A Bridge between Conventional Medicine and the Esoteric

by Sylvia Brinkman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (English 2nd Language)

I can write a million things to express the beauty of the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

But for today I want just one thing to express.

To know about me – all my life I am very much interested in the medical industry.

I didn’t study medicine because of different reasons, but I love always to make a kind of bridge between medical and the “why things happen in the body”.

I always love to see the connection from what is going on in my body, to how I created that in my body (I’ve had many surgical operations in this life).

I work already 15 years in between doctors and nurses as a therapist and manager in the health industry. What I noticed directly when I started to attend the courses of Serge Benhayon is that many times there sits a woman in the front, (mostly next to me because I love to sit in the front too, it helps me because my English is a second language and being so close helps me to focus). Her name is Eunice and she works full time as a doctor/surgeon in Ireland.

What I notice is that she is not sitting listening and taking Serge’s words as fact, not at all, she is challenging Serge the whole time. Eunice is always asking questions to Serge coming from the conventional medicine side that make him stop and explain things further in relation to esoteric/energetic medicine. At the same time Serge also challenges Eunice in her knowledge of conventional medicine. And what I notice is that Serge loves this challenging by Eunice. He is 100% open to learn from her skills and to add them together with what he knows to form a higher truth. It is obvious that Serge feels that they both work together, the energetic truth and conventional medicine.

I have heard Serge say many times… “We are all students”. I can see the way Serge stands there so humble, so open to learn even when what comes out of his own expression of truth is already so amazing, beautiful and truthful.

I see there a doctor (a surgeon) and Serge (as teacher of esoteric medicine) keeping each other awake and learning… for the good of all.

In almost every teaching Serge mentions (I’ve known him 4 years now) he always mentions working together with the medical profession. That it is important to work together.

Even this week in an email response to me from Serge in reference to my conditions, Serge wrote… “Sylvia, make sure you seek medical advice”… esoteric and conventional medicine work together. That’s what I already had felt to do, and I did seek medical advice but I also realise through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have to feel/listen to my body and to connect with what’s going on, feel for myself why I may have the symptoms. So it means that I too take responsibility to work together with the doctors to heal the condition. The doctors support me with what they can do and I help myself by being honest and willing to feel what created the dis-ease in my body in the first place.

I know and have experienced that those two things working together will heal my body.

And if I look to the world and see how illness rates are climbing I feel we have to look a little deeper within us to bring a change to our lives and the world.

The sessions I have with the practitioners of Universal Medicine offer so much support and I always feel more connected in my body after a session, I can feel what is really going on and a true love that is inside me.

There has never been one ounce of not being pro-medicine in Serge Benhayon’s presentations. The opposite is what I have observed. He loves to work together with conventional medicine.

And that makes an amazing beautiful bridge between two worlds becoming one.

166 thoughts on “A Bridge between Conventional Medicine and the Esoteric

  1. This “bridge” between Esoteric Medicine and Conventional Medicine that Serge Benhayon has been developing for many years now is, for me, a bridge that is bringing the missing piece to the complete healing of illness and disease. Conventional Medicine does an amazing job and the advancements in treatments is huge, but humanity is still getting sick, with a level of well-being in most people way below what it could be. That is where Esoteric Medicine has the biggest part to play as it gets behind the symptoms to the root cause of the issue, and once found the true healing can take place. This union has the power to change the face of medicine and healing, as we have come to know it.

  2. I very rarely see in the media reports of illness and disease rates dropping but rather they are rising. So while conventional medicine gets smarter and more advanced something is missing if the illnesses and diseases are still hanging around. This is where I too have experienced Esoteric Medicine being the perfect compliment to conventional medicine because it brings the understanding and the root of the why we have the condition and the conventional helps support the healing and removal of the end result.

  3. We are multidimensional beings, and it shows in the connection between esoteric and conventional medicine, we need both to truly heal. Esoteric medicine to heal the energetic source of the problem, conventional medicine to heal our physical body, the symptoms that arise through the ill energy we sometimes choose to live with.

  4. “I see there a doctor (a surgeon) and Serge (as teacher of esoteric medicine) keeping each other awake and learning… for the good of all.” – I love this, how we can genuinely challenge each other to keep learning and growing, not from a place of attacking each other but being open and sharing our perspectives and real queries for the evolution of humanity.

  5. As I finished today my 3 day workshop of Esoteric Massage I can say that it was again a deepening of understanding the body, the physical symptoms and anatomy with the energetic quality which is found through whole the body. Amazing teachings and healing on personal level and a gift to bring home to my clients as a new level of massage which supports the body deeply.

