It’s all about Living Naturally

by Annelies

Universal Medicine is all about a commitment to a way of life, living naturally from our inner heart. To say I follow Serge Benhayon, NO WAY… I live the life that I feel is true to me. Are Serge Benhayon and his family, or indeed anyone who lives from their inner heart an inspiration? YES. And that is what the world needs – more people who are living in a way they feel is true, so that other people around them can see and feel that they are more naturally loving, joyful, vital and self empowered.

Six years ago my partner came home from a Chris James course he had attended, with a new breathing technique, saying, “you do not need anyone or anything outside your inner heart to tell you what is right for you, everything is there in your inner heart”.  This was the Gentle Breath Meditation as inspired by Serge Benhayon.

At the time I totally resisted this. We were followers of a guru – yes, a real one – and I did not intend to let it go. You could say I was really nasty to my partner, accused him of being selfish etc.etc.

But he was just going on with his gentle breath meditations, and after a while the name Serge Benhayon was mentioned, the first book of Serge Benhayon appeared in the house and later on he started to listen to the audios from Universal Medicine.

In a few months I could feel and see changes in him: he was more open than ever, less irritated when he came home after a day’s work, more loving to himself and our family and definitely more vital than before.

After years of doing all kind of new age courses and workshops like Reiki, Yoga, training in intuition, Gestalt therapy, rebirthing, bodywork, etc, I never felt or saw a real change that had stayed in either myself or him.

Slowly, slowly I began to question him about what Serge was presenting. And he always just answered my question, no more no less.  So I started to try the gentle breath meditation for myself, and after doing that for the first time ever in my life I had the experience of being able to stay connected with myself whilst around others.

I had always absorbed other people’s emotions, adjusting to the energy of others and suppressing my own feelings. Always trying to fit in, doing what people expected from me, trying to be liked.

This had made me a very mental, frustrated, anxious person. I was having migraines, feeling tired from pleasing others – that was my life.

So now I was the one reading the books, listening to the Universal Medicine audios, and our life together developed into choosing a life that was and is, simple and natural to us.

We felt to change the way we were eating and drinking, sleeping, working etc., just because, in the process of becoming more self loving, we became more aware of what our bodies were telling us. We were and are learning to trust our feelings, knowing that we have a choice in every split second of every day.  (“The best medicine is how you live on a daily basis” – Serge Benhayon).

Why was I resisting in the first place? Living naturally in this way makes you responsible for everything you do, say and think, you cannot blame anyone. I had not made very loving choices in the past and this had an effect on everybody, to take responsibility for that… well let’s say this is not always easy… simple but not easy.

This was the start of a new way of living, individually and together, sharing this love from inside out with the people around us, our children, family, friends, colleagues etc. And this is an on-going process. (And I had not even met Serge Benhayon yet.)

After the first year we both started to visit the workshops and courses that Serge Benhayon presented in England. For the last three years our children have come with us. We take the opportunity to have sessions with the amazing practitioners from Australia to support our way of living as well. And of course to be inspired by the immense love that Serge is and lives. To be inspired by all the people who have made this same choice. To enjoy and celebrate who we truly are.

Thank God for Serge Benhayon and his (extended) family for their endless love for humanity.

234 thoughts on “It’s all about Living Naturally

  1. It is all About Living the most true way we know deep in our hearts. When we choose to connect we are able to live in our natural way, bring responsibility to all that we choose.

  2. Annelies what you have shared shows the power of a true reflection. Even in your strongest resistance to what your husband was sharing with you, you could not discount the changes you saw in him. This shows your willingness to see truth and love to then get honest with how you were living. Amazing family reflection you all are.

  3. Annelies, your blog is a beautiful account of what can occur when one person starts to re-connect with their truth….the ripple effect expands and is felt by all those around them, some of whom may also choose to re-connect with their truth and thus the ripples grows larger and larger. This just goes to show how powerful we become when we are connected to our truth.

  4. Again, this time round it all started with one man, Serge Benhayon who is showing us the way and through his way of living he inspires thousands and thousands to reconnect to that same light he is connected to, as that has been there burning in our hearts all of the time.

  5. Amazing Annelies… To have come to this: “…for the first time ever in my life I had the experience of being able to stay connected with myself whilst around others.”
    The knowing of oneself, and how to remain connected with oneself, not ‘bleeding into’ or losing ourselves in others, whilst remaining absolutely open and connected with others simultaneously, is the greatest blessing. How amazing that you brought this to your own life, through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and his work – shared freely with all – and felt how simple and profound this can be.

  6. We all know truth deep within our hearts, that the quality of our lives depends on quality of choices. When we choose to connect with ourselves we naturally feel a responsibility to the way we live and what we reflect to humanity.

  7. Annelies,
    I love that you could see and feel the changes in your husband, and that you responded by wanting to know more. This says to me, that no matter how you may have lived, you knew a true way once you felt it. Amazing how deep inside we already know innately who we are.

