A Comfortable Life versus a True Life

by Bernadette Curtin BA, MA Fine Art RMIT, Australia

Many years before I had heard of Universal Medicine I had decided to stop drinking alcohol because I felt awful even after a small glass of champagne or wine. I realised that I could still have a great time without it and that I didn’t need any props to give me more confidence, make me more sociable, or provide more ‘Dutch courage’ when in large gatherings. I enjoyed not feeling flat or having a headache the next day.

Then I began cutting down on coffee, which I loved – especially the social aspect with a sister, girlfriend or three. I discovered that I felt more vital and didn’t need the coffee to enjoy another’s company.

Next went cheese – my mother told me her doctor had suggested that it can contribute to migraine headaches, as well as chocolate. Again, there was more noticeable improvement with my health and wellbeing.

I stopped watching violent movies and sensationalised TV as I was aware of the dark energy that took hold in my body – and also how I was affected by others’ anger and depression.

My life was looking very good. I had a loving husband, I lived in a beautiful part of the country in a lovely house, I loved my practice as a painter and art tutor, and I had a wonderful family and friends. So what was missing?

Well, there was a difficult relationship with my son, which was a times very painful for both of us.

But there was also this persistent underlying feeling that this wasn’t ‘it’. I had tried a variety of alternative therapies, read new age books promising much, and was almost convinced that my life was really great compared to how millions on the planet are living!

How arrogant is that?!

Then I noticed how my son was changing, transforming and becoming the beautiful gentle man I knew he always was. He spoke of a guy called Serge Benhayon. I thought I had better go along and check this guy out for myself. By now I was very sceptical, as Byron Bay has its share of gurus. However, several friends whom I respected had also been attending presentations by Serge.

It has been over four years since I began to attend his talks and workshops.

How has my life changed?

The way I wake up in the morning, enjoying how I feel in my body with my dear husband beside me. The way I shower and dress – staying with myself as best I can, the way I prepare for the day with a gentle breath meditation, the stillness I enjoy when painting or drawing, the joy I experience with those I work with  – it is no longer about what I am doing but how I am with what I am doing.

I have always enjoyed cooking, but now there is a deeper awareness that if I am cooking with love, consciously present and not checking out, the food will nourish with the energy that has gone into the preparation.

Gone is the anxiety or fear of growing older, along with regrets about not being younger (love this one!) – as I now know I will have a beautiful quality of life if I keep living this way, I sleep well, and there is more.

I realised that although I was doing my best with life, there was so much more to life than being comfortable. Learning about energy and how it works, taking responsibility for my physical, emotional and psychological health with practical simple ways and techniques that are based on energetic integrity, as well as having sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners, meeting many inspiring people also on their path to true harmony and joy, learning how to nurture and love myself, respecting others’ choices – all have changed my life from being ”Great” to being love-filled, expansive, and true. I feel that I am truly living now, with purpose, rather than having a good existence.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and to all the Universal Medicine practitioners who are so inspiring in the way they live life with integrity and love, dedicated to serving others as their equals. 

171 thoughts on “A Comfortable Life versus a True Life

  1. It is so easy to have a comfortable life, be rich, have a good house and a picture perfect family. What’s not so easy is to remain true and live from the essence of who we are.

  2. Living with purpose rather than having a better existence, and that is so different, I wasn’t truly aware of how possible that is until I came across Universal Medicine and came to understand that life is very much about all of us, and that everything we do affects everything.

  3. When I read this Bernadette I feel this might be the “holy grail” – not finding the big outside treasure but that the gift is already within. We just have to first realise that it’s there, connect to it and just let it be,

  4. To live life with purpose and not to merely have a good, even great existence that is what I’ve learned from Universal Medicine, that life is about so much more than me, that it’s about all of us.

  5. We can hide behind a transparent glass. When we fill it with alcohol, we can get the illusion that we are able to share more of us and that illusion keeps us in a drinking mood, yet it only cements our ability to hide and the anguish that comes with it, that later requires another drink to cope, until we feel the jail we have constructed for ourselves.

  6. There comes a time when comfort is not ‘it’ anymore and doesn’t give us what we are really looking for: connection with our essence, our universality and with God. With all the New Age modalities on offer and millions of people ‘searching’ it is very liberating and empowering that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer the truth and not another form of comfort.

  7. If you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense does it, but we are living on a planet where 7 Billion of us as choosing comfort over truth. It feels like time is running out for this choice.