  6. That’s what I love about the Universal Medicine teachings they always confirm the power of the Esoteric Modalities alongside Western Medicine to bring true healing to the body.

  7. That is the beauty of helping humanity in all the conditions we now face. Conventional medicine is a must but there is also a need to look at why we get all these conditions in the first place. Otherwise we will just keep on building and building this mass dam that will eventually overflow and then we will have what we will call catastrophe, so working together we must, and be open to change the way we live, so that our way of living builds up a body of health instead of a body with disease.

  8. It is beautiful how conventional medicine and esoteric medicine come together, together to support the healing of illness and disease, they provide a deeper and true understanding of what is going on in the body. We have a choice in the outcome of our body in the choices we make in the way we live.

  9. I agree Sylvia, with disease and illness rates rising it would be beneficial for conventional medicine and esoteric medicine to work together, this gives people more insight into how their condition developed which can then support taking responsibility to make choices that promote good health and wellbeing. I know for me a combination of both conventional and esoteric medicine has given me amazing health benefits including a marked reduction in pain related to a chronic health condition, and increased vitality.

  10. Universal Medicine teachings are profound yet simple. For example’ ‘Life is medicine’. Where else are we shown that to seek cures is not the only answer but finding the root of an illness might be and that true medicine is not exclusively found in a bottle or pill but lives within us? We have the power to change the course of our health by taking responsibility for it and re-learning to treat our bodies with utmost respect, care and love. Living medicine means we are in constant relationship with our bodies: stop, listen, feel, respond to the messages it gives us. This working alongside conventional medicine is a true partnership.

  11. Thank you Sylvia, it is very refreshing when we embody the understanding that we are all students of life and are here to learn from every situation that is presented to us to be more and evolve to who truly are.

  12. “I did seek medical advice but I also realise through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have to feel/listen to my body and to connect with what’s going on, feel for myself why I may have the symptoms. So it means that I too take responsibility to work together with the doctors to heal the condition.” – This is brilliant Sylvia, the responsibility that you took to work with conventional medicine and not just expect it to deliver you a magic-cure-all-pill or fix-it without looking any deeper at your way of life.

  13. Esoteric Medicine is the application of yourself taking responsibility on what is going on in your body. It’s feeling and discovering why you have a feeling or pain. It’s a beautiful science and your own personal unfolding with what is true in your body and what is not.

  14. “I can see the way Serge stands there so humble, so open to learn even when what comes out of his own expression of truth is already so amazing, beautiful and truthful.” I see this too Sylvia – every time I attend any presentations in person or watch them on a webcast. There is absolutely no arrogance, superiority, one-upmanship, Serge presents in the steadiness and authority that his connection to his own body provides but he is always open to going deeper, to evolving, and he stands there as an equal with all.

  15. Sylvia thank you for sharing your experience with Serge Benhayon. I find this bridging between Conventional Medicine and the Esoteric also very important as it is a key for true healing for me. It needs both to reduce the increasing illness and disease rates as until now the Conventional Medicine could not – even with all their wonderful advancement – reduce them.

  16. It makes complete sense that esoteric and allopathic medicine do indeed become ‘one’ Sylvia, as medicine for humanity was rightly designed to be – written about in the wisdom of our forefathers such as Plato. And in sharing your own experiences here, you’ve perfectly encapsulated this wisdom as your own when you say: “…I too take responsibility to work together with the doctors to heal the condition.”

  17. Although we may have a penchant for blaming ills that befall us upon external forces ‘out of our control’, there are yet few people I know who wouldn’t agree at some level that the quality in which we live, the lifestyle, choices and level of love expressed and received in our lives, all has an impact upon our health. How often do we realise we’ve gotten sick as a consequence of being run down, that we’ve hurt ourselves because we were being negligent, that our pancreas is suffering to the point of diabetes due to the sheer scale of refined sugars in our diet…
    We do know that in order to truly heal, there is a role we ourselves play – conventional medicine is an absolute blessing, yet we ourselves with the assistance and awareness offered by Esoteric Medicine, can go deeper… to look at why and how we may be contributing to our ills, and seek to restore a level of harmony within our being once more. I’d say – as you celebrate here also Sylvia – that we are entirely worth it.

  18. Conventional medicine and esoteric medicine working together with the patient taking responsibility for their part in the healing process just makes sense. We all have to work together as one to heal the ills of humanity.

