It’s all about Living Naturally

by Annelies

Universal Medicine is all about a commitment to a way of life, living naturally from our inner heart. To say I follow Serge Benhayon, NO WAY… I live the life that I feel is true to me. Are Serge Benhayon and his family, or indeed anyone who lives from their inner heart an inspiration? YES. And that is what the world needs – more people who are living in a way they feel is true, so that other people around them can see and feel that they are more naturally loving, joyful, vital and self empowered.

Six years ago my partner came home from a Chris James course he had attended, with a new breathing technique, saying, “you do not need anyone or anything outside your inner heart to tell you what is right for you, everything is there in your inner heart”.  This was the Gentle Breath Meditation as inspired by Serge Benhayon.

At the time I totally resisted this. We were followers of a guru – yes, a real one – and I did not intend to let it go. You could say I was really nasty to my partner, accused him of being selfish etc.etc.

But he was just going on with his gentle breath meditations, and after a while the name Serge Benhayon was mentioned, the first book of Serge Benhayon appeared in the house and later on he started to listen to the audios from Universal Medicine.

In a few months I could feel and see changes in him: he was more open than ever, less irritated when he came home after a day’s work, more loving to himself and our family and definitely more vital than before.

After years of doing all kind of new age courses and workshops like Reiki, Yoga, training in intuition, Gestalt therapy, rebirthing, bodywork, etc, I never felt or saw a real change that had stayed in either myself or him.

Slowly, slowly I began to question him about what Serge was presenting. And he always just answered my question, no more no less.  So I started to try the gentle breath meditation for myself, and after doing that for the first time ever in my life I had the experience of being able to stay connected with myself whilst around others.

I had always absorbed other people’s emotions, adjusting to the energy of others and suppressing my own feelings. Always trying to fit in, doing what people expected from me, trying to be liked.

This had made me a very mental, frustrated, anxious person. I was having migraines, feeling tired from pleasing others – that was my life.

So now I was the one reading the books, listening to the Universal Medicine audios, and our life together developed into choosing a life that was and is, simple and natural to us.

We felt to change the way we were eating and drinking, sleeping, working etc., just because, in the process of becoming more self loving, we became more aware of what our bodies were telling us. We were and are learning to trust our feelings, knowing that we have a choice in every split second of every day.  (“The best medicine is how you live on a daily basis” – Serge Benhayon).

Why was I resisting in the first place? Living naturally in this way makes you responsible for everything you do, say and think, you cannot blame anyone. I had not made very loving choices in the past and this had an effect on everybody, to take responsibility for that… well let’s say this is not always easy… simple but not easy.

This was the start of a new way of living, individually and together, sharing this love from inside out with the people around us, our children, family, friends, colleagues etc. And this is an on-going process. (And I had not even met Serge Benhayon yet.)

After the first year we both started to visit the workshops and courses that Serge Benhayon presented in England. For the last three years our children have come with us. We take the opportunity to have sessions with the amazing practitioners from Australia to support our way of living as well. And of course to be inspired by the immense love that Serge is and lives. To be inspired by all the people who have made this same choice. To enjoy and celebrate who we truly are.

Thank God for Serge Benhayon and his (extended) family for their endless love for humanity.

302 thoughts on “It’s all about Living Naturally

  1. The Gentle Breath Meditation was my realisation that there is so much more to being human than being human.

  2. The end result of anything we engage with shows what its integrity is. For me working with Universal Medicine has meant I have become more loving with myself and others and healed many traumas within myself, which has led to more joy and vitality in my life. Many of the modalities, and New Age or spiritual books and audios I used prior to Universal Medicine led to no true or lasting change in my life, and some things actually made me worse. In some instances, things I engaged with felt helpful but they were actually just distractions and providing temporary relief as they could not support any true change. What I’ve found with Universal Medicine is they have supported my reconnection to my soul and from that connection, I know how to bring more love and healing to my own life.

  3. A few key words struck me whilst I read this blog, ‘living naturally’ and ‘inspired’. Often people think we are followers, yet those words are the reason why people appreciate Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. They simply inspire us to live in a way that is innately within us all.

