Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

by Anonymous, Australia

All my life I had suffered from chronic ear infections. Every couple of weeks I would get another ear infection, to the point where I would not be able to hear out of one or both of my ears sometimes for months at a time. I had seen numerous doctors and ear, nose and throat specialists. I’d had many medical tests conducted. I was finally told that this was a condition I would have my whole life. For me this didn’t feel right.

When I decided to stop eating dairy products, it took a few months for me to fully commit to this as I did not want to give up chocolate, but I noticed a dramatic change to my ear conditions when I did. My ears were clearer and my hearing improved and I didn’t have nearly as much pain and I didn’t get an infection during this time. When I ate dairy again the conditions immediately came back. I haven’t eaten dairy now for three years and in that time I haven’t had an ear infection and my hearing is back to normal, something I was told would never happen. At first this was hard to accept as I had a long held belief that I need to have dairy in my diet to have a healthy diet but I can’t argue with my body. I have felt much healthier since choosing not to have dairy.

217 thoughts on “Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

  1. I knew that dairy was not good for my body as I used to get a runny nose and sometimes mucous in my chest, I also noticed when I ate a lot of dairy it would throw my menstrual cycle out of whack. We have this belief that dairy is healthy but it definitely wasn’t my experience.

  2. Wow to read this about dairy and ear infections is interesting.

    When I was growing up in the UK, I constantly suffered from ear infections, chest infection, coughs and colds. You could say I would experience these illnesses every quarter to half yearly, and I would be debilitated for what seemed like weeks. I would take no time off work, and the thing that annoyed me the most, is I couldn’t go and do my exercising.

    I thought I was fit and healthy, little did I realise that I was over doing things, not listening to the signals of my body, it was that simple. I was exhausted, constipated, on top of the above illnesses.

    A few years ago, I had my stop moment and my body needed to be retuned. I experimented with foods, and saw what foods made a difference and slowly realised what supported my body and what didn’t.

    I haven’t had dairy in 8 years now, and I often ponder on this. In the animal kingdom, no animal drinks or eats another animals milk, so why do we?

    1. As a child I had frequent bouts of pneumonia, bronchitis, and even bronchiectasis when I was 5, this continued for most of my life until I decided to give up dairy completely. Why is this information not shared with everyone, it is a well known fact that dairy causes excess mucus formation.

  3. Body is so simple, it just tells it like it is. It doesn’t give buts and conditions, it is us who filters and reinterprets its messages to suit our agenda of comfort, but for how long can we keep it up, is the question we inevitably have to visit eventually.

  4. This represents the profound difference we can make to our health when we stop giving our power to an outside source of information and we instead listen to our own body. It may take some experimentation, but the body will very clearly communicate what is and is not true for it.

    1. Yes, my body spoke very loudly as a baby and child that it did not like dairy, it produced excessive amounts of mucous leading to all forms of chest infections. These chest infections continued in many forms until I was an adult who decided that dairy was not to be part of my life as it was clearly making my body very unhealthy.

  5. Another inspiring lived experience, clearly demonstrating what a huge and very uncomfortable impact some foods can have on our bodies, and more often than not we don’t get the connection until a particular light-bulb moment shines a light on the truth we have been avoiding. It makes it even harder when some members of the medical profession discount this truth, as one would presume that would have been a most important part of their training; obviously not, and so many suffer, unnecessarily.

  6. I had a very similar experience with dairy, Anonymous. I was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis and prescribed medication to counteract it for the rest of my life. It was when I definitely quit dairy from my diet that the rhinitis symptoms disappeared. Now I’m 15 years without eating any dairy product and haven’t got any symptom again. Even though I loved eating dairy, it has been a great choice to quit them. Since then, not only I feel better physically, but also I experience a greater clarity and lightness in general, which is something I value a lot.

  7. We very much fight the simplicity of life. But as you say why argue with our bodies when they (can) show us the way.

  8. Isn´t common sense that the body will know what ‘it’ likes and needs to eat to be healthy and well rather than the mind with all its made up concepts and or the emotional turmoil that seeks for relief or reward? Everyone who will give it a go will make the same experience: the body knows how to take care of itself; that´s how it is designed in contrast to the mind that needs to first learn how to be harmonious.

  9. Oh well, we actually can and do argue with our bodies a lot to convince ourselves that what the body communicates may not be true, or not that relevant, or not now, or who cares, or… Obviously we can never win the argument because whatever so-called argument we throw into the conversation it will always be a lie that cannot stand up to the truth as time always reveals, i.e. the consequences from not listening to our body.

    1. Thank you for making it so blatantly obvious. A simplicity that everybody can understand, ears – listening – hearing. We search high and low for the answers of our woes but we have subscribed ourselves to blindness, deafness and muteness if we are not willing to take the responsibility we have.

      1. The body does make it very obvious, we have overridden what it was saying, instead of listening to and honouring its innate wisdom, ‘A simplicity that everybody can understand, ears – listening – hearing.’

