyone else in society is doing which seems to be all about making money, keeping it, and feeling secure because we have it, is to me, quite frankly nuts. We seem to live in a society that is all about money and profit. I feel it is a horrible way to live because it is so draining. Everyone seems exhausted and fed up, so why do we keep pushing ourselves? Surely there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing?

  16. Someone needs to get me a mop, I totally melted reading this! Just what I needed to read today, the joy of bringing God to all we do just by being ourselves.

  17. Working for and with God we can feel we are being inspired to be more, and we are never asked to be more than we can handle because we are already that and more.

  18. “It dawned on me that we are all here to bring the presence of God to all that we do and everyone we know.

    Yep – that is it – that is what we are here to do. And I love the addition of no preaching, just being ourselves.

  19. Gorgeous blog Lee .. I love the bit about being ourselves and having no expectations -> the richness of the world is thou out within. So often I am interfered with a distractional thought. It parades itself as though it now owns me BUT, I have just have to remember I work for God! Job is done through the simplicity of being honest to the regard in how I am feeling – no perfection, just the being.

    1. So true and it also takes whatever pressure we feel off. We are doing our bit and we must do that in full to ensure we are doing our bit for that grand stupendous whole. For example can you imagine the parts of a car having a crisis of confidence about being able to change gear or accelerate and the impact that would have on the whole?! I can, and it is not pretty!!!!

  20. We put the cart before the horse by making human life, physicality and security our primary focus. As soon as we do that we are already disconnected from God and our true selves – which are the true riches of the universe.

    1. Knowing we are already everything and being able to feel this from our own connection to our soul and to God certainly changes how we are in life and with people, and the purpose for being here.

    2. And it’s not even dependant on having a job. I have felt recently that there is a possibility that I may lose my job one day but if I did then it would have no bearing on my ability to bring God through my body. Being a portal for God is something that each and every one of us can do regardless of our personal circumstances.

      1. Important to remember that we work for God in every second of every day, whatever we are doing, if we so choose.

  21. When we work for the All, we not only work for God but also ourselves and everyone else. No one is left out of this equation. This is true service and it is never a chore and although we sometimes may find certain aspects of this way of living challenging, in-truth it is only the letting go of a certain pre-established way of doing things that is difficult and never the work itself, which I find is always an immense joy.

  22. We live in a world where we have made at times “our father” to be someone we give our power away to. But this is our greatest fall. For we are just like our father and by doing so we ignore our own truth of where we come from – that is God.

    1. Bringing back purpose and responsibility into our live, ‘that we are all here to bring the presence of God to all that we do and everyone we know.’

  23. Working for self really doesn’t pay off – it may do so in money or material value but where is the fulfilment? The contentment? The settlement at the end of a day at work? This comes from something else, something within that is constantly there reminding us that life is more than what it seems.

  24. ‘I work for God, not myself.’ – a statement to grow with every day until it is a living truth in every breath.

  25. This article reminds me that, we do always work for something. All of us. There is always a drive or a motivation to work – be they practical or energetic – there is purpose behind everything. And I suppose the key here is to begin to explore one’s intent, because this will ultimately define the nature of one’s purpose – or maybe it is the other way around? I am not sure, but I do know that we turn up for work for something, and that that something is not always inclusive of love.

  26. Our purpose for being here on earth is to work for God so as to contribute to the all, but many of us choose another employer so that we can shirk this responsibility, and just take care of what is in our own back garden.

    1. Well summed up Elizabeth – exposing the fact that our creation away from God is what blinds us. Not being able to truly resolve that which we know is not true in our world today.

    2. Taking care of our own back yard has become the norm. A 360 degree shift in consciousness is needed to understand the true purpose of life is much grander: it has nothing to do with us and ‘self’ but everything to do with God, our own inner Godliness and whole of humanity.

  27. We are led to believe that the greatest commodity in life that brings us happiness and power is money, and so we measure our degree of success and fulfillment on the amount we have. However if this were in fact true why do we have such extreme discontentment in the world and especially evident with those who have loads of money. For the truth is that there is a far greater commodity that when lived for, offers us the greatest returns and fulfillment with riches that surpass anything in the world. When we work with love, we work in connection to our Soul and with God as such with whatever we do, we are a reflection of His light on earth – illuminating that which we all are in essence.

  28. If our true purpose is in living us each day, responsibility in life takes on a whole new meaning than we have made it to be.

  29. When we open up to the fact that life is about more than stuff and really is about how we are with ourselves and how we are with people … are we evolving or are we in fact just accumulating stuff and to what end, for at the finish of life we take our quality with us, how we are with us, with our relationship with God, so why get bogged down in stuff.

  30. Beautiful Lee, I keep reading about reminders of how we come into the world with no need for security, it’s a good thing to be reminded of and how full we actually are simply being.

    1. We move away from God, and try to ‘do’ life, ‘Is it possible that at some point we start to replace our missing feelings of love with ‘stuff’ to own, in order to fill the gap?’

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