  8. The changes you have described Bernadette and how you now prepare for the day feel very natural and simple and very honouring of the body’s natural rhythm. When we live out of sync with ourselves there is always an underlying feeling within as we can feel how we are not in alignment to the flow of how our body wants to move.

  9. “There is so much more to life than being comfortable” absolutely, I have recently been feeling into why we hold on to the slightest comfort, and found that it is in order not to feel the ache of separating from the truth, yet when we stand in full commitment of the truth there is no need for comfort.

  10. I agree – there’s so much more to life than being comfortable. Through Universal Medicine, I am constantly deepening my understanding of who we are and what life is all about.

  11. In living a life that centers on our connection to our body and being, we are guided to live in a way that is founded on love and truth. As such our relationship with life and others is one of enrichment, evolution and purpose, with the realness of who we are being naturally present in all we do.

  12. Comparing ourselves to others in the way they choose to live and thinking we are better off than them is nothing but a justification to deliberately avoid evolution. If we are here on our path of return which in truth we are then it is a responsibility to carry this out. Our path belongs to each and everyone of us and is not determined by any other or situation.

  13. As you say Bernadette it’s all about responsibility – and it is this consistent commitment to responsibility that supports us and allows us to live our potential.

  14. I love reading Bernadette how your life has gone from ‘great’ to pretty magical.. knowing we are part of something much greater than ourselves, that our purpose in life is simply living more of who we are, committing to life in full, and learning to read energy.. there is always so much more to learn about ourselves, each other, who we really are, and that’s what makes life never-endingly fascinating and beautiful.

  15. I think you can say that life is great until you start to unleash the truth of who you are from within, then life is not just great but something else that doesn’t even need wording because it’s just who you are.

  16. “I realised that I could still have a great time without it and that I didn’t need any props to give me more confidence, make me more sociable, or provide more ‘Dutch courage’ when in large gatherings. I enjoyed not feeling flat or having a headache the next day.” Oh, the true confidence we can feel when we are with people without the influence of alcohol. If we only knew how confident we can feel if we only allow ourselves to feel a bit uncomfortable first, without numbing it out with substances. To be in the presence of someone is magic. I read somewhere that it’s only in the presence of others that you have the possibility to self-realise and I feel there is a lot of truth in that. We need other people to really know who we are. But it has to be done, not under the influence of anything other than life itself.

  17. I can relate to the ‘persistent underlying feeling’ you refer to Bernadette in settling for a comfortable life and this feeling is uncomfortable for us because we know that we have settled for less in not living the truth we know within.

  18. Thank you Bernadette for sharing your evolving awareness here. Understanding life from an energetic perspective brings a whole new dimension to be ‘seen’ and this exposes comfort as a stagnation and not something to be sought.

  19. It is great to hear what has changed for you. There is absolute zero doubt that my life has improved since knowing Serge Benhayon. What I am feeling and aware of more and more is however, it always comes down to me though … what am I choosing in every moment and how am I living. There is always going to be this stock take throughout life and this is not a burden but instead truly empowering.

  20. I grew up not looking forward to growing older and the seemingly downhill progression over my later years, as presented to me by the accepted beliefs of society. So how delighted was I to finally find my way to Universal Medicine and from the presentations of Serge Benhayon have my whole perception of ageing turned on its head. And like you “Gone is the anxiety or fear of growing older, along with regrets about not being younger ” to be replaced with the joy of feeling younger every day, feeling more vital than I ever have and enjoying every single moment of my life as I head closer to my 68th birthday.

  21. Since learning about energy, my impact on the world, reading life beyond the physical outplays and reintroducing my ability to feel into how I understand life has brought riches that no amount of material wealth or achieved accolade could ever match. Life is far more beautiful and these days I never have a ‘bad day’ only lessons to learn joyfully.

  22. Bernadette exposing your areas of comfort and living a true life is inspiring to read about, what a powerful reflection you offer in the community as an Elder who is living this deeper love and responsibility in her life.

