Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage

by Deborah McInnes, Goonellabah, Australia

How many of us were told when we were young that “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?”. Were we taught to ignore our feelings and disregard any inner-pain as if this didn’t really exist because they were just ‘words’ and there wasn’t a bruise, break or any other obvious sign to prove these words had injured us?

I often smile at my five year old’s fascination with bruises – that we can be bleeding on the inside and yet there is no blood on the outside. How can this be?

What else could be going on inside us that we can’t always see on the outside?

Imagine if we were taught from a young age that “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” – as presented by Universal Medicine? Wouldn’t that mean that words have energy as well?

Just to know this to be a possibility would go a long way in confirming what most, if not all of us, have felt at some time in our lives – that people’s words can carry just as much of a punch (if not more so, sometimes) than their physical actions.

A word can be expressed with love and yet the same word can be spoken with hate. Even the words ‘I love you’ can be spoken with true love and appreciation for another in one instance, or with the intention of pleasing, getting something, with underlying resentment, bitterness or sarcasm on another occasion.

It appears all too easy to be fooled by ‘words we want to hear’ and ‘need’ to hear, and in that we too readily overlook the energy they are coming with or the punch that they can carry.

My experience is that these energetic punches do bruise us over time and can affect the way in which we relate to all others as a result – if we have not initially discerned the energy of spoken words and how they feel to us in-truth, at the time.

Imagine the enormous healing for all of humanity to simply realise that words carry energy. Wouldn’t this go a long way to confirm what many of us perhaps already know to be true?

Wouldn’t we then be more equipped to know where someone is coming from? Know how we feel in our own body when words are spoken to us? And be far more discerning about our own energy when we express words to others?

181 thoughts on “Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones… But Words Can Do Far Greater Damage

  1. Our words and our tone hurt far more than physical harm at the moment I’d say. Because when you’ve got a bruise there can be support. Yet if someone was to speak to me in a disinterested/don’t care attitude which equally hurts, it’s like that isn’t seen as abuse or as harm-causing, when actually it is when we allow ourselves to be naturally sensitive.

  2. The last month or so I’ve been more aware of how someone can say something yet I can also feel they are saying something else, energetically. It’s also proven that what someone says is usually not always what is being picked up by the one receiving it. About 20 % or so are the words and the rest is how we say it. It’s quite fascinating really. Proves that we communicate with energy not with words alone.

  3. Being supported to read energy should be a foundational part of our schooling from young, before we even learn to read words on a page!

  4. Deborah thank you for your wonderful blog. What came up for me while I am reading your words is that we all are sensitive by nature, as otherwise we would not feel every single tone behind a spoken word. The thing is most of us are pretending to do, not feel what in truth is there as this seems a bit to confronting.

  5. We are so super tender and sensitive that just the ounce of a tone in the voice that feels unloving is not just registered but experienced as painful, as we know ourselves and everyone equally to be of pure love in essence and everything that is not of the same love is hurting our innate nature.

  6. It is so true that the words we use which either represent the truth or all that is not of truth, reveal the quality of vibration that is being aligned to in any situation. I love that this awareness is accessible to us all, to be able to navigate and respond with the truth that is needed to bring greater love to the lives we live, through developing a loving and honouring relationship with our essence, our truth within. It also brings to home the responsibility we all hold as to the quality we are living and expressing with and the impact this has on all.

  7. A word spoken in anger, resentment, or mocking energy can be recycled a thousand times in ones mind, causing immense inner damage if we accept part of it as being true even if it is not, whereas any physical damage begins to heal immediately and this process does not have as lasting of an effect. If the spoken word is a sound vibration that comes into the body of another person to be interpreted, doesn’t it make sense that the quality of that vibration (either love or not) then will have a corresponding effect on its recipient? Simple physics, really.

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