Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

by Anonymous, Australia

All my life I had suffered from chronic ear infections. Every couple of weeks I would get another ear infection, to the point where I would not be able to hear out of one or both of my ears sometimes for months at a time. I had seen numerous doctors and ear, nose and throat specialists. I’d had many medical tests conducted. I was finally told that this was a condition I would have my whole life. For me this didn’t feel right.

When I decided to stop eating dairy products, it took a few months for me to fully commit to this as I did not want to give up chocolate, but I noticed a dramatic change to my ear conditions when I did. My ears were clearer and my hearing improved and I didn’t have nearly as much pain and I didn’t get an infection during this time. When I ate dairy again the conditions immediately came back. I haven’t eaten dairy now for three years and in that time I haven’t had an ear infection and my hearing is back to normal, something I was told would never happen. At first this was hard to accept as I had a long held belief that I need to have dairy in my diet to have a healthy diet but I can’t argue with my body. I have felt much healthier since choosing not to have dairy.

187 thoughts on “Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

  1. There are so many opinions today about what is the right diet and food to eat but I am sure there will be many scientific studies to come on what diet best supports our body according to particular illnesses or diseases we have – makes sense to me.

  2. We are fed so many beliefs and ideals about what food and how much or how little we should eat to benefit our health from the media but at the end of the day what is true for our body can only lie within as it is through listening and responding to our inner knowing that we get to know what is true for our body.

  3. Yes it has also been my experience that these messages we get from our body are always loud and clear about what truly supports us and what does not in life – the question is how much effort do we put into suppressing and ignoring these messages and the inconvenient truth that they convey to us?

  4. It’s amazing to see what happens when we look a little bit deeper at things. Dairy is just one of them that many many people are seeing real health benefits from not having it in their diet. I can see a level of sensitivity that also includes things that may only contain traces of dairy, or even that are not dairy, but are used by the body in the same way and so have the same impact. We get sold a way of being that continually keeps us in the dark and when the light comes on we wonder how our eyes we closed to something that is now so so obvious. Don’t take things as ‘just being how things are’, stop and ask questions and listen to what comes next. All around us is geared for us to continually be aware of things that aren’t supporting us and the only way to avoid it is choose to not see them.

  5. We are the experts when it comes to listening to and feeling our body. When something does not feel right and our body is communicating so clearly it makes sense to explore new ways in which we can truly nourish and nurture ourselves that feel more harmonious within our body and which naturally our body responds to the more we allow love and care to become our whole way of being.

  6. Our bodies always speak, sometimes more louder than others, so how great that yours was so crystal clear and how with changing your diet and dropping dairy you found a way which worked more harmoniously for you .. it’s interesting isn’t it how we often have beliefs which run counter to what our bodies say and it can take us some time to let them go, and defer to our bodies wisdom.

    1. Well said Monica, the body does speak loudly though sometimes we can not always understand what it is saying and hence it helps to hear another who may have had a similar experience so that we can be inspired to make a true change. Hence how beautiful it is to have a blog like this up – so if someone else out there has not considered removing dairy whilst experiencing ear nose or throat issues, this may be the next step to trial out.

  7. Yes a great specialist is someone who confirms our body’s natural messages, and is therefore not novel advice but familiar to what is already known.

  8. Our bodies hold the key to much more than what we realise. In fact, our bodes mark the truth of our every choice, as you have beautifully shown us, and know exactly what is needed for us to live with the vitality and well-being that we are born to naturally live. We only need to listen. For in developing a loving and honouring relationship with our bodies we will discover there is more to us than our physicality, and there is whole other world to explore, of who we are and what we are here for.

  9. What an improvement from something so simple – and no need to take any medications or expensive supplements! Love the simplicity of this and how you were committed to giving it a go!

  10. Wise words when you say ‘I can’t argue with my body’ – the body carries a wisdom beyond words, it comes as a knowing that we can gain so much from if we tune into it and heed it!

  11. It never ceases to amaze me how loud the body talks and the simplicity with which it does so, if we only choose to listen.

  12. I so love the title of this blog – can’t argue with my body, and it makes me laugh how much I have invested in fighting this losing battle when it makes so much more sense to simply listen and do what the body is asking for.

  13. From my own personal experience I have found my body prefers not to have dairy, it loves the taste of it, yet I know that it’s difficult for my body to digest it, and I respect my body enough not to be tempted by the taste.

  14. This is just one of the many stories I’ve read about where diet has directly influenced the symptoms someone was experiencing. I’ve never had severe food related symptoms like the one you’ve described, but it wasn’t until a short time after refining my diet and eliminating things like gluten and dairy that I noticed changes with my body. It turned out I had more symptoms than I realised, as I was so used to that being the norm.

  15. I had a very similar experience, Anonymous. I was always with constant discharge of mucus from my nose, even when I hadn’t a cold. I went to different doctors and finally the allergyst diagnosed that as a chronic rhinitis. I was 20 years old and according to that I should be medicated for the rest of my life for this condition. Fortunately someone suggested me to get rid the dairy products from my diet. I loved them, specially cheese, but gave it a try. In few months the condition I was diagnosed with, completely disappeared and never came back again. It’s clear that our body always speaks loud and plain. We just have to listen

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