A True Man – Serge Benhayon

As a woman who has suffered much at the hands of men (and given as good as she got at times!), I never thought that I would meet a true man, even though I knew in my heart what that meant and how it would look and feel if I ever stumbled upon one.

And then I met Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

When I met Serge I was a hurt, hard, bitter, middle-aged woman, struggling to raise two small kids and run a business. Life was hard, work was hard, I was hard and I had all but given up hope of finding peace and quiet, let alone joy, in life. 

Serge just met me as I was: he could see all that I had taken on and become but did not let that deter him from seeing the beauty in me. I felt the hard casing I had built around my heart crack open, and the rosebud within start to shyly unfold, as he said: “Welcome home”.

Over the years he has been there, like a rock, consistently holding me in the love that he is, while I wobbled, back and forth, in and out, to and fro, on my path of return.

He has never wavered in his love for me, and that has at times meant saying things to shake me up, to wake me up and to help me to see and feel life more clearly. He has always based our relationship on truth, but no matter what he has said, and how much it has challenged my beliefs and disturbed my comfort, it has always been said with such love that I have been able to hear it, and sometimes even act on it!

And as he has stood, steady as a rock, I have witnessed with joy his sons grow up and stand beside him, and then one by one the men in our community take their place as true men too. Men who care deeply about themselves and other people, men who are strong and tender, men who cherish themselves deeply, and in doing so, treat all others as precious too.

And held in this caring, tender love, I too have blossomed into the full flower I am now, no longer needing to hold myself hard and protected, and no longer willing or able to stand for anything less than love, in any form, for myself or for anyone else. And I have watched many other gorgeous women flower in this way, The Way of The Livingness.

All of us inspired by Serge Benhayon, the man who stands amongst us like a rock, to remind us of what a true man is, and who stands here, as we do, with our Father, God.

By Anne Malatt, woman, wife, mother, grandmother, eye surgeon, Bangalow, Australia

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644 thoughts on “A True Man – Serge Benhayon

  1. Very beautiful Anne. How we struggle through life and think that this is just the way life has to be. Everyone does the same thing, so it must be normal or is it such a common way of being that we no longer question or blink an eyelid. My life has also changed immensely through meeting Serge Benhayon. What was once ‘normal’ is no more. What is normal has also blossomed into something I would have never considered prior to meeting Serge.

  2. Serge Benhayon absolutely lives what he talks, such a joy to finally have that reflection instead of the myriad of people who espouse a way of living that they still have yet to test out.

  3. ‘who stands amongst us like a rock, to remind us of what a true man is, and who stands here, as we do, with our Father, God.’ So true. Solid as and beautifull to know and see.

  4. “He has never wavered in his love for me,” Serge Benhayon never wavers in his love for humanity and his inspiration is flowing through an ever expanding community of Brotherhood.

  5. “Serge just met me as I was: he could see all that I had taken on and become but did not let that deter him from seeing the beauty in me.” By doing that he is like a mirror in which we too can see, feel and recognise our own beauty that we had give up on.

  6. Beautifully expressed Doug. I, too, was uncertain and confused as to how to be a man and then, through the example of Serge and his sons and daughters, I have come to realise that it is not to be ‘something’, instead it is to be me.

  7. What I love about this is that we can recognize truth even when it’s a rarity that we may or may not get to see being lived in our entire life time.

  8. Serge Benhayon is a true man that lives love and truth on a consistent basis. Serge is also unwavering in his love and support that he shares with everyone equally, this has been key to hundreds of people transforming their lives and making true and lasting changes.

  9. Thank you Anne for sharing your experience, from my own experience Serge is indeed a man who is both tender and gentle, lives love and meets you with all the love he has, and never judges or asks anything of us, only to be all the love that we are.

    1. Serge lives and presents love and truth, whilst giving us, humanity, space to live what is true for ourselves at that point in our lives.

  10. When hardness is our daily reality, it is also the quality (that) (in which) we move. From that quality, we ask for the impossible, and the impossible looks back at us and says out loud, I can only give you what is possible according to the quality of your movements.

  11. A beautiful testimony to a man who never wavers in his magnificent care, commitment and love for people – very well said.

    1. Absolutely Meg, so much more than a magnificent man, words alone can never truly convey what Serge Benhayon brings and contributes to the world around us, we are all incredibly enriched by his presence.

  12. “he has been there, like a rock, consistently holding me in the love that he is,” A beautiful description of the love, support and inspiration that is Serge Benhayon.