  19. The esoteric and conventional medicine go hand in hand yet I didn’t use to feel this way. I totally dismissed conventional medicine before I became a student of The Way of The Livingness thinking that there was always an alternative approach to any illness or condition trying out various herbs, alternative healing and homeopathy. Although it has taken me some time to embrace conventional medicine I do not hesitate to seek medical advice for myself and my children and this is thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  20. I love two points in this blog, firstly that we are always learning and even the presenter is always learning if they’re are open and humble, and secondly that the marriage between medicine and conventional medicine is vital, they both need each other equally for us to understand and heal all our different health problems, together they provide us with a complete picture and a proper step for us to move forward from.

  21. It is like we have an inner and an outer landscape, a micro and a macro cosmos, it always feels true to me that they need to be both be attended to, without one the other is not complete. Esoteric and Conventional Medicine feels like a marriage now that I am learning from, as well as letting in both. It feels joyful every single time I allow more of Conventional Medicine in my life (which I resisted for many years), it feels like I have matured and am taking more responsibility for myself, and letting more of my myopic-ness go, it feels so beautiful to let more of the world in, it is a reflection of an expansion I feel within myself.

  22. I love to re-read my own blog as it heats my heart as it connects me deep with the enormous love Serge Benhayon commit himself to serve humanity. In such a humbleness with endless deep dedication.

  23. There is such joy in deeply caring for oneself – this includes going to the doctors when needed, how we dress, eat, walk, work and move through life. Every movement we make can be medicinal and towards healing or we can move in a way that cripples our ability to express love and truth.

  24. Thank you Sylvia for your wonderful and inspiring sharing. What a amazing role model Serge Benhayon is for us with his love and inspiration he shares with us all.I have never come across a greater Teacher of The Ageless Wisdom.

  25. Thank you, Sylvia for sharing what you observed in Serge Banhayon and Eunice’s interactions. I have been to many workshops and courses other than Universal Medicine’s and can easily imagine any other teacher/presenter finding such challenges extremely uncomfortable, and possibly wanting to see those attendees as difficult or even nuisance, and ignore/exclude them. It is very inspiring and beautiful to feel how it was the true care and love that they both were after, and never about who is right/wrong, one opinion fighting another.

  26. This humbleness you speak of Sylvia has always struck me with Serge Benhayon also. He is probably one of the few people I have heard speak who speaks with great authority and wisdom but also with incredible humility and equality. I have always found him open to learn more and welcomes and truly values others genuine challenges and contributions as he knows the science of relationships and that we are all stronger together than we are on our own.

  27. When we are willing to bring a greater awareness to our illness and disease and question openly if our lifestyle choices are truly supporting our health, well-being and vitality we then can come to a position where true and long lasting healing can occur. Esoteric medicine and the esoteric healing modalities combined with conventional medicine have in my experience transformed my state of health as I no longer suffer from chronic reoccurring throat and chest conditions or back pain. Through esoteric healing and the willingness to be honest about the choices I was making in my life combined with the support of conventional medicine I was able to arrest the momentums that were harming me, let go of the hurt I was living with and as such compromising my well-being, allowing who I was in essence to come life with a vitality and awareness that I continue to enjoy and live with today.

  28. Serge Benhayon often signs off a message with ‘The forever student, Serge Benhayon’. Life cannot be but a playground for learning through the reflections that come our way but I have found that I have had to remind myself of this fact many times (which is becoming less) that I am a student and will always be at those times when I have been way too hard on myself for slipping up. Being a student and seeing myself as a student of life takes the pressure of me which I have put on myself to get everything right. There is no such thing as perfection so striving for perfection is nothing but an excuse to separate myself from who I truly am and God.

  29. Coming to understand esoteric medicine from the teachings of Serge Benhayon have transformed how I approach my own health. I used to wreck myself then expect the medical profession to fix me, after all I paid my taxes! But esoteric medicine taught me that I have to play my part in caring for myself and healing myself, then I give the medics the best possible body to work with rather that a body that is riddled with disregard.

  30. It makes absolute sense that conventional medicine and the esoteric work well together and truly complement each other, one to heal the physical body and the other to heal the root cause on an energetic level of the ill way we have chosen that reconfigures our body to separate from our innate rhythm and true quality of being.

  31. What is interesting is that a lot of new age alternative medicine practitioners think that Western Medicine is the problem and they openly bad mouth and frown upon anything that is not “natural”. Ironically these types of gurus and groups are left alone but Universal Medicine is constantly challenged for being something it is not and some very misleading articles have been published over the years about Universal Medicine claiming to heal cancer and all sorts of crazy things that are completely untrue. My experience of Universal Medicine for the last 12 years has every step of the way been pro Western Medicine and encouraged self responsibility – they are the reason I have such regular check ups at the doctors, keep up to date with paps and breast checks – for UM leads the way world wide when it comes to self-care.