  10. What is truly profound is that there is a greater truth. That is that we are able to live by our body instead of our minds and that actually this results in much greater health, as we now obviously can see that living by our minds does not truly support us or bring good health.

  11. Yes and I have found that I absorb much more calcium through dark leafy vegetables so there was a real re-education I went through when I stopped eating dairy and had to ensure I supported my body in another way.

  12. Isn’t it extraordinary how what we eat is one of the last things we consider as being the source of the problem, and how dairy is considered vital for our health rather than the potential culprit.

  13. Chronic ear infections are debilitating to experience. That you removing dairy products from your diet anonymous made such a difference to your health is significant – and I have to add, I really don’t think we appreciate such an example of anecdotal evidence nearly enough in this world today.

  14. So many dogmas about what we should eat – the picture perfect pallet of food is a very desirable goal for us, often not for the nutrition of our body, but for that instagram picture. Why are we so obsessed with that?

  15. Ah this is gorgeous — listening to your body is the healthiest choice hence stopping dairy can be a very loving and supporting choice. To feel more clear in your mind, body and be connected more to your lightness (Soul).

  16. The truth of the body is undeniable – what’s more honest, clear and simple than a pain when we eat something that doesn’t agree with us, a headache when we’re frustrated or a strained muscle when we’ve pushed ourselves?

  17. A wonderful example of the power of certain foods to make our lives very miserable, but often we just ignore the misery and keep on eating them. But to take the power of choice back into our own hands and say no to these foods, in your case dairy, has the potential to change our health and our lives. Now who wouldn’t want that choice?

  18. You know anonymous you should be contacted by the medical society and tell your story. It would probably save them a couple of billions of dollars trying to fix other people with similar symptoms as you had.

  19. It is great to share your experience via this blog, as we have all taken on beliefs about we need this, that and the other in our diets, including dairy. I am sure this blog will inspire others just to experiment and see what happens.

  20. ‘I haven’t eaten dairy now for three years and in that time I haven’t had an ear infection and my hearing is back to normal, something I was told would never happen’. Wow, isn’t that incredible, you were told that would never happen! It is a gift we give to ourselves to experiment with removing foods from our diet and see what works and what dosen’t work. I know my body tells me loud and clear the foods that I have outgrown and no longer need. And if I still continue to eat them, I feel so tired afterwards that it is just not worth it.

  21. I love how the body shows very clearly that food and what we choose to eat has a big impact in all that we do. It impacts our thoughts, how we speak, and what we can feel because we all know how after eating certain foods, we can feel really heavy and bloated, but we made the choice of choosing comfort and the dulling of our awareness. This blog is a super example of experimenting and listening to the wisdom of your own body.

  22. It’s absurd that cows have become milking machines in order to supply us with a substance that just creates phlegm and dependency in the body.

  23. Such a fundamental step: daring to see, feel and accept what certain foods do in our body and change our diet because of that. We are nowhere without our body and all we have to do is take super good care of it.

  24. I’ve been finding my body reacts to certain foods but it’s the stress in other areas of my life that leads me to those foods. Every part of life is interlinked to all others.

    1. Yes, I agree, Leigh, it starts with awareness about food and expands to other areas of life, thoughts, movements and activities, for everything influences the quality of our being.

      1. The movies depict this as the giant tub of ice-cream after being dumped as an extreme, but for example I crave salt or crunchy foods when angry. Once I clear the anger and express what was underneath and eat the salt food it tastes horrible! If I don’t clear the anger, then it takes a reaction from my body to get me to stop eating salty foods.

  25. Absolutely gold how our body talks to us and how loud it actually communicates. Quite literally you weren’t hearing the message. And how simple to change something, whether it is our diet, our way of moving, our thinking and observe the enormous change this causes.

  26. The simplicity of eating as guided by the body is in direct contrast to the complications that can arise with our health and wellbeing, even our moods, when we eat from ideals and beliefs.

    1. When it comes to food and what to eat, all we have to do is feel from our body, and one can ask, what do I feel to eat on this moment, the answer always comes, but the question is, do we listen or do we over-ride in favour of comfort?

  27. I had a very similar experience, Anonymous. I was always with constant discharge of mucus from my nose, even when I hadn’t a cold. I went to different doctors and finally the allergyst diagnosed that as a chronic rhinitis. I was 20 years old and according to that I should be medicated for the rest of my life for this condition. Fortunately someone suggested me to get rid the dairy products from my diet. I loved them, specially cheese, but gave it a try. In few months the condition I was diagnosed with, completely disappeared and never came back again. It’s clear that our body always speaks loud and plain. We just have to listen

  28. This is just one of the many stories I’ve read about where diet has directly influenced the symptoms someone was experiencing. I’ve never had severe food related symptoms like the one you’ve described, but it wasn’t until a short time after refining my diet and eliminating things like gluten and dairy that I noticed changes with my body. It turned out I had more symptoms than I realised, as I was so used to that being the norm.

  29. From my own personal experience I have found my body prefers not to have dairy, it loves the taste of it, yet I know that it’s difficult for my body to digest it, and I respect my body enough not to be tempted by the taste.

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