    If we truly feel how we feel after doing something, whether it is eating, drinking or going to bed late, maybe we will realise that it isn’t the way, or supportive for our bodies. It is only through experimenting for yourself that we realise about these things.

    When we actually attempt many courses, gurus, workshops etc and none get to the core of it, then its always worth looking at the why? What’s going on? Is it me, or is it the courses, workshops, or gurus?

    I found the same and in that none made any differences, probably just touched the surface of it all. Until I was inspired, they just happened to be called Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, it could simply be someone else.

  4. “After years of doing all kind of new age courses and workshops like Reiki, Yoga, training in intuition, Gestalt therapy, re-birthing, bodywork, etc, I never felt or saw a real change that had stayed in either myself or him.” It is that living proof that shows the validity of what Serge Benhayon presents and that it is just a choice whether one discovers this for oneself or not.

  5. When I was a kid, I just so hated being told what to do – it could be anything from when to go to bed, helping out with house chores, or doing homework or it really could be anything. It’s not that I didn’t want to do whatever the activity, I just hated the dictation and the control I could feel in those commands. I just wanted to be left alone, and be trusted that I knew what to do when and how for myself, and that I didn’t have to do it according to someone else’s ideal but be allowed to find a way around in my own timing.

  6. I enjoyed very much reading your sharing Annelies. The way your partner stayed with you even you both were making different choices speaks about an exquiste respect towards you. Coming accross Universal Medicine was your absolut choice, no one told or invite you to join in. Love how you step by step, in your own pace, discovered a new way of living that feels natural and very amazing. I can relate about that. Thanks for sharing with such honesty.

  7. I love reading your blog again, Annelies. The process you experienced is very earthy, personal and relatable at the same time. It seems that you discarded what was not working in your life and went to the essence, connecting deeper with yourself and others.. and you did it from a personal choice of embracing life responsibly, so I can’t but appreciate your brave and honest decision, as well as all the blessings that have come into your life since then.

  8. Thank you Annelies, I enjoyed reading this again. I can understand your comment about seeing the true and lasting changes in your husband. When I began studying with Serge and Universal Medicine I could not believe the changes I was feeling in myself, changes that were lasting that I continued to build upon. There are so many untrue pathways, modalities, philosophies, etc, that can temporarily make one feel good but they fall flat with providing a practical way to make real and lasting change in life that comes from within. This was my experience with spirituality and the various alternative and complementary therapies I tried before coming to Universal Medicine. What Serge presents is true and lasting change, as it comes from the love within, and it happens at our own pace as we are students of ourselves.

  9. It’s definitely a different way of life living from the inner heart. It’s that still, quiet, loving place within ourselves. We all equally have it but we may not be connected to it. I find both the Gentle Breath Meditation and using the gentle breath throughout my day, helps me to stay connected to myself and to feel my stillness. I’ve really been noticing that when I’m not connected to my essence and soul, that’s the true stress, along with my reactions to life that take me away from me.

  10. To listen to Serge Benhayon present is the most loving thing I can do. “And of course to be inspired by the immense love that Serge is and lives.” Of course, after that and equally so is to love myself in the same vibration.

  11. Following a guru is maybe an option only if you have no clue that there is something your body feels totally at ease with; something that is totally natural to you which will change your life if you align to it.

  12. In any presentation I have attended of Universal Medicine I have never ever been told what to do or how to live and never asked to follow or join anything. I enjoy the presentations because they present a way of life that supports a deeper inner connection with my own wisdom and intuition so I can make the call about how I feel I want to live to enjoy a fuller, more vital and joyful life. So far everything that has been presented on these workshops has worked beautifully!

  13. I really appreciate that you can say how much you reacted to your partner wanting to change. We don’t like to admit when we are not behaving kindly but it is the only way we can let go of past behaviours.

  14. Being more loving in how we live what we consider the basics of our daily life such as the way we sleep, eat, exercise and interact with others is the foundation of all that we do. Unfortunately all too often we get distracted by the complexities and fast pace of the world around us and tend to forget this fact and take the basics for granted. This in turn disrupts and quality of everything we do.