  23. After reading this article I am wondering if that was the thing I was looking most for, the true purpose to life. I remember not understanding things that would go on: how things could be this way, what was the reason for things that happened? I had what I thought were so many questions but maybe they all came back to one, what is the purpose of all this? I remember growing up and feeling let down when I looked at life. You grow up, buy things, have things and then it’s the end? I know it’s general but essentially I couldn’t see the purpose in doing what I was doing and it made me feel confused. I would try all manner of things to see if I could make sense and find the purpose to things and yet at the end of them all I would come up with the same questions and empty handed if you like. Once I started to see life simply, as points or moments to truly connect with what is in front of you and that that true connection was everywhere and started with how I am with myself it was like everything started to fall into place. Life wasn’t only making sense but you could almost see the future, as it was only an extension of what was happening right now. The power in truly connecting with yourself and anything you do in any moment brings you consistently a fresh and different view of what is next. My purpose is clear, simply truly connect and the rest all comes from and after that.

  24. People who drink alcohol may well stop and ask themselves: what am I really asking alcohol to do for me? Is it helping me to be more me? (or less)? Is there any way I could be more me (which is what everybody longs) without it? Do I really need it at all? Is ‘need’ a good impulse to make decisions with ?
    The truth is that alcohol is a great cover up of a way of living that is profoundly not it (and we know this), that its not needed and that it makes life much worse.

  25. There is an uncomfortableness in the comfort that we seek, and that feeling gives us a sense that there is more to life than what the comforts are giving us, so beautiful that through the changes you saw in your sons life you were open to all that Universal Medicine offers, which has changed your life also.

  26. Comfort is a killer….Why would anyone walk away from comfort? Isn’t that what we are all chasing? It may appear that way but comfort is like an elusive un-obtainable guy or girl in high school. I remember I had one, he was tall and hot and skated and all I wanted was to be his girlfriend but of course I thought it would never happen, as he was in year 11 and I was in year 7 but alas the next year he asked me to his year 12 formal as his date and guess what, although he was sweet and it was everything I thought I ever wanted, when I got it, weirdly I felt nothing, all the pining and obsessing and now here he was in the taxi with me, drunk, we were kissing and I felt empty, I was not satisfied. I know that seemed like a long winded and irrelevant story to tell but comfort is like that to me, once I get it, its not quite as good as you think its going to be, its okay for a minute but it keeps you wanting more, never truly content.

  27. Dear Bernadette, this blog shows me the power of The Way of The Livingness (http://www.unimedliving.com/the-way-of-the-livingness). It was not through your son saying, you must go see this man Serge Benhayon, it it was through this living way that you were inspired to see Serge, through the changes that you witnessed in your son.

    This is where true change occurs, through the way we live, the quality of energy in which we choose to live, which can serve as inspiration to another. And then with free will, it is entirely up to that person if they choose to embrace or reject it. Thank you, Sarah

  28. “I discovered that I felt more vital and didn’t need the coffee to enjoy another’s company.” This is a simple a beautiful statement, it is amazing to discover that no outer stimulants are needed to feel inner contentment, that it is possible to live in a way that makes living in one’s own body very enjoyable.

  29. ! realised that although I was doing my best with life, there was so much more to life than being comfortable.” I so agree Bernadette. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer is beyond priceless. Comfort doesn’t cut it when we realise there is multi-dimensionality, which is dulled by comfort.

  30. What a great truth you have shared here… that there is so much more to feel in life if we are open to feeling it, to live beyond our comfortable, beyond what we have taken as normal. I cannot imagine putting myself back in the box that I see I had lived in before.

  31. If we realised that the choice was either comfort or truth which would we choose? We live in a world with little to no truth and no encouragement to seek it, yet the world does not hold back in promoting comfort and security as its highest aims. But seeking comfort and security is always at the expense of seeking truth.

  32. As you share there is so much more to life than comfort Bernadette. To grow we do need to step out of our comfort zone and that can be scary at first but wonderfully exhilarating when we fly as you have done.

  33. It could be easy to ignore what is truly happening in life, when that life is very comfortable. The level of comfort is an individual thing as well. Thank goodness that you felt there was more to your relationship with your son, that asked you to step outside of the comfort and say you are more too.

  34. I have forged and carved my way to the most comfortable life possible… (which includes being emotional, indulgent and hanging onto hurts) only to realise, this I have done on purpose, as any which way to stop the development of my relationship with my soul…a relationship with is ultimately about evolving myself with everyone together. I have resisted it with every sneaky way imaginable, but there is grace in even this, because to recognise it is to take the first step.

  35. It’s true – a comfortable life is never enough! Nothing replaces the feeling of evolving and growing and actually keeping moving forward, you can have every great thing in the world but it means nothing without a sense of daily purpose and knowing who you are and why you get out of bed in the morning.