  8. It is more rare in a marriage that you hear of a man taking the first steps towards a personal healing and growth that can typically be viewed as challanging or confronting for men, so I wanted to say that you must have a pretty amazing husband. The fact that you have gone to workshops togther as a family is very beautiful and I hope to meet you all in person one day as you sound like a very inspiring family.

  9. My experience of Universal Medicine is that it is about living naturally and ‘following’ the innate wisdom of our bodies, rather than any diktat imposed by another. And it works as Annelies has shared here.

  10. Annelies yours is an inspiring story indeed. I too appreciate the presentations of Serge Benhayon which give me a true choice from which to evaluate how I am living and feel the consequences. Before hearing his presentations I was groping around in the dark, seeking answers from everywhere, but no one else spoke with such clarity and from lived experience, nor did their ideas resonate so deeply with my own innate knowing.

  11. It really is the love of humanity that sets Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine apart. It is always first and foremost about the all. Never have I experienced it being about individuals, which is so completely different to what I have witnessed and experienced in the past.
    From the outside, it can appear that Serge is being followed, because his name is used so often, but it’s actually not that at all. He is willing to stand up for truth no matter what, and all of the time, not just when he feels like it, and in the face of all the attacks he gets from those who’s feathers have been ruffled. So he stands out…and so he should.

  12. ”The best medicine is how you live on a daily basis”. Reading this, my whole body responds by melting into itself because it knows the truth of how to live in a way that allows Love to be expressed, towards myself and everyone else.

  13. It is so beautifully amazing that when we become more self loving, choosing to treat ourselves in a very tender and respectful way, that the times we do not stand out so clearly so it doesn’t take too long to realise that it is time to bring in even more loving changes into our lives. One of the most standout consequences of choosing to truly love myself is that I can now hear my body speak to me so clearly, and instead of ignoring its messages as I did for so long, I now chose to listen and act on the wisdom that it shares in every moment; this to me is what I now consider to be “living naturally”.

  14. Reading back my own words ”To enjoy and celebrate who we truly are.” O yes, there is so much to appreciate and celebrate in our lives. And Serge Benhayon has not disappointed us, on the contrary his livingness, his wisdom and his love for all of humanity are forever growing and inspires us in every way possible.

  15. “you do not need anyone or anything outside your inner heart to tell you what is right for you, everything is there in your inner heart”.

    If anyone presents that you need nothing but to truly know yourself, then you know that they are the real deal, for there is no agenda in this type of teaching.

  16. A beautiful sharing Annelies on the power of reflection and how your husband’s loving choices began to inspire you to also make similar choices. Well done for eventually embracing what was on offer and for learning to deepen the connection to yourself and to your partner – now you both become powerful reflections for many others.

  17. Thank you for sharing your journey to being in the Livingness Annelies. What a beautiful outcome for you all as a family and I totally agree that Serge Benhayon and his extended family are nothing short of amazing and truly loving human beings!

  18. Inspiring to read of the changes that can occur in our lives and those around us, when we make the choice to live naturally as impulsed from our inner heart.

  19. “So I started to try the gentle breath meditation for myself, and after doing that for the first time ever in my life I had the experience of being able to stay connected with myself whilst around others.” I had a similar experience and also realising that I could actually breath (determine) my own breath and that it was ok to be the master of my own breath.

  20. “To say I follow Serge Benhayon, NO WAY… I live the life that I feel is true to me.” Serge is a great reflection of true livingness and he inspires us all. He has shown us a way to live a life that feels true to us, making choices that feel true to our body, discerning energy before making choices.

  21. I like how you say it is “simple, but not easy” to take responsibility for our choices. As it takes a commitment to constantly be willing to accept more responsibility, could it be this alone that we react to so much? That already we know how responsible we can be, but are easily swayed from it to avoid the next level of responsibility being felt and known?

  22. “I never felt or saw a real change that had stayed in either myself or him.” – the choice from the inner-heart. The choice comes from within so the change is tangible and felt. A choice made from sophisticated knowledge or ideal can change or offset another ideal but the feeling is pushed deeper inside covered up by a new belief you have now created. There is certainly a difference to live from your inner-knowing via The Gentle Breath to an outside intelligence that does not support true natural change.

  23. Sadly taking responsibility for our lives, and the quality of those lives, is not something as a whole that humanity has embraced. You though, have so clearly shown that by acknowledging that your life is your responsibility, that it is possible to turn around the way you live, and although at times it is not easy, it is actually quite simple.

  24. Annelies what I love most from your sharing is your simplicity and honesty – for me this is simply infectious. It is an invitation to feel that life is not about control and bashing but a way of letting go and self-loving.

  25. Re reading my own blog today made me aware that taking responsibility for our own life is quite something, sometimes it is so easy to let it slip and to take a break of living responsibly. The more I realise that every movement I make has its effect on someone else and on the whole the more I activate myself to live what I know is true in every moment.

