Working for God not Self

From a young age it seems our only real directive is to get on and do well at school: get a good job, buy a house and get married, build a family and go on holidays, eat out, and generally succumb to life.

This enjoyment of life seems to stem from money and how much you have of it, or not. Many profess to being happy without it, meanwhile others need to feather their nest with as much as possible so that they can eventually leave the rat race and do what they want to do.

For a large part of my life I have lived with that inner struggle to get wealthy – otherwise you are missing out, you can’t keep up. Feeling like the rat at the back of the queue, you get very good at inventing and finding means to accelerate yourself to the front of the pack.

I get this image of a rat running and jumping across the top of a long line of rats all shuffling forward, which seems to me to be apt and very close to the truth for me.

How many of us have run on this treadmill? And how many have we trodden on?

What is interesting to note is that this agenda isn’t there when we first arrive, born back into the world. Landing as we do, we come unclothed and unhindered by the material goods that we then quickly learn to engage with.

Is it possible that at some point we start to replace our missing feelings of love with ‘stuff’ to own, in order to fill the gap?

Recently I had a session with an Esoteric Practitioner that allowed me to feel how much the need of gaining more has been such a drain, not only on my physical body, but also on my energy levels – feeling the never-ending wells that have literally drained me of who I am and who I came here to be.

I left the session having a deep sense of belonging, knowing that I was here for a very different purpose to the $$$ –– the $$$ security that we have all been taught makes us someone or something.

I sat with myself and felt that I work for a very different purpose.

I work for God, not myself.

It dawned on me that we are all here to bring the presence of God to all that we do and everyone we know.

Not by preaching, but by Being – simply who we truly are.

Our first job is about being us, with no expectations whatsoever.

The pay is amazing, for we get eternal support. We get to step into the grandness and glory of US in every moment, if we so choose.

I am shown things about life constantly if I stay open and keep saying YES to the work that is constantly provided.

Reflections and guidance through nature and other people are the on the job training that is such a learning and deepening. Every step of the way God has been there waiting for all of us, patiently, and without judgment.

The abundance of life is there truly for everyone – there need not be a struggle.

Inside we know intimately what we can bring to the All. We just have to say YES.

Life feels very different after spending the last decade hearing, feeling and working with the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Thank you. I appreciate the ever-deepening relationship with my Self and our Father.

By Lee Green, business owner, Melbourne, Australia

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1,605 thoughts on “Working for God not Self

  1. ” Inside we know intimately what we can bring to the All. We just have to say YES.” when connected to our inner essence we know without a doubt what we are here to bring to this world, saying yes to our being-ness allows us to reflect to others that we are so much more than the physicality of this body and this life.

  2. For me working for God is simply being with God – how joyful! Sharing love and truth, being joy, enjoying harmony with all, and moving from stillness – now that is a pretty awesome job description!

  3. It seems like we spend our life feeling empty, wanting to be fulfilled, trying to get somewhere, be someone, while completely ignoring the fact that we are already enough. God keeps reminding us we are that, yet we keep coming up with ‘what about this/that/the other?’ What if we are able to simply surrender to what we are, totally and utterly, then what would life look and feel like? I have not done that for a very long time. Something very much worth exploring.

  4. Where do I apply for this job, as this sounds like a job that will last for life times? This is a unified truth and no judgement sets the tone for our evolution, so well done Lee.

  5. Until meeting Serge Benhayon meeting there was constant search in my life to fill a feeling of emptiness and not being enough. The change of no longer feeling that has not been over-night but the feeling of no longer needing to search was. Since then it has been a steady building of confirmation of self-love, appreciation of myself, the knowing that I am enough in myself and with that an ever-deepening connection with God. This has come about because of “hearing, feeling and working with the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine” and their loving support.

  6. It’s amazing how persistent the feeling of lack can be. In the case of money it is an ever-present feeling of anxiety combined with jealousy and resentment for those that have it. Massively ugly on all counts and only serves to perpetuate and magnify those feeling within.

  7. When we move in a way that expresses our inner connection we are choosing a movement that not only supports our bodies but also then supports all and it is held in the quality of energy we are choosing. These movements then become loving choices that not only support all but bring an amazing quality of who we are to the fore. This is then how we bring true service and then God is felt and expressed by our every movement, a pretty heavenly way to live.

  8. Finding a true esoteric practitioner, so we ‘get to step into the grandness and glory of US in every moment, if we so choose’ is the greatest movement we will ever make.’ So if we look into the ‘grandness and glory’, it is a way of living that is felt with no elation but a simple connection that is constantly there as a divine feeling. When we are opened up to our divine connection there is a full-ness that is felt in the heart and when this is maintained we become re-connected (religious) with the Soul and this is a complete lack of emptiness so we feel our true ‘grandness and glory’.