  15. We can react to people around us who show us that the way we are living every day is not it. It disturbs our comfort zone, it asks us to truly think outside of the box we’ve placed ourselves in and If we’re honest, we can admit that that’s the last thing many of us want to do.

  16. A beautifull expression Annelies and I reiterate this ‘Thank God for Serge Benhayon and his (extended) family for their endless love for humanity.’ Reading this what I felt was gosh how off track have we as humanity been and currently are, in that we are not connected to our truth each and every way each and every day.

  17. We can be inspired and in fact we often and do need that inspiration, that’s how we support each other, and this is what Serge Benhayon does superbly, no dictation, just a presentation of a way of living and being that is love first, truth first always and then you do what you do with it, and so people get inspired and choose to live this for themselves. This is the power of true reflection.

  18. I think this is a big one for us to read because we don’t often consider that there is a way to live that is natural for us. Often we do things, we work out, we apply certain diets that we think is good for us but quite often this approach fails in one way or another. If we truly listen to our bodies however the way forward is quite clear.

    1. I agree with you Matts, listening to our body and allowing it to guide us through life is something we are not encouraged to do when we were growing up and in society in general. In fact, when I look around, everything seems to encourage us to do the opposite, by ignoring and numbing our body. We use food, beverages, entertainment, education, career, exercise and the list goes on to numb our body.

  19. How much do we honour committing to a relationship with our bodies and our inner heart? I reckon it is not our normal and therefore we live at the mercy of all the expectations and demands of life.

  20. For me it was also the experience with the Gentle Breath Meditation during a workshop of Chris James in which I became aware how disconnected I had become from myself.
    How beautiful to breath my own breath now.

  21. To enjoy and celebrate who we truly are, we do not do this enough, because the norm is to go into comparison and jealousy when another shines because it reflects too much our own choices of not shinning. But at any moment we can make one different choice, that leads to the next and the next.

  22. ‘you do not need anyone or anything outside your inner heart to tell you what is right for you, everything is there in your inner heart’, such a powerful reminder for me as I move forward in my new cycle of living and being impulsed by my Soul and making that my only way.

  23. When you witness someone especially your partner living true to themselves and the changes that occur, we get a reflection, and then it is our choice to choose that or not, but we all equally have that choice.

  24. The more we choose to be loving and deepen our connection and relationship with ourselves, the more we naturally align to living in a way that is true from how we are feeling in our body, and allowing our body’s rhythm and flow to guide us through life.

  25. We can try as hard as we wish, but only when the body is capable of returning to what feels utterly natural to it, will we know we are on our way home and we’ll deepen and expand.

  26. There is a huge difference between change and real change. Change can happen when we participate in new age workshops or have sessions, but does it last? or is it because of an excitement fuelled by emotion? thinking we have good intentions, but find it is not true. There is no emotion whatsoever when real change occurs – it can be very subtle, but it remains as we move on and say yes to what is next to let go of and change to support us in our evolution.

  27. ‘And that is what the world needs – more people who are living in a way they feel is true, so that other people around them can see and feel that they are more naturally loving, joyful, vital and self empowered.’ And this is the Way of The Livingness, the religion we live connects us to who we are.

  28. It is more than 5 years ago since you wrote this blog and I have seen both you, your husband and your children change so much over the years, it is hard to put that into words. A before and after would be a great gift and reflection to the world. And it keeps deepening and refining for there is no end to the depth of love.

    1. Doug your comment reminded me of the word ‘esoteric’ and how this means ‘inner-most’ and that this is what we are followers of, our inner-most heart, and that we are students of Serge because his ability to live fully from his inner-most heart offers much inspiration and support.

      1. Students of Universal Medicine are first and foremost students of their own inner-heart. Without Universal Medicine we would not be aware of our inner hearts. Universal Medicine shows us there is another path, but walking it is down to us.

  29. “In the process of becoming more self loving, we become more aware of what our bodies were telling us.” Well said Annelies, the choice in being willing to be more loving and caring opens up our awareness to allow ourselves the space to feel and sense from our body what feels true and what does not.