  13. There is such amazing power in simply meeting people, to meet them in who they truly are, not what they have or have not done, and not in who they think they are, but to be met in their essence. So many blogs writers refer to this as their pivotal healing moment, to simply be met for who they are when they meet Serge in person. Imagine if we all met everyone in our life this way? Imagine the healing that would be occurring! Life itself then becomes like a clinic healing room, with each interaction a healing session.

  14. Being a true man is nowadays not easy — hence seeing Serge Benhayon live being a true man himself gains me trust, by seeing other men being inspired, so that we all can come back to our truth. As Serge has shown us and has been letting us know, that love needs to be re-connected to and lived, and we need (as women and men) equally to support each other, each being super sensitive, to gain confidence from our connection to this sensitivity and re-live it, as being a true woman or man comes from connection as we see not from any outer appearance.

  15. It has been deeply healing for me to meet Serge Benhayon who consistently lives and moves with love and truth, there is such power when another reflects this as it also confirming that we are all equally this love too.

    1. We really need people to live and reflect love and truth in this world, Serge Benhayon is one of the few who consistently lives and so presents this reflection.

  16. There is a greater depth to who we all are, and it is inspiring and confirming to be met by men who sees and honors the depth of who we are as women. Serge Benhayon’s unwavering commitment to live the truth and be the love we are all here to be, has been and still is what has resurrected my will to begin to reclaim the sacredness, power and grace that I am as a woman.

  17. The grace that is Serge Benhayon has inspired a field of beautiful flowers: God’s gardener on Earth.

  18. The Men’s Club is certainly a curious one. It is plagued with images of how it has to be, what being a man should look like, of what is admissible and not in terms of conducts, ways of moving, feelings. Overall, it is a pretty restricted and restrictive place. Truth about who we are and our true essence does not find an easy place there. That is why, what Serge Benhayon brings and represents is so unique. Restoring truth in men is a beautiful journey that allows so many to return to a place call home that may not fit the picture of the Club but where we can feel totally at ease in our own bodies.

  19. Thank you Anne. The reflection of a true man reminds women how precious they are. Serge Benhayon is a living beacon of truth that has supported thousands of women to see how beautiful they are and how deeply sensitive a man can be.

  20. So beautiful to read Anne and deeply inspiring, thank you for sharing the love you have come to know and live, many thanks to the powerful reflection of divine love that Serge’s presence and way of living brings. A true rock amidst the turmoils of everyday life.

  21. As Serge was a rock for many of us, what I feel is important to note is, that we have built ourselves up, with his endless love and support to now be the same rock for other people in times of struggle. I am so appreciative that Serge is a man that wants all those around him to shine equally and in fact, he actually encourages others to out shine him, for to him, that is success.

    1. Beautifully said Sarah and I agree completely. Serge Benhayon is inspiring beyond words and constantly reminds others that they have a responsibility to support others as they have been supported.

      1. It is rare for anyone to be so supportive and have zero ownership over things, he is purely a servant of humanity and so if anyone is a part of that plan, and wants to serve the greater good, he is behind them.

  22. So true Serge Benhayon is a rock for so many, and through his steadiness many have come to see their own beauty and reminded of who they truly are.

  23. How powerful also, is the man or woman who says yes to resurrecting themselves, and stands in the light that they were always designed to be.

  24. Thank-you for the blessing of reading this blog today Anne.
    How powerful is the presence of one who asks nought of us, other than we be our very selves.

  25. “And held in this caring, tender love, I too have blossomed into the full flower I am now, no longer needing to hold myself hard and protected, and no longer willing or able to stand for anything less than love, in any form, for myself or for anyone else” Inspiring and beautiful to read Anne. When we know what is possible for ourselves, we indeed cannot stand by and allow others to fall by the wayside. Reflecting what is possible will either inspire others, or they will resist – for now. It’s their choice.

  26. The steadiness of any love and support that comes not only without judgment but an appreciation of your innate qualities and potential allows us to break free of the confines of our habits and beliefs that blatantly cripple this same potential.

    1. Love and support that comes without judgement, is rare in this world; Serge Benhayon sees and honours the depth of who we are as women.

  27. Serge Benhayon allows us to feel what it is to be truly met with absolutely no judgement whatsoever and to just being held in the love which creates space for our unfoldment back to the truth we know so well within ourselves.

  28. It is truly awesome and so very healing to be around a man who is loving and tender, and it’s a true joy to see men who are able to self love and care for themselves in great detail. I don’t know where the image and ideal of rough and tough men has come from but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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