  9. “Is it possible that at some point we start to replace our missing feelings of love with ‘stuff’ to own, in order to fill the gap?” You are spot on Lee, there is no question this is what we do, although many other things we do to fill that gap come to mind as well… we get busy, we strive to achieve and make ourselves ‘a name’, we say yes to relationships that are not truly supportive, we get married and have our 2.4 children with a white picket fence, we travel the world… and the list goes on. A life of true fulfilment comes from a deep connection with who we are as a Son of God and all that is impulsed from this connection.

  10. It is insane really, when we honestly consider the amount of effort we invest into going around and round incessantly trying to secure a state of attainment through what we do, all the while the true sense of fulfillment we seek already exists within through our connection to who we are, in which we discover that a life of true enrichment is possible by surrendering to being ourselves. As you wisely shared – ‘Our first job is about being us, with no expectations whatsoever.’ We are sparks of God as such we are the representation of God incarnate, here to shine the light of all that we are in this world we are born into.

  11. Everything in this life indicates us that life is about progress and we jump onboard and try hard to make it happen. Making progress our number one goal is something that taint all spheres of life.
    If we make life about ourselves first and foremost, we buy into the idea of life being a race and us having to perform. A very poor vision of life and what it has to offer.

  12. I love the sense of purpose that is available to us when we come back to our greatest job in life – to work for God. As you say, the support is immense, truly the best employer. The benefit scheme is full of practical support that means we can work right up to our passing over – no retirement or holidays – no need, there is simply the one consistent expression.

  13. Thank you Lee for the reminder of how important it is for us to constantly remember that our true purpose here on earth is to work for God and not self. When we all choose to work for God then we will restore harmony here on earth, and the first step towards arriving at this state, starts with each of us remembering and living our true purpose in each and every lifetime.

  14. An amazing person I know said – what if just waking up is our job? And I love that, what if our job is every moment of the day and not just confined to 9 to 5, and we always have work to do from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed – and what if that work is much grander than any organisation or business or profession?

  15. ‘Inside we know intimately what we can bring to the All. We just have to say YES.’ So true Lee, I know when I say yes I have got the ‘self’ out of the way and connected to the bigger purpose at play – everything just seems to flow with simplicity and ease then.

  16. Knowing we work for God changes life quite dramatically. There is nothing to prove, earn or be recognised for. It is simply in how we live.

  17. I find it an amazing exercise if I ask myself when I’m doing something if this is how I would do it for God, for example if I’m chopping vegetables, or preparing dinner, or the way I make my bed, would I do it the exact same way for God? It shows me without fail where I compromise.

  18. That is gorgeous Lee, I am understanding every day more and more of what working for God is and how this in truth is eliminating self – as we are one big mass of light (even though we have all separated in individual parts,the essence remains) and we are naturally being pulled back together.

  19. Sure we in general have an investment in the physical life and are in the belief that that is all there is in our lives, and from that way of living I do understand that there is a tendency to own stuff. But what if we are actually divine, as we are, and the material world is only there to reflect back to us that we are so much more and have to return to a way of living that suits our being and brings true purpose to our lives. Then we will still need physical subjects in living our lives here on earth in a physical body but not to possess these but instead for these to bring us that reflection for our continuous evolvement back to Soul.

  20. It brings a truly enriching purpose to life to know that everything we do affects everyone and so we can either choose to live in a way that is in consideration of the all or we can seek something just for ourself, in whatever form we want that return to be…

  21. There has been a discarding of thoughts, beliefs and pictures of what I thought would fulfil me and as I read this blog it dawns on me there is some more discarding of what feels like an old belief that is in the future that may never arise. This belief and many others are what I feel shared beliefs that can get in the way if we allow them to, created purposely to delay the connection to ourselves and to God. What more do I need other than to serve God through the connection to my soul.

  22. “Inside we know intimately what we can bring to the All. We just have to say YES.” And in saying YES we begin to solidify our purpose to the all and make everything we do, say, walk etc about the simplicity of our connection to who we are and then bringing that expression with the best of our ability to all. That is pretty special and brings true purpose to the fore. Life is about saying yes and enjoying the unfoldment that expands thereafter.

  23. ‘Our first job is about being us, with no expectations whatsoever’ Through being us in full, we are automatically working for God.

  24. ‘I work for God, not myself.’This a very beautiful sentence.
    Reading your blog Lee gives space in my body, in this same connection, I so deeply can feel.

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