  30. ‘Universal Medicine is all about a commitment to a way of life, living naturally from our inner heart.’ Simple. Universal Medicine just presents what is possible for us to live. It’s our choice to commit with ourselves and make it possible.

  31. There is nothing better than finally realising you don’t have to live in tension of the world. The freedom in that alone is worth everything. Realising that you don’t have to absorb people’s emotions has changed my life. I used to want to understand how people felt and I did it by literally taking on all their stuff and ‘putting myself in their shoes’ almost literally. It’s no wonder I was exhausted and a bit of an emotional mess.

  32. Beautifully inspiring Annelies, we can learn so much from one another, especially when we notice the changes in people we know well, and are able to see the difference it makes to them, because we realise that we too can make similar changes.

  33. By reflection, we are teacher to each other. Choices we each make affect everyone around us. From your sharing, I got to understand how it supports us to be responsible when a teaching is shared with no imposition or coercion but simply by reflection and whatever we decide to do from that point onwards clearly is our own choices.

  34. If to live in connection to our body and being is absolutely natural and as you have shard Annelise, is a way of being that is founded on and led by our love and truth within, where the realness of who we are can come to life, which becomes the basis of all our relationships.

  35. How can we evolve if we are not inspired by another who we know in every cell in our body is living truth and love? Through inspiration we can also make the necessary changes to be that inspiration too.

    1. Agreed! It is the inspirations we clock in our lives that support us to recognise there is more to life than we are living. The people who come into our lives and walk love with consistency are inspiring and then offer us the opportunity to choose what we want to dedicate ourselves to in our lives. For some that might be partying, alcohol, study, sport, church, the list goes on. For me it would be a dedication to the relationship with my body, because from that I build awareness of what I am feeling and then that body is taken into my work, my relationships, my play, my partying, my study, it is the most consistent and reliable marker I know and I am dedicated to getting to know what I have not wanted to know so I can redress that imbalance!

  36. The mentality of wanting and needing to fit in and be liked by everyone so we suppress and hold back our own natural expression is a debilitating way to live.

    1. It certainly is Suse, I have been living like this for a long time and only in recent years, I started to let go of being nice and needing to be liked. It is very empowering to return to my natural expression and allow it to flow instead of controlling it and suppressing it. It doesn’t serve anyone to hold back our natural expression and it hurts us more than we realise and not only that, seeking to be liked is a poor substitute for love. Instead, we can allow our expression to flow and deliver truth, and express God’s light to humanity unreserved.

  37. Living a life that feels true to us is the greatest gift and freedom we can give ourselves. It feels expansive and spacious and very open. Living any other way, like doing things to constantly try to please others or gain their approval etc, is draining and serves neither them nor us, nor anyone else.

  38. I have only just come across your blog, Annelies. I found it truly inspiring. I can so relate to the ‘mental, frustrated, anxious’ woman, and I also did course after course to ‘improve’ myself or to find what I knew was missing. The first time I was shown the Gentle Breath Meditation (also by Chris James) I connected straight to my heart -something I had not experienced despite all the ‘yoga’ meditations I had done before. After that, i also resisted the work of Universal Medicine for awhile, but eventually i found my way home to the truth, and now I have the honour of sharing the Gentle Breath Meditation with others in my work.
    I loved what you shared about your husband never imposing on you -he simply gave you the space to feel what was true for you. How I wish i had done that with the people closest to me! This gave me an opportunity though to learn new skills -I am forever learning…

    1. Thanks Anne for your sharing and I can say although my husband had given me all the space to feel what was true for me, I can say I have been more of a ‘preacher’ in the beginning, I had to learn to let go of my control and just share my livingness without any attachment to outcome.

  39. Inspiration has no push or sell, it does not understate nor does it demand anything of any other. When we are naturally inspired by someone it is pure and we are allowed the space to make the same choices for ourselves, or not.

    1. ‘inspiration has no push or sell” I love this Thomas. It reminds me of presentations I sat through yesterday. The one person that did not push or sell was for me the most inspiring, she was just herself and told the truth of her story with no adornment or imposition.

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