Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

by Anonymous, Australia

All my life I had suffered from chronic ear infections. Every couple of weeks I would get another ear infection, to the point where I would not be able to hear out of one or both of my ears sometimes for months at a time. I had seen numerous doctors and ear, nose and throat specialists. I’d had many medical tests conducted. I was finally told that this was a condition I would have my whole life. For me this didn’t feel right.

When I decided to stop eating dairy products, it took a few months for me to fully commit to this as I did not want to give up chocolate, but I noticed a dramatic change to my ear conditions when I did. My ears were clearer and my hearing improved and I didn’t have nearly as much pain and I didn’t get an infection during this time. When I ate dairy again the conditions immediately came back. I haven’t eaten dairy now for three years and in that time I haven’t had an ear infection and my hearing is back to normal, something I was told would never happen. At first this was hard to accept as I had a long held belief that I need to have dairy in my diet to have a healthy diet but I can’t argue with my body. I have felt much healthier since choosing not to have dairy.

168 thoughts on “Eating for me – I can’t argue with my body

  1. I used to love quoting the medical reports that said a few glasses of red wine per week are good for you. That piece of evidence served me well because I needed my alcohol, however all along my body was telling me it didn’t. Now when people ask me why I don’t eat certain foods or drink alcohol, I will tell them why. In a nutshell I have observed that my body doesn’t like that food, but then often they will go on to tell me that there is no medical evidence to back up what I’m saying. That may very well be true, but what my body tells me is also true, loud and clear.

  2. A great example how little choices can make a huge difference to our well-being and daily life and how very generous and thankful our bodies are when we simply follow their natural rhythm and make up.

  3. I am the same since eliminating dairy from my diet. I feel much clearer in my body with less sinuses also. In fact I do not have sinus problems or any respiratory related conditions like I used to have too. I ate dairy for protein and calcium. I now know we cannot digest the protein and absorb the calcium from the dairy. I used it as a comfort food to not truly eat to nurture my body through preparing the right foods.

    1. Exactly Lucy – perhaps the body gives us ear conditions when we are not listening to its communication! I had ear infections as a child and was also a dairy freak… Once understanding why I wanted dairy in the first place and stopped eating it – the infections also ceased as did many other bodily disharmonies.

  4. I find it incredible that as health professionals we don’t really consider the effect of food on our body and that it can be the trigger for our health conditions. We talk about a healthy lifestyle and that we need to include certain things in our diet to meet the needs of our body. Yet we do not listen or observe the body as part of this to see if that particular food is needed or wanted by the body. This blog is a very clear example of that.

    1. I too find it incredible Jennifer. I was speaking to someone yesterday who has been suffering from long term diarrhea and she was telling me about all the tests the doctors were doing, but with no answers coming forth. I asked if any of them had suggested that she looks at the food she is eating and surprisingly not one had. If we take our car to a mechanic because it is not running smoothly I am sure one of the questions would be about what we are putting into it, fuel and oil wise, so why isn’t the same question asked by most medical professionals? After all our food and drink is the fuel that our body runs on.

  5. Wow Anonymous you have really the proof that dairy is not good for your body and that the best medicine for you is to stopp eating it against all ideal and believes around dairy. I have made the same experience as my asthma disappeared but I have to admit that I also stopped to eat gluten as well.

  6. I just love how amazingly wise our body is and how it is always giving us messages as to how it is feeling and what it can’t tolerate in the way of food and drink. My body spoke loudly for years but I didn’t listen very often until it stopped me in my tracks with an illness or disease. Now I have finally chosen to listen intently and as a result of removing gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet, my body’s messages are much fewer, but when I do get one, there is no way that I will ignore it; I have learned that my body’s wisdom is definitely worth taking notice of.

  7. I agree anonymous. Who could argue with this? And the wisdom given to you by your own body? I haven’t had any dairy for years, and absolutely feel the difference, particularly in my energy levels and lack of congestion in the throat (which I’m particularly sensitive to being a singer).

  8. There are so many ‘pro-dairy’ arguments that simply don’t make sense… We truly don’t absorb the calcium from dairy that the industry and many of our ‘experts’ would like to say we are in dire need of. My calcium levels are fine, and I haven’t had one whiff of dairy for 10 years… Goes to show that we can be responsible with our dietary choices through acknowledging the feedback our bodies give us, and also looking at the broader picture of where we can actually gain nutritional support.

  9. Thank you Anonymous. It’s really strange that we ignore our bodies for so long in the first place, there is so much misinformation out there that we can use to stay in the dark. If we are willing to let go of things that aren’t working for us the benefits are huge.

  10. The body clearly knows what it needs to provide true support and communicates to us when we have chosen foods that are unsupportive and disregarding as evidenced by the elimination of your symptoms Anonymous even if we may try to convince ourselves otherwise when we react to foods.

  11. ‘I don’t argue with my body’ – great statement Anonymous. We know our body is telling us the truth yet we not always like the information it is giving us but in the end we cannot ignore the clear messages it is giving us. Your blog is a great example of letting go of the comfort of eating dairy and feeling the enormous effect this had on your health, beautiful!