  36. I too thought I had a very comfortable life but at the same time felt uncomfortable that something essential was missing. Meeting Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom I am having fun finding my way back to the essence of true love and enjoy the purpose of being and sharing all that I am.

  37. I’ve always felt a tension and and anxiety in my body by how I was living… I would pretend my life was great and all was doing well, but I never ever thought or felt that. Something that I learned from Universal Medicine was the importance to appreciate ourselves and our lives. This was something I had never dreamt of doing. Appreciation of myself and others has changed my life.

  38. I wonder how many would be so honest as to question the ‘good existence’ and actually realise that there is more… so much more to who we are, and the quality and purpose we can bring to our lives and thus all we come in contact with.
    A beautiful sharing from a woman clearly blossoming. Thank-you Bernadette.

  39. Wow Bernadette your sharing about your change is so powerful as it showed that a life in comfort is not it. You invite the reader to be more open for more – how wonderful is that!

  40. One of the basics of the true life is conscious presence, to direct the mind to what the body is doing. It is so simple, but still takes me effort, after being a student of The Way of The Livingness for many years, to do that. I say effort, and indeed you need to put constant effort to NOT let your mind wander around. My mind still proves itself as a wild horse, that needs to be guided and put to rest.

    1. Thank you Willem for sharing that so honestly as this is something very common that I can also relate to. It’s precisely our honesty that can be the bridge to come back to our body, as our mind only offers us to the excuses that prevent us from feeling what is truly going on. Conscious presence is always available to us when we allow the truth of our body to be expressed and felt without any of those excuses. Then, we are really free.

  41. I know this one so well: the great life with comfort instead of what I call, a true life, a life with true purpose. I was having a very comfortable life, but also choose to shut down my eyes on the parts that were not working. The comfortable life build up to a peek, and then was crushed: I had to face the hard way that it just doesn’t work.

  42. “it is no longer about what I am doing but how I am with what I am doing.” If we can accept this and embrace it fully, then all need to achieve and be recognised for what we are doing drops away. We realise that true success is living the quality of ourselves as much as possible.

  43. My life is a lot simpler and things flow more than I expect since taking responsibility in the quality of life I now choose. It just gets better and better especially the way I feel about myself. Thank you Universal Medicine.

  44. I love what you bring to the fore here, that there is always more, but not how we learn it, such as gaining more wealth or succeeding in something, but as you say, more in the sense “to being love-filled, expansive, and true.”

  45. Well-said Bernadette, we can spend most of our lives making this comfy nest for ourselves when in truth we can always feel something missing – I know I did this anyway. The comfortable life was a way for me to fill the emptiness and misery I felt, thankfully attending Universal Medicine presentations changed all this for me as well, the simple self-loving techniques supported me to be more responsible and to make choices that supported me to finally bring true and lasting change.

  46. I felt the same as you Bernadette prior to meeting Serge Benhayon, and I can very much relate to what you’ve shared. Choosing to live a true life is a lot more joyful than choosing to stay stuck in a comfortable life. A true life supports us to evolve, to expand and to continuously deepen our relationship with ourselves, with others and with God. A comfortable life is like choosing to resist our evolution, hence why it makes sense that it never feels great because our natural way is to evolve.

  47. Thank you Bernadette for sharing this, this is absolutely true.. A life full of comfort is a life a reluctance and so are we choosing to be unaware (numb) of the evil that comes through us.. As what seems to sit still is in fact not standing still at all. Coming from a life full of comforts I can tell that by living a comfortable life there is no such thing as a true clear view you can live from, as the accepted form is limited to ones choice to have it a certain way.. Which brought me to a point where I had enough, and am now stripping off all the layers of comfort I had held.. Must say that it is absolutely worth getting rid of the comforts, as life and everything becomes real and there is so much more love to give and receive.

  48. Thank you for writing this Bernadette, reading about your story makes me appreciate what I have chosen, seeing that all that has changed in my life after living a way inspired by Universal Medicine, it is huge what can change.

  49. Thank you for sharing this Bernadette, I love how seeing a change in your son inspired you to begin to explore the teachings that Serge Benhayon presents. And even more so the beauty you now live with.

    1. Yes this makes so much sense really, that we would be inspired by our children, family and friends when we see positive changes in the way they live…. but it doesn’t always happen because of comparison or jealousy etc. Amazing though when we do choose to take steps in our own lives from being inspired by another. Serge Benhayon was that person for me.

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