  32. I just arrived back from an amazing retreat held in the UK by Serge Benhayon. We talked during those days also about all the increasing illnesses in the world. Which shows us that even we are very advanced and clever with the development of new medicines we did not get to the core of the problem we have as humanity. To evolve towards or backwards to the love we all come from we have to wake up and start to look into our lives and feel into our own bodies, what is supporting our health and which makes us ill. We can not just put that responsibility with the doctors. Nowadays doctors experience a lot of pressure on them That is not ok. We have to take our own part and work together with them. We are not victims. We are the creators of all illnesses we experience.To claim that is the start of true healing in which it is much more easy for the doctors to support us.

  33. What this article presents is true to all relationships, we are always offering and learning from each other. As is presented here Serge Benhayon is a leader in this way and offers this to everyone. It’s no surprise to see this from him as this is my experience in all my interactions with him, no matter who the audience is. In being a consistent student of life you learn and listen to so much, as with most conversations more is being said beyond words then is being said by words. When you open yourself up to what is going on behind the scenes like this you bring more and more understanding to everything. Before this living approach I was lost in the world and trying to survive from one day to the next, now it’s a joy to wake every morning to see what is going on next. Being a student has you always exploring life and not trying to control it and others.

  34. Self care is not only lovingly nurturing the body, it is also taking responsibility for all the choices we have made and the consequences we feel in the body, and when needed accept the medical treatment that is on offer as part of our healing. In the past I only wanted to use what I felt was natural, and prided myself on not needing a doctor, this has changed as I have needed surgery and now appreciate what the Medical system has to offer.

    1. Thank you Jill, you have expressed so beautifully the foundation of self care “Self care is not only lovingly nurturing the body, it is also taking responsibility for all the choices we have made and the consequences we feel in the body.”

  35. Universal Medicine brings a powerful message: we belong together and have to learn how to work together for the sake if all. It just does not buy into anything that divides us. This applies to any realm of life.

  36. I love the description of Serge Benhayon and Eunice Minford. I have been witness to their interactions and their challenging of each other is done with such joy and respect.

  37. The combination of Western Medicine and the Esoteric Healing Modalities offer true support and healing to the body. I love that Serge Benhayon has always been pro-medicine and is open to always expanding his knowledge and learning from others.

  38. Thank you Sylvia, Serge is very open and respectful with everyone. I agree with you on this line regarding the escalating illness and disease rates – “illness rates are climbing I feel we have to look a little deeper within us to bring a change to our lives and the world.” There is much more to us than just our body and genetics, we also have an inner being. Who we truly are as a being (and whether we live that or not), and how we feel has a huge impact on our daily choices and therefore on our health and wellbeing.

  39. It’s amazing how far we have come in our medical advance – we can ‘fix’ a lot with technology, surgery and medication. But, this doesn’t help why we are ill in the first place – this is where Universal and Esoteric Medicine comes into play.

  40. Just back from another month in the Uk full of workshops deepening the subjects about the body, the effects of our behavior on our organs, the true meaning of our organs in energetic way,. Deep healings ways getting offered to us and all who are ready.

  41. There feels a huge connection between conventional and esoteric medicine, it makes sense to me. As I was growing up I understood death was being the person’s karma but I didn’t entertain the fact that we create the disease on the first place.

    What you have shared here is of importance ‘the doctors support me with what they can do and I help myself by being honest and willing to feel what created the disease in my body in the first place’ – this is taking healing at a whole new level – responsibility and placing your part in the ‘breakdown’ of the body – I love this statement.

  42. Universal medicine offers a truly proactive approach to our health and wellbeing and this is one of the things I love about it. With health services across the world struggling to deal with the demands, being proactive in our own self-care and wellbeing is pure common sense…and truly complementary to our conventional methods.

  43. Now adays I see Eunice sitting mostly in the back, I am sure that this is not because she wants to be able to run away fast. I can imagine she is now deepening the teachings by having an overview and to see what the effect is on a whole group of people who choosing to take responsibility about there own health. And to see the interaction in which the togetherness in this room builts to new levels of awareness how all has an effect on our body. This should be a joy for every doctor in the world. This will also take away the pressure of all the demands that doctors should solve all our illnesses. We have a important role to play in our healing and work together with them.
    I still love to sit in the front 🙂

  44. I agree Sylvia, we have to look deeper within us to feel what is really going on so we understand the nature of the dis-ease within our body and to be able to take responsibility for the way we are living first so that we are able to equally embrace our part in looking after and healing ourselves.

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