A Bridge between Conventional Medicine and the Esoteric

by Sylvia Brinkman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (English 2nd Language)

I can write a million things to express the beauty of the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

But for today I want just one thing to express.

To know about me – all my life I am very much interested in the medical industry.

I didn’t study medicine because of different reasons, but I love always to make a kind of bridge between medical and the “why things happen in the body”.

I always love to see the connection from what is going on in my body, to how I created that in my body (I’ve had many surgical operations in this life).

I work already 15 years in between doctors and nurses as a therapist and manager in the health industry. What I noticed directly when I started to attend the courses of Serge Benhayon is that many times there sits a woman in the front, (mostly next to me because I love to sit in the front too, it helps me because my English is a second language and being so close helps me to focus). Her name is Eunice and she works full time as a doctor/surgeon in Ireland.

What I notice is that she is not sitting listening and taking Serge’s words as fact, not at all, she is challenging Serge the whole time. Eunice is always asking questions to Serge coming from the conventional medicine side that make him stop and explain things further in relation to esoteric/energetic medicine. At the same time Serge also challenges Eunice in her knowledge of conventional medicine. And what I notice is that Serge loves this challenging by Eunice. He is 100% open to learn from her skills and to add them together with what he knows to form a higher truth. It is obvious that Serge feels that they both work together, the energetic truth and conventional medicine.

I have heard Serge say many times… “We are all students”. I can see the way Serge stands there so humble, so open to learn even when what comes out of his own expression of truth is already so amazing, beautiful and truthful.

I see there a doctor (a surgeon) and Serge (as teacher of esoteric medicine) keeping each other awake and learning… for the good of all.

In almost every teaching Serge mentions (I’ve known him 4 years now) he always mentions working together with the medical profession. That it is important to work together.

Even this week in an email response to me from Serge in reference to my conditions, Serge wrote… “Sylvia, make sure you seek medical advice”… esoteric and conventional medicine work together. That’s what I already had felt to do, and I did seek medical advice but I also realise through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have to feel/listen to my body and to connect with what’s going on, feel for myself why I may have the symptoms. So it means that I too take responsibility to work together with the doctors to heal the condition. The doctors support me with what they can do and I help myself by being honest and willing to feel what created the dis-ease in my body in the first place.

I know and have experienced that those two things working together will heal my body.

And if I look to the world and see how illness rates are climbing I feel we have to look a little deeper within us to bring a change to our lives and the world.

The sessions I have with the practitioners of Universal Medicine offer so much support and I always feel more connected in my body after a session, I can feel what is really going on and a true love that is inside me.

There has never been one ounce of not being pro-medicine in Serge Benhayon’s presentations. The opposite is what I have observed. He loves to work together with conventional medicine.

And that makes an amazing beautiful bridge between two worlds becoming one.

181 thoughts on “A Bridge between Conventional Medicine and the Esoteric

  1. Conventional medicine and Universal medicine aren’t opposites but colleagues that bring a whole approach to the body which involves practitioner and client equally. It’s a beautiful relationship where each angle respects the other.

  2. Isn’t it amazing, we try to protect ourselves by making our body hard through hard movements.
    It makes our body ill.
    Then later we become aware that this way of protection never worked. The only true protection is love. And that’s very healthy for our body 🙂

  3. I love bridges…. and I have walked my own journey and crossed back and forth the bridge between the medical industry and Esoteric healing when I became ill 7 years ago. It turned out to be a sound decision that saw me sail through my illness – breast cancer, because of the understanding I had gained of the energetic cause of breast cancer from Serge Benhayon, and from that understanding, I held the intention to heal the root cause of my illness and expose all that was false in my life which was about letting go of old forms of behaviour and ingrained patters of being; ( hardness and protection and keeping people at a safe distance), and reimprinting and choosing a more loving way to be with myself and hence with others.

  4. ‘We all are students’. I love it. This statement is very humbling and honouring at the same time, because to learn we need to have the impulse to do it first, and this impulse comes from our inner knowing that there is a greater truth to be revealed. The way this truth is revealed in Serge’s workshops is really empowering , because everyone brings their part in that revelation whilst at the same time there is not ownership at all. These sharings are great reflections of what life, wisdom and brotherhood truly are.

  5. I agree Sylvia, Serge Benhayon is very pro medicine. Seeking the guidance and support and skill of Doctors and other health professionals is always encouraged. This does pay off too. I know prior to attending Universal Courses I worked in both Nursing and Complementary Healthcare and rarely did I see a doctor or even a dentist and my health was rather suboptimal. This has changed for me now and my health has agreed with the change to. I enjoy seeing my doctor and appreciate very much her care and suggestions for my own health. I always knew that complementary healthcare and traditional medicine could work very well together. But never saw this being applied until experiencing Universal Medicine courses and healing sessions. For these assist to support my inner connection and sense of well-being, which can only support anything that I may need to see the doctor for.

  6. ‘I did seek medical advice but I also realise through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have to feel/listen to my body and to connect with what’s going on, feel for myself why I may have the symptoms.’ Absolutely Sylvia, conventional medicine offers us a lot, and the more we listen to our body we automatically know how best to support it.

  7. I have long felt that conventional medicine was not the answer and spent many years avoiding it and completely gravitated towards complementary medicine. It was through Serge Benhayon’s presentations that I was able to see my reaction and that I was avoiding my responsibility when I kept looking out for the answers, trying out different modalities/therapies. It makes perfect sense that we make the best of whatever is available, but we ourselves are the key part in every healing process.

  8. I love to re-read my own blog as in the simplicity of the writing is so clear how it is all about taking more responsibility ourselves with the symptoms of our body. The chat together when we meet Should be About why so many people need to take pharmaceutic medicine. Yes, Great it exist in a way but does it also keeps us in the comfort of not looking at why we become more And more ill. Is there something we need to adress?
    What if we make the quality in which we move in daily life our first Medicine?

  9. Instead of the many so called new age therapies, which Universal Medicine is not, Serge Benhayon clearly supports that next to looking at what energetically caused a disease, and take responsibility for that, we should seek help to treat and cure the symptoms of a disease as they play out in our bodies.

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