  26. There is nothing ‘airy fairy’ about Universal Medicine or what the teachings present. After being into new age modalities myself, and just sinking further away from the truth of who I was, it feels COMPLETELY different to be living the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Here I am re-learning responsibility, how to live by understanding the world of energy we are part of and connecting to the love and harmlessness within, which is the same and equal in all.

  27. Yesterday I slipped into what felt like an old behaviour of wanting to please. On reflection I realised I immediately felt an imposition but instead of observing I reacted. As I begin to live in connection to myself incidences like this are beginning to stand out and although I reacted yesterday I became much more aware of the fact that I knew exactly what was going on… I simply needed to make a choice to be loving and stay with me.

  28. “This was the start of a new way of living, individually and together, sharing this love from inside out with the people around us” The teachings of Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom offer a way to return to the true love that we come from.

  29. ‘…in the process of becoming more self loving, we became more aware of what our bodies were telling us.’ Yes, this is exactly what happens when you begin to be more self loving, caring and appreciative of yourself. Certainly in my experience, my awareness has become far greater for what works and does not work for me.

  30. When love is expressed naturally from the body it is felt and there is no doubt where it has come from but when love is expressed from the head because it is what I should do or how I should live it feels very false and I can feel it is not from a genuine source. This in my opinion is what makes Serge Benhayon unique as the love expressed comes from his body and is a reflection of the loving choices he makes through the way he chooses to live in each moment… this is what I am inspired by.

  31. I love this line: “Living naturally in this way makes you responsible for everything you do.” What if our natural way is to take total responsibility for ourselves and our actions and everything we put out into the world? How would today look like if we made that call?

  32. What a beautiful story. I love how you gradually opened up to the possibility of living another way by observing your partner, and then your children making the same choice as well – there’s a very beautiful sense of coming together.

  33. I first experienced the gentle breath mediation after my first session at Universal Medicine where when I got home I decided to try it. It was at this point that my life changed as I realised that there is an exquisite quality within me that I could be living with. I truly felt that exploring this quality within, this connection to who I am, was the ‘more to life’ that I had been searching for. And beauty of it all is that it was always there simply waiting to be connected to.

  34. I met Serge very briefly in 2004 and had a very strong message from my soul that this was the real thing. This feeling kept returning to me time and time again and I pushed it away each time accusing myself of being crazy. Then my daughter gave me some of the Arcane project audio to listen to and I listen to this for over a year, looking for fault but being unable to fault it. Only being amazed at the truths it was teaching me, but truths I could test by living and seeing whether they were true or not. At first I expected to discover that they were not true but the more I tested the more I discovered that they were the unadulterated truth.

  35. There is great wisdom in this sharing, for one to not stay locked in a belief but to be open to change if you feel it is true is an insight into how can we all adjust our lives, especially if we notice that how we are living is destroying us.

  36. One of the many things I enjoyed from this article is how you described you initial reaction after your husband came back from a Chris James workshop, and when you did begin to ask questions, the fact that your husband never got over zealous, got excited or shared to much supported you to come to things in your own time, its a credit to the love you and your husband hold together.

  37. This is a great example of the power of reflection one can offer when living from their inner heart. Walk, live and breathe the change we know is true, and the pull to follow this truth will follow.

  38. With more self love, more awareness grows, of how our bodies are feeling giving us the opportunity to go deeper in our livingness. So beautiful that your partner only gave you what you asked, no more or no less allowing you your own journey of discovery, upholding you by his self loving reflection.

  39. This is one of the main things that has been refreshing for me, “I live the life that I feel is true to me.” This then, when it comes to what lands in front of you, is the ultimate reflection for what you have chosen. No one had ever offered me the keys before and going further actually mapped it all out for me to see if I wanted. It brings a real joy to how you walk when you know that every step you are taking, if true, is bringing with it more and more to see and more and more awareness of what is going on. When we appreciate this fact then each step keeps expanding into the next and before you know it the meaning of life has made a change before your very eyes.

  40. There is a huge difference between being a follower and following what your body tells you is true. In the first case, the ‘follower’ is essentially an empty shell and uses that which is provided with to give his/her life a seeming meaning. The follower and who he/she follows have a clear arrangement whereby they use each other for each one’s own purpose. In the second case, it is about discovering that the body is an amazing registrar of what is true and what is not and simply a willingness to keep walking checking with your body and observing what happens to you when you do. The latter is the kind of inspiration that Serge Benhayon offers to those who are willing to be more (which only means be more themselves).

  41. I love how steady and committed your husband was even when you were uninterested and almost against what he was doing. Testament to what is presented through Universal Medicine about letting others be where they are at, and loving them regardless of what they choose.

  42. This is a testament to the Way of The Livingness and the power of reflection. It was the changes in your partner that made you sit up and take notice. It was not what he said or did, only his way of living that got your attention. This is the same with Serge Benhayon. What he says is super powerful but this is because it is backed by what he lives and how he moves.

  43. “The best medicine is how you live on a daily basis” – Serge Benhayon. I love this quote as it reminds us of how our choices are key in life and can support us to live with true health and well-being on a consistent basis.

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