  12. No indeed Anonymous you cannot argue with your body. What a beautiful simple example of ‘the body knows best’ and you listening and responding to what your body is communicating.

  13. It goes to show that we cannot listen to another without first listening to ourselves. There is a tendency to think that medical experts know more than what we do and therefore we listen to them and rightly so, but it has to be done with discernment on our part too.

    1. In relationship with our bodies and then responsibly seeking the support of those who are trained in medicine, nutrition, exercise etc. to guide and advise us, we have a very strong combo to make choices and decisions about our lifestyles and health.

  14. We cannot underestimate the impact our food choices has on our body. We know that certain foods affect our body but we still eat them even justifying that they are good for us because it is said in the media. I gave up dairy and gluten over fifteen years ago when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and reoccurring bouts of candida. I had read about how certain foods fed the candida weakening the immune system so I decided to cut out gradually sugar, dairy, alcohol and gluten from my diet. I could feel that my body responded immediately often making me feel worse to begin with but I persevered because I felt it was benefitting and supporting my body together with other loving choices and I would see the changes, I just needed to be patient. I was and I have not looked back as I observed my body getting stronger and the candida leaving my body.

  15. Gosh, that’s incredible. It’s awesome to hear how the impossible is possible. For someone else removing dairy may not have been enough, but that’s just how it is, everybody is different and requires individual attention rather than a blanket diagnosis for the same condition.

  16. This is interesting and important to be known by the medical system too that our bodies are in fact so clear in their communication with what is good for us or not. We only have forgotten to listen to it and regard all the illness and disease as something that comes to us by chance and have convinced ourselves that we have had no influence on it but in doing so we actually are ignoring an intelligence that is far beyond what our minds can think off, which is clearly proven by this blog.

  17. Our body makes it so obvious what is harming it… yet we spend so much time and effort looking for quick fixes, when our body has given us the clues a long time before. The changes that happen after honouring these messages are amazing and as you found Anon a miracle.

  18. It would seem ludicrous to me that we should ignore our bodies and listen to the so called experts instead. Dairy has a lot to answer for, or at least those that promote it do.

  19. If we all truly accepted that we ‘can’t argue with our body’ and its clear signals, we would make wiser more responsible choices very naturally so. My body has never signalled wrong… it has always simply been a question of how prepared I have been to listen and heed.

  20. Anonymous, this is really interesting, as a child I had hearing problems and no-one ever knew why, my hearing just felt muffled, now it is absolutely fine and so I’m wondering if it was because I used to have dairy and now I don’t. I hear of many children who have ear infections – it seems very common and so I wonder if in some cases this could be linked to dairy?

  21. Indeed you cannot argue with the body 🙂 you can choose to override it and not listen to it, resist the wisdom it offers but it is absolute in what it offers. Eat this; this is the reaction. No judgement, Just facts.

  22. It would improve conventional medicine a lot to listen to the body like this. It is amazing how often called chronic conditions are not chronic at all, just that the way conventional medicine works has no tools for healing the disease – if we look at the whole way of life of a person it would probably get clear much more how chronic conditions can be healed.

  23. A classic and very powerful example of how damaging it is to the body when we live our life from mind focussed ideals and beliefs instead of the wisdom and intelligence of the body.

  24. This blog shows so clearly that there are many things we don’t want to know and choose to ignore as having an effect on our medical state of being. I can agree with how dairy can affect our body severely.

  25. It is in trying to let ourselves feel the effect and make the choice to let go of what is far from supporting us.

  26. I can definitely relate to that – when I stopped eating dairy in my 20s, my severe bouts of sinusitis disappeared; then, after a few years, I decided to reintroduce dairy again as I loved the comfort it offers. The sinusitis came back but was a lot less frequent and not as painful. I sort of accustomed my body to it like a drinker who drinks more every week until it apparently ‘doesn’t touch the sides’ any longer. Then I stopped dairy intake for good, about ten years ago, and my regular morning snuffles disappeared and I feel heaps lighter and not foggy anymore. From having experimented with dairy for most of my life, I can say that it feels like a sticky glue in the body to me. It’s great for calves but not great for humans. And just look at the difference in size between a cow and a human, does that possibly tell us something?

  27. Every time I eat something my body doesn’t really agree with and I know I should not be eating I get an increase of mucus too; our bodies are so clear in their messages of what is ok to eat and what is not. I think the fact we continue not to listen proves that we get much more from our food than just nutrition.
    The question is – can we let go of our love of food and everything it gives us?!

    1. It feels like we are mastered in not making the connection between the mucus and the food we just ate and have a ready made story about how we are getting a cold or something similar.

      1. Haha, it’s true that we can think of every reason under the sun why we might feel tired after we eat, or bloated or have mucus – we make it about anything but the choice of food, or the quality we ate in or the energy we cooked in.

  28. How incredible are our bodies? They tell us everything, communicating constantly. How amazing that you listened also and made that choice for yourself. There is denial medically that dairy food causes such symptoms, as we need to have our dairy for our calcium. But given that there are large industries that are invested in the money that it made from dairy it is not surprising that the truth about dairy is either not believed or suppressed. As consumers we also seek it out. It’s meeting a need other than that of calcium for our body; our need for comfort and it’s provided in a multitude of ways at our easiest convenience. The only truth about food will come from listening to our bodies and discerning for ourselves what is good and not good for our body, not from listening to bodies with vested interests.

  29. I love this line you have shared with us – ‘…I can’t argue with my body.’ Our bodies are constantly reflecting the choice we make and the effects this has not only to on our bodies but also how we live our lives. When we choose to listen and honor what is being shared from our bodies we soon discover that we are being guided to live in a way where our vitality and well-being are naturally restored.

  30. It seems odd that the medical profession and indeed our whole society still seems to promote dairy as something that is not only good for you but perhaps even essential to good health, when there is so much evidence to the contrary. As a child my body told me strongly that it did not want milk but as I grew up I learned to have it as yoghourt with sugar added to make it palatable or as cheese because everyone told me it was good for me I developed a taste for it in different forms.

  31. This blog is great evidence of how much our health depends on our own lifestyle choices with food we choose to put in our bodies. I just finished watching an amazing film called “That Sugar Film” it exposes how we are sold such a false version of health. The way dairy is promoted most people actually believe it’s good for them and they are not educated properly about what it does to our bodies. How much better is it to let your body do the talking than to blindly trust advertisers and paid off “medical professionals” that are telling us what we want to hear whilst receiving juicy payouts on the side!

  32. I had something to eat yesterday that instantly started to make me sneeze and get very sniffy. Its amazing how sensitive my body has become and I’m enjoying refining my diet so that I maintain a feeling of well-being from the inside out.

  33. A great testament to the harmful effects that dairy has on our bodies, and having your ear problems cleared up choosing to lovingly treat your body, thank you for sharing.

  34. Pretty short and sharp and just one person’s view on how a choice to let something go supported them to move through a very serious physical condition. I’m not waging into the eat this or don’t eat that war with food, all I will say is do your best to allow yourself to make a choice on what is needed and don’t just follow something because it’s been said. There are many things that are said that don’t support us and actually cause harm in a way. Whether you are dairy free or dairy, what it comes back to is you supporting yourself in what you feel and what is needed. Whatever action we take, when taken from a true feeling you own that is the thing that will support us most.

  35. Wow, you can’t argue with the simplicity of that! It’s crazy dairy is still upheld as healthy and essential when there is so much evidence – anecdotal and scientific – to the contrary.

  36. The proof just keeps pouring in about dairy and it’s affects on the body. Some people are more sensitive than others, yes, but just because you don’t have a physical symptom, does not mean you aren’t being affected, and that applies to many many foods and also lifestyles.

  37. This blog is very simple yet profoundly powerful. Despite all our apparent medical know how, when we ignore the simple truths of the body, we can never truly understand and heal all our medical problems. I am no medical professional but I share the same experience as the writer of this blog, knowing that despite what most medical professionals say, my body’s experience is proof that foods such as diary which are seen to be healthy for us are most definitely not.

  38. What you share here Anonymous is a simple example of the power of our choices and the impact they can have on the body to truly heal. Having been put on steroids many years ago for my sinus issues I also decided it was time to give up dairy as well and I was amazed at the way my sinus issues cleared in a couple of months and have never come back. The medical profession aren’t open to hearing this sort of anecdotal evidence as yet which is a shame as listening to the body and feeling what foods support us can allow the body to truly heal without relying on medications long term.

  39. When I read this blog it so reminded me of my ‘bad old days’ of suffering frequent colds coughs, chest infections that would lead to ear infections.

    I have made the transition to be dairy free since since 2009 when I had fluid in both of my middle ears and required grommets. It hasn’t been a pleasant journey, on one hand my body was signalling, on the other hand I was offending my body by eating dairy!…..It took me a while to realise what I was doing to myself.

    When I started attending Universal Medicine workshops, I began to realise more and more what I was doing to my body and the comfort the dairy bought to my life. My ears have improved but there is more my body is asking me to refine not just food wise but how I communicate to others and hear myself expressing to them,

  40. A great example of how we know within us what feels true and what does not and when we listen and honour what our body is communicating to us it naturally responds to restore true balance and harmony.

  41. Funnily enough, I had not connected my childhood ear problems with dairy – but it makes complete sense. Interesting that when I was young I went to many specialists and almost had to have a procedure in my ears to minimise the infections – but no doctor ever questioned my diet. If they had of asked what I was eating I would have said that my favourite food was cream, milk, cheese and ice-cream!

  42. What happens when we listen to other people and not ourselves … we eat things that are ‘supposedly’ good for us but are in truth not and we get told we will have symptoms for the rest of our life that we can clear if we stop eating the ‘supposedly’ good foods … and that is just some of the things!!! The theme here to build a relationship with our body feeling what it is telling us.

  43. Amazing – I wonder how many suffer from symptoms like you describe but are never told that the answer can be as simple as pulling dairy out of your diet. Dairy are one of those things that are hammered into you that it’s good for you from day one. Perhaps it actually not. I have wondered what happens with all the hormones that are supposed to nurture the baby calf to grow up when it comes